Age: 35yr 6mth Games: 259 Born: Feb 25, 2021
Height: 185cm Weight: 92kg Position: MID

2016 Digest:   Reports of his demise may have been premature after the veteran midfielder bounced back in 2015 with a runner-up finish in the best and fairest. Averaged 29 possessions a game and continues to bob up with timely goals. If he plays every match this season he’ll move into third place on Collingwood’s all-time games list.

2016 NAB Cup:   Spent the majority of the NAB Challenge playing in attack rather than midfield. Kicked three against the Cats.

2016 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Syd Leg injury in first contest set the tone for the Pies’ night. Could this be the end? 0
2   Leg.  
3   Foot.  
4   Leg.  
5   Leg.  
6   Leg.  
7   Leg.  
8   Leg.  
9   Leg.  
10   Leg.  
11   Leg.  
12   Leg.  
13   Leg.  
14   Leg.  
15   Leg.  
16   Leg.  
17   Leg.  
18   Leg.  
19   Leg.  
20   Leg.  
21   Leg.  
22   Leg.  
23   Retired.  

2015 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Bris Racked up 31 disposals but very few hit a teammate. 7
2 Adel Looked dangerous when forward late. Lacked explosiveness in the middle. 5
3 StK Dictated terms after quarter time and at the heart of the win. 8
4 Ess Not huge stats but pressure and tackling a feature. 7
5 Carl Made light of midweek injury doubts. Fumbled early but did well. 6
6 Geel Arrested Cats’ early momentum and nailed two goals, but down on possessions. 5
7 Rich Pies’ best – 11 clearances, two goals and a mountain of possessions. 8
8 GCS Game-high 36 possessions and seven clearances. 7
9 NM Did what he does – ended with 31 touches and two goals. Accumulator. 8
10 Melb Used forward in patches for a goal, five clearances and nine inside-50s. 7
11 GWS Again numbers were good but wasn’t a standout on the day. Contributor. 7
13 Frem Team high 10 clearances and ball use spot on. Solid effort throughout. 8
14 Haw Solid first half with neat goal out back. Dragged Hodge away from play. 6
15 Port Never stopped trying in his 250th. 7
16 WCE Covered lots of ground. High handball to kick ratio. 5
17 WB Nine clearances to go with 17 contested possessions in hard working effort. 7
18 Melb Had the most touches of any player as busy at the stoppages. 8
19 Carl Vintage game: 41 touches, three goals – all after half time – for best afield. 9
20 Syd Another vintage performance and never stopped running. 8
21 Rich Pies’ best. Used the ball well and attacked the opposition when he got it. 8
22 Geel Starred in first half but injured knee in Selwood tackle from behind. Subbed out. 5
23   Knee.  

2014 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Frem Total disposals OK (27) but laid one tackle, two clearances and went at a disposal efficiency of 56%. 5
2 Syd Suspected of carrying an injury, he was camped forward and rarely sighted. 4
3 Geel Effectiveness down despite numbers. Disposal always under pressure. 4
4 Rich Found space forward of the ball and ran back into a bit of touch. 6
5 NM No idea who was playing on him but no pressure allowed the champ to shine. 8
6 Ess Put gap on Bombers with two brilliant goals in third term. Won the medal. 8
7 Carl Did it on the bit and one of many to slice holes in Carlton. 7
9 Adel Like many he was huge in opening hour – 16 disp and a goal – then quiet. 6
10 WCE Move to put him forward in final quarter proved a winner. Influential. 6
11   Calf.  
12 Melb Used forward a lot to break N Jones tag. Only three inside-50s and no goals. 6
13 WB Kicked a fantastic running goal. Not as prominent as usual though. 6
14 Haw Strong contributor on the ball. 30 touches but not damaging. 7
15 Carl Not much influence despite big stats. Only 12 of 30 disposals were kicks. 5
16 GCS Uncharacteristically fumbled a lot and just could not work into it. 4
17 Ess Started deep in attack with Elliott absent. Went on to ball in final term. 4
18   Foot.  
19   Foot.  
20   Foot.  
21 Bris Team-high disposal numbers but impact not huge. Four inside-50s, one goal. 6
22 GWS Won lots of ball until hamstring issue saw him sit out second half. 4
23   Hamstring.  

2013 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 NM Once he warmed up was the usual force. 8
2 Carl Slow start but got busy after half time to have a big impact on swinging the game. 7
3 Haw Grabbed 15 contested possessions, 10 inside-50s and 10 clearances. 8
4 Rich Celebrated game 200 with 19 cont poss, 9 inside-50s and 7 clearances. A star 8
5 Ess Won a mountain of ball but key for Bombers was that he didn’t hit scoreboard. 7
6 StK Huge third term helped team steal a winning break. Has been better but handy. 7
7 Frem Worked hard to drag his side back into the game. Finished with two goals also. 7
8 Geel Won a lot of footy but much of it scrappy and didn’t much hurt the Cats. 6
9 Syd No effective disposals in first half and it didn’t get much better. 3
10 Bris Back to his unstoppable best: 36 possessions and two goals. 8
11 Melb Racked up stats (22 first half ) and ended with plenty – who was on him? 8
12 WB Continual possession turbine in first half and Bulldogs never quietened him. 8
14 Port Thrown up forward as a foil to Cloke but the idea didn’t really work. 4
15 Carl Did what he liked all night – 20 contested poss, nine inside-50s, five clearances. 9
16 Adel Dominant figure in first half and tapered a little. 7
17 GCS Kicked two goals and once again used across half back. 7
18 GWS Kept motoring even when the team was struggling. Three goals and 39 touches. 8
19 Ess Chugged away through the midfield for six inside-50s and five score assists. 7
20 Syd His toughness and poise in the middle was pivotal. 8
21 Haw Never stopped trying and attempted to pull Pies back into the game. Big numbers once again. 7
22 WCE Two goals to go with 17 first-half disposals and continued to rack up the stats. 8
23 NM Ran around for his touches but not what you would have called ‘on’. 6
EF Port Huge third term threatened to swing the game. Then crunched and stayed forward. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Haw Gathered usual quota of touches (31) but damage didn’t match. Tried hard. 7
2 Rich Spent a lot of time in attack in first half. Big third term. Kicking terrible. 6
3 Carl Kept putting himself in the game, but his kicking is 1950s retro. 6
4 Port 36 disposals (72% efficiency) including 17 contested. Key midfield driver. 8
5 Ess The extra 800 grams held him in good stead. Enormous in all aspects. 10
6 WB Quiet start but then found another gear to be a key after quarter time. 6
7 Bris All class. Kicked two consecutive goals as a forward in third term. 7
8 Geel Motored around in Brownlow form at clearances until he pulled a hammy. 6
11 Melb Had it 23 times by half time and kept it going to be a key to the victory. 9
13 WCE Massive start to third term – 10 touches in 10 minutes to set Pies alight. 8
14 Frem Huge: eight clearances, eight inside-50s, seven tackles, 19 cont poss, two goals. 9
15 Carl Workrate huge but Blues nullified his influence slightly – only two inside-50s. 7
16 Geel Game-high disposal numbers highlighted by nine clearances. A key again. 9
17 Haw Will have sore shoulders this week after carrying many teammates. 9
18 GWS A lock for three more Brownlow votes after a stunning performance. 9
19 StK Racked up the numbers again and massive second term. Added two goals. 7
22 WCE Returned for 27 touches but not a great influence. Missed two shots for goal. 6
23 Ess Great ball-winner early and unrelenting in his running. 8
QF Haw Ran tirelessly and won his share of clearances. 7
SF WCE Another masterful finals effort highlighted by two crucial goals, six clearances. 7
PF Syd Led the midfield early and never relented but always under pressure. 6