Daniel TALIA

#12   Adelaide

Age: 28yr 1mth Games: 147 Born: Oct 02, 2020
Height: 197cm Weight: 98kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Ready to again lead the defence as pillar of the back six. Goes about his business with the minimum of fuss.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GWS Had the better of Jeremy Cameron despite his four goals. 7
2 Haw Dour defender had a day out (20 touches) and was a constant source of frustration for Hawk fans. 7
3 Port After the first term took Charlie Dixon out of the contest. 7
4 Ess Two-time All-Australian defender is getting better, which is scary for opposition forwards. 8
5 GCS Did his hamstring in the opening minutes and took no further part in the match. 0
6 Rich Removed all doubt about his dodgy hamstring with a commanding display in defence. 7
7 NM Shaky start with two out-on-the-fulls. Had to go to Waite for a short period and did better than Hartigan, but not his best. 4
8 Melb Kept Sam Weideman from scoring but couldn’t stop the run of Melbourne midfielders running into their forward 50. 6
9 Bris The backbone of a defence which withstood an early onslaught to restrict the Lions to just four goals after the first change. 7
10 Frem Won 18 disposals and once again stopped every key forward he was assigned to. 7
11 Geel Got the job on Hawkins and was moved after struggling early. He is way off his All Australian best. 2
12 StK Switched between Paddy McCartin and Josh Bruce, did the job on McCartin, Bruce got the better of him. 5
13   Bye.  
14 Haw Seems out of sorts, defending was okay, rebound was okay but not his usual dominant self. 5
15 Carl Tight tussle with Levi Casboult, neither player got on top of the other. 6
16 WB Took the honours against Jack Redpath keeping him to one goal. 6
17 Melb Had job on McDonald and kept him top just the one goal – from a free kick. Excellent defender. 7
18 Geel Beat Hawkins in what was a key victory for his team. Getting right back to his best. 7
19 Coll Great tussle with Ben Reid, conceded two goals but was not beaten. 6
20 Port Went off late with some slight hamstring soreness but did a great job on Charlie Dixon prior to that. 7
21 Ess Matched upon Hooker and had the upper hand early, but lowered colours on night. 5
22 Syd Took over from Alex Keath to curb the influence of Lance Franklin, despite rolling his ankle did ok. 5
23   Ankle.  
QF GWS Opposed to Patton and kept him off the goalkicking list. A big tick after missing Round 23. 7
PF Geel Dour as a draught horse but did a number of Hawkins who had held comprehensively. 8
GF Rich Had Riewoldt and did a reasonable job given circumstances. Not much going other way. 5

2016 Season

1 NM Battled Petrie and kept him to five kicks and two goals. 6
2 Port Great way to mark his 100th game by keeping Dixon goalless. 8
3 Rich Followed Riewoldt up the ground and got his hands on ball. Did his job. 6
4 Syd Despite the fact Buddy scored four goals, Talia was impressive. 6
5 Haw Notable for a big second quarter when Crows were taking game up to Hawks. 6
6 Frem With Hartigan, took turns switching between Pavlich and Taberner. 6
7 WB Took Redpath and resting ruckman among others. Defensively stout but not much going other way. 5
8 Geel Kept Hawkins goalless, enough said. 8
9 GCS Did quite well on the in-form Lynch, and booted a rare goal. 6
10 GWS Unlucky not to keep Cameron goalless; his one goal was from a dubious free. 8
11 StK Collected the highest disposal count of his career with 26. 7
12 WCE Good battle with Kennedy. The Eagle kicked three goals. 5
14 NM Took Petrie to the cleaners. 8
15 Melb Kept Dawes out of the game and while stats modest he got in the way. 7
16 Carl Hammered Casboult and while doing so grabbed 28 disposals. Super effort. 8
17 Coll Rarely gets beaten. Hates conceding goals, especially to free kicks. 7
18 Geel Hawkins out-pointed him a couple times in marking situations. Hurt hip late. 3
19 Ess Uncharacteristically lost out to Daniher who kicked four goals. 5
20 Bris Challenging Rance as the best defender in the game. 8
21 Frem Good defensively. Took some nice marks too. 6
22 Port Kept Schulz goalless, but couldn’t win his own footy. 6
23 WCE Had his hands full with Kennedy. 4
EF NM Had Ben Brown and took him to the cleaners. 8
SF Syd Injured groin in second term and was severely hampered for rest of the night. 2

2015 Season

1 NM Blanketed Petrie, conceding just one goal. 7
2 Coll Kept Cloke to just six marks and just one shot at goal. Pivotal down back. 8
3 Melb Rotated between Dawes and Hogan, and was more than serviceable. 5
4 WB Moved onto the rampaging Stringer. By then it was too late. 5
5 Port Rotated between Ryder and Schulz, needs another big body for help. 5
6 GCS Intriguing battle with Dixon but probably just shaded in the end. 5
7 StK Struggling to find his teammates with his kicking from defence. 5
8 GWS Got the points over Cameron in an intriguing duel. 7
9 Frem Would be disappointed he allowed Pavlich two goals. 4
10 Carl Spent most of the day on Henderson who proved slippery at times. 5
12 Haw Produced one of the ugliest goals you will see. Sticks Kernahan would be proud. 6
13 Bris Stats low, effect high. Great numbing role on McStay. 7
15 WCE Great job keeping Kennedy to nine possession and two goals. 6
16 Port Subbed out in the second term with concussion. 2
17   Concussion.  
18 Syd Did job on the restricted Franklin after early problems. 5
19 Rich Blanketed Riewoldt out of the game. 7
20 Ess Gave Daniher an absolute bath in a clinical defensive display. 7
21 Bris Great battle with the imposing Jonathan Freeman. 6
22 WCE Outgunned Kennedy. 8
23 Geel Hawkins kicked three goals on him but he was superb in one-on-ones. 7
EF WB Terrific job on Stringer in first half. 6
SF Haw Kept Roughead under wraps for three quarters. Hawk was then shifted to ruck. 7

2014 Season

1 Geel Beat Hawkins (one goal) and given scoreline that was a sound performance. 7
2 Port Had the better of Westhoff but offered no rebound out of defence. 6
3 Syd Struggled with Franklin who returned to form in a big way. 4
4 StK At CHB well beaten by Riewoldt after previous good efforts. 3
5 GWS Great tussle with Cameron, keeping him to just two goals. 7
6 WB Wiped the floor with Jones then helped stand firm under Dogs pressure late. 7
7 Melb Kept Frawley goalless. 7
9 Coll Once again had the better of Cloke curbing his influence. 7
10 Carl Great battle with Henderson. Hammered him. 8
11 GCS Shut down Tom Lynch and has conceded just one goal in the past month. 7
12 Frem Lost out in a demanding role on Pavlich. 3
13 NM Added the scalp of Petrie of power forwards he has beaten. 8
14 Ess Solid without being fantastic. Ambrose led up well on him. 5
15 Port Kept the inform Jay Schulz to two goals. 7
16 GWS Great concentration in completely blanketing Cameron. 7
17 Haw Had the better of Roughead keeping him goalless. 7
18 Coll Monster battle with Cloke (three goals). Won some key one-on-one battles. 7
19 WCE Suffered an accidental knee to the head and left game with concussion. 3
20 Bris Just four disposals although he did keep Merrett in check in first half. 4
21 Rich Again stopped the opposition’s best key forward, this time Riewoldt. 8
22 NM Purely negating role on Petrie who didn’t get much of ball but kicked three. 5
23 StK Strong negating job on year’s best centre half forward in Riewoldt. 7

2013 Season

1 Ess Great battle with Hurley and kept him goalless in a solid defensive effort. 7
2 Bris Had a couple of goals kicked on him but generally in control. 5
3 Port Couldn’t handle the in-form Justin Westhoff. 4
4 WB Kept Jones scoreless and was a vital cog in the back half. 7
5 Carl Smashed Sam Rowe and could hold his head high. 7
6 Haw Kept mercurial forward Franklin goalless. 8
7 GWS Low key defensive game on Cameron and was often tested. 5
8 StK Did well on Riewoldt and made the most of St Kilda’s poor delivery. 6
9 NM Great game. Timely spoils were a feature of another solid effort. 6
10 Frem Like Rutten, not a great day in the back half. 4
11 Syd Did an adequate job on Goodes. 6
12 Rich Had task on Riewoldt and stuck to it OK given clean ball coming in. 5
14 GCS Had his hands full with Day but battled away. 4
15 WCE Unusually had his colours lowered by the towering Kennedy. 4
16 Coll Did a good job early on Cloke, but the Magpie got on top later. 5
17 Geel Good on Podsiadly then switched to Hawkins and beat him. A key. 7
18 Frem Took the resting ruckman deep in defence. Battled hard but made some errors. 4
19 Port Took Butcher and Westhoff out of the game. 8
20 NM Very good job on Petrie. 6
21 WB Took Grant to the cleaners in a clear win for his team in a tight game. 7
22 Melb Despite conceding two goals to Jack Watts, kicked one goal of his own. 6
23 WCE Did a good job on Kennedy. 6

2012 Season

1 GCS Kept Lynch in check all night. 6
2 WB Great contest with Jones, conceded two goals but dominant overall. 6
3 Haw Handed huge role on Franklin at start. Stuck to it but outgunned. 5
4 GWS Played his part across half back despite few possessions. 5
5 Port Struggled to contain John Butcher who kicked four goals. 3
6 Syd Quiet, but did his job in several tight situations. 4
7 Geel Growing in stature and can add Podsiadly to his list of scalps. 7
8 Carl Developing brilliantly as a key defender and worked well with Rutten. 6
9 Coll Fantastic performance by young defender, kept Dawes goalless and frustrated. 8
10 Frem Had his hands full with Pavlich. 4
12 StK Stuck close to the hampered Riewoldt. 5
13 NM Had a very tough day against tall Roo forwards. 2
14 Rich Given the inevitable task of standing Riewoldt and won the battle. 8
15 Port Took Showdown specialist Westhoff out of the game. 6
16 GWS Helped keep Giants to just eight goals, but was a little untidy in possession. 4
17 WCE Kept Lynch to one goal with another fine display. 6
18 Geel Replaced Rutten on Hawkins but overpowered by the Cat goliath. 3
19 Ess Had a great battle with Hurley and kept him to one goal. 7
20 Frem Should be awarded the NAB Rising Star according to Brenton Sanderson. 9
21 Bris Subbed out at half time with five touches. 3
22 Melb Didn’t have a lot to do but continues to impress in the key defensive post. 5
23 GCS Kicked his first ever AFL goal and was later subbed out of the game. 6
QF Syd Broke his wrist which is huge blow to side. 3