Darren GLASS


Age: 38yr 3mth Games: 270 Born: May 14, 2021
Height: 192cm Weight: 93kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2014 Digest:   Captain embarking on what will likely be his final year in the game. Toughed it out last year despite copping some injuries and will again be asked to hold down full back. Thrives on the pressure of last-line defence and is superb one-on-one. Despite turning 33 in May he is still a key player.

2014 NAB Cup:   Veteran played both trial matches in Perth and got through unscathed.

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Matched to Campbell when he was forward and thrashed him. Solid one-on-one. 6
2 Melb Didn’t have a great deal to do down back. Solid when needed. 6
3 StK Had to work hard when on Riewoldt but had a serviceable night. 5
4   Hip.  
5 Port Didn’t have an obvious opponent for much of the night. Hit on Wingard ordinary. 5
6   Suspended.  
7 Frem Was unrelenting in one-on-one contests and often helped others in defence. 8
8 GWS Didn’t have a great deal to do down back for long periods. Steady effort. 6
10 Coll Mopped up with poise all night across half back and used the ball well. 7
11   Soreness.  
12 Haw The best of the tall defenders but still couldn’t stop the goals. 5
13   Retired.  
14   Retired.  
15   Retired.  
16   Retired.  
17   Retired.  
18   Retired.  
19   Retired.  
20   Retired.  
21   Retired.  
22   Retired.  
23   Retired.  

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Frem Stood strong early but weight of possession eventually told. Hobbled off late. 6
2 Haw Had various roles and took a turn on the quicker Rioli at one point. 5
3 Melb Hardly noticed the veteran skipper. Did what was needed. 5
4 Carl Showed courage to battle on after early shoulder injury but severely hampered. 3
5 Port Started as loose man in defence and then reported for rough conduct on Paul Stewart. 6
6 WB Started at full-back on Austin. Solid game overall. 6
7 Bris The general in defence as usual. Did little wrong all day. 7
8 NM Surprise match-up on Thomas and proved his worth in milestone game. Superb. 7
9 GWS With the ball entering the Eagles' defence on rare occasions, he enjoyed a quiet day. 5
10 Rich Manned up on Vickery who booted a couple of goals. 5
11   Hip.  
12   Hip.  
13 Haw Battled Roughead who got away from him too often but skipper never stopped trying. 4
14 Ess Never wavered on Crameri and others. 5
15 Adel Often played as the loose man in defence and repelled many Crows attacks. 6
16 Frem Picked up resting big men and did OK. 5
17 Syd Competed well under constant bombardment all afternoon with solid contested marking. 6
18   Soreness.  
19 GCS Had varied roles starting on Brown then Bock. 5
20 Ess Set up as a spare in the back half, then was able to lock onto Bomber smalls. Solid effort. 6
21 Geel Did what he could down back and won plenty of one-on-ones but got swamped. 6
22 Coll Frustrated defender took it out on Kennedy at one point. Swamped. 4
23 Adel Spare in defence then had specific role on Otten who did well. 4

2012 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Just controlled game when he had to defended stoutly. 6
2 Melb Collected 22 possessions and cut off numerous forward thrusts. 7
4 Haw A defensive general who patrolled the backline. 6
5 Rich Quiet sort of night down back while battling Miller. 4
6 NM Cut the angles well to deny North Melbourne chances. 6
7 Ess Had his hands full with Crameri in early stages. Not the best of nights 4
8 StK Did little wrong. Played on talls and smalls and won most contests. 6
9 Frem Outstanding. Led the backline and read the play brilliantly. 8
10 Bris Spent some time on bench after getting a knock. Still effective. 6
12 Carl Great adaptability on smalls like Betts and on talls. Always assured. 7
13 Coll On Dawes early then to Cloke for a while. Had to work hard all the way. 6
14 GCS Standard strong game marshalling the troops. 6
15 NM Solid as usual. 5
16 Syd Was under pressure with Reid and Pyke playing well. 5
17 Adel Had his hands full with Porplyzia who kicked three goals. 4
18 Bris A defensive general. Took seven marks. 7
20 Geel Breathed a sigh of relief when Hawkins carted off. OK but didn’t star. 4
21 Port Outplayed Stewart and kept him goalless. 5
22 Coll Dominated Dawes. Gave him nothing. 7
23 Haw Had a variety of opponents and competed as you would expect him to. 6
EF NM Patrolled the back half and Tarrant/Hansen with aplomb. 7
SF Coll Matched up on Goldsack at start, Dawes at times, and had a good game. 7