Darren JOLLY


Age: 37yr 9mth Games: 237 Born: Nov 06, 2020
Height: 200cm Weight: 108kg Position: RUC
Dream Team Profile

2013 Digest:   Veteran ruckman suiting up for possibly his last season. Still has what it takes to be an effective ruckman, question is, will his body allow him to show it? If last year is any guide the 31-year-old’s best football was played when fresh so expect the Pies to rest their No. 1 ruckman often. Hard to see the Pies winning the flag if Jolly isn’t firing.

2013 NAB Cup:   Nursed through pre-season No. 14. Form OK but looked lame in final term against Cats.

2013 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 NM Squared solo battle with Goldstein until later in day. 5
2 Carl Crunched in a tackle by Kreuzer early and subbed. Off to hospital for scans. 0
3   Ribs.  
4   Ribs.  
5 VFL Dominated the ruck giving Pies onballers first use.
6 StK Great first half helped keep side in contest. Showed how important he is to side. 7
7 Frem Controlled the ruck against Hannath and took a few marks. 6
8 Geel Controlled the ruck although conceded usual quota of free kicks, mostly baffling. 6
9 Syd Toiled away in the ruck but it was an uphill battle. 4
10 Bris Dominated the ruck against Longer giving the Pie midfielders first use. 8
11 Melb Did what he had to but didn’t set world on fire. Only two hit-outs to advantage. 3
12 WB Shaded by Minson early in knockouts and lowered colours around the ground. 4
14   Toe.  
15   Toe.  
16   Toe.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19 VFL Split time between the ruck and full forward. 17 hitouts, 10 disp.
20   Knee.  
21 VFL Dominated the ruck against Sandy’s tall trio. Good return.
22 VFL Continued to build back to top form. 13 possessions, 21 hitouts.
23 VFL Ordinary afternoon in the ruck and looked short of a gallop.

2012 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Haw McCauley took it to him but he got the better of him. Among best. 7
2 Rich Held sway in the ruck and was most effective ruck on field. Nice goal. 7
3 Carl Outclassed by Kreuzer. Hampson also had his number. 3
4 Port Had 36 hit-outs (11 to advantage) – infinitely better than previous weeks. 6
5 Ess Intensity and workrate first class. Had nine hit-outs to advantage. 7
8 Geel Gave away usual quota of frees, mostly baffling. OK but not a big influence. 6
9 Adel Most dominant big man on ground – 29 hit-outs. Wet ground restricted input. 7
11 Melb Is a shadow of the player he was a few years ago. Struggles to cover ground. 3
13 WCE Made life tough for the Eagles duo although outclassed. 23 hit-outs. 6
14 Frem Has definitely lost a yard but competed well – 13 hit-outs to advantage. 6
15 Carl Kreuzer’s athleticism troubled him. Confidence is maybe at career low. 3
16 Geel Shaded by West but neither player had huge impact – six taps to advantage. 4
17 Haw 11 hits-outs to advantage and two junk-time goals from four kicks. 4
19 StK Skipper rated it the best game he has played for club. That says it all. 9
20 Syd Just about broke even in an epic battle with Mumford. 5
21 NM Well beaten by Goldstein. 4
23 Ess Had the edge on Hille in ruck duels, and energetic around field in second half. 6
QF Haw Dominated ruck duels throughout the night and ran to exhaustion. 6
SF WCE A key with his ability to quell Eagles duo and compete strongly all night. 7
PF Syd Outnumbered by the Sydney ruck pair but battled away strongly. 5