David HALE


Age: 35yr 3mth Games: 237 Born: May 22, 2021
Height: 201cm Weight: 102kg Position: FWD/RUC
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Now he is into his 30s his workload is managed and the club ensures he doesn’t get run into the ground. Provides the perfect balance as both an aclished ruckman and dangerous tall forward.

2015 NAB Cup:   Subbed out in his only game after a couple of goals. Workload has been sensibly managed.

2015 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

3 VFL Lowered colors to Campbell in ruck. 17 hitouts.
4   Didn’t play for Box Hill Hawks.  
5 VFL Bye.
6 VFL Rucked most of the day. 30 hitouts and a goal.
7 Melb Two early goals set the tone. Too smart and agile in ruck for Spencer. 7
8 Syd Quiet rotating ruck/forward and subbed out three-quarter time. 3
9 GCS Gave a marking target down forward and did half the ruckwork. 6
10 StK Solid contributor in the ruck and up forward. 5
12 Adel Two goals and 28 hit-outs, an impressive outing. 7
13 Ess Couldn’t get into the game to any degree. One mark and two kicks. 3
14 Coll Rotated through centre half forward with Ceglar. Not exceptional. 5
15 Frem Provided target in attack and rucked fairly well against Sandilands. 6
16 Syd One early goal but quiet and ended up getting subbed out. 3
17 Carl Made every one of his 13 disposals count and ended with two goals. 6
18 Rich Subbed out after a sub-par performance. One mark, one kick. 1
19   Rested.  
20 Geel Subbed out after doing his job in ruck. Only one kick so return modest. 3
21   Soreness.  
22 Bris Played his role but will need to step it up a cog in coming weeks. 5
23 Carl OK drifting forward from ruck. Going to be important in next month. 5
QF WCE Beaten by Naitanui. Subbed out seconds after kicking a nice goal. 2
SF Adel Set Hodge up for a goal early. Quiet then subbed out at three-quarter time. 3
PF Frem Four kicks, one goal then subbed off late as he usually is. 3
GF WCE Combined with McEvoy to ensure Naitanui worked for every touch. On last legs. 3

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Bris Provided solid ruck support for McEvoy as well as resting forward. Fair. 5
2 Ess Only six touches and one goal. Had five hit-outs to advantage. 4
3 Frem Opened 200th game with a goal. Hurt shoulder in third quarter. 4
4 GCS Quiet overall but still contributed. 4
5 Geel Pushed forward to be a factor without starring. One goal and four marks. 5
6 Rich Strong marking in forward 50 and chipped in with ruckwork. 6
7 StK Ticked along nicely without doing anything major. 5
8 Syd Key goal just before half time but that was about all he produced. 3
10 Port 14 hit-outs in ruck but unsighted in general play. 3
11 GWS Just going until injured thigh in third term and subbed out. 1
12   Quad.  
13 Carl One goal and one mark not his best night at the office. 2
14 Coll Didn't really impose himself. Subbed out at last change. 4
15 GCS Hard toiling game in conditions that didn’t suit marking but was solid. 5
16 NM On Firrito initially. OK in ruck duels but no say around ground. 3
17 VFL Combined well with Lowden to wear down Cordy in the ruck.
18 VFL Kicked five goals. Was the difference between the teams.
19 WB As second ruck gave ball out regularly to runners. 4
20 Melb Rucked and played forward. Kicked a goal and started to regain some touch. 5
21 Frem Pushed forward for two goals. 13 hit-outs and six marks as found some form. 6
22 Geel Again bobbed up against the Cats with three second-half goals. 6
23 Coll Two goals and 16 hit-outs a handy performance. Sealed his spot for finals. 6
QF Geel Started in ruck then pressed forward to be a menace to opposing rucks. 6
PF Port Took opening bounce and contested well against Lobbe, but only two marks. 5
GF Syd Not a huge game but shared ruck work and chimed in with a goal. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Played well, best ruckman on ground. Tired when Cats got on top. 6
2 WCE Booted two important goals in last term that squashed Eagle hopes. 6
3 Coll Mark and goal critical early in second term. OK but has played better. 4
4 Frem Played a lesser role in the ruck. Spent more time forward. Just fair. 4
5 NM Not a big factor early. Goldstein had upper hand for North in ruck. 4
6 Adel Took on much of the ruck hit-outs after Bailey withdrew from the side. 6
7 Syd Knee injury in second term but came back to contribute three goals. 7
8 GWS Had 20 taps and solid in ruck and around ground. 7
9   Ankle.  
10 Melb Had 11 hit-outs to advantage and five marks. Did his job well. 6
12 Carl Rucked solo in final term and helped midfield to wrest control of game. 6
13 WCE Three hit-outs to advantage and few disposals. Found opposition tough. 3
14 Bris Solid game without being exceptional. 3
15 Geel Two goals, four marks and had a score assist. Handy. 6
16 Port Only seven hit-outs and no goals for the big man. 3
17 WB Played a dominant second quarter, had the better of Minson all day. 8
18 Ess Came into game in second term and helped side get on top of Ryder. 5
19 Rich Battled hard but beaten by Maric and had little impact around the ground. 4
20 StK Tight battle with McEvoy was squared but neither dominated. 5
21 Coll Grundy was a handful for him and Bailey. 4
22 NM Must improve conversion rate in front of big sticks. 5
23 Syd Big man worked well around ground, but Mumford had the upper hand in ruck. 5
QF Syd Handy big man kicked a couple of goals. 5
PF Geel Gave Rivers headaches early. Kicked couple of goals and won share of taps. 6
GF Frem High work-rate and did his bit. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Coll Performed better in the ruck than he did up forward. Played a role. 6
2 Geel Didn’t impact first half to any degree. West outpointed him in ruck duels. 5
3 Adel Did more around the ground than Jacobs. Finger injury third term. 6
4 WCE Copped a whack to the head and never recovered. Got subbed out. 4
5 Syd Booted two goals but did little else. 3
6 StK Impressive display with 31 hit-outs. Kicked goal late in game. 6
7 Melb Did major share of ruckwork in first half then used more in attack. 5
8 Frem Soldiered on against the Freo giant. 5
9 Rich Just three kicks to go with seven hit-outs to advantage. Battled against Maric. 4
10 NM Good battle with Goldstein. 41 hit-outs paved the way for Mitchell and co. 7
11 Port Held his own against Brent Renouf in ruck with 25 hit outs and kicked a goal. 6
12 Bris Starting ruck and worked in tandem with Roughead against Hudson. 4
14 Carl Matched Warnock in taps overall. Copped poke in the eye, but kept going. 5
15 GWS Beaten in the hitouts but had more influence around the ground. 5
16 WB Had seven hit-outs to advantage, four clearances and two inside-50s. 6
17 Coll Battled Jolly and held his own without starring – six h/o to advantage. 5
19 Geel Had 16 hit outs to advantage, a goal and three clearances. Handy. 7
20 Port Kicked 4.3 alternating between the ruck and forward line. Big game. 7
21 GCS Rucked strongly and also created a threat in attack. Heavy knock late. 7
22 Syd Took on Mumford and gave as good as he got – eight hit outs to advantage. 6
23 WCE Battled brilliantly against Eagle duo then iced it with final goal. 7
QF Coll Numbers not huge but influenced game with two goals and timely touches. 6
PF Adel Jacobs beat him in ruck duels. A high tackle floored him late. 4
GF Syd Did a good job in ruck and drifting forward to kick two goals. 6