#14   Adelaide

Age: 31yr 4mth Games: 186 Born: Jul 25, 2020
Height: 182cm Weight: 77kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Veteran wingman/defender has come through his 11th pre-season without incident and right to go. Can’t afford slip-ups.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GWS Goaled from a set shot forty metres in the second term when the Crows made their charge. 6
2 Haw Quiet first half then hit the scoreboard three times in the second half to be a handy contributor. 6
3 Port Kicked the goal of the night deep in the pocket underneath the Southern Stand. 4
4 Ess Contributed six inside-50’s, and is winning more disposals this season due to an impressive offseason. 6
5 GCS Slipped under the radar to gather the footy on 23 occassions. 7
6 Rich Kicking efficiency let him down despite finding plenty of footy. 5
7 NM Clean in what he did by foot but just needed to find the ball a bit more to hurt North. 5
8 Melb Unsighted for the majority of the game, dis provide three inside-50’s. 4
9   Senior emergency.  
10 Frem Justified the coaches’ decision to give him another chance with five inside-50’s and plenty of run off half back. 6
11 Geel Horrid opening half (three effective disposals) and eight for the match. Horrible night from rebounder. 2
12 SANFL Demoted for a rare SANFL run. Didn’t do enough to demand an immediate recall.
13   Bye.  
14 SANFL Creative on his wing and used most of his 26 possessions smartly.
15 Carl Not desperate enough in the last term when he should have dived on the footy to stop Matthew Wright’s soccer goal. 4
16 WB Once the game opened up was able to use his skills and outside running. 5
17 Melb Booted two goals in first term to get the ball rolling. Ended with 21 touches. 6
18 Geel Stats not huge (14 disposals) but played a role. Used ball pretty well when he got it. 5
19 Coll Great goal just before three quarter time to give the Crows an unlikely sniff of victory. 6
20 Port Clash of bodies in the first term against Richard Douglas, Mackay came off worse for wear and didn’t return to the game. 1
21 Ess Always busy and kept ticking away in a typically honest effort on the wing. 6
22 Syd Putting his head over the footy has never been his strength, he has rectified that trait since returning to the seniors from the SANFL. 6
23 WCE Faded after half-time. Had 17 possessions. 5
QF GWS Ball handling at times was a feature and looked to move the ball forward at speed. Did his bit. 6
PF Geel When he plays well its is usually bad for the opposition because he jumps on board the bandwagon; 18 touches. 6
GF Rich Veteran struggled to impact in what was a disappointing outing. 11 effective disposals. 4

2016 Season

1 NM Doesn’t win enough ball to be a huge factor. Is he in the Crows’ best 22? 3
2 Port Needed to bounce back after a poor effort in the previous game, and he did. 7
3 Rich Used as a link player through the middle of the ground. OK without starring. 5
4 Syd Six inside-50s and eight tackles, not afraid to get down and dirty. 5
5 Haw Hard to believe there were doubts on his future a while ago. Worked hard and consistently. 7
6 Frem Played his 150th game and was good, now winning more contested possessions. 6
7 WB Horror night. Five kicks, two inside-50s, three tackles not enough from experienced player. 3
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11 SANFL Dashing return from injury. Ran hard both ways.
12 WCE Had good numbers without being a key player. 5
14 NM Made up for a costly turnover with an impressive second-half performance. 6
15 Melb Steady again from half-back/wing. Not flashy but did what was required. 6
16 Carl Steady performance off a wing/half back. Playing consistently. 6
17 Coll Won his fair share of footy, needs to do more to consolidate his spot in the team. 5
18   Senior emergency.  
19 Ess Started slowly with just two touches in the first term, made up for it by games end. 6
20 Bris Needs to keep performing at this level to maintain his spot in the side. 6
21 Frem Ran well and also laid eight tackles. 6
22 Port Pushed to half back to cover the absence of Smith, had four rebound-50s. 6
23 WCE Laid five tackles, had five clearances and 13 handball receives. 6
EF NM Superb game highlighted by careful ball use. Did what was required. 7
SF Syd Butchered the footy from start to finish. Six inside-50s but few hurt Swans. 3

2015 Season

1 NM Played more across half back than on the wing. 5
2 Coll Another underwhelming performance. 3
3 Melb His best game for the club in a long time, fearless and courageous. 7
4 WB Picked up by Murphy early. Quiet. 4
5 Port Played as an outside runner and pumped the footy inside-50 seven times. 6
6 GCS Not much influence in the scheme of things, but not the worst. 4
7 StK Has added inside toughness to his outside speed, integral part of the midfield. 7
8 GWS One of the Crows’ best on the day. Worked hard and made possessions count. 7
9 Frem Down on form from previous weeks. 4
10 Carl Used at half back but failed to impact. 4
12 Haw Struggling for form across half back. 4
13 Bris Dropped off. Had nine of his 14 touches by half time off a wing. 5
15 WCE Well beaten on the wing. 3
16 Port Struggling at half back. 4
17 GCS Used his pace to break the lines running through the corridor. 4
18 Syd Contested hard and did his bit in low key game. 5
19 Rich Started as the sub, on the cusp of spending some time in the SANFL. 3
20 Ess Sub. Scored a goal and time to grab a handful of possessions. 2
21 SANFL Dashing in first SANFL game in two years. 27 disposals, two goals.
22 SANFL Booted two majors and provided energy and link.
EF WB Sub on early in third term. Not a big impact. 1
SF Haw Very ordinary night and subbed off. 2

2014 Season

1 Geel OK but only six kicks which is his greatest weapon. Coach would want more. 5
2 Port Had six inside 50s and three clearances in the midfield. 6
3 Syd Tried in vain all day but couldn’t stop the onslaught. 6
4 StK Hard running never stopped and he was one of best. 7
5 GWS Six inside-50s and three scoring assists. 6
6 WB Kicked Crows first and was a handy contributor all afternoon. 6
7 Melb Tried his best to ignite the team with his run and carry. 7
9 Coll Eight tackles and four inside-50s coming from the wing. 6
10 Carl One goal but not enough ball to really hurt the Blues. Zero inside-50s. 5
11 GCS Laid ten tackles and had six rebounds out of defensive 50. 7
12 Frem Started in good nick and kept marching all day. 5
13 NM Seven inside-50s and a goal from the smooth running midfielder. 6
14 Ess Subbed off at half time after suffering a knock. 3
15   Concussion.  
16 GWS Started well and was positive on wing. 6
17   Hamstring.  
18 Coll Used at half back and handy providing some run and rebound. 6
19 WCE Needed to find more footy and contribute more over four quarters. 5
20 Bris Had nine of his 21 touches in third term when Crows put result beyond doubt. 6
21 Rich Left the game in the second term after a heavy clash of heads. 3
22   Concussion.  
23 StK Always on the move and working hard off wing. 6

2013 Season

1 Ess Disappointing opening half then tried to lift and did a few good things. 4
2 Bris Ran hard all night and teammates used his run. 5
3 Port Won his fair share of the football but not damaging. 6
4 WB His form has stagnated, needs to rediscover his form quickly to become elite. 6
5 Carl Adelaide missed his usual run. Had 17 touches but not much impact. 5
6 Haw Stepping up in his bid to be an A-grade midfielder. 6
7 GWS Ticked over nicely on the wing and was effective. 6
8 StK Usual effective linking and running game on wing. 6
9 NM OK at times off a wing and half back. Did his bit without starring. 5
10 Frem Suffered a hip injury early in the game before being substituted in the third term. 2
11   Hip.  
12 Rich Defensive forward on Houli/Deledio didn’t work then released later and better. 5
14 SANFL Perfect response to AFL axe. Roamed free and hurt Bloods all day.
15   Senior emergency.  
16 Coll Solid but unobtrusive game. 6
17 Geel Little impact early but had 16 disposals in the second to be a key factor. 7
18 Frem Started on Hill and worked hard defensively. Beaten on the night but tackled hard. 6
19 Port One of his best games with dash from half back. 7
20 NM Low-key performer who copped heavy hit late in day. 4
21 WB One goal but didn’t win enough footy to cause the Dogs any great concern. 4
22 Melb Started as the sub due to indifferent form and didn’t make the most of his time. 3
23 WCE Sub came on for Callinan in third quarter. 2

2012 Season

1 GCS Had an even battle with Iles. Played his role. 5
2 WB Extra weight training is paying off with seven tackles and six inside 50s. 6
3 Haw Matched on dangerous Young and did a good job all day. 6
4 GWS Classy wingman not in great form at the moment, needs to lift. 4
5 Port Needs to lift quickly; not doing enough to justify his place in the side. 4
6 Syd Did well around the packs and caused the Swans a few problems. 5
7 Geel Even effort without being a standout. Handy second midfield rotation. 6
8 Carl Subbed out at three-quarter time after five early clearances asserted midfield. 4
9 Coll OK but with Dangerfield and Sloane well held needed to step up. 6
12 StK Solid game. 6
13 NM Like many teammates didn’t make a big imprint on the game. 4
14 Rich Kicked a long bomb in the third term to keep the Crows in the game. 6
15 Port Disposal count is increasing from week to week. 6
16 GWS Provided plenty of rebound and drive forward on a wing. 5
17 WCE Laid six tackles but still not winning enough of the footy. 4
18 Geel Six inside-50s but only had six disposal after half time when game on line. 4
20 Frem Best game for Adelaide for a long time, kicked one of the goals of the year. 7
21 Bris Sluggish start but OK in last term. Another who needs to lift. 4
22 Melb Blanketed Melbourne’s small forwards in his usual unassuming manner. 6
23 GCS Blossoming into a top line midfielder with his distribution of the footy. 7
QF Syd One of few Crows in defence who showed his usually certainty and poise. 6
SF Frem Set demanding task on Walters. Copped physical buffeting early 5
PF Haw Hardly sighted early then skill error cost goal in third. Not a great night. 5