#22   Sydney Swans

Age: 28yr 10mth Games: 50 Born: May 04, 2021
Height: 189cm Weight: 88kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Battled through part of pre-season with an appendix, but back for JLT games and good against GWS. A crunch year looms. though.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Quiet opening and theme continued until he got involved a little late in contest. Grabbed 11 disposals. 3
2 NEAFL Just fair after being dropped from the senior team. Expect another week or two in the NEAFL.
3 NEAFL Found truckloads of the ball as he always does at this level. The task for him is to consistently repeat it at AFL level.
4 NEAFL Bye.
5   Senior emergency.  
6 NEAFL Best afield in super win over the Thunder. 25 possessions, 10 inside-50s and seven tackles.
7 Bris Did some good things on return to the senior team. Kicked a goal and had 20 odd touches. 6
8 NM Hard running forward who was honest without being outstanding. 5
9 StK One of Swans second tier who really took on responsibility and had a good game. 7
10 Haw Had some handy periods during the game and ended with 15 touches. Okay. 5
11   Bye.  
12 WB Known as ‘Eureka’ around the club he chimed in to grab 15 disposals and offer something to the effort; four inside-50s. 5
13 Rich Might be sent back to NEAFL after gathering just six disposals (four effective) and laying one tackle. 2
14 Ess Made some errors and still is yet to cement his place at this level. Pressure is coming from below. 4
15 Melb In and out of the game for his 16 possessions. 4
16 GCS Two goals and 21 disposals, his best game since Round 13 last year. Will be under less pressure from below this week. 8
17 GWS 16 disposals and four inside 50’s. Okay, but still could be under pressure for his spot 5
18 StK Marked strongly and ran hard in a good game, but only downside was missing a couple of goals. 7
19 Haw 14 disposals at 50% efficiency, not his best effort. 4
20 Geel Quiet one. Five kicks, two tackles and four inside-50s. Gained 166 metres. 2
21 Frem Was able to find a fair amount of the footy and always ran hard in the attacking zone. 4
22 Adel Three tackles and two inside-50’s were his only highlights. 2
23 Carl Played his role as hard running high half forward. Didn’t hit the scoreboard but provided a contest. 5
EF Ess Kicked side’s first goal and contributed two more to end with three from 14 possessions. 6
SF Geel Like an Albanian shepherd who is allergic to wool. He had an allergy to the TW Sherrin. Started ok then was diabolical. 3

2016 Season

1 Coll Played his part across half forward, where there were plenty of opportunities. 6
2 Carl Another role player. Did his job well with little fanfare. 5
3 NEAFL Ran up through midfield and was the top ball-winner with 25 touches.
4 Adel OK but didn’t do much than two inside-50s; may struggle to maintain spot. 4
5 NEAFL Influential in the front half with 20 touches, seven inside 50s and two goals.
6 NEAFL Big outing in the wet with 24 disposals, six clearances, five inside 50s, five goals.
7 NEAFL Drove the ball inside 50 on 10 occasions to be a force in midfield.
8 Rich Back into team but found going hot. Decision not to kick sideways in final minute a killer. 3
9 NEAFL Bye.
10 NEAFL Huge around the stoppages with 12 clearances to go with 28 touches.
11 NEAFL Outstanding in midfield with 34 possessions and nine tackles in the wet.
12 NEAFL Performed well as an inside midfielder with his second efforts standing out.
13 Melb High half forward who went into midfield. Influential and kept finding space in front half. 7
15 WB Mostly good things but efficiency in disposal not all it could be. 5
16 Geel Led team with 13 turnovers but offered six inside-50s and a goal. 5
17 Haw One goal and did a few good things but decision-making needs work. 3
18 Carl Contributed well in attacking half and pushed hard to have an impact up the ground. 5
19 Frem A strong game with two goals and plenty of the ball. 6
20 Port Used in a number of roles across half forward and up on a wing. Did his bit. 6
21 StK Didn’t stand out but a useful contributor. 5
22 NM Even effort up forward and rotating in the midfield. 4
23   Senior emergency.  
QF VFL Didn’t have normal impact at this level with just 16 touches.

2015 Season

1 Ess Had 16 touches without being significant. 3
2 Port Two goals and three inside-50s from limited opportunities. 5
3 GWS Sub. Replaced Heeney and only time for two possessions. 1
4   Senior emergency.  
5 WB Subbed out of game in the third term after failing to flatter. 1
6 NEAFL Two goals and took some nice marks in loss.
7 Geel Sub. On late to join last-quarter party and did so with a goal. 1
8 NEAFL Bye.
9 NEAFL Kicked four goals but wasn’t overly influential.
10 NEAFL Had no problem finding ball but was inaccurate with 0.3.
11 NEAFL Best afield with 26 possessions, 16 marks, two goals.
12 NEAFL Bye.
13 NEAFL Linked well in front half with 21 disposals, nine marks.
14 Port Played a small role without getting too carried away. 4
15 Bris OK in patches but in the end didn’t influence enough contests. 3
16 NEAFL Worked up and down wing with good effect. 19 touches.
17 NEAFL Well contained and unable to have an impact.
18 NEAFL Strong game in attack but let himself down in front of goal – 2.6.
19 NEAFL Bye.
20 NEAFL Huge again with 29 touches, two goals. A star at this level.
21 GWS Had a hand in a few goals without hitting scoreboard himself. 4
22   Senior emergency.  
23 GCS Two goals and provided a nice foil to stars inside the forward 50 arc. 6
QF Frem Provided some life at half forward. Work-rate first class. 6
SF NM Shut out by Firrito for pretty much the entire night. One inside-50, no goals. 2

2014 Season

1 PM Struggled to get into the game early then rested.
2 NEAFL Kicked a goal and was among the Swans best.
3 NEAFL Kept quiet by Jaksch but kept battling to get into game.
4   Senior emergency.  
5 NEAFL Did some good things, and took the game on.
6 NEAFL Kicked one and was solid.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Good game up forward, marked strongly and kicked a couple.
9 NEAFL One of his best games of the year, kicked three.
10 NEAFL Bye.
11 NEAFL Injured in the first half after a bright start.
12   Shoulder.  
13   Shoulder.  
14   Shoulder.  
15 NEAFL Lively, but kicked just one goal.
16 NEAFL Probably best on ground. Won his own ball, kicked three.
17 Carl Solid on debut, missed an easy chance to finish off some good Franklin work. 5
18 Haw Sub. On at three quarter time and took a few strong marks. Had a bit of it. 2
19 Ess Did some promising things early working hard in forward line. 3
20 NEAFL Senior emergency kicked a goal and was among best.
21 StK Tried hard to make good impression. 4
22 WB Decision making early was far too slow. Didn’t take his opportunity. 3
23 Rich Finished off a nice second-term goal, but otherwise a bystander. 3
QF NEAFL Did some good things. 17 disposals and kicked two goals.
SF NEAFL Good game with 20 disposals and two goals.
PF   Senior emergency.  

2013 Season

1 NEAFL Gave some run off half back but was a touch quiet.
2 NEAFL Played at both ends and provided some run.
3 NEAFL Creative player who broke the lines with run and pace.
4 NEAFL Great early with his run off half back. Slowed up late.
5 NEAFL Bye.
6 NEAFL Presented well at half forward but was in and out.
7 NEAFL In and out of the game but used it well when required.
8 NEAFL Gave run off a wing and half back. OK.
9 NEAFL Helped form a resolute defence. Strong game.
10 NEAFL Kicked two goals and provided a good rangy option.
11   Senior emergency.  
12 NEAFL Bye.
13 NEAFL Used as a key forward and presented well to end with three goals.
14 NEAFL Ended with two second-half goals. Tried hard but not the best.
15 NEAFL Chipped in with three goals to play a solid role at half forward.
16 NEAFL Kicked three goals and provided a good avenue in attack.
17   Senior emergency.  
18 NEAFL Bye.
19 NEAFL Lively up forward with three goals to keep Swans in the game.
20 NEAFL Wayward in front of goal to end with 3.6. Good effort.
21 NEAFL Lively again in the front half with two goals.
22 NEAFL Bye.
23 NEAFL Chimed in with two goals to play a solid role.
SF VFL Set the tone early and played a strong role.