#2   Richmond

Age: 27yr 8mth Games: 104 Born: Jul 16, 2020
Height: 193cm Weight: 89kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Hampered by countless injury niggles over the years, but has had a settled summer and ready to form part of a strong back six.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Defender played a minor role taking a variety of opponents. Rarely put under pressure. 5
2 Coll On Fasolo and although barely touched the ball probably took the honours due to the Magpie’s shocking finishing. 4
3 WCE Directly played against LeCras and at times looked too immobile to go up against him. Could’ve potentially conceded 7 goals 3
4 Bris Biggest moment was slotting the opening goal. Did do a stint minding Rockliff. 4
5 Melb Lucky not to get pinged for an early deliberate, but was handy enough in the back half – especially early on when under siege. 6
6 Adel The only shining light in the Tigers defence and denied Eddie Betts his 500th career goal. 7
7 WB Lined up on Suckling initially and didn’t get a lot of the leather. 3
8 Frem Had Crozier covered for the most part and defended well when ball came into his area. Nothing flashy but did his job. 6
9 GWS Had time on Greene among others. Closing speed impressive and did all he could to keep Giants at bay. 7
10 Ess Fantasia’s pace troubled him early and was moved to a more suitable opponent. Error late but steady enough after shaky start. 5
11 NM Great game defending Wood (two goals). Only had the four kicks but his job was to defend and did that well. 5
12   Bye.  
13 Syd Formed a good team down back with Astbury and Rance. Injured leg in final term, but returned late. 6
14 Carl Had a few interesting moments in defence, but eventually got the job done. 6
15 Port Excellent job on Robbie Gray holding him to one goal. 7
16 StK Flattened in marking contest by Membrey and left the field in second term. 2
17 Bris Fairly steady down back and even bobbed up with a running shot on goal – that he missed. Important to structure. 6
18 GWS Not asked to do too much in what was a quiet one for the rangy defender; 11 disposals. 4
19 GCS Great battle with Wright, restricting him to one goal. Continuing an outstanding season. 7
20 Haw Third tall defender took O’Brien for periods and shut him down like security on the final-term streaker. 6
21 Geel Not big numbers but held his own against the dangerous Menzel. Always shows a heap of ticker. 6
22 Frem Defended well without standing out. 5
23 StK Did what was needed down back but helped by fact pressure from further afield was good. Had Membrey covered. 6
QF Geel Had Dangerfield when forward and did that well. Very few touches but did his role. 5
PF GWS Crashed into Himmelberg in first term and hurt a finger in third term, but defended resolutely. 6
GF Adel Had the job Betts and after conceding early goal and stuck to him like the stodgiest dung you have ever seen. Key win for team. 8

2016 Season

1 Carl On Walker down back and did a pretty good job. Showed desperation when required. 6
2 Coll Pinged hammy in second quarter and was done for the night. OK beforehand. 2
3   Hamstring.  
4   Hamstring.  
5   Hamstring.  
6   Hamstring.  
7   Hamstring.  
8 Syd Matched up on Towers for long periods as was OK. Did his bit overall. 5
9 Frem Five of his nine disposals were handball receives. He tried to create. 4
10 Ess Read flight off ball well out of the midfield and got into some good defensive spots. 7
11   Hamstring.  
12 GCS Returned from injury and had role on small Suns forwards. Did well for the most part. 6
14 Bris Mixed and matched down back on Hipwood and other Lion forwards. Fair. 5
15 Port Did well to keep Wingard to two goals. 5
16 WB Plugged away in defence. Made a few skill errors but saved a few goals as well. 4
17 Ess Had shin issue, but returned to play good role in defence. Run down of Leuenberger a highlight. 5
18 Haw Struggling until injured hamstring in second half and day was over. 3
19 GWS Toiled hard in back half on Lobb and kept him accountable. 5
20 Coll Had a variety of opponents down back and got in the way enough. OK. 5
21 Geel Did well defensively on variety of opponents. No mistakes out of back half. 7
22 StK Despite Membrey kicking two goals he tried hard to repel the tide. Among best. 6
23 Syd Tough night. Came under constant pressure in back half. 3

2015 Season

1 Carl Low-key job down back. 5
2 WB Drifted forward for rare goal in first term but hot and cold in defence. 4
3   Hamstring.  
4   Hamstring.  
5 VFL Looked rusty but will be better for the run.
6 NM Battled Thomas for large parts and in the end found it a tough ask. 4
7 Coll Some great one-on-one involvements his highlight from defence. 5
8 Port Had the tough task of manning up on Wingard. 4
9 Ess Beat Chapman in some crucial contests late. Played his role. 6
10 Frem Started on Taberner in defence. No–nonsense display. 6
12 WCE Toiled in defence and played low-key game. 4
13 Syd Shadowed Goodes in Swans front half and got better as game wore on. 6
14 GWS OK defensively but offered very little the other way. 3
15 Carl Used back on Everitt/Menzel and had their measure comfortably. 7
16 StK Blunted the dangerous Bruce in an important display. 7
17 Frem Didn’t put boot on leather all day but kept Walters off the scoreboard. 5
18 Haw Began on Gunston and had Rioli for a time. 4
19 Adel Subbed out at half time with a knee injury. 2
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 Ess Defended stoutly in aerial contests and looking better each week. 7
23 NM Shared defence role on North talls and did usual workmanlike job. 6
EF NM Attacked ball – and man with ferocity. Played a lesser role in second half though. 6

2014 Season

1 PM Came through unscathed and will press for a senior spot soon.
2 Carl On Everitt for a while at the start and not a big factor. 4
3 WB Low key game. 4
4 Coll Made a bad error that cost a goal and confidence sapped. 3
5 Bris On Paparone and neither had a big impact. 3
6 Haw Kept Gunston to two goals and did a solid job. 6
7 VFL Fair down back but didn’t do enough for a recall.
8 VFL Bye.
9 VFL Tiger’s best in defence. Ready to return.
10 GWS Did the job on Cameron when the Giant moved back to attack. 6
11 Ess Under siege all night and found the going tough. At least tried to be positive. 4
12   Toe.  
13 Frem Has resting ruckman when forward and had no impact. Subbed out in third term. 2
14 Syd Mostly had Goodes in first term then matched with B.Jack. OK. 4
15 StK Capable in defence and also drifted down for a goal. 5
16 Bris Had a variety of opponents and mixed it with them pretty well. Little offensively. 4
17 Port Followed Wingard and was stretched at times, but ultimately kept him to one goal. 6
18 WCE Kept McGovern from being a threat and got into good defensive positions. 6
19 GWS Followed Hoskin-Elliott and was troubled at times by his athleticism. 4
20 Ess Quiet in terms of stats but defended well when forced into one-on-one. 4
21 Adel Despite conceding two last quarter goals to J Pod, was strong in defence. 5
22 StK Spent time on White and others. Had one notable passage of play setting up goal. Solid. 5
23 Syd Gave away five free kicks, but played an important role in a well-organised backline. 5
EF Port Under siege down back and unable to impact either way. Ball use ineffective. 4

2013 Season

1 PM Good game in defence on the comeback trail from injury.
2 StK Had Stanley and was a loose man at times. Solid return after long lay-off. 6
3 WB Did his job down back with minimal fuss. 6
4 Coll Good game. Defended well, ran hard when he could to be an option. 6
5 Frem One effective disposal in opening half. Lifted marginally as side surged late. 4
6 Geel Had variety of opponents and OK defensively. Little offensively. 5
7   Foot.  
8   Foot.  
9   Foot.  
10   Foot.  
11   Foot.  
12   Foot.  
13   Foot.  
14   Foot.  
15   Foot.  
16   Foot.  
17   Foot.  
18 VFL 14 possessions, seven marks in a half in VFL reserves.
19 VFL Composed game at half back. Had playing time monitored.
20 VFL Best game since return from injury with 22 possessions.
21 Carl Subbed in the third. He was under siege in the second quarter onslaught. 3
22 GWS Stood Jaksch and did what was required when needed. 5
23 Ess Kept Crameri under wraps and provided a bit of drive from the back. 6
EF Carl Battled away across half back on a variety of opponents. Held his own. 6

2012 Season

1 Carl Had job on Garlett early. 4
2 Coll Lined up on Dawes and broke even. 5
3 Melb Steady as a rock down back and played his role. Read the play well. 6
4 Geel Had the better of Podsiadly in a fine display. Emerging star in my book. 7
5 WCE Did some great things in the air but still shaky at times with ball in hand. 5
6 Port Had the job on Power forward John Butcher and kept him to one goal. 6
7 Syd Super game. Blanketed Reid early and made good decisions. 8
8 Ess Off with hamstring twinge second term. Subbed off late second term 3
13 VFL Played a half on return from injury. Got through OK.
14 Adel Gutsy defender played well across halfback. 6