#17   St Kilda

Age: 27yr 9mth Games: 125 Born: Jun 21, 2021
Height: 194cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Confidence and anticipation have made him a valued member of the defence and prompted elevation to leadership group.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb Plenty of interceptions early but in the end was overcome by the weight of numbers. 5
2 WCE Enjoyed the length of Subiaco. Covered plenty of ground to win his 26 possessions. 7
3 Bris Rebounded well again and gave the Saints drive. Looked to have injured shoulder in final term, but was only a stinger. 7
4 Coll Knocked up winning kicks (24 in all) at half back. Fine running defender’s game. 8
5 Geel Among the best from half back with his rebound and run. Defended when he needed to and ended with 28 disposals. 8
6 Haw Continued fine form across half back. Controlled the game and even bobbed up with two long goals. In super touch. 9
7 GWS Underrated half-back did bit when it was required. Strong effort highlighted by some accurate kicking to advantage. 7
8 Carl Was forced to defend against Jack Silvagni and didn’t have his usual impact offensively. Still busy with 23 didsposals. 6
9 Syd Continues in excellent touch down back and was one of Saints best. 7
10 WB Ranged freely across defence early and used ball better than last week. 5
11   Bye.  
12 Adel Started on Tom Lynch then played more as a sweeper in defence. 6
13 NM Returned to some form after a below par couple of weeks in defence. 6
14 GCS Not as sure in his marking and handling as usual down back, but rebounded. 5
15 Frem The Dockers restricted his run from the backline and he had only 15 possessions. 5
16 Rich Read the game perfectly in back half. Back to his best. 7
17 Ess Shared the top billing for the Saints and was only one to give rebound from defensive 50. 7
18 Syd Consistently won the ball in defence but wasn't able to thread it through Swans barrier. 6
19 Port Not his style of game but was clever and effective down back. 6
20 WCE Tremendous game in defence and gain showed he deserve to be in All-Australian calculations. Judgment was flawless. 8
21 Melb Intercepted well at stages at half back and ended with 27 touches. Good but not his best. 6
22 NM Perfect anticipation and consistent good use of the ball made him a key element in the win. 7
23 Rich Under siege all day down back. Not helped then every time he got it he had no one to kick it to. Tried hard. 6

2016 Season

1 Port Great tussle with Westhoff. Gave as good as he got. 6
2 WB Tough night down back due to Bulldogs’ dominance. 4
3 Coll Defending OK until injured knee in third term. Came back but looked severely hampered. 2
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8 WCE Stats flattered him for a game where he constantly fumbled and turned it over. 2
9 Ess Defender didn’t win much of the ball. 2
10 Frem Strange game with big first and third quarters and two when he was hardly seen. 6
11 Adel A couple of rebounds but otherwise no impact. 3
12 Carl Took some handy intercept marks down back and played his part. 5
14 Geel Gave as good as he got in defence and used ball to advantage. 6
15 GCS Began deeper in defence and wasn’t a factor. 3
16 Ess Useful defender who covered plenty of ground. 6
17 Melb Half back finished the game with big last quarter which included fine running goal. 6
18 WB Steady in defence where he played spare role to perfection. 6
19 NM A good game in terms of offensive work but Petrie caused headaches. 5
20 Carl Did as he pleased down back and won a heap of the ball. 7
21 Syd Tried hard in defence but frustrated by end of night. 5
22 Rich Anticipated the ball well in defence and a constant stumbling block in defence. 7
23 Bris Excellent display and always hit targets when coming out of defence. 8

2015 Season

1 GWS Did a couple of things in defence but subbed off in third term. 4
2 GCS Impressed by applying pressure and with work ethic in general. 6
3 Coll Has developed a harder edge to game this year and it is paying benefits. 6
4 Carl On Ellard at first then had brief stint on Henderson. 4
5 Ess Good day half back on first-gamer Langford. 5
6 WB Did some good things in second half after a down opening. 5
7 Adel Rebounded six times out of defensive 50. OK. 6
8 WCE As spare in defence he helped block Kennedy and continues his resurgence. 6
9 Bris Confidence continues to lift and capped good effort with important goal. 6
10 Haw Hoovered up plenty of touches as extra down back and minding Schoenmakers. 7
11   Foot.  
12   Foot.  
13 WB On Dickson and did a good job gathering touches in defence. 6
14 Ess Dispensed with Dempsey and others. 7
15 GWS Started as extra in back half. Mixed day. 6
16 Rich The extra man down back. Efforts marred by poor kicking. 6
17 Melb Roamed defence and accumulated touches. 6
18 Port Good in first half and not afraid to show aggression in contests. Tapered. 5
19 Frem Continued his good form this year and won a lot of the ball against old side. 6
20 NM Apart from third term generally more quiet in defence this week. 5
21   Ankle.  
22 Syd Had a lot of touches picking up Goodes. 6
23 WCE Found it hard to generate usual spare in defence role. 3

2014 Season

1 Melb Quieter than usual at half back. 4
2 GWS Rarely sighted and subbed off. 2
3 VFL Marred by turnovers and didn’t look fit.
4   Senior emergency.  
5 VFL Steady effort in the back half with 19 possessions.
6 VFL Pretty good across half back in win.
7 VFL Had 13 touches at half back and competed strongly.
8 VFL Worked into the game after a shaky start.
9 VFL 15 touches but was forced onto his wrong side to often.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL OK at half back in tight loss to Northern Blues.
13 VFL OK without being overly influential against Pies’.
14 VFL Racked up the touches at half back but wasn’t damaging.
15 VFL Bounced back after a few down weeks to provide good run.
16 Carl First senior game for the year and wasn’t noticeable. 3
17 NM First senior game in three months. OK without starring. 4
18 Frem Low-key but contributed at half back. 4
19 GCS Didn’t get a lot of the ball and turned it over. 2
20   Senior emergency.  
21 VFL Gave run from half back but hasn’t hit 2014 form.
22 VFL OK down back but wasn’t under the pump in final term.
23 Adel OK without dominating. 4
QF VFL Minimal impact as a running defender.

2013 Season

1 GCS Not the worst in defence. 5
2 Rich One of Saints troubled by McGuane at times, but fitting into defence. 5
3 GWS Went with Hoskin-Elliott and had another good game. 6
4 Ess Picked up young Merrett and was OK. 5
5 Syd Hard worker off half back. 5
6 Coll Proving to be an excellent pick-up with good run and usage off half back. 7
7 Carl Started on McLean and ran hard off half back. 6
8 Adel The extra man in defence and took full advantage. 7
9 WB On Stringer and didn’t create as much as in recent weeks. 6
10 NM Not the worst but not as good as previous outings. 4
11 WCE Started on Darling then went to Hill. Not a big day stats-wise, but OK. 5
13 Melb Had nervous moments early with Watts but fought back well. 6
14 Rich Started on Edwards. His 50th game ended on sour note with an ankle injury. 2
15 Frem Began on Mayne and didn't have big impact. Looked to be favouring hamstring late. 3
16 Carl Showed resolve and a bit of fire in defence and constantly tangled with Yarran. 6
17 Port Started OK but then crunched in second term and subbed off. 3
18   Concussion.  
19 Bris One of several defenders trying hard to match taller opponents. 5
20 Haw Found space in defence to create spare. 5
21 Syd Difficult task on White. 4
22   Rested.  
23 Frem Played his part for three quarters until he injured his ankle and was subbed off. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WAFL Tremendous for East Perth. 26 disposals, 13 marks.
2 WAFL Solid for East Perth with 13 disposals and a goal.
5 WAFL Solid outing for East Perth in the wet.
6 GCS Kicked a nice long goal which was his only noticeable contribution. 3
7 Port The sub. Came on midway through final term and got busy. 2
8 Haw Not a big impact. 4
11 WAFL Worked hard for East Perth but had just 14 disposals.
12 WAFL Fair. 12 possessions across half-back for East Perth.
13 WAFL 20 possessions and seven marks for East Perth.
14 Coll Looked sluggish at times but kept on battling – six rebounds. 6
15 WB Did a good defensive job. Stuck to his task. 5
16 Melb Half-back role but struggled to have any say in the game’s flow. 3
17 GWS Played in defence where the ball barely was. 4
18 Port Undervalued Docker continues to get the job done with a minimum of fuss. 5
19 WCE The sub. Limited chances. 2
20 Adel Didn’t find much of the footy but stuck to his guns in defence. 6
21 WAFL Quiet for East Perth with just 10 possessions.