#18   Adelaide

Age: 32yr 12mth Games: 278 Born: Nov 26, 2020
Height: 175cm Weight: 73kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Star goalsneak inked new deal tying him to club until end of 2020. Can he repeat last year’s 75-goal heroics. Trained well.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 GWS Finished with four goals including the cream after the final siren. 7
2 Haw Kicked goal of the day with a trademark banana (checkside if South Australian). Ended day with three majors. 6
3 Port Was on track for a huge game with three goals but Tom Jonas did well to contain him. 6
4 Ess Responded magnificently after an indifferent week off the field, is getting better with age. 9
5 GCS Considering the scoreline, surprising he only kicked three goals. Still looked dangerous when in his vicinity! 7
6 Rich Tried in vain to get that elusive 500th goal, credit to Grimes for keeping him honest. 5
7 NM Double-goal got him going (first was his 500th career major). Ended with three and tried hard in a well-beaten team. 5
8 Melb Well held by Neville Jetta, still managed two goals, the second an Eddie Betts special. 4
9 Bris Staked claim for goal of the year when he dribbled the ball through from 25m. Three goals, four assists. All class. 7
10 Frem Couldn’t quite get on the highlight reel but tried his heart out to get either goal or mark of the year. 7
11 Geel Well held by Tuohy and Guthrie. One goal and four effective disposals. 2
12 StK Quiet game from the champion small forward, still chimed in with two goals. 5
13   Bye.  
14 Haw One goal from four attempts, very uncharacteristic Betts performance. 4
15 Carl Treading water at the moment for form, two typical Betts goals, one from a mark inside-50, and the other with sublime skill. 6
16 WB Finished the game with two goals, and set up two more. Needs to be more selfish at times but you can’t knock his game. 6
17 Melb Had Jetta for company. Kicked two goals, but most of his work was done with the game in hand. 5
18 Geel Held to three kicks and no goals by Bews in what was a quiet night given team performance. 2
19   Appendix.  
20 Port Four goals, four behinds and set up another four goals, not a bad performance after getting his appendix removed over a week ago. 8
21 Ess Well contained, but produced magic bit of ball-handling to set up Lynch goal. 2
22 Syd Two goals from five attempts, a game of what if’s for the little master. 5
23 WCE Kicked two goals. Missed two others. Worked hard. 5
QF GWS Three first half goals set the Crows on their way to the prelim. ‘Shopped early,’ as Charlie Sutton would say. 7
PF Geel Was shut down by Bews for most part but had to kick a couple of goals given weight of ball. 5
GF Rich Early goal but was held in check by Grimes. He ended with four kicks in will further questions his big-game credentials. 2

2016 Season

1 NM Started like a house on fire with 12 first-half disposals then struggled. 4
2 Port Five goals and gave off another five. In superb touch. 8
3 Rich Got the better of Rance then had Vlastuin and Houli for company. Too quick and smart. 7
4 Syd Four goals, including the last two goals of the game to seal the win. 8
5 Haw Intent on big start against nemesis Stratton and did that early, but reined in. 5
6 Frem Four goals from seven attempts, another day at the office for the crowd favourite. 7
7 WB Destroyed by Morris. First kick came 21 minutes into third term. No goals. 3
8 Geel Two goals from limited opportunities. 5
9 GCS Did not trouble the goal scorers, but played higher and set plenty up. 7
10 GWS Another Indigenous Round, another goal of the year contender. 8
11 StK Well held by Geary, still snuck in for a goal. 5
12 WCE Influential with five goals and the Eagles just couldn’t stop him. 7
14 NM Did not have his kicking boots on, two great goals from six attempts. 6
15 Melb Dangerous in periods and ended with three goals and an assist. 7
16 Carl Snagged three goals in a great battle with Tuohy who gave as good as he got. 6
17 Coll Three goals from limited opportunities, roving and contested marking highlights. 7
18 Geel Held to one goal and six effective disposals by Bews. Quiet one. 3
19 Ess Makes the easy look difficult, and the difficult seem surprisingly easy. 8
20 Bris Another four goals and further evidence to add to his second All-Australian jumper. 7
21 Frem Dominated. Kicked six goals. Could have been more. 9
22 Port Running out of superlatives, five goals in his 250th match, a true masterclass. 9
23 WCE Quiet display with one goal, had a lot to contend with during the week. 4
EF NM Dragged down a screamer and snagged six goals in masterful performance. 9
SF Syd Kicked three goals but well beaten by Smith when the game was still hot. 3

2015 Season

1 NM Four goals, four scoring assists, seven tackles and four inside-50s. 7
2 Coll Kicked first quarter pearler and lively as usual. Six tackles. 6
3 Melb Struggled with the tight marking of Jetta. 4
4 WB Given latitude early. Not his fault chances were limited. Still kicked four. 6
5 Port One of the best with five goals from eight attempts. 8
6 GCS Afforded far too much space and took full advantage with five goals. 8
7 StK Best small forward in the game: six goals after consecutive bags of five. 9
8 GWS Ended with three goals in entertaining battle with Shaw. Did his bit. 6
9 Frem Two more miraculous goals from best small forward in the game. 7
10 Carl Bubble finally burst. Tuohy towelled him all day. One goal, three kicks. 2
12 Haw On the Hawks’ hit list, targeted off the ball on numerous occasions. 4
13 Bris Cut loose in last quarter to help seal the win. 6
15 WCE Two goals, one in the first and one in the last. 5
16 Port One goal but gave off three others. 6
17 GCS Three goals from four attempts and gave off another two. 7
18 Syd Smith ensured that his chances were limited. 3
19 Rich Bobbed up with two goals in the last term to seal the victory. 6
20 Ess Had a day out with five goals from 10 kicks. Lapped up the service. 9
21 Bris Another three goals and beats his previous best tally of 51, more to come. 6
22 WCE Two goals, and another four scoring assists for the human highlight reel. 7
23 Geel Three goals in third term and four for the game. Clearly best forward. 7
EF WB Electric three-goal first term on Morris then had Biggs. Five goals. 8
SF Haw Totally shut down by Stratton especially early in the game. No space. 3

2014 Season

1 Geel Kicked two for new club on debut and lively in spurts. 6
2 Port One of the best with four goals from limited touches. 8
3 Syd Not as influential as the previous week; managed to kick one goal. 4
4 StK Looked dangerous early but Geary kept a tight rein. 4
5 GWS Quiet game with just one goal. 4
6 WB Shadowed by Picken but managed to wriggle free after main break for two goals. 5
7 Melb Well beaten by Jetta. 3
9 Coll Four scoring assists, nine tackles and a goal in the last term. 5
10 Carl Four goals against old club a significant return. Among the best. 8
11 GCS Great tussle with Broughton, still chimed in with two goals and four clearances. 6
12 Frem Never given a sniff by Spurr. 2
13 NM A contender for goal of the year with the outside of his right foot from 50 out. 7
14 Ess Lively. Kicked three goals and gave some more away. 7
15 Port Four clearances, four inside-50s and four goals including the sealer. 7
16 GWS Kicked five goals and outplayed Williams. Creative and ever-alert. 7
17 Haw Struggled in his 200th game despite one goal. 3
18 Coll Two early goals but after that went right out of the contest. 4
19 WCE Three goals and three scoring assists for the livewire small forward. 6
20 Bris Held early by Patfull but broke free after quarter time. Three goals. 7
21 Rich Two goals but little else. 5
22 NM Plenty of movement and run around forward line but only two goals. 5
23 StK Constantly dangerous and finished strongly to end with five goals. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Had Morris for company. Only three disposals in first half- lifted after half time. 5
2   Jaw.  
3   Jaw.  
4   Jaw.  
5 Adel Came on at half time and had some nice moments without sparkling. 4
6 Melb Kicked four goals from six kicks. Talk about making most of chances. 7
7 StK Had to go into the midfield at times and ineffective in front of goal. MRP scrutiny. 3
8   Suspended.  
9   Suspended.  
10   Suspended.  
11 Ess Fletcher with him up at start. Didn’t figure prominently. 2
12 Haw Worked hard for a three-goal return and five tackles. Played his role. 7
14 Syd Held to just six possessions by Smith and unable to have any impact. 2
15 Coll Four disposals and struggled. Looked to be injured in second half. 2
16 StK Sub came on and immediately in the thick of it. 2
17 NM Surprisingly Thompson went to him at start. Couple of goals but held. 4
18 GCS Quite well held but still finished with three goals. 5
19 Frem Poor. Closer to being dropped than getting a $500,000 contract. 1
20 WB One of his better recent outings. Spent more time in midfield in Blues reshuffle. 6
21 Rich Worked hard with 7 tackles but didn’t impact on the scoreboard. 5
22 Ess Fumbled badly and missed a sitter in the last. Needs to do more. 5
23 Port Kicked goal of the game, missed three others and set up three more. 7
EF Rich Minimal opportunities early but lifted to finish with three handy goals. 7
SF Syd Booted first goal but then chances were scarce. 3

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Kicked a couple of goals and could easily have had more. 6
2 Bris Took two sensational marks and contributed two goals. 7
3 Coll Outstripped O’Brien, took him to uncomfortable places. Five goals. 8
4 Ess Kicked 4 goals but had little impact when the game was up for grabs. 6
5 Frem Stats not huge but won a few crucial balls and kicked a goal. 5
6 GWS Held goalless in his 150th. Kept working but goals didn’t come. 4
7 StK Dempster had task and kept him to two goals and three clearances. 5
8 Adel Failed to kick a goal and had many of his 11 disposals well up the ground. 3
9 Melb Turned a fair day into a good one with three last-term goals, five for the game. 7
10 Port Kicked one goal and created three others but subdued for most of the match. 5
11 Geel Started with three first-quarter goals and ended with four. Constant threat. 7
12 WCE Dangerous first half helped keep side in touch. Only four touches second half. 5
14 Haw Starved of chances and struggled to get into it. 3
15 Coll Held early but joined in with the ride for four goals. 7
16 NM Picked up by Thompson. Sighted a bit early but chances dried up. 3
17 WB Dazzled in last quarter with two goals with game up for grabs. 6
18 Rich By far most dangerous looking forward for Carlton with three in first half. 7
19 Syd Smith picked him up and he was well contained all day. 3
20 Bris Dangerous effort. Two goal assists to go with three goals then subbed out. 7
21 Ess Lively throughout. Kicked three goals and set up four others. 8
22 GCS Looked like being the match winner, but missed some gettable shots. 5
23 StK Started OK but kicking for goal was wayward. 4