#7   Geelong

Age: 32yr 9mth Games: 230 Born: Jun 12, 2021
Height: 195cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Trained all summer up forward. Two pre-season games to date have netted one goal. Big gamble given his age.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Struggled up forward and ended night in defence. Only real negative to come out of the game given his struggles up forward. 3
2 NM Couldn’t get near it up forward then looked like an All Australian defender after being switched midway through third term. 4
3 Melb Time has come for coach to put his hand up and acknowledge his experiment has failed. Three kicks and no shots at goal. 1
4 Haw Played forward and actually got around the ball. When he went back to defence the Cats’ started to pour on goals. 5
5 StK Played forward again and while kicked first goal of the season that was only highlight. Spent time down back again. 3
6 Coll Couple of nice marks but just looks like a different player when he returns to defence. One goal in first term. 4
7 GCS Played defence all night for first time this year and was steady without starring. Did get loose on Wright at times. 5
8 Ess Played down back but struggled. Looks a little slow and reaction times are well off. Not sure what next move is. 3
9 WB Took right weeks but hit straps with five goals, including three in second term. Didn’t touch ball in first and third terms. 8
10 Port Played forward again but struggled to get near it. Two kicks, no goals and copped a finger in the eye. 2
11 Adel Two goals up forward then spent time in defence in second half. Much better than previous week. 5
12   Bye.  
13 WCE Kicked two goals but for the most part wasn’t able to get away from the Eagle defence. 5
14 Frem Struggled up forward but looked every bit the All Australian defender when switched back after half time. 5
15 GWS Played defence all night and looked like an All Australian defender. Has to play there for remainder of the year. 7
16 Bris Ice cool as usual and used the ball well coming out of defence. 6
17 Haw Played down back and was again solid, particularly early when the game was hot. 7
18 Adel Played down back on Jenkins at times and then thrown forward to kick five second-half goals. 8
19 Carl Rotated forward and back. Might want to revisit slipping some ham into the sock. Better late when playing down back. 4
20 Syd Started forward but was quickly pushed into defence. Didn’t matter what end he couldn’t get near it. 2
21 Rich The match winner. Torched the premier defender in the game and hit the scoreboard. 9
22 Coll Did not touch the ball in the first term and theme continued throughout. Only goal came from a free kick. 2
23 GWS After conceding the first goal of the game to Patton he monstered the young Giant. Great game. 7
QF Rich Beaten by Rance. If Cats thought that match-up was going to work twice in a month they were sadly mistaken; 4 eff disposals. 1
SF Syd Hammered Franklin in what was a crucial match-up win for the team. Huge game and has to play defence next week. 8
PF Adel Used in defence on Walker and defensively ok but very little going the other way. 5

2016 Season

1 Haw Took resting ruckman down back and defensively stout. 5
2 GWS Battled Lobb at times but didn’t get much happening offensively for the team. 4
3 Bris Held sway down back and always on the last line of defence. Steady and sure. 5
4 Ess Read play pretty well and proved somewhat of a stumbling block for Bombers. 4
5 Port Defensively stout and among the Cats’ best. Got into the right spots. 8
6 GCS Back to best. Controlled half back and hit target with every one of his disposals. 7
7 WCE Got in the way down back. Defended strongly and tackled brilliantly (eight). 6
8 Adel Kept Jenkins to two goals in another steady defensive effort. 6
9 Coll Went to Cox when he was forward and OK in that role. Tried to get across third-man style. 4
10 Carl Took resting ruckman and intercepted a few balls but wasn’t at his controlling best. 4
11 GWS Did a number of Cameron whom he kept goalless. Key match-up victory. 8
12 NM For second week in a row he was in the best. Beat Waite and marked everything. 7
13 WB Match-up for Stringer and kept him goalless as strong run of form continues. 7
14 StK Solid again down back. Saved goals with his tackling and battled Membrey. 7
16 Syd Had task on Rohan for long periods and defensively OK. Rebound limited. 5
17 Frem Five marks and handy ball use from the back half. One courageous mark. 6
18 Adel Jenkins kicked three goals on him in first half but then he got on top. 4
19 WB Had Stringer covered and that was his main priority. Role was important. 7
20 Ess Hit target with every one of his 23 disposals and took 13 marks. Super. 8
21 Rich Celebrated gamer 200 by beating Riewoldt then went forward to kick late goal. 5
22 Bris Had the better of Walker and that was his main focus. Eight marks. 7
23 Melb Went to Watts and destroyed him. Grabbed nine marks and kicked a goal. 8
QF Haw Made some uncharacteristic mistakes and went to ground at times. 3
PF Syd Struggled down back and thrown forward to kick two goals in second half. 3

2015 Season

1 Haw Had Roughead who got off the chain as the ball came in sideways. 4
2 Frem Among the better players. Towelled Clarke and grabbed seven marks. 6
3 GCS Provided some drive from back half and positioned himself well in defence. 7
4 NM Shadowed Waite for large parts and did that reasonably well. 6
5 Rich Controlled half back with aplomb– 13 marks and great ball use. 8
6 Coll A thorn in the side of the Magpies all night. 7
7 Syd Tried to free himself by playing on third tall. OK but didn’t star. 5
8 Carl Had Casboult covered (three marks) and repelled when he had to. 7
9 WCE Had task on Kennedy and in the end well beaten. 4
10 Ess Clearly best on ground. Hammered Carlisle and won a mountain of footy. 9
11 Port Took five contested marks and some telling possessions at half back. 7
12 Melb Did what he could but another who had an off day. 4
15 NM Struggled again. Out of form or injured? Not the same player he was. 2
16 WB Redpath grabbed a few marks but generally solid at half back. 6
17 GWS Kept Cameron goalless in a pivotal match-up for the Cats. 8
18 Bris Seven marks and some a heady presence in the back half all afternoon. 7
19 Syd Had Tippett covered and got off other opponents to take 13 marks. 7
20 Haw Tried to take Puopolo so he could be intercept player but it didn’t work. Quiet. 3
21 StK With Riewoldt on a wing he lacked a a match-up and looked lost. 4
22 Coll Two kicks first half. Form has been well short of best for most of the year. 3
23 Adel Kept Walker to one goal and little or no influence on the game. 7

2014 Season

1 Adel After bright start Crows successfully played away from him. Good last term. 5
2 Bris Did well nullifying Brown and had nine of his 11 disposals after half time. 5
3 Coll Great defensively on a variety of opponents. Did right thing at right time. 7
4 WCE Kept Kennedy to one goal and three marks in a fine defensive display. 7
5 Haw Played on Roughead and did the job brilliantly. 7
6 Port Switched forward and back but had a howler. 1
7 Rich Gave Vickery a bath. Grabbed 13 marks and bounced back after last week. 8
9 Frem Pavlich kicked two early ones on him and three all up. Ended forward. 2
10 NM Struggles continue. Looked shaky but did play a little better in final term. 3
11 Syd Franklin kicked five on him but he battled pretty well given scoreboard. 5
12 Carl Better game opposed to Henderson who had little influence. 6
13 StK Had Riewoldt covered early then pushed forward without success. Rested late. 5
14   Knee.  
15 Ess Up and down on Carlisle, copped knee to head in third term. Shaky then on. 4
16 WB Celebrated game 150 with perhaps best effort of year – 11 marks. 8
17 Melb Towelled Dawes and looks to be finding form coming into back end of year. 8
18 GWS Great again. Kept Patton out of the contest and racked up disposals himself. 8
19 NM Black couldn’t get away from him and drifted forward for a goal. 7
20 Frem Took more marks than 15 Dockers had possessions – 19 (four contested). 9
21 Carl Had the better White and Casboult. Four rebound 50s, eight marks. 7
22 Haw Cat and mouse early as Hawks tried to match him up. Not influential. 4
23 Bris First player to manage himself during the game. Didn’t even take a mark. 2
QF Haw Had Roughead and defensively good but little other way. Spent time forward. 4
SF NM A finals series to forget. Gave little offensively and was limited defensively. 2

2013 Season

1 Haw Superb on Roughead and among the best all day. 8
2 NM Had the better of Hansen and then put to Petrie and nullified him. 6
3 Carl Cool and crisp from the back half and found time to slip forward for two goals. 8
4 Syd Did it all. Great defensively on Goodes and kicked two goals himself. 8
5 WB Relished chance to play 90% forward and kicked five goals. Five contested marks. 8
6 Rich Matched to Vickery before he went off and OK. Subdued offensively. 5
7 Ess Battled Gumbleton/Hurley and had them covered. Played a role. 6
8 Coll Took Lynch for most part and was handy although didn’t dominate like he can. 5
9 Port Massive. Repelled everything that came his way and was a key to the victory. 8
10 GCS Stout down back with four contested marks. Had Gorringe covered when on him 6
11   Rested.  
13 Bris Had Lisle covered pretty well and had five rebound 50s. Not his best game. 6
14 Frem Dominated the game from half back with his marking and play reading. 8
15 Haw Had Roughead and resting ruckmen and did job well. No contested marks. 6
16 Melb Hammered Dawes in first half then went forward in second half without impact. 6
17 Adel Had Otten/Lynch and OK in the role. Missed shot to win game in final 30 sec. 5
18 StK After Riewoldt kicked two early goals he got right on top. Fine display. 8
19 NM OK defensively without starring then pushed forward late but game done. 5
20 Port Three goals and a tower in the back half as well. Had opponents covered. 8
21 WCE Kept Kennedy goalless and restricted him to just six marks. Brilliant effort. 8
22 Syd After conceding first goal of the game he destroyed Tippett to be best afield. 9
23 Bris Used forward and back and did enough without setting game alight. 5
QF Frem Had Pavlich (2.3) in a good battle. Dockers were able to limit his impact offensively. 5
SF Port Had Schulz and kept him quiet but didn’t provide his usual rebound. 5
PF Haw Kept Roughead out of the game completely in a final blanket job. 8

2012 Season

1 Frem Took Bradley for the most part and kept him from being dangerous. 5
2 Haw Did what he had to down back mainly on Roughead. Had cramp late. 5
3 NM Beat Petrie in a good effort given weight of ball against. 7
4 Rich Among the’ best with 29 disposals across half back and beat Vickery. 7
5 Bris Solid in defence and marked ball when others couldn’t – eight marks. 7
6 Melb Had a tough job on Clark (four goals) but he gave something offensively. 6
7 Adel Horror day. Gave away five free kicks against bigger Tippett. 2
8 Coll Great battle with Cloke and took honours. Read play well and marked cleanly. 7
9 WB Hands full with Jones at times and didn’t have same influence as he often can. 4
10 GWS Celebrated 100th game with six goals (career high) and four contested marks. 9
11 Carl OK in defence but noticeable when pushed forward late to grab some marks. 6
13 Syd One of the better Cats early when side struggled. Handy enough. 6
14 Port Showed forwards how it was done with three goals from limited stint forward. 6
16 Coll Battled Tarrant and at times faltered under pressure. 4
17 Ess Crameri caused him concerns but still superb – 10 marks, two goals. 7
18 Adel Every touch hit target (only player on ground to do so) which proved vital. 7
19 Haw One bad error but willingness to attack ball in air superb – four cont marks. 7
20 WCE OK down back then pushed forward late to try and provide a target. OK. 5
21 StK Defensive marking early in the match was a highlight. Steady all night. 6
22 WB Good down back but slipped forward to kick two timely goals. 7
23 Syd Held Goodes quite well and marked everything that came his way (14). 8
EF Frem OK when on Pav and went forward late to take a couple of marks. 5