#1   Fremantle

Age: 31yr 8mth Games: 152 Born: Jul 16, 2020
Height: 173cm Weight: 79kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Scoring has tapered in past two years and needs to lift to stave off challengers. Hamstring surgery will see him miss first few months.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1   Hamstring.  
2   Hamstring.  
3   Hamstring.  
4   Hamstring.  
5   Hamstring.  
6   Hamstring.  
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9 WAFL First game back from injury and was handy with a couple of goals, but tweaked hammy again.
10   Hamstring.  
11   Hamstring.  
12   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14 Geel Got away to bag two second-term goals when he got over the back of Cats’ defence; 14 disposals. 5
15 StK Kicked two goals and provided pressure inside 50. Got under St Kilda's skin at times. 6
16 NM Second game back from injury and struggled to get into the contest. Four touches. 1
17 WCE Struggled to get near the ball. Kicked a goal in the final term. 3
18 Haw Quiet again. Only nine possessions and one goal. Struggling. 3
19 GWS Shocker first half but he applied good pressure and kicked a vintage goal in the second half. Showed glimpses of his best. 3
20 GCS Battled again. Only one touch in the first half. Finished with eight and 1.2. 3
21 Syd Have to think if his name will be next added on 2017 retirement board. Eight disposals and zero impact up forward. 2
22 Rich Did his best to defend as well as attack. Laid six tackles and kicked a goal. 5
23 Ess Kicked two goals in the second half, but crucial turnover in third term cruelled Freo of momentum. 5

2016 Season

1 WB Minimal impact in attack and missed an early sitter. Poor day – but had plenty of mates. 3
2 GCS One of the few forwards to have an impact. Kicked four goals. 7
3 WCE Off target and didn’t find enough of the ball. 3
4 NM Kicked two goals and provided his typical nuisance value. 6
5 Carl Hurt twice early, gave away an undisciplined free and barely touched the ball. 1
6 Adel Five inside-50s, no goals and very little else. Twisted his knee in the second term. 5
7 GWS A vastly improved game. Won the footy and kicked two goals. 6
8 Haw Lacked usual sharpness apart from a couple of cameos. 3
9 Rich Another improved game. Kicked three goals and was lively. 6
10 StK Tried hard to apply tackle pressure but otherwise unsighted. 2
11 Ess Had energy and booted two goals from 22 touches. Enjoyed the night. 6
12 Bris Helped himself to four goals and was a constant threat. 7
13 Port Competed strongly. Had three shots at goal. 5
14 Coll Couldn’t get a touch early. Couple of goals from limited chances. 5
16 Melb In and out but not as dangerous as he can be aside from last-quarter goal. 4
17 Geel Really struggling. One goal from five kicks. Fractured cheekbone. 3
18   Face.  
19   Face.  
20 WCE First game back from injury. Kicked a goal but wasn’t damaging. 3
21 Adel Couldn’t get into the game. Kicked a late goals. 3
22 GWS Failed to impact the scoreboard when opportunities presented. 3
23 WB Quiet day. A bit like his season. Booted two behinds. 4

2015 Season

1 Port Two opportunistic goals. Made the most of chances, physical game. 5
2 Geel Pretty well held by Bews. One goal from seven effective disposals. 4
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5 Melb Pretty well held by Grimes but contributed in a small way. 4
6 Ess Two goals but his highlight was a chase down of Melksham. 6
7 WB Ordinary afternoon. Missed goals and wasn’t able to get things going. 3
8 NM His best game for 2015. Kicked one goal, set up more and had 20 disposals. 6
9 Adel Not his best match but still managed a goal in a low-scoring affair. 3
10 Rich Pressure acts lifted in second half and played with a bee in bonnet. 6
11 GCS Did a couple of clever things but well held. 3
13 Coll Only goal came 20 minutes into third term and beaten by Varcoe. 3
14 Bris Gave away a silly 50 but redeemed himself with big effort in final term. 5
15 Haw Didn’t hit scoreboard after early behind. Form a worry. 3
16 Carl Injured late in the first term. Fought on until half time before getting subbed. 1
17   Pectoral.  
18   Pectoral.  
19   Pectoral.  
20   Pectoral.  
21   Pectoral.  
22   Pectoral.  
23   Pectoral.  
QF Syd Made most of chances to boot three important goals. 7
PF Haw Provocative and confrontational in early stages then reined in. 5

2014 Season

1 Coll Kicked “starter” goals at crucial times. 7
2 GCS Dazed when he hit the turf hard and struggled – four inside-50s and a goal. 4
3 Haw First half continued GF nightmare, but others were worse. 3
4 Ess Energetic effort playing further afield. Plenty of touches, and a goal. 6
5 Syd Finished with two goals, but well held by Smith. 5
6   Suspended.  
7 WCE Sharp early with a good snap goal and was a menace all match. 7
8 Port Ignore his stats. Ballantyne produced several goals with high pressure. 6
9 Geel Angry ant kicked three goals, including two in third term to keep Cats at bay. 7
11 WB Booted three goals from limited chances. Had the impact that mattered. 6
12 Adel Had a quiet day. 3
13 Rich Ended with an equal career-high six goals in a match-winning display. 9
14 Bris Worked hard in attack to generate chances and had excellent five goal bag. 7
15 WCE Continued good run of form with three handy goals in tight contest. 6
16 Melb Garland did a decent job, but he still bobbed up with three handy goals. 6
17 GWS Despite work of Bugg he ended with five goals in a sparkling display. 8
18   Suspended.  
19 Carl Showed class by kicking three goals despite struggling to shake Tuohy. 6
20 Geel Well beaten by Enright. One goal but limited effectiveness. Hamstring worries. 3
21   Hamstring.  
22 Bris Sizzled in opening quarter. Finished with three goals and missed three set shots. 7
23 Port Quiet early but big third quarter was crucial and ended with four goals. 6
QF Syd Just seven possessions and no goals. Beaten by Smith. 3
SF   Jaw.  

2013 Season

1 WCE Quiet night until late goal then subbed with leg complaint. A.Selwood his master. 8
2   Suspended.  
3 Ess Kicked first goal and was relishing space from Fletcher. Quiet final term. 5
4 Haw Did a good job limiting Hodge’s impact but it affected his own output. 5
5 Rich Seized initiative in second half and finished with four goals including winner. 6
6 GCS Well held by Swallow and failed to kick a goal. 4
7 Coll Tried to keep Shaw honest and nearly half of his possessions drove the ball inside 50. 5
8 Syd Kicked two goals and was main threat, but also guilty of some costly misses. 6
9 Melb Kicked three goals and was lively and constructive throughout. 7
10 Adel Kicked a great mid-air goal in the second term reading the footy off the pack. 5
12 Bris Always a threat and four-bounce run looked like setting up big goal but missed. 4
13 NM Atley picked him up and Ballantyne wasn’t his usual threat. 3
14 Geel Hammered by J. Hunt. Didn’t have an inside-50 or kick a goal. Seven tackles only plus. 2
15 StK Kept Fremantle alive in the first half and five goals made him Freo’s best. 8
16 WCE On Brennan and never got going. Copped whack to mouth and limped at end. 3
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19 Carl Tuohy tried to hurt him the other way (three goals) but he was dangerous in attack. 7
20 GWS Two goals including one brilliant running effort. Subbed out late in third. 5
21 Melb Opportunistic up forward. Didn’t have big stats but four goals superb. 6
22 Port Bagged four goals in sharp display. Aggravated shoulder injury. 7
23   Rested.  
QF Geel Only one goal and one inside-50. Well contained by Enright then Guthrie. 3
PF Syd Shadowed by Smith. Fairly well held. Gave away a few frees and got under Swans skin. 4
GF Haw Produced a great grand final choke. Missed two sitters. Horrible. 1

2012 Season

1 Geel Influential with two goals from 20 touches and annoyed Cats all night. 8
4 StK In midfield early as diversion. OK without being exceptional. 5
5 Carl Joseph went to him at first. Brilliant goal second quarter but then quiet. 3
6 GCS Gave away a silly 50m penalty near the end that almost cost his side dearly. 5
7 Port Didn’t have a real impact. Kicked his goal from a bad turnover. 4
8 Haw Couldn’t get a sniff in first half but picked up later on. 5
9 WCE Kicked an early goal but had no impact after that. 4
10 Adel Better than previous weeks. Had more energy and kicked 1.2. 6
11 Rich Had Morris for company in a great battle. Kicked two goals, including sealer. 6
14 Coll Great battle against O’Brien. Showed his spirit by making six tackles. 5
15 WB Pushed up the field and gave the team drive. 6
16 Melb Had two goals to half time then only eight disposals in second half. 6
17 GWS Well held. Had chances to score goals but kicked 1.3. 5
18 Port Pesky small forward did not trouble the scoresheet with a goal. 3
19 WCE Had an astonishing third term with three goals to help blow the game apart. 7
20 Adel Quiet afternoon for the small forward with just one goal. 3
21 Rich Had a huge influence with 24 possessions and three goals. Best on ground. 8
23 Melb Kicked three goals and also had five inside 50s. Good. 6
EF Geel Picked up by Enright and Murdoch initially. Always a threat and bagged three. 6
SF Adel Buzzed around in attack as Doughty tracked him. In and out, but OK overall 5