#39   Sydney Swans

Age: 32yr 9mth Games: 238 Born: Jun 02, 2021
Height: 192cm Weight: 105kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Stiff not to be All-Australian last year but now in his 30s so has been managed through pre-season. Copped a knock in JLT finale.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Matched to Dixon for long periods and did that job pretty well. Got better longer game went. 6
2 WB Had Boyd/Crameri and defensively ok. Didn’t win as much footy as he sometimes can 5
3 Coll Job on Moore and did the superbly well. Among the better Swans on the night. 7
4 WCE Had big job on Kennedy initially and got a fair bit of the ball himself, but the big Eagle was okay too. 5
5 GWS On Patten initially. Crunched by Cameron in third term and after long time on bench was put in attack. 5
6 Carl Battled away down back on Casboult/Kreuzer who troubled him at times. Looked sore by the end of the game. 3
7 Bris Took Schache and kept the young forward fairly quiet overall. No-fuss afternoon. 6
8 NM Solid job on Brown made sure North’s big forward was restricted to two goals, one from a contentious free. 7
9 StK Too much experience for young McCartin and held firm down back. 7
10 Haw Had better nights down back. Unable to intercept at any stage. 4
11   Bye.  
12 WB Played predominantly on Cloke and had him covered double doona-style. Even found time to rebound with 22 disposals 8
13 Rich Used as the loose player in defence and did that superbly well. Used the ball well when he got it and was in the way a lot. 6
14 Ess Won alot of the ball in the back half opposed mostly to McKernan. 7
15 Melb Controlled the back half in the air when the ball came in. 6
16 GCS 24 touches down back, he has returned to the backline general of old in the last couple of months. 8
17 GWS Had an intriguing battle with Jono Patton, while the GWS spearhead looked dangerous at times, Reg did his job well. 6
18 StK Started on Bruce and worked hard to blanket Saint attack. 5
19 Haw 17 disposals in the coalface but wasn't as effective as was needed. 5
20 Geel Had some troubles with Hawkins who in one contest destroyed him physically in one contest. Kept battling. 4
21 Frem No-nonsense defender did his job throughout the day. 6
22 Adel Good job Josh Jenkins keeping him to one goal. 6
23 Carl Destroyed Casboult in the one-on-ones. Seemed to mark everything that came his way. Big game. 8
EF Ess Defended like he usually does and was a handy player in repelling the Bombers all night. 7
SF Geel Had Hawkins covered but that was about only match-up they team won. 6

2016 Season

1 Coll Relegated to a spectator for much of the night but got the better of Cloke in most contests. 7
2 Carl Back to his solid best. Nullified Casboult and positioned his frame beautifully. 7
3 GWS Carried out his role by nullifying GWS’ resting rucks up forward. 6
4 Adel Had the better of Jenkins. 6
5 WCE Big job on Kennedy and overall did it very well. 7
6 Bris Won the battle with McStay and then Walker. 6
7 Ess Kept Daniher goalless in a disciplined four-quarter performance. 7
8 Rich Given the job on Griffiths and struggled with his size at key times, which proved pivotal. 4
9 Haw Lined up on O’Brien and outmuscled him. Intercept marks were excellent. 8
10 NM Alternated between Petrie and Brown and got the points in each match-up. Superb. 8
11 GCS Showed a calm head in defence to keep Suns talls in check. 5
12 GWS Stuck to task on Lobb in an even duel. 5
13 Melb Excellent again in 200th game. Never gave Hogan/Dawes an inch and picked right time to sag off. 7
15 WB Solid and smart game in defence as general of that area for Swans. 7
16 Geel Beat Hawkins comprehensively in a key win for the team. Among best. 8
17 Haw Surprisingly went to Sicily and later had others. Had them all covered. 8
18 Carl Continued his outstanding year by comfortably taking the honours on Casboult. 7
19 Frem Good defensively. Kept Freo’s forwards in check. 6
20 Port Excellent job curtailing Dixon. Found plenty of his own ball too in back half. 7
21 StK Started on McCartin. Had a couple of awkward moments early, then held control. 6
22 NM Did well down back on Petrie, keeping him to just one goal. 7
23 Rich Nullified Elton’s influence and didn’t waste many of his 25 disposals. 7
QF GWS Took the in-form Patton and kept him off the scoreboard, but others did the damage. 7
SF Adel Mixed and matched on McGovern/Jenkins and kept them at bay. 7
PF Geel Well on top of Hawkins early and in control over night. Had the edge again. 7
GF WB Close to Swans’ best with superb marking. Couldn’t have done any more as a key defender. 8

2015 Season

1 Ess Sturdy defender who was his usual serviceable self at all times. 6
2 Port Stood tall on Ryder when he ventured forward. 6
3 GWS McCarthy’s pace troubled him at times but able to contribute to the win. 5
4 Frem Solid and it was a good contest between the big men. 5
5 WB Had task on T. Boyd for large parts. Made a couple of blues in defence. 5
6 Melb Took Dawes and gave him a short back and sides. Key performer in win. 7
7 Geel Gave Clark a bit of a bath in a key win for the team. 8
8 Haw Took resting ruckman and Schoenmakers. Solid both ways. 7
9   Quad.  
10 GCS Commanding presence at half back, controlling the airways. 8
11 NM Used body well in marking contests and shut down Brown effectively. 7
13 Rich Had trouble with Vickery’s movement in second half. 5
14 Port Defensively tough and helped repel the Power at crucial junctures. 7
15 Bris Defensively had Staker covered and that was his main mission. 6
16 Haw Had a few possessions but almost invisible down back as Hawks took over. 4
17 WCE Didn’t take Kennedy or Darling, which was strange. OK defensively. 5
18 Adel On Jenkins and was OK. 5
19 Geel Swans' best. Blanketed Walker and did what he could to rebound. 8
20 Coll Low key but solid job in defence. 6
21 GWS Had job on Patton and was steady although the big Giant booted two. 5
22 StK Kept a tight rein on a variety of tall forwards. 7
23 GCS Did what he had to down back. Only time under pressure was in second term. 6
QF Frem Took Mayne for parts of match and solid in that role. Not much offensively. 5
SF NM Took Waite who got away enough to be a nuisance for the Swans. 5

2014 Season

1 GWS Had a good game on Patten until late in the day. 5
2 Coll Crunched by Cloke at one stage, battled on against White and Goldsack. 5
3 Adel Lucky for him Jenkins did not have his kicking boots on. 5
4 NM Switched into attack and kicked a goal, but otherwise a flat day. 4
5 Frem Seven tackles and five one-percenters, a solid effort from the key defender. 6
6 Melb Defended brilliantly and gave Frawley a bath. 8
7 Bris Gave-up little in defence. 6
8 Haw Had Roughead for long periods and did enough on him. Rebounded OK. 6
9 Ess Did what was required down back with minimum fuss. 6
11 Geel Had McIntosh when he was forward and got in Hawkins’ way all night. 7
12 GCS Did his job fairly well on Dixon who did manage two goals. 5
13 Port Had his hands full with Schulz who booted four. 5
14 Rich Picked up resting talls. Most disposals were handballs. 4
15 GWS Comfortably got the better of Patton in another strong performance. 6
16 WCE Was McGovern’s master in defence until the Eagle was subbed out. 8
17 Carl For a key defender can be a ball magnet. 6
18 Haw Solid enough down back then strangely subbed at three quarter time. 4
19 Ess Did well on Carlisle and also won the ball himself. 7
20 Port Great duel with Westhoff keeping him to one goal. 6
21 StK On Riewoldt initially then to Stanley. OK but both opponents won ball 4
22 WB Had Cordy until he shifted into ruck. Nullified whoever came his way. 6
23 Rich Played well, able to roam free at times against a small forward line. 6
QF Frem Solid defensive effort. Just did his job. 6
PF NM Brown troubled him a couple of times early then he got on top. 6
GF Haw A howler. Made mistakes just about every time he went near the ball early. 2

2013 Season

1 GWS Had Patton covered for the most part apart from short period in second term. 8
2 GCS Gets the job done every week and is a crucial member of the backline. 6
3 NM Good job on Tarrant. 6
4 Geel Great battle with Podsiadly and probably shaded him on the night. 7
5 StK Started on Kosi and looked in trouble early but fought back. 5
6 Bris Stood Brown and kept him to one goal. Aided by Lions poor ball use. 6
7 Haw Took resting ruckman and found the going tough all night. 5
8 Frem Does so much of the grunt work, possibly Sydney's best defender so far in 2013. 6
9 Coll No frills but always effective down back. 6
10 Ess Completely shut out Gumbleton and was good all game. 6
11 Adel Well on top of McKernan in the Swans defence. 6
13 Port Not at his efficient best marshalling the troops in defence. 5
14 Carl Minimal impact going forward but did his job down back. 5
15 Melb Battled Dawes (two goals) in a key match-up. Fumbled at times in defence 5
16 GWS Not a great deal to do down back but sturdy when required. 6
17 WCE On the ground for every minute, a physical presence. 6
18 Rich Strong job on Vickery. 5
19 WB Troubled by Campbell in opening minutes then knuckled down. 5
20 Coll Did his job shutting an out-of-sorts Quinten Lynch out of the game. 5
21 StK Picked up resting talls and was steady. 5
22 Geel Battled Podsiadly for opening three quarters and given weight of footy did well. 7
23 Haw Kept tabs on the biggest Hawk forwards. Roughead got away several times. 5
QF Haw Often looked sluggish down back. 4
SF Carl Had Casboult at times and thrashed him. Pushed up the ground when he could. 7
PF Frem Worked harder than the one-armed paper boy down back. Probably the Swans’ best. 7

2012 Season

1 GWS Solid as a rock across half back and had the better of his match-ups. 6
2 Frem Very solid, but lifted even higher in final quarter when needed. 6
3 Port Had his hands full with Daniel Stewart who kicked three goals. 4
4 NM Did not win much of the ball but was safe in the air with six marks. 5
5 Haw Troubled by Roughead early; had 11 touches sweeping in third term. 6
6 Adel Solid and reliable without being as dominant in air as usual. 5
7 Rich Briefly looked threatening when moved forward but a very quiet game. 3
8 Melb Did not have much to do in defence but steady in the air. 4
9 StK Constantly led Koschitzke to the ball and had good night 6
10 WB Serviceable in defence in his 100th match. 4
11 Ess Picked up Ryder at start. Solid. 5
13 Geel Hawkins’ inaccuracy saved him from being well beaten. 5
14 GWS Found plenty of the ball in defence and kept the GWS forwards quiet. 7
15 Bris Matched up with Brown and gave the big Lion headaches all night. 6
16 WCE Terrific defensive work and attacked from the backline too. 7
17 StK Never gave Riewoldt any space. 6
18 GCS Solid as a rock in defence. Provided great rebound. 7
19 Carl Picked up full forward Waite at the opening. Had his hands full. 3
20 Coll Had his hands full with Cloke, but played his role reasonably well. 4
21 WB Ha Skinner most of the night and didn’t allow him to get off the chain. 6
22 Haw Defender pretty well all day but was under siege at times. 6
23 Geel Battled Hawkins who kicked four goals but he still did OK. 6
PF Coll Stood Cloke and for the most part had the better of the match. Important. 7
GF Haw Did the business on Roughead when he had to. Great late when game on line. 7