Heritier LUMUMBA


Age: 32yr 9mth Games: 224 Born: Nov 15, 2020
Height: 188cm Weight: 87kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Retired prior to Christmas on medical advice due to ongoing concussion effects.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1   Retired.  
2   Retired.  
3   Retired.  
4   Retired.  
5   Retired.  
6   Retired.  
7   Retired.  
8   Retired.  
9   Retired.  
10   Bye.  
11   Retired.  
12   Retired.  
13   Retired.  
14   Retired.  
15   Retired.  
16   Retired.  
17   Retired.  
18   Retired.  
19   Retired.  
20   Retired.  
21   Retired.  
22   Retired.  
23   Retired.  

2016 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1   Played in Casey intra-club.  
2 Ess Got a bit of the ball but no teammate knew where he was going. At least took game on. 4
3 NM Strong second term across half back with run and willingness to take opposition on. 6
4 Coll Steady without starring playing in defence. Worked up the field for five inside-50s. 6
5 Rich Steady from the back end and apart from one mistake he did his bit. Used ball to advantage. 6
6 StK Started on Ross. Tried hard to get something going late in game, but to no avail. 4
7   Concussion.  
8   Concussion.  
9   Concussion.  
10   Concussion.  
11   Concussion.  
12   Concussion.  
13   Concussion.  
14   Concussion.  
15 VFL Mistake-filled first half and only slightly improved thereafter.
16   Concussion.  
17   Concussion.  
18   Concussion.  
19   Concussion.  
20   Concussion.  
21   Concussion.  
22   Concussion.  
23   Concussion.  

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 GCS Capped 200th game with steadying goal in final term. Dash was valuable. 6
2 GWS Wasn’t able to impact the contest as he would have liked. 4
3 Adel Has reinvigorated his career with the move to Melbourne. 7
4 Rich Not big numbers but sat behind ball and provided safety net when Dees had lead. 5
5 Frem Went to Fyfe after his hot start and reined him in a touch. 5
6 Syd Battled on but wasn’t able to get his typical running game going. 5
7 Haw Tried to take game on late, but no influence for three quarters. 4
8 WB Quiet throughout. Strange really given the state of the game. 3
9 Port Nice early goal and was involved heavily early. 5
10 Coll Rose to occasion against former side but faded as the game dragged on. 6
11 StK Tried to take the game on, but fumbled and constantly ran into trouble. 4
12 Geel A bit steadier than recent weeks and defended well when Cats’ made their run. 6
14   Foot.  
15 Ess A few bright moments but overall pretty mundane stuff. 4
16 Bris Solid in back half without providing customary slashing run. 5
17 StK Bobbed up a bit early but then had tapering impact. 5
18 Coll Started on Sidebottom but didn’t have as much impact as he would have liked. 5
19 NM Hardly touched the ball. Form has to be a major concern. 2
20 WB Season is dragging out to a disappointing end. Had a rough month. 3
21 Carl Fumbled everything he touches then off injured. 1
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2014 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Frem Dockers cramped him well in first half then he lifted to end with 23 touches but impact minimal. 5
2 Syd Guilty of some clangers but had a say in the outcome with his drive. 6
3 Geel Fine game. Played positive footy all night and continually took Cats on. 7
4 Rich Back to his energetic best on a wing and mopping up in the back 50. 8
5 NM Provided constant drive. Led side with seven inside-50s and added a goal. 7
6 Ess Provided something from half-back/wing but not his best game. 6
7 Carl Hardly sighted first half and continued with low-key last hour. 3
9 Adel Scored team’s first goal and handy first half. On back foot thereafter. 6
10 WCE Displayed run and dash at times but numbers may overstate influence. 6
11 StK Slowish start but then ran hard and got on his own to have influence. 7
12 Melb Run and link work through the middle helped create something for others. 7
13 WB Carried the ball but also won the contested possessions that he needed to. 7
14 Haw Failed to give his side much drive off half back. 4
15 Carl Run and link play off a wing a feature. Six inside-50s and 11 handball receives. 7
16 GCS Usual dash off half back and good rebound from defence. 5
17 Ess Broke clear on rare occasions, but kept running to try to make space. 5
18 Adel Pies’ best. Some of his work got the team back into the game. 8
19 Port Creative again around footy and set up goals with good vision going forward. 7
20 WCE One of quieter games for the year. Limited touches and wasteful at times. 4
21 Bris Only three kicks and very little run on a night his club needed him. 1
22   Thigh.  
23 Haw Tried hard but without support cast many efforts proved futile. 5

2013 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 NM Started on wing. Big first quarter and kept going. 7
2 Carl Continued to give drive off a wing. Plenty of fumbles and rushed disposals though. 6
3 Haw Infrequently sighted despite stats recording 17 disposals. Needed to do more. 4
4 Rich Used his dash to create play and brilliant with his ball use. 8
5 Ess Stout first half then faded like your sister’s jeans in the second (four disposals). 4
6 StK Superb again off a wing – six inside-50s, five tackles and five clearances. 8
7 Frem Serviceable outing and gave some run at times off half back and a wing. 6
8 Geel Brilliant first half helped set the tone and finished work off in final term. 8
9 Syd Started on Jetta, blitzed early then copped a pasting from Goodes. 6
10 Bris Good numbers although kicking slightly wayward at times. 6
11 Melb Provided great link from a wing and his run and carry was a factor all day. 6
12 WB Ran hard and often to create attacking moves. 7
14 Port One of the few players with the acceleration to be able to break up play. 6
15   Ankle.  
16   Ankle.  
17   Ankle.  
18 GWS Provided customary run and dash from a wing and kicked a morale-boosting goal. 6
19 Ess Dominant first term (11 disp) set team up. Five inside-50s and a goal. 7
20 Syd Played like a man possessed in an excellent all-round display. 7
21 Haw Kept on trying on a wing and provided his customary run and dash. Solid contributor. 6
22 WCE Damaging with run, carry and link play – six inside-50s and great ball use. 7
23   Ill.  
EF Port Can’t fault his effort or workrate. Ran hard on a wing and tried to take the game on. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Haw Slow start on Rioli who got away. Lifted later but far from his best game. 4
2 Rich Started on King. Bit flat in second term but otherwise strong. 6
3 Carl Betts toweled him for five goals. Another out of form Pie. 4
4 Port Rock solid as loose back and probably Pies’ best. Error-free performance. 8
5 Ess Loose first half and relished it but Monfries went to him and quelled. 5
6 WB Higgins made him accountable and he was quiet until final term. 4
7 Bris Lively and often the link man out of the backline. Good return to form. 7
8 Geel Had to mind Motlop, which he did, but caught out of position at times. 5
9 Adel Played as a loose man in defence and did well. Kicking efficiency down. 6
10 GCS Hardly sighted because the ball was never down there. Did what he had to. 6
11 Melb Nullified Sylvia well in first half and kept it going. Not much in terms of run. 5
13 WCE Outpointed overhead at times but provided some line-breaking dash. 6
14 Frem Intriguing battle with Ballantyne whom he kept scoreless. 6
15 Carl Betts’s pace and elusiveness troubled him on a night he will want to forget. 3
16 Geel Provided run (seven rebound 50s) in his 150th game. 7
17 Haw Hawks successfully restricted his run and rebound all match. 5
19 StK Niggled Milne all night and awarded controversial free at the death. OK. 5
20 Syd Had hands full all night, spending time on Hannebery, McVeigh and Goodes. 5
21 NM Gave away two (soft) free kicks that resulted in goals to opponent Thomas. 5
22 WCE Naitanui treated him with contempt once, shoved him and ran off. Hard night. 4
23 Ess Monfries troubled him early then he settled. 6
QF Haw Didn’t get his usual run going in first half. 4
SF WCE Kicked Pies’ first goal and was handy but didn’t attack as much as he can. 5
PF Syd Took the game on and showed intent that others could have copied. 7