#47   Richmond

Age: 22yr 11mth Games: 7 Born: Apr 14, 2021
Height: 204cm Weight: 106kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Raw youngster who has been a work-in-progress for a few seasons having crossed from basketball. Showed a bit over pre-season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

4 VFL Controlled the ruck from start to finish and even got forward for a few goals. Coming along very well.
5 VFL Okay in ruck contests, but still learning where to go around ground to get involved. Fair.
6 VFL Used in the ruck and in attack. Just fair on the day and forward-craft needs a lot of work.
7 WB Debutante ruckman began in promising fashion. Had 42 hit-outs and was gifted a run of small opponents. 5
8 VFL Massive outing in ruck against Pittonet. Had 27 hitouts but Hawks swept the ball away.
9 GWS Took a good mark in second term in relieving Nankervis. Didn’t do a great deal more. 2
10 VFL Learning how to play in attack and still very much a work-in-progress.
11 VFL Wasn’t having a big impact then injured in the third quarter and was done for the afternoon.
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14 VFL Back from injury and was handy in the ruck with 19 hitouts. Didn’t do much else.
15 VFL Had 21 hitouts but just eight possessions. Best work was done in the ruck.
16 VFL Had 39 hitouts, but follow up work caught the eye. Laid 10 tackles!
17 Bris Did most of the ruck work early on. 21 hitouts but still very green in general play. 4
18 GWS Slippery conditions didn’t suit. Competed hard but very little impact on the flow of the game. Four disposals and 13 hit-outs. 2
19 GCS Took on the bulk of the ruck work and was OK against Witts. Laid four tackles. 5
20 Haw Big man kicked the first goal of his career. Teammates loved it. He loved it. We all loved it. 3
21 Geel Demonstrates a competitive streak. Still very raw but a bit to work with moving forward. 4
22   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
23 VFL Rucked well and then went into attack and booted two goals. Good.
QF VFL In for Maric and tried hard, but was beaten by Spencer. A non-factor around ground.
SF   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
PF   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  

2016 Season

2   Played in VFL trial against Essendon.  
3 VFL Shared ruck duties with cousin Ivan Maric. Did OK with 17 hit-outs.
4 VFL Struggles to find the ball around the ground, but ruck craft is developing.
5 VFL Kicked a goal and had 27 hitouts in a nice rucking effort.
6 VFL Rucked against Longer and Holmes. Beaten but showed a bit again.
7   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
8 VFL No real impact when the ball hit the deck but had 15 hit-outs.
9 VFL Bye.
10 VFL 15 hit-outs but minimal impact around the ground.
11 VFL Concussed early and played no further part.
12   Concussion.  
13   Concussion.  
14   Concussion.  
15 VFL Got a bit more of the ball than usual and showed encouraging signs in ruck.
16 VFL Decent in ruck despite limited game time.
17   Bye.  
18 VFL Combined well with Maric to dominate the hit-outs and give first use.
19 VFL Big fella did a few nice things but needs to start finding more of the ball.
20 VFL Got the better of Wood and Korcheck in ruck duels. Making strides.
21 VFL Did well in ruck stints against Buzza and Clark. 19 hitouts.
22 VFL Battled hard in ruck duel with Longer and Pierce. OK.
23 VFL Impressed in time in ruck with 24 hit-outs and laid five tackles.

2015 Season

4   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
5   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
6   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
7   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
8   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
9   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
10 VFL First VFL game and did some good things in ruck. Very raw.
11 VFL Bye.
12   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
13   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
14   Didn’t play for Richmond VFL.  
15 VFL Did some ruck work and battled hard. Coming along.
16 VFL Caught the eye in ruck and attack. One to persist with.
17 VFL Struggled against bigger, more experienced Sandy rucks.
18 VFL Rucked gamely but has a long way to go.
19 VFL Bye.
20 VFL 14 hitouts in limited game time.
21 VFL Eight touches and seven hitouts. Slow learning process.
22 VFL Kicked second goal of season and had 15 hitouts.