Age: 28yr 1mth Games: 20 Born: Jul 09, 2020
Height: 200cm Weight: 101kg Position: FWD/RUC

2016 Digest:   Managed only three games last season, including in Round 23 when the club rested most of the stars. A depth player who will be called on if the team needs an extra big man because of injury. Freo have plenty of ruckmen.

2016 NAB Cup:   The Dockers preferred Clarke and Griffin ahead of him in their last NAB Challenge game.

2016 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WAFL Dominated ruck with 56 hit outs, 11 disposals and seven marks.
2 WAFL Gave up No. 1 ruck role so only had 11 touches, 13 hit outs.
3 WAFL 11 touches, 15 hit outs and a goal but made some mistakes.
4 WAFL Bye.
5 WAFL Played No. 1 ruck role and had 12 disposals, 22 hit outs.
6 WAFL Solid in the ruck with 14 touches, nine marks and 42 hit outs.
7 WAFL Struggled in tough conditions for 10 touches, 14 hit-outs.
8 WAFL Carried the ruck and had 14 touches, five marks, 28 hit outs.
9 WAFL Good in the ruck with 16 possessions, 19 hit outs, one goal.
10   Senior emergency.  
11 WAFL Worked hard for two goals and 19 hit outs.
12 Bris Played his role as back-up ruckman. 3
13   Managed.  
14 Coll Second-string ruck didn’t have a big impact. Couple of howlers in third term. 1
16   Senior emergency.  
17 WAFL Eight touches, five tackles, 21 hit outs in conditions not suited to him.
18 WAFL Good game in the ruck with 12 disposals and 34 hit outs.
19 WAFL No impact as forward or back up ruckman with 12 touches, nine hit outs.
20 WAFL Mostly up forward and kicked two goals from 17 touches, six marks.
21 WAFL Bye.
22 WAFL Worked hard in ruck for 13 touches and 47 hit outs.
23 WAFL Two goals to go with 12 disposals and 17 hit outs.

2015 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WAFL Found little of it with eight disposals, eight hit outs, one goal.
2 WAFL Solid forward and in ruck. 17 touches, seven marks, two goals.
3   Senior emergency.  
4 WAFL Quiet game in ruck and up forward despite two clever goals in heavy traffic.
5   Senior emergency.  
6 WAFL Had 41 hit outs in the ruck but just nine touches and one mark around the ground.
8 WAFL Bye.
9 WAFL Limited impact with his 13 touches, nine hit outs and two goals.
10 WAFL Best ruckman on ground with 18 disposals, six marks, 35 hit outs, one goal.
11 GCS Took a couple of marks but conditions did not suit him. 2
13 Coll Couldn’t get into the game at all up forward. Not the answer as second forward. 2
14 WAFL Back from AFL and had 10 disposals, 19 hit outs.
15 WAFL Good back up to Griffin in ruck with 15 disposals and 15 hit outs.
16 WAFL Good game forward and in ruck with 18 disposals, two goals.
17 WAFL Back up ruckman to Clarke and had 11 touches and 21 hit outs.
18 WAFL Bye.
19 WAFL Good performance in the ruck with 18 touches, 27 hit outs and a goal.
20 WAFL Fought hard in the ruck but had only 13 possessions, 13 hit outs.
21 WAFL 26 hit outs and two goals but just the nine possessions for the day.
22 WAFL Good in the ruck with 16 possessions, 34 hit outs and a goal.
23 Port Won 13 hit-outs but his play around the ground needs lots of work. 4
QF WAFL Worked hard in ruck with 16 disposals, 22 hit outs and a goal.

2014 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Coll Back-up ruckman made himself quite useful. 5
2 GCS Subbed off midway through third term after managing only three kicks. 1
3 Haw Sandilands’ offsider didn’t have impact. 3
4 WAFL Strong showing in ruck with 22 touches, 11 marks, 25 hit outs.
5 WAFL Best big man in the game. 18 touches, seven marks, 11 hit outs.
6 WAFL Quieter game with 13 touches, nine marks, 24 hit outs. On report.
7   Senior emergency.  
8 WAFL Solid with nine touches, 21 hit outs.
9 WAFL Played ruck and centre half-forward for 15 touches, 17 hit outs.
10 WAFL Bye.
11 WAFL Bye.
12 WAFL 16 touches and 10 hit outs as No. 2 ruckman to Griffin.
13 WAFL Limited impact with nine touches, 18 hit outs as No. 2 ruckman.
14 WAFL Just the seven possessions and 21 hit outs.
15 WAFL 11 touches, five marks and two goals mostly in forward-line.
16 WAFL 14 touches, five marks and six hit outs.
17 WAFL Just the seven possessions, four marks, 15 hit outs.
18 WAFL 10 touches and 25 hit outs leading the ruck.
19 WAFL Good as No. 2 ruckman with 18 disposals, 22 hit outs and a goal.
20 WAFL 11 touches and 20 hit outs as No. 2 ruckman
21 WAFL Nine touches, 23 hit outs and a goal as No. 2 ruckman.
22   Senior emergency.  
23 WAFL Back from missing a week with 16 touches, six marks, 15 hit outs.

2013 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WAFL Good for Peel with 13 possessions, 19 hitouts, two goals.
2 NEAFL Bye.
3 WAFL 13 disposals and 25 hit outs for Peel Thunder.
4 WAFL 14 touches and 33 hit outs in the ruck for Thunder.
5 Rich Youngster took a fine mark at crucial point near the end. Handy contributor. 4
6 GCS Kicked a goal and kept his opponent honest. 3
7 Coll Forced into the No.1 ruck role with Griffin’s injury. Tried hard. 4
8 Syd Offered a little help in the ruck, but otherwise very quiet. 3
9 Melb Got involved around the ground and kicked a lovely goal on the run. 4
10 Adel Subbed out strategically in the third term to give the Dockers more run. 1
12 Bris Young big bloke kicked a nice goal. Briefly went to full back. 3
13 NM Not a big afternoon and subbed off at three-quarter time. 2
14 Geel Didn’t have a kick and only two hit-outs to advantage. Back to WAFL? 1
15 WAFL 48 hit outs in ruck but did little around the ground.
16 WAFL Bye.
17 Rich Rotated through the ruck and spent time forward. Not his day. 3
18   Senior emergency.  
19 WAFL Seven touches and 22 hit outs for Peel.
20   Senior emergency.  
21 WAFL Only six disposals but 35 hit outs with the Thunder.
22 Port Support ruck spent most of his time in attack. 3
23 StK Started on Blake and took a few marks. 3
QF   Senior emergency.