#8   Richmond

Age: 30yr 5mth Games: 226 Born: Oct 31, 2020
Height: 195cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Looks set to re-join leadership group and has recovered well from off-season ankle reconstruction and finger operations. In good nick.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Lurked inside-50 and was dangerous at times. Only one goal though from 10 kicks. 6
2 Coll Thrown into the midfield after invisible first half which got him going. Two goals were important to the comeback. 5
3 WCE Really played with spirit and tried to get more involved up the ground. Racked up 22 disposals but inefficient (37%) 7
4 Bris Slightly off target from distance early but finished with four majors despite being shadowed by Andrews. 7
5 Melb Had one of those nights when everything comes up ‘Jack’! Booted six – including four rippers and was the difference in the end. 9
6 Adel One goal shy of his 500th, always presented but the footy just didn’t get down there often enough after quarter time. 5
7 WB Started with his 500th goal and looked set for double figures afre there early majors. Used every disposal well. 7
8 Frem Ended with three goals but for the most part he was pretty well held by Hamling. Four marks and 13 possessions. 5
9 GWS Missed a sitter in the second term, but kicked two goals and was a threat in attack. 6
10 Ess Hartley was his match-up. Ended night with two goals – missed two sitters in second and third terms. 5
11 NM Got side going with two goals in third term and that proved pivotal. Ended with 10 marks and seven inside-50s. 7
12   Bye.  
13 Syd Booted early goal, then forced up the ground for his touches. Nice set shot in final term from a tough angle. 6
14 Carl Troubled Jones with his forward movement and ended with three goals. Unselfish at times in attack. 7
15 Port Played a tireless role as the only tall target the Tigers had, kicked the first goal of the match and gave off another to Stengle. 7
16 StK No fault of his that the rest of the side played so ineptly and couldn't get it to him. 2
17 Bris Given room to operate by Andrews, but left kicking boots at home to end with four goals and four behinds. 7
18 GWS One goal in second term and another in third but was well beaten on the day by Davis. 5
19   Eye.  
20   Eye.  
21 Geel His one goal didn’t reflect his work rate. Marked well and was Richmond’s only real forward threat. 6
22 Frem Kicked four goals in the second half to put an exclamation mark on the win. 6
23 StK Despite Carlisle/Brown attention he ended with three goals from 14 possessions. 6
QF Geel Tall forward moved well, provided a target and only issue was inaccuracy with 1.3. 6
PF GWS Aside from final term goal, had a dirty night. Competed hard in the air though to bring the ball to the deck. 4
GF Adel Missed three shots in first term before kicking goal to start second term. Added another late to play a role. 6

2016 Season

1 Carl Worked up high from attack but still got his two goals in good duel with Jamison. 6
2 Coll Three final term goals threatened to be match winning. Did his part in attack with workrate. 6
3 Adel Worked up the ground to get involved. Tried hard but just the one goal. 5
4 WCE Booted four goals, set up two more and was a key performer. 7
5 Melb Kept side in the game with precise field kicking. Super dangerous until rolled ankle early in final term. 7
6 Port Three goals but not his typical bouncy self. Ankle hampering him? 5
7 Haw Started extremely well with two quick goals. Plenty of work up the field. 6
8 Syd Just the one goal but worked up and down ground. Kicking on left side is superb at present. 5
9 Frem Led up the ground to be a target. Kicked two goals too. 7
10 Ess Great second term but in the end well held by Ambrose. Two goals from six marks. 5
11 NM Started well but then opportunities evaporated 4
12 GCS Checked closely by May and struggled to get space. Contested well when required though. 5
14 Bris Could have had a day out, but missed a few gettable shots and was very unselfish at other times. 7
15 Port Did his utmost up forward with four goals and minimal support. 8
16 WB Two goals but on the whole was well held by Morris. Seven marks. 5
17 Ess Spent time on wing and even in centre bounce. Ambrose did a good job to keep him goalless. 5
18 Haw Two goals in final term but to that point was well beaten by Frawley. 4
19 GWS Tigers’ most energetic option up forward. Finished with two of the side’s three goals. 6
20 Coll After slow start came to life to kick four critical goals from nine kicks and six marks. 7
21 Geel Kicked 1.3 but telling was the fact he didn’t touch the ball in final term. 3
22 StK Dempster was able to nullify his influence. One goal from five marks. 3
23 Syd Presented hard all night – four of his six marks were contested. Finished with 1.2. 5

2015 Season

1 Carl Terrific game against Jamison who has had the wood on him. Four goals. 8
2 WB Left kicking boots at home with 2.4 but tried hard all day. 5
3 Bris Got the better of Clarke after half time when he kicked three of his four goals. 7
4 Melb Despite being goalless, worked super hard and was unlucky on occasions. 6
5 Geel Ended with three goals but for the most part Lonergan had his measure. 6
6 NM Found getting away from Thompson tough. Made most of chances. 6
7 Coll Four goals proved to be one of the differences. Looked dangerous. 7
8 Port Four goals and some breathtaking marking from the spearhead. 8
9 Ess Played his role well. Eight marks and two goals were important. 6
10 Frem Sacrificed game by dragging McPharlin and others upfield. In great form. 7
12 WCE Worked hard despite inconsistent delivery. 5
13 Syd Best afield with six goals and looked up and about from start. Workrate huge. 9
14 GWS Worked hard to provide a contest but ball didn’t always bounce his way. 5
15 Carl In and out of the game but three goals and 10 marks a very handy return. 7
16 StK Energetic and always a threat at full forward. Kicking for goal a bit off. 6
17 Frem Unable to drag McPharlin away as much as he did last time. 5
18 Haw Came long way up ground. Only one goal but contested and worked. 5
19 Adel Struggled all game, did produce a typical great goal in the second term. 3
20 GCS Beaten by May but it was a great battle. Goaled in first and last terms. 5
21 Coll Worked up the ground to get a kick. Two goals and four goal assists. 6
22 Ess Beaten by Hurley and went goalless. Did drag down mark of the night. 4
23 NM Heavy knock early and battle to get into the game but good in latter stages. 5
EF NM Best final of his career. Booted four and was a constant marking threat. 8

2014 Season

1 GCS Just one goal and had minimal impact on the game. 3
2 Carl Good team game. Tackled hard and while only one goal, huge mark in square was vintage. 5
3 WB Could not get a touch and sent down back in second term. Fired in brilliant second half. 6
4 Coll Two goals and threatened more but opportunities dried up. 4
5 Bris Goal in first minute a great start on Patfull and finished with four. 7
6 Haw On Gibson. Tried everything he could against the odds. 5
7 Geel Two goals but was generally well beaten by Lonergan. 4
9 Melb His 1.3 needed to be 3.1. Frustrated with the delivery. 4
10 GWS Career-high 11 goal haul in a day out. Responded to critics and the coach in the finest style possible. 10
11 Ess Three goals overstates his influence which was next to zilch for three quarters. 4
12 NM Three goals, but two came when game was all over. Well held by Thompson. 5
13 Frem Worked hard but didn’t finish off his work in front of goal. Ended with 1.5. 4
14 Syd Started well. Effective when Tigers were moving ball quickly. Missed a couple of shots. 4
15 StK Looked like blitzing with two early goals but supply deteriorated and Delaney tightened up. 5
16 Bris Two goals but was well beaten by Clarke in many one-on-ones. 5
17 Port Kicked three goals and stood up late when Port were charging. Nice new hairdo! 7
18 WCE Mackenzie his master. Little influence offensively but kicked the sealer. 4
19 GWS Held goalless by Davis until the final term. Not his best outing. 3
20 Ess Hooker played close but kept on battling. Nine marks, two goals, four inside-50s. 6
21 Adel Held goalless by the unflappable Talia. 3
22 StK Catalyst to big start and outpointed Gilbert and Delaney to finish with six goals. 8
23 Syd Three first-quarter goals and another to start the last term in an influential night. 7
EF Port Kicked two of his three goals in junk time. Struggled to that point. 4

2013 Season

1 Carl Worked hard in all aspects but only one goal and one mark. 3
2 StK Torched Blake with 4 first-half goals. Added 3 more on Fisher after h/time. 8
3 WB Finished with five goals despite playing higher up the ground. Gave away a lot of frees. 7
4 Coll Kicked three goals after great early grab but rarely afforded opportunities inside 50. 5
5 Frem Battled McPharlin and forced outside 50 to make an impact – one goal. 4
6 Geel Two goals but only two marks. Disappointing. 3
7 Port Back to his best with five goals. 8
8 Melb Kicked 3.3 including one ripper and took a screamer. 6
9 Ess Started on fire but when the supply dried so did his output. Two goals. 5
10 WCE Played a team role and while stats not huge helped set up others inside 50. 6
12 Adel Had three goals to half time and while didn’t add to tally he did his bit. 6
13 WB Another team-oriented effort capped by three goals. In good form. 6
14 StK Saints couldn’t stop him and only knock was 3.5 scoreline. 7
15 NM Totally blanketed by Thompson and didn’t take a single mark. Two junk-time goals. 2
16 GCS Held to just one goal in the final term, but competed hard especially into the wind. 5
17 Frem Only two marks, but four crucial goals in a low scoring game on Dawson. 6
18 Syd Main target had a good duel with Richards and came out on top with 3.2. 7
19 Haw Gave side belief with two early goals and ended with three. Handy enough. 6
20 Bris Switched on from first bounce and worked hard without ball; accuracy an issue. 5
21 Carl Looked to be in for a big afternoon with two early majors. But that was about it. 5
22 GWS Just one goal but had a hand in quite a few. Looked less than 100% fit though. 4
23   Back.  
EF Carl Played team role up the field and was OK but some goals would have been nice. 5

2012 Season

1 Carl Tackled hard but Henderson had edge early. Added two junk-time goals. 5
2 Coll Picked up by Reid and struggled to get into it. 3
3 Melb Kicked just the one goal and was well held by Frawley for most of day. 4
4 Geel Kept to four kicks and one goal by Lonergan. Beaten one-on-one as well. 2
5 WCE Showed some improvement with two goals and a screamer. 5
6 Port A return to form for the Tigers’ glamour forward with four goals. 7
7 Syd A bit patchy but provided a target and kicked four goals. 6
8 Ess Trying hard enough but it isn’t running his way. 4
9 Haw Broke form slump in style with six goals and a classic hanger. 8
10 StK Brilliant with eight goals at full forward as Saints struggled to rein him in. 9
11 Frem Early goal, forced from ground with injury before returning. Zero after that. 3
12 GWS Kicked three goals, including one ripper, to contribute to the victory. 6
14 Adel Started with a bang kicking three goals in the first term. 6
15 Melb Great battle with Frawley. Inaccuracy was his achilles heel – kicked 1.5 5
16 GCS Enjoyed his matchup on Warnock and got his team back in the game. 7
17 NM Horrid first half then great third term followed by zero disposals in final term. 4
18 Carl Jamieson blanketed him and he had just two scoring shots one hitting the post. 2
19 Bris Three big marks early and worked hard but struggled to convert. 5
20 WB Ended with five to be a focal point but not a star by an means. 7
21 Frem Beaten by McPharlin but persisted with two goals and shared the ball too. 6
22 Ess On top of Hooker first half. Didn’t kick with usual authority to finish with 3.4. 6
23 Port Crowd rode his every move. Needed four for Coleman, got six. 7