#23   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 8mth Games: 154 Born: Mar 26, 2021
Height: 195cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   After a career-best season in 2016 was left out of the first two JLT games due to training standards. The spotlight is on him.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Chipped in with occasional run in the ruck but wasn't a big factor and looked to need the run. 5
2 Carl Came to the fore in the final term when team needed him with strong work in ruck and drifting forward. Key touches. 6
3 Geel Threatened at times to be the match winner with two goals from the ruck, but tired in final term and Cats got on top. 7
4 Frem Two strong marks and goals out of the square, but too often drifted high up the ground and was out of position. Tried though. 6
5 Rich Forced to ruck for much of the game again and was brave against Nankervis, but again ran out of petrol tickets late. 6
6 Ess Excellent in attack with stints in the ruck. Booted four goals and showed a cool head when others were losing theirs. 8
7 Haw A wet lettuce was more ferocious than him at times. Five kicks and one goal just not enough from so-called star. 3
8 Adel Didn’t trouble the scoresheet and didn’t have to with his teammates on song but what he did provide was a contest every time. 5
9 NM On a day team needed him to stand up he was horrid. Four kicks for the day and hated having to ruck against Goldstein. 2
10 GCS Barely sighted in first hour, then came to life. Played part in the win, but needs to be more assertive. 5
11   Bye.  
12 Coll Hands had to be stronger on occasions, but kicked two pressure-packed second half goals. 6
13 WB Helped break the game open in the first half and ended with three goals. Sat out last 20 minutes with hamstring tightness. 7
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16   Hamstring.  
17   Hamstring.  
18 Port Horror day in game 150. Fumbled early mark and that seemed to sap his confidence. Needed to compete stronger. 2
19 NM Lacked intensity in attack when he had to step up. Nowhere near his best after return from injury. 2
20 GWS Poor first half then lifted a touch. Some of his ‘chases’ were ordinary though. 4
21 VFL Got plenty of the ball after being dropped with 22 possessions. Just the one goal though and no tackles.
22 VFL Just the one goal, but did some encouraging things after being dropped.
23 Coll Back from a stint in the magoos and was lively in front half. Went into ruck at stages. Took nine marks. 6

2016 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 GWS One of the few Dees to contribute throughout each quarter. Big final term proved vital. 7
2 Ess Lacked urgency and intensity aside from mark and goal. Back to form that made him a whipping boy. 2
3 NM Strong bounce-back game after a slowish start. Should have taken shot in final term though. 6
4 Coll Four goals in first half proved vital and while faded out of game his contribution was pivotal. 7
5 Rich Three goals a handy night. Finding ways to get dangerous more and uses the ball so well. 7
6 StK Dempster made sure his impact was restricted to two goals. 4
7 GCS The ball just did not seem to fall for him tonight and he failed to hit the scoreboard. 4
8 WB Horrible first half netted four disposals then responded with a strong second half. Good effort. 6
9 Bris Took 10 marks – including a hanger and even spent time in the ruck to relieve Gawn. 6
10 Port Gave O’Shea a bit to think about roaming in front half. One of the Dees few winners. 7
11 Haw Used body well early and spent time in ruck. Smart goal in third term and tried all day. 6
12 Coll Kicked two goals and looked dangerous on occasions without starring. 5
13 Syd Clean pick-ups a feature and a strong performer in conditions not really suited to him. Did well. 7
15 Adel Spent time at both ends and excellent in the air and on ground. Three goals good reward. 8
16 Frem Three first-term goals but then quietened and spent time behind the ball. Set up win. 7
17 StK Started very well and showed class in middle when in ruck. Hurt ankle and had quiet second half. 5
18 WCE Struggled to get involved until the second half and unusually inaccurate. 4
19 GCS Stood out with his class and composure in attack and defence. The matchwinner. 8
20 Haw Steady all day and importantly hurt Hawks with every touch. Three goals. 8
21 Port Clutch goal in the last term to finally sniff out the Power resistance. 5
22 Carl Copped a heavy knock in first term and struggled to have impact. Missed a sitter in third term. 4
23 Geel After a great year he produced a poor game. Had to be moved to get a kick. 2

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 GCS Had some moments but overall a big reason the Dees won. Huge work-rate. 7
2 GWS Good workrate but supply diminished in second half. 5
3 Adel A game he would like to forget in a hurry. 3
4 Rich Second-guessed himself with attack on ball in first half. Improved after main break. 4
5 Frem Used at both ends but wasn’t able to get anything going. Intensity better though. 3
6 Syd Sub. At least was clean with ball when he came on. 2
7 VFL Responded well with 24 touches, eight marks.
8 WB Chipped in on the odd occasion but wasn’t a huge factor. 5
9 Port Mainly played down back. Up and down afternoon. 4
10 Coll Only six touches after half time when game was on the line. One goal. 5
11 StK One of Dees best in first three quarters but another to get yips late. 6
12 Geel His finest four-quarter effort? Never ruffled and took the hits when required. 7
14 WCE Solid night again. Got hands on ball and generally made right decision. 7
15 Ess Serviceable. Used ball well but needed more creativity forward of centre. 6
16 Bris Quieter day but used ball well when required. 5
17 StK Dropping back into defence had plenty of the footy in second then ordinary. 4
18 Coll Best game he’s played for the season. Had a big impact everywhere. 8
19 NM No tackles, five effective disposals. Typical day. 2
20 WB Hot and cold. Good work undone by lack of urgency and some poor turnovers. 4
21 Carl Better in second half but lacked physical presence as loose in defence at times. 5
22 Frem Kicked a goal but little contribution from there. 4
23 VFL

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Gathered possessions at will in free-running role. 6
2 WCE No intensity for much of the day. This is his biggest fault. 3
3 GWS Started on wing. Couple of goals in third term surge. 5
4 Carl Two goals but it was type of game in which he could have imposed himself. 5
5 GCS Again lacked physicality, even when opposed to Harbrow and Broughton. Woeful. 2
6 Syd Confidence shot. Lacked intensity at the contest and only five kicks. 2
7 Adel Used his pace to burn past Reilly for an impressive goal. 6
8 WB Composed in possession and showed a bit of grunt when required. Better. 5
9 Rich Critics will fall away after three goals, 11 marks. The Watts we want to see. 7
11 Port Huge first half but ran out of steam after main break. A step forward nonetheless. 6
12 Coll Intensity was good early, but then ran in circles and lacked decisiveness. 4
13 Ess Finished with two goals and was handy at half forward. Another step forward. 6
14 NM Showed good composure with ball in hand, but needed to be hard in a few aerial duels. 6
15 WB Did well with ball in hand other than two shanks – one a sitter. Baby steps. 6
16 Frem Ended with 0.2 and didn’t really have an influence on the game. 4
17 Geel Four contested possessions indicative of another insipid display. 2
18 Port Unsighted until a mighty third term (14 disp and a goal) then Cornes went to him. 6
19 Bris Did some nice work at stoppages but failed to impact contest when required. 3
20 Haw A liability down back in first half. Slight better in second, but it was a low base. 2
21 GWS Apart from an early snap goal, again had minimal impact and cruised through. 3
22 WCE Struggling to win contests against players half his size. Not a good sign under Roos. 4
23 NM Did well defensively and got his own ball. Best game in many weeks. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Port Unable to get into the game at half back. Intensity was questionable at times. 3
2 Ess Subbed out after having no impact both back and forward. Dirty night. 2
3   Senior emergency.  
4 GWS Paid Townsend no respect and shown up at times. Don’t be fooled by stats. 3
5 Bris Good with ball in hand, but second efforts lamentable. Went forward for two goals. 5
6   Hamstring.  
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9 Frem Kicked the first goal and showed some aggression but then reverted back to type. 4
10 Haw Kicked a goal and played with intensity early but tackle efforts late were poor. 5
11 Coll Started really well with his attack on the ball but then frozen out. 4
13 StK At CHF gave Saints problems at times. Also time at CHB and ruck. OK. 6
14 WB Took game by scruff of the neck with four goals. Two crucial marks late. 8
15 Syd Kicked two goals but shaded by rookie-listed Rampe in the end. 5
16 Geel Had one kick and laid one of his teams 106 tackles. Gave zilch. 1
17 Bris Used up forward and had stints in the ruck. Did well but didn’t hit the scoreboard. 6
18 NM Started forward then went back but had no impact on the contest. 2
19 GWS Kicked two early goals but then dropped his intensity to the level of his teammates. 4
20 GCS Slow start but kicked two goals and was strangely used as spare in defence late. 5
21 Frem Mainly a spare down back and delivered ball well, but not great for his education. 5
22 Adel The good: he kicked two goals, the bad: his body language is fragile. 6
23 WB Didn’t look like missing in front of big sticks with game-high four goals. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris If club wants him to play like a ruck rover then he was OK. 5
2 WCE Took two contested marks and went into the middle. 5
3 Rich First half OK (10 disp.) then drifted right out of game after main break. 4
4 WB Took a few marks but spilt some and didn’t have a major say. 4
5 StK Given a job on Fisher and outgunned early then moved. 3
6 VFL Kicked four goals and intensity was a bit better.
7 VFL Had 22 touches but drifted in and out. Just fair.
8 Syd Melbourne’s best by far and seems to have found niche as a spare in defence. 8
9 Carl Used down back again and mostly good without starring. 6
10 Ess Excellent game in defence and read the game very well. 7
11 Coll Deployed down back and OK but one-on-one stuff still needs work. 5
13 GWS Steady and solid across half back. Might have found his niche. 7
14 Bris Started on Brown and was overmatched. Not his best day. 4
15 Rich Defence definitely his go. Starting to look more composed in tight situations. 6
21 GWS Subbed into the game in the third term, a fit-again Watts showed good signs. 4
22 Adel Spent most of the night in defence but floated forward to kick a late goal. 6
23 Frem No space in defence and only 12 disposals. 4