#25   Essendon

Age: 25yr 4mth Games: 90 Born: Apr 25, 2021
Height: 192cm Weight: 92kg Position:

2017 Digest:   After a dismal 2016 season he has had a relatively injury-free summer and has been used higher up the ground in JLT outings.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Coll Usual bit of everything – inspiring goal, nice marks, set-shots missed. On balance, a bare pass. 5
2 Syd Showed his explosion at times to kick three goals, including a brilliant running effort that sealed victory. 6
3 Frem Good around the clearances. Had his moments and kicked 1.2 from 18 possessions. 6
4 NM Looked dangerous with his speed and guile around the ball. Ended day with two goals and five inside-50s. 6
5 Bris Two effective disposals in opening half then got going to kick three second-half goals to be a key to the come-from-behind win. 7
6 GWS Two goals in two minutes late in second term and another in final term were some of the game’s highlights. 7
7 Rich Was doing OK until he looked to badly injure a knee in the third quarter 3
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10 StK Fired from the start and was too mobile for Brown. Finished with five goals and could have had more in a fine game. 8
11   Bye.  
12 Syd Could have been charged with trespassing in first half. Booted third term goal, but no impact when called on. 3
13 Melb Couldn’t get into the game at all. Five effective possessions not enough from a player of his calibre. 2
14 NM Playmaker came into game under pressure and while didn’t star he offered something to the cause. Kicked winning point. 6
15 WCE Right out of form despite coach’s best efforts, sending him to a wing in second term. An enigma inside a riddle. 2
16 Adel We all know his skill and strength are sublime, he needs to add work rate to his game to become truly elite. 6
17 Carl Getting a bit of it until did hamstring in first half and was done for the day; seven disposals. 1
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21 GWS Missed some chances in front of goal in second term and that was tory of his night. 4
22 Port Twinged left hamstring early on and was done for the day. 0
23   Hamstring.  

2016 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Frem Electric at times in attack, frustrating at others. Ended with five goals in a showman’s performance. 8
2 StK Only two goals, but roamed up the ground to provide space for others to exploit. 6
3 Haw Creamed by Stratton. Lucky to score a last quarter goal. 4
4 Carl Well held by Plowman and despite stat numbers his effectiveness and impact well down. 4
5 Bris Burst in and out of the game with one Mick Conlon-like goal. Ended with three majors. 6
6 NM Not his night. Couldn’t quite click and tried for screamers to lift himself. 5
7 Adel Found form at right time. Influenced the game at key junctures and ended with four goals. 8
8 Melb Five goals and seemed to kick them at crucial times to put the Demons back in their box. 8
9 GWS Didn’t hurt the Giants around goal and went missing for long periods of the game. 3
10 Coll On Reid and was well held. Didn’t apply enough pressure. 3
11 WCE Explosion from congestion helped set up a few goals and he scored two himself. Great battle with Sheppard. 6
12 Port Came into his own when the game needed to be won. 7
13 Geel Pressed right up the ground, which robbed Dogs of a forward target. Hurt wrist in final term. 4
15 Syd Mixed bag in attack with two goals in a minute crucial. 5
16 Rich Struggled until second half when booted four goals, including three in final term. 7
17 GCS Entertaining battle with May before going off with a shoulder injury in the third term. 4
18   Shoulder.  
19 Geel Well held by Taylor. One goal but looked to be carrying that shoulder big time. 3
20 NM Slow start against Thompson. One kick in first half, but made things go his way. 5
21 Coll On Goldsack and goaled with initial kick late first term. Needed to lift. 3
22 VFL Five inside-50s and a goal but importantly laid nine tackles. Instant re-call?
23 VFL Six inside-50s and one goal from 23 disposals. Handy without dominating.
EF WCE Back in the team and unable to get going at any stage. Only hit the scoreboard in final term. 3
SF Haw Slow start on Stratton. Did some brilliant things and more like what is expected. 5
PF GWS Very quiet first half on Patfull then inserted himself into the game a bit more.. 4
GF Syd Struggled against Rampe apart from one important goal and couldn’t break free. Not his best. 3

2015 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Got off the chain at times and ended with 3.3. Could easily have kicked five. 6
2 Rich Two goals and some hard running a feature. Not huge but had influence. 5
3 Haw Quiet match overall. 3
4 Adel At forefront of big Bulldog start. Six goals to mid third term when injured a hip. 8
5 Syd Early goal and two for the match was a nice return opposed to Richards. 6
6 StK Four first-half goals then sparked Saints by roughing up Riewoldt. Not smart. 6
7 Frem Didn’t touch ball in opening term and couldn’t get into it. 3
8 Melb Radar off in front of goal. Missed the easy ones and kicked a hard one. 5
9   Ill.  
10 Port The next Ricciuto – can outmuscle opponents in midfield and up forward. 6
12 Bris Kicked some brilliant goals of various types. Off with sore hip last term. 8
13 StK Generally well held by Dempster and didn’t score a goal. 4
14 Carl Just six kicks, but three goals were crucial in low scoring contest. 6
15 GCS Quiet in attack then came alive in final term to help steal an improbable win. 6
16 Geel Kolodjashnij has his measure for large parts. Only goal came in final term. 4
17 Coll Worked hard up the ground to play vital link role. A bit wasteful in front of goal. 6
18 Ess Four goals, including a couple of highlight reel efforts. 7
19 Port Fantastic performance and looks made for the big stage. 8
20 Melb Shook off Garland to end with four majors and was a dynamic performer. 8
21 WCE Superb. Kicked five goals and displayed some astonishing skills. 8
22 NM On Thompson initially. Showed breakaway speed when it mattered. 7
23 Bris His four goals seemed effortless. 7
EF Adel Twinge in hammy early. Talia kept tight rein but he contributed. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Had to push up the ground to get involved and was well held. 3
2 NM Promising display, but wasted several shots at goal. Unlucky to be subbed off. 5
3 Rich Movement and run in attack was too much for Chaplin early. 5
4 GWS Let Shaw have too much room in defence and wasn’t a factor on scoreboard. 2
5 Carl Had some moments but not enough. 4
6 Adel Used at both ends but was shown up by Podsiadly. Kicked a goal. 4
7 Ess Good job on Carlisle. Also kicked a goal. 5
8 Melb Battled away in defence. Mixed good and ordinary but chimed in. 5
10 GCS Wasn’t a real factor on the day. 4
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Had 21 touches but wasn’t as influential as he’d like to be.
13 VFL Burst into life in the second term to help maintain lead.
14 VFL Battled hard and had an impact in spurts.
15 Melb Career-high four goals and could have a few more. Best he has moved yet. 7
16 Geel No influence on game up forward but tough to conditions to get a kick 2
17 GCS Kicked two goals to play a role in the front half. 5
18 Ess Five goals and caused the Bombers problems. Fletcher had to be moved. 8
19 Haw Led strongly but just one goal not adequate reward. 4
20 StK Real spark in attack and Saints couldn’t tie him down. Four goals. 8
21 NM Kept under a tight leash this week. 3
22 Syd Came into game in second term and ended with two goals. OK. 5
23 GWS Four goals opposed to Buntine but was a bit selfish at times in attack. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 VFL Worked hard and got through OK.
2 VFL Bye.
3 VFL Kicked five goals, four in an explosive second term.
4 Adel Made his AFL debut as the sub for Giansiracusa in the third term. 3
5 Geel Kicked three goals and what he did had touch of class. Doggie fans excited. 6
6 WCE Brilliant goal but then copped knock on knee and subbed off. 2
7   Thigh.  
8 GCS Gave a glimpse of his talent with three goals from limited opportunities. 6
9 StK Quiet on Roberton and subbed off in third quarter. 2
10 Port Struggled to get into the game. Minimal impact. 2
12 Coll Maxwell went with him. Kicked lovely goal at end and got free at times. 5
13 Rich Held his own in one-on-ones with Rance and kicked a ripper goal. 5
14 Melb Missed two shots at big sticks. Opportunities few and far between. 2
15 GWS The gifted youngster never really got going in Canberra. 4
16   Soreness.  
17   Rested.  
18 VFL Big final term helped wallpaper over an ordinary day. Three goals.
19 VFL Hurt foot and was taken away for scans.
20   Foot.  
21   Foot.  
22   Foot.  
23   Foot.