#12   Hawthorn

Age: 31yr 2mth Games: 186 Born: Sep 20, 2020
Height: 193cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Plenty of JLT time (105 minutes vs Cats) has former Demon fit and firing to attack the home and away.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Had hands full with defender-turned-forward Hooker. Never-say-die chase down on Colyer though was superb. 5
2 Adel Matched to Walker and in the end the weight of ball and swiftness of movement was tough to counter. 3
3 GCS Had his hands full with Lynch and was fortunate Lynch had an off night at goal. 5
4 Geel Job on Hawkins was tough given weight of ball against. Beaten but tough to judge given midfield was getting hammered. 4
5 WCE Kennedy looked dangerous every time it went forward but he held him to one goal. He’d take that every day of the week! 7
6 StK Started on Bruce, but also took Billings at stages. Ordinary outing and has to be better if he is to help next generation through. 4
7 Melb Key defender played his role and did it with a level of steadiness against former side. 6
8 Bris Played majority of the game on Hipwood. Held him for most of the game but young Lion got him a few times late. 5
9   Toe.  
10   Toe.  
11   Toe.  
12   Toe.  
13   Toe.  
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2016 Season

1 Geel Troubled by Geelong’s ball use to Hawkins at times but continued to compete strongly. 6
2 WCE Went to Kennedy as expected and kept him to one goal. Another fine effort down back. 7
3 WB Held Boyd to just the one goal. Started 2016 in good form. 6
4 StK Solid job on Bruce but the Saint got a away a few times in the second half. 6
5 Adel Troubled by Jenkins’ leading on a couple of occasions, but got on top. 5
6 GWS Under siege down back opposed to Cameron, who got a few early. Then knocked silly by Stratton. 3
7   Concussion.  
8 Frem Toiled honestly in defence and did his bit. 5
9 Syd Stuck doggedly to Franklin, but always an uphill battle. 4
10 Bris Got the better of Freeman and used the ball neatly out of the back half. 5
11 Melb Manned Hogan and led him to the ball consistently in first half. Will be pleased with outing. 7
13 NM Went down with early knock but stuck to task even though tall forwards in charge. 4
14 GCS Lynch caused him no end of trouble at times. Saved by fact his side got on top. 3
16 Port Shut down Dixon. 7
17 Syd Thrown task on Franklin and was able to keep him goalless. Big win for team. 7
18 Rich Took Riewoldt and kept him to two goals and four marks. Stout. 6
19 Carl Kept Casboult quiet for most of the game. Set up well behind the ball. 6
20   Shoulder.  
21 NM Daw caused him problems in the first half then he tightened up. 4
22 WCE Beaten by Kennedy. The Eagle kicked five goals. 4
23 Coll Battled Cloke and for the most part was able to nullify his influence. 5
QF Geel On Hawkins who looked dangerous at times. Sometimes nervous with ball in hand. 5
SF WB Battled Boyd among others. A couple of decisive spoils early and held his end up. 5

2015 Season

1 Geel Battled Clark/Hawkins and looked more and more confident longer game went. 6
2 Ess Injured shoulder early and was subbed out. 1
3   Pectoral.  
4   Pectoral.  
5   Pectoral.  
6   Pectoral.  
7 Melb On the right side of another blowout in this fixture for once. Solid enough. 5
8 Syd Kept Franklin goalless and that was his task. Key win for confidence. 8
9 GCS Effective against resting rucks. 5
10 StK Trailed along behind Riewoldt for most of game. 3
12 Adel Blanketed Walker out of the game. 7
13 Ess Had Carlisle until serious shoulder injury ended his day early in second term. 1
14   Shoulder.  
15   Shoulder.  
16   Shoulder.  
17 VFL Got through first half then rested after main break.
18 Rich Used on Riewoldt who took seven marks and kicked one goal. 5
19 WCE Kept Kennedy to seven touches but he kicked 4.2. 5
20 Geel Had Walker covered and from that perspective played his part. 6
21 Port Split time early between attack and defence. Yet to hit any great heights. 4
22 Bris Played in attack and ended with three goals. New full-time role? 6
23 Carl Booted three goals in attacking role again. Gives forward line another look. 7
QF WCE Disastrous night. Could not get near it up forward then struggled down back. 1
SF Adel Great job on Walker when went with the Crows’ skipper. Improved effort. 5
PF Frem Had Pavlich covered and that was his main task. Didn’t make a mistake. 7
GF WCE Answered the doubters by subjugating Eagles’ main threat Kennedy. 8

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 StK Had plenty of work down back. 5
2 WCE Not aided by quality of delivery to Eagles forwards at times. Toiled away. 5
3 GWS An experiment as a forward and worth another try in dry conditions. 5
4 Carl Huge for team with 14 marks, six inside-50s and two goals. 8
5 GCS Again showed that he is more than a handy forward. Led well, kicked two goals. 6
6 Syd Struggled to get into game up forward opposed to Richards/Grundy. 4
7 Adel The experiment to play him forward didn’t work this week. 3
8 WB Two goals and took some strong contested marks. Will rue a late miss. 6
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11 Port Used in attack with Dawes out of the team and competed hard. Kicked 2.2. 7
12 Coll Started well in attack presenting up. Plenty of marks but no scoreboard impact. 6
13 Ess Kicked two important goals and was a handful for Hurley. 6
14 NM Quiet night up forward before being shifted back at three quarter time. 3
15 WB Was Jones’ then Stringer’s master in one-on-ones but made three costly mistakes. 7
16 Frem Defended well down back but wasn’t able to provide much incisive rebound. 6
17 Geel Hawkins made him look silly a couple of times but he kept plodding. 5
18 Port Took nine marks in a number of roles, but final term set shot miss will haunt him. 6
19 Bris Marked strongly early but impact waned and was sent down back in last term. 4
20 Haw Presented well in attack but missed two easy shots that he should kick. 5
21 GWS Woeful in attack and moved back where he was only slightly better. 2
22 WCE Had job on Kennedy in return to defence. Beaten and appeared disinterested. 4
23 NM Got the better of Petrie in what should be his final game in red and blue. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Port A shell of his former self down back. Disinterested, slow, robotic. Not good enough. 1
2 Ess Started well but was swamped after that. Had six kicked on him and looked dejected. 3
3 WCE Started brightly but found the going tough on Kennedy. 4
4 GWS Battled Cameron and kept to eight touches and one goal. Key win for team. 7
5 Bris Great battle with Brown and held his own despite quality of supply. 6
6 Carl Improved effort but nowhere near his All Australian form. 5
7 GCS Had May early, then Lynch for most of the match and just struggled. 3
8 Rich Great battle with Riewoldt (three goals) but he more than held his own. 5
9 Frem Given the amount of ball coming in, did rather well not to concede a big bag. 5
10 Haw Great game. Beat Franklin despite team conceding 24 more inside-50s. 8
11   Hamstring.  
12   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14 WB Recaptured some of best form to give teammates a lift. Read play exceptionally. 7
15 Syd Beating Tippett until his hamstring went in the third term. 5
16 Geel Battled Hawkins and actually held up OK given inside-50s against. 5
17 Bris Had the better of Merrett for much of night, but the Lion got two handy goals. 7
18 NM Took the honours against Petrie and could hold his head high. 7
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 Adel A real worry for Demon fans as he seems to have lost all confidence. 3
23 WB Didn’t let Jones out of his sights to figure high on list of best players. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris Defended well on Merrett given how ball was whistling in after half time. 7
2 WCE Worked hard on Kennedy. Kept him honest. 5
3 Rich Kept Riewoldt to a goal in a fine effort given Tigers kicked 20. 7
4 WB Well in control of Jones. 5
6 Geel Did a solid job containing Hawkins when opposed to him. Did his job. 7
7 Haw Had the major job on Franklin. Stuck close but Buddy was own worst enemy. 5
8 Syd Tried hard against overwhelming odds and big defeat not his fault. 6
9 Carl Played a solid game down back and worked to rebound (five). 7
11 Coll Battled Cloke and he did a decent job keeping him to two goals. 5
13 GWS Had the better of his battle with Cameron despite the Giant’s three goals. 7
14 Bris Moved onto Brown early and held him to an extent but wasn’t his best. 5
15 Rich Battled Riewoldt and he did well until copped heavy knock in final term. 6
16 Frem Pavlich kicked four on him but he was far from disgraced. 6
17 Port D. Stewart got away from him early but he then tightened the grip 5
18 NM Had his hands full with Petrie but stuck to task all game. 4
19 GCS Had Lynch/Dixon covered. Did what he had to without starring. 5
21 GWS Comfortably kept the GWS forwards at bay, including Israel Folau. 5
22 Adel Tough night in his 100th game. Always under pressure. 2
23 Frem Good job on Pavlich. Kept him in check. 6