Age: 35yr 8mth Games: 314 Born: Dec 29, 2020
Height: 183cm Weight: 86kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Veteran spare parts man has worked through a three-day-a-week pre-season and emerged ready to go.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 Haw Solid outing and provided composure with ball in hand when the game was at its hottest. 7
2 Bris Was the link man in unassuming role in defence. Pace was an issue once or twice against the younger Lions. 5
3 Carl Took time to find his feet but worked into the contest for 20 disposals. Only three tackles which is surprising for him. 5
4 Adel Cost his team a goal in the first term with an undisciplined 50 metre penalty. 4
5 Coll Hard body came in very handy in the conditions as he stood firm at half back. 7
6   Rested.  
7 Frem Only 13 possessions and Essendon are better with the ball in his hands. 5
8 Geel Celebrated 300th game with a brilliant opening term than helped side get off to a flyer. Chaired off by Selwood/Heppell. 7
9 WCE Solid effort at half back. Sent a long time on the bench on first term, but ran out the game well. 7
10 Rich Veteran didn’t star but did find enough ball to keep himself in the game. Five inside-50s and 13 effective disposals. 6
11   Groin.  
12 Port Steadying influence at half back and drifting up the ground. 7
13   Bye.  
14 Syd Drifted across half back to play a steady role. 6
15 Bris Was’t a significant factor in the game. 3
16 Coll Veteran mopped up with aplomb all day. Played loose to muster 32 possessions and hit target with 27 of those. 8
17 StK Picked up the first gamer young Battle and didn't allow him a sniff early. 7
18 NM Not as impactful as he was against the Saints. 12 disposals and five strong tackles. 4
19 WB Battled for long periods at half back and wasn’t able to influence the game off half back. 4
20   Rested.  
21 Adel Kept at the task and never gave up. 5
22 GCS Steady head in defence, helping himself to 22 possessions and five tackles. 96% efficiency. 7
23 Frem Caught out for speed a few times and wasn’t a big factor on the day 4
EF Syd Last game was one that ended with 17 possessions but very limited impact on the flow of the game. Great career. 4

2016 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 GCS Pushed back hard to help defence and laid seven tackles. 7
2 Melb Veteran won a few key one-on-ones and used ball to advantage of teammates. 7
3 Port Class act who just knows how to find the footy and deliver it with perfection. 7
4 Geel Former Cat got won some ball but not damaging. No inside-50s and one clearance. 5
5 Coll Essendon’s best. Produced an impressive four-quarter effort and worked hard both ways. 7
6 Carl Swept across half back to be among the Dons’ best. Didn’t star but did what he could. 6
7 Syd Used the ball extremely well playing through the midfield and across half back. 6
8 NM Solid again, particularly in first half when the flow of the game was against his team. 6
9 StK Was often the plus one in defence and used all his experience to take full advantage. 8
10 Rich Not as damaging as previous weeks and played more up the ground. Six inside-50s, 10 tackles. 7
11   Managed.  
12 Haw Uncharacteristic poor kicks and turnovers early, but veteran was better later on. 4
13 GWS Cracked in and intercepted ball well. Two critical decision making errors costly in final term. 6
15 WCE Essendon’s primary ball winner. Continued to defy his age. 7
16 StK Veteran continued to be a solid contributor and gave an accomplished display. 6
17 Rich Provided composure in defence and a good finish in front of goal when teammates tried and failed. 6
18 Bris Not as prominent as he has been at half back and struggled to get from contest to contest. 5
19   Rested.  
20 Geel Led team in disposals against former side. Has the tricks to be a factor in the game. 7
21 GCS Took Davis and Ah Chee in Suns’ attack and positioned himself well. Marshalled the troops. 7
22 WB As ever a strong worker and used his footy intelligence to good effect. 7
23 Carl A typical cool, composed and classy display in the back-half. 7

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Gave what he could in the middle but was swamped as Hawks got on top. 5
2 Frem Started well but dropped off and failed to impact contest with any drive. 4
3 GCS Loose on Bennell early but his pressure late in the game helped side to victory. 6
4 NM Not his best performance. Four effective disposals and virtually no influence. 2
5 Rich Among the best until he copped a split knacker and was taken to hospital. 6
6   Testicle.  
7   Testicle.  
8 Carl Ball handling first class and looked back to his normal self. 7
9 WCE Tackled well but was often under pressure when he got the ball. 5
10 Ess One of his best games of the year. Rebounded well and ran hard all night. 7
11 Port Injured ankle in first term and was subbed out of the match. 1
12   Ankle.  
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15 NM Sub. On in two stints but injured ankle in third term and was hampered. 2
16 WB Rugged effort playing in midfield. Won plenty of ball but off target in front of goal 7
17 GWS Sturdy again in the midfield with great ball use and work-rate. 7
18 Bris Used off a wing and on-ball. Didn’t star but contributed to the effort. 6
19 Syd Even effort. Four inside-50s and three tackles. 6
20 Haw Struggling to get into game and then subbed out with injury in third term. 1
21   Ankle.  
22 Coll Mistake ridden game might be his penultimate for the club. Horror night. 4
23 Adel Fittingly final game netted team-high nine tackles. Enjoyed the contest. 7

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Adel Swept up across half back brilliantly and rock solid one-on-one. 8
2 Bris Steady across half back then did a good job on Zorko in the third term. 7
3 Coll Caught out of a few times down back but found ways to stay in game. 6
4 WCE Rock solid across half back and used the ball efficiently which was a highlight. 7
5 Haw Superb across half-back. Got into right positions at right time to influence game. 7
6 Port Among best from half back where he thwarted the opposition as best he could. 7
7 Rich Produced another rock solid display down back. Got in the right spots all day. 8
9 Frem Under pump across half back but kept chugging. Got caught a few times. 7
10 NM Reprised midfield role to dominate first half (23 disp) that set team up. 8
11 Syd Used in midfield and toiled against the tide. Impact not pronounced. 4
12 Carl Even again throughout playing forward, midfield and back. Work-rate huge. 7
13 StK While others were doing damage with the ball he was laying 12 tackles. 7
14 GCS Only touched the ball four times after half time in a disappointing finish. 5
15 Ess Used midfield then at half back where he saved the day on occasions. 6
16   Rested.  
17 Melb Mopped up from half-back/wing. Fresh after previous week’s rest. 7
18 GWS Not a real factor despite 21 disp. No tackles for first time since 2009 QF. 5
19 NM Celebrated game 250 with a good defensive job on Thomas. 6
20 Frem Critical with his play reading and poise from the back half. Key performer. 7
21 Carl Cost side a goal with a rare brain fade but steady apart from that. 6
22 Haw Used down back on Puopolo at times. Lacked offensive impact. 5
23 Bris Great battle with Green early. Scare through camp when limped off but OK. 6
QF Haw Had Puopolo (two goals) and he couldn’t find the footy himself. 3
SF NM Poor night. Thomas kicked three early goals on him. Horror finals series. 2

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1   Suspended.  
2 NM Won 12 contested possessions, laid seven tackles and five inside-50s. 7
3   Calf.  
4   Achilles.  
5 WB A lot of the footy and had his moments but will be better for the run. 6
6 Rich Quiet first half but second half numbers huge. Had team-high 12 tackles. 7
7 Ess Laid eight tackles and won 13 contested possessions. Handy but didn’t star. 7
8   Suspended.  
9   Suspended.  
10 GCS Ferocity around the ball a key as were his 15 second-half disposals. 7
11 GWS Bored in all day – 12 cont poss, seven clearances, eight tackles and a goal. 8
13 Bris Pretty quiet night. Didn’t impact the game offensively and just five tackles, 5
14 Frem Work-rate massive (16 contested poss, seven tackles). Kept midfield pressure on. 7
15 Haw Big again – 10 cont poss, seven tackles, five inside-50s and a goal. A star. 7
16 Melb Bored in. Game highlighted by team-high 11 tackles and six inside-50s. 6
17 Adel Only five disposals opening half. Did contribute two goals. 5
18 StK Bounced back with a fierce display – 13 cont poss, six clearances. 7
19 NM Didn’t find space reflected in fact he had five effective disposals. 10 tackles. 4
20 Port Still short of best but worked into the game after half time – nine hard tackles. 6
21 WCE Two goals in second term to go with 10 cont poss, seven tackles, five clearances. 7
22 Syd Best game for six weeks. Had team-high 10 hard-ball gets and nine tackles. 8
23 Bris Disposal off but laid a team-high eight tackles and won 12 cont poss. 6
QF Frem Workrate good (nine tackles) but rarely found all ball in space to hurt the Dockers. 6
SF Port Probably Cats’ best. Great second term when side struggling and finished well. 8
PF Haw Struggled to impact the contest at all and only 3 inside-50s and 3 clearances. 4

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Frem Workrate and appetite for the contest was superb – 26 disp., 8 tackles. 8
2 Haw Cracked in for 21 disposals and five inside 50s. Tough and steady. 7
3 NM Gave his all but his usual clean hands and skill deserted him at times. 5
6 Melb Took some time to work back into it but second half was solid. 6
7 Adel Workrate good but always seemed to be under pressure and eff. down. 6
8 Coll Not a night to remember in game 200. Did contribute team-high nine tackles. 4
10 GWS One of few Cats to play a solid four quarters – 10 cont. poss., seven tackles. 8
11 Carl Fumbled at times and not as clean and incisive with his play as he has been. 6
13 Syd Not one of his better games despite workrate being huge – laid nine tackles. 6
14 Port Responded from quiet game last week with a solid display – 14 cont poss. 7
15 GCS Got going in third quarter to help side break game open but can play better. 6
16 Coll Cats’ best – nine clearances, six tackles and three inside-50s. 8
17 Ess Efficiency down but workrate enormous – seven clearances, four tackles. 7
18 Adel Tackle pressure huge and when game was there to be one he stood tall. 8
19 Haw Had 10 clearances and was one of few Cats to play better after half time. 7
21 StK Provided the midfield with some pop after missing last week – 11 tackles. 8
22 WB Grabbed enough ball but only two tackles which is unusual for him. 6
23 Syd Massive with his pressure around the footy – 16 tackles. 7
EF Frem After huge game last week was held by Crowley. No real influence. 4