#34   Geelong

Age: 21yr 11mth Games: 84 Born: Apr 12, 2021
Height: 190cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Second-year utility broke foot in non-football accident and missed six weeks. Just getting back to modified training.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

3 Melb Debutant’s pressure was great in first term and set up a goal. Faded as game dragged on but can’t blame the kid – 16 disposals. 5
4 Haw Certainly doesn’t look out of place and showed poise with ball in hand. Might get weeks for elbow on Hodge. 5
5   Suspended.  
6   Suspended.  
7 GCS Kid couldn’t get near it all night. Good experience but only had three kicks. Set up one goal early. 1
8 Ess One effort wasn’t up to AFL standard and struggled all night apart from one nice snap goal. 2
9 WB Intent to tackle and play aggressively was great and much better than previous weeks. Just 14 disposals but good for fifth game. 4
10 Port One kick to half time and second kick went through for a goal in third term. That was it for the night. 2
11 Adel Bobbed up at times playing high half forward role for a goal in third term. Didn’t star but starting to find his feet. 5
12   Bye.  
13 WCE Struggled all night. Two set-shots for goal in third term were horrendous. Might be due to return to VFL. 2
14 Frem Struggled until snagged two goals in three minutes to start final term which was critical; 13 of his 14 touches hit target. 5
15 GWS Flitted in and out of the game for a goal and 13 possessions. Around the ball more than he has been previous week. 5
16 Bris Made the most of his limited opportunities by kicking three goals from only seven kicks. 6
17 Haw Set up one goal when intercepted a handpass and gifted Menzel a goal. Two kicks. 3
18 Adel Great for the kid to get some games but the Parson’s Project is over for this year. Offered up two kicks in another quiet one. 1
19 Carl Worked hard but again impact not enough to suggest he doesn’t need a rest. Six kicks for the night. Two tackles. 3
20 Syd Needs a spell in the VFL to get some confidence. Did kick one in third term but that was only highlight. 2
21 Rich Chipped in spasmodically but had little influence forward of centre. 3
22 Coll Flitted in and out of the game to grab 11 effective disposals and six score involvements. 5
23 GWS Copped a leg injury in second term and was done for the night after one kick and two handpasses. 1
QF Rich Injured ankle in second term but looked right out of his depth. Did not lay a tackle and kicked one goal. 2
SF Syd The salad section of a Scottish supermarket offered more than he did in one of the Cats few quiet players. Keep his spot? 1
PF   Senior emergency.  

2016 Season

1   Foot.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Collingwood.  
3   Played in trial against AFL Academy.  
4 VFL Looked in need of the run after hampered pre-season. Will get better as time goes.
5 VFL Youngster did a few good things but wasn’t a huge factor as part of midfield rotation
6 VFL Snagged a goal but for the most part quiet as part of midfield rotation.
7   Rested.  
8 VFL Won a bit of the ball bur wasn’t hugely damaging when he got it.
9 VFL Youngster was very quiet for most of the day. Struggling a tad at this stage.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Didn’t do much with the pill when he got it and only had it 12 times.
12 VFL Laid five tackles but apart from that was very quiet.
13 VFL Apart from four inside-50s there was little else to report. Very quiet.
14 VFL Four inside-50s, one goal and three tackles. Eight kicks. Flashed in and out.
15 VFL Bye.
16 VFL Best game for Cats. Won plenty of ball and was steady with use.
17 VFL Best game this year highlighted by seven clearances and six inside-50s.
18 VFL Six marks, four tackles and three clearances to go with 27 disposals. Good effort.
19 VFL Nowhere near as effective as previous weeks. Five kicks, one goal.
20 VFL Getting better longer season goes. Five inside-50s and seven tackles. Handy.
21 VFL After a few strong weeks struggled to get into the game. Three effective kicks.
22   Rested.  
23 VFL Youngster was quiet. One goal from three inside-50s. Seven kicks.