Age: 29yr 2mth Games: 88 Born: Jun 07, 2021
Height: 179cm Weight: 78kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Struggled for a place in the team last year. Played nine games but dropped on the eve of the finals. The quick backman gives the defensive unit another dimension but he’ll need to start the year well if he’s to push the Grand Final players out.

2016 NAB Cup:   Showed promise as a forward. His versatility is a key for his chances.

2016 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Bris Played as a fwd/wingman. Twice ran the length of the field to kick a goal. 7
2 Haw Minimal impact and had to drift a long way from goal to get involved. 3
3 WAFL Quiet after being dropped with only nine disposals.
4 WAFL Improved performance with 20 touches.
5 WAFL Quiet again out of defence with just the 10 disposals.
6 WAFL Tried hard but couldn’t quite have impact with 17 possessions.
7 WAFL Bye.
8   Senior emergency.  
9 WAFL Struggled for an impact with just the 14 touches.
10 WAFL Struggles continued with just the seven disposals in a team needing leadership.
11 WAFL In and out of the game in East Perth reserves.
12 WAFL Bye.
13 WAFL Still in the reserves and had 20 disposals and a goal.
14 WAFL Bye.
15 WAFL Slowing finding form and confidence with 18 possessions in reserves.
16 WAFL Just the eight touches on return to league team.
17 WAFL Continues to struggle for form with just the 13 possessions.
18 WAFL Back in the reserves and struggled for just nine possessions.
19 WAFL Bye.
20 WAFL Still mired in WAFL reserves and AFL career looks in strife.
21 WAFL Finally found form with five goals from 21 touches in the reserves.
22 WAFL Back into the league side and played well with three goals, 17 touches.
23 WAFL Just the one goal from 13 disposals as a small forward.

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Terrific running off half-back with 25 disposals and a goal.
2 Carl Made a few mistakes at times but got better as team started to dominate. 4
4   Senior emergency.  
5 GWS Worked up and down the field. Got his job done. 5
6 Port Hardly sighted. 2
7 GCS Had little to do but had control of Matera when required. 5
8 StK On Billings at start and no impact on game. Subbed off in third term. 1
9 Geel Did what he had to defensively then subbed out at three-quarter time. 4
10   Senior emergency.  
11 WAFL Relatively quiet with 15 disposals off half-back.
12   Senior emergency.  
13 WAFL Bye.
14 WAFL Solid small defensive performance with 16 touches and six tackles.
15 WAFL Getting further away from an AFL recall with just eight touches.
16 WAFL Steadying influence across half-back with 21 disposals.
17 WAFL Just the 12 disposals and a goal off half-back.
18   Senior emergency.  
19 WAFL Terrific performance off half-back with 29 touches and six marks.
20 Frem Started on Barlow and he didn’t get near it. 5
21 WB Did what he had to do defensively and part of some good attacking plays. 5
22 Adel Unsighted in defence. 3
23 WAFL Limited game time meant he was quiet but in contention for Friday night.
QF WAFL Solid as small defender with 12 possessions and a goal.

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Great job on Dahlhaus who he kept goalless. Adds another dimension to defence. 7
2 Melb Will be happy with his effort against old side. 5
3 StK Matched on Savage for some of the night and did OK. 5
4 Geel Worked through a variety of opponents. Used footy well when many didn’t. 4
5 Port Had Wingard’s measure all night until the Port star bobbed up late. 7
6 Carl Had his hands full with Garlett and then rushed when he got the ball late. 4
7 Frem Had his hands full on Ballantyne and was well beaten. 4
8 GWS Deployed down back and did a steady job again. 6
10 Coll Handled Elliott for three quarters but Magpie got off chain late. 6
11 NM One of many who did a bit at times but not enough overall. 4
12 Haw Great battle with Rioli. The Hawk did OK but Bennell kept him in check. 6
13 GCS Matched with dangerous Matera. Kept working. 4
14 StK Sub came on late and only had a couple of touches. 1
15 Frem Wasn’t the worst and did OK after shifting to Ballantyne. 5
16 WAFL Dropped back to WAFL and struggled with 11 possessions.
17 WAFL Just the 14 disposals and a goal.
18 WAFL Couldn’t work his way into the game with just 10 touches.
19 Adel Good battle with Betts but did concede three goals. 5
20 Coll Nullified Pie small forwards and provided rebound when appropriate. 6
21 Ess Hardly sighted. 2
22 Melb OK against former club and is developing into a handy player. 5
23 GCS Quiet end to a great season from former Demon. Five inside-50s. 3

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1   Knee.  
2   Knee.  
3   Knee.  
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9 WAFL Just three touches in Swan Districts reserves.
10 WAFL Just nine possessions, four marks in Swans reserves.
11 WAFL Bye.
12 WAFL 20 possessions on return for Swan Districts.
13 WAFL 16 touches and a goal with Swan Districts.
14 WAFL OK with 16 possessions and a goal for Swan Districts.
15 WAFL Just 12 touches and a goal with Swan Districts.
16   Outstanding as a small defender with 23 possessions.  
17 WAFL Only nine disposals with Swan Districts.
18 WAFL Just the 14 possessions as small defender with Swan Districts.
19 WAFL Bye.
20 WAFL 16 touches and crucial late goal for Swan Districts.
21 WAFL Just the 13 possessions and six marks for Swan Districts.
22 WAFL 17 possessions for Swan Districts.
23 WAFL Terrific for Swan Districts with 29 possessions.
QF WAFL Solid for Swan Districts with 14 possessions.

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 VFL Showed some promising signs at half back.
2 WCE Battled. Just three touches before getting subbed out. 1
3 VFL Slow start but was OK late. Needs to do more.
5 VFL Good effort when switched to defence. Gave lots of run.
6 VFL Continued the strong form his displayed last week.
7 Haw On Puopolo who kicked two in first half. 2
8 Syd Came on late but livelier than most Demons and kicked a goal. 3
9 Carl Came on late and missed an easy goal. Seemed to lack real urgency. 1
11 VFL Played his part in the win but wasn’t a star.
13 VFL Kicked a great goal but lacked the impact required.
15 Rich Only three handballs to half time and did not emerge from the funk. 2
16 Frem One goal but struggled until a leg injury early in third term and day was done. 2