Age: 34yr 10mth Games: 195 Born: Oct 18, 2020
Height: 194cm Weight: 95kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Veteran defender coming off a fine 2014 – fifth in the best and fairest – in which he was arguably the Cats’ most consistent performer. Faces a weekly battle with a chronic knee injury but managed it well last year.

2015 NAB Cup:   Got through a modified pre-season and played final two NAB games. On track after superb effort against Blues.

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Quiet in the back half pretty much all day. Will need to fire next week. 3
2   Knee.  
3 VFL 14 possessions down back. Solid enough.
4 NM Had the better of Petrie and among the best. 8
5 Rich Had Vickery covered and rebounded well. Grabbed 14 marks. 7
6 Coll Beat every opponent and read flight of ball well. 7
7 Syd Had Tippett/Goodes and among the best. Defended well when pressure was on. 6
8 Carl Steady down back. Rarely put under any pressure. 6
9 WCE Battled hard to stem the flow. Third-man-up work solid. 6
10 Ess Anyone he played on he had covered and intercepted when he had to. 6
11 Port Beat Westhoff and got better the longer the game went. 6
12 Melb Had trouble with the resting ruckmen and couldn’t impact going other way. 4
15 NM Petrie kicked three on him but a little unlucky to concede that number. 4
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18 VFL Controlled the back half against Frankston.
19 VFL Under pressure all day down back. Held his own.
20 Haw Late replacement took resting ruckman. Limited impact but no mistakes. 4
21   Knee.  
22   Retired.  
23   Retired.  

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Adel Defensively solid on McKernan after conceding early goal. Great last term. 5
2   Late withdrawal.  
3 Coll Stats modest but steady in what he did. Provides some steadiness down back. 5
4 WCE Team-high 12 marks and always in the way as the last-line defender. 7
5 Haw Huge defensively. Got into the right spots when it mattered and was steady. 7
6 Port Steady inside defensive 50 arc and kept Westhoff goalless. 7
7 Rich Kept Aaron Edwards goalless and provided steady support down back. 6
9 Frem Under siege down back and got caught against speedy opponents. 5
10 NM Steady in defence. Adds another dimension to back half with his poise. 6
11 Syd Battled Tippett and actually did OK despite Swan kicking five goals. 6
12 Carl Casboult caused him issues at times but he defended well when game on line. 6
13   Knee.  
14 GCS Cats’ best. Read the ball well all night and got into great defensive positions. 8
15 Ess Play reading and defensive work first class roaming in the back half. 6
16 WB Moved off Crameri but responded really well to thwart the Dogs. 6
17 Melb Steady as a rock down back. Spoiled brilliantly and beat Dunn/Pedersen. 7
18 GWS Steady again in the back half. Gave camp a scare when he grabbed at his knee. 6
19 NM Nullified Daw pretty comfortably in a fine defensive performance. 7
20 Frem Key to the defensive effort. One effort in final term led to Cats only goal. 7
21 Carl Rock solid again playing on Casboult for parts. 7
22 Haw Ceglar caught him out a few times late but ball was coming in sideways. 5
23 Bris Had Paine done like a dinner, and rock solid again down back. 6
QF Haw Stoic again down back. Thwarted many Hawk forward forays with positioning. 7
SF NM Injured calf early and hampered. Didn’t play at all in the final quarter. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Solid on debut for Cats. Steady presence then copped knee injury. 3
2   Knee.  
3   Knee.  
4 Syd Struggled at times but kept battling down back. Will get better. 3
5 WB Injured knee in first term and his night was done. 1
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15 VFL Played loose down back and was eased back in.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Spent time on Paine and Lynch. Didn’t give either an inch.
18 VFL Held Sandringham’s forwards in check all day.
19 VFL Teamed with Brown to keep Hogan under wraps.
20 Port Did enough without starring. Good first game back as he tries to find his feet. 4
21 WCE Played best game since returning to the side. Found some footy and defended well. 5
22 Syd Getting better each week. Had variety of opponents and had them all covered. 6
23 Bris Steady down back. Looks to be timing his run well into the finals. 6
QF Frem Got better the longer the game went and solid enough defensively. 5
SF Port Wasn’t setting world on fire and then copped an injured ankle and was subbed out. 3
PF Haw Struggled for second final in a row. Is the fairytale over for the key forward? 2

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris Gave away height to Leuenberger but did well keeping him in check. 5
2 WCE Took two contested marks. Tried hard under pressure. 6
3 Rich Saw off Vickery so that was a win but didn’t offer much offensively. 4
4 WB Had the better of Cordy. Solid performance. 6
5 StK Got on top of Stanley especially when conditions were wetter. 6
6 Geel Had hands full with Podsiadly and wasn’t the worst. 4
7 Haw Unnoticed down back. 3
8 Syd One of a number of Dees who had to work overtime in defence. Tried hard. 5
9 Carl Steady in defence and along with Frawley helped keep side in it. 7
10 Ess Strong and unruffled in backline. 7
11 Coll Goldsack played defensively on him early. Pushed forward late for a goal. 3
13 GWS Loved a run up forward and ended with career high four goals. 7
14 Bris Kicked 0.3 playing as a forward. Competed well but inaccuracy hurt. 5
15 Rich One nice mark and goal in second term but well held by Rance. 3
16 Frem Played forward again but not effective as an aerial target. 3
17 Port Main focus in Demons’ attack and kicked a couple but it’s a stop-gap measure. 5
18 NM Didn’t really do much damage from his 18 disposals. 4
19 GCS Well held by Warnock for the most part – one goal from five marks. 3
20 StK Troubled by Koschitzke’s strength in marking contests. 5
21 GWS Took eight marks and kicked two goals at full forward. 6
22 Adel Battled on after having his head split open until subbed out for final term. 4
23 Frem Only nine possessions and three marks. Not enough. 4