Jarrad WAITE

#30   North Melbourne

Age: 36yr 1mth Games: 231 Born: Feb 04, 2021
Height: 194cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Veteran forward played opening JLT match then rested for win over Hawks. Expect key forward to play this weekend

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WCE Horror day in front of the big sticks with 1.7. Positive was that he found the ball well and marked strongly. 5
2   Shoulder.  
3   Shoulder.  
4   Shoulder.  
5   Shoulder.  
6   Shoulder.  
7 Adel Huge return from injury with three first-term goals, and finished with six. Tackle on Lynch will be scrutinised – story of his career! 9
8   Suspended.  
9 Melb Quiet one up forward. Four marks, no goals and just four kicks for the afternoon. 2
10 Carl Had it 16 times but didn’t use it well. Kicked a first quarter goal but that was about it. Only two marks. 4
11 Rich Stone cold all night. Best chance for a goal he fluffed after trying to bounce a ball through from 15 metres out directly in front. 2
12   Bye.  
13 StK Never given a chance by the service of the ball and ended night copping heavy knock in last minute. 3
14 WB Played all over the field rather than up forward early in the game then stayed inside forward 50. Three goals from nine kicks. 6
15 GCS Used half back as starting point before drifting forward. Booted four goals and was dangerous. 8
16   Calf.  
17   Calf.  
18 Ess Was electric early giving Hurley problems on the lead. Evasive skills were good too kicking a couple of peelers. Finished with 4.2 7
19 Melb Lively start in attack, then troubled by calf problem and done for the day in third quarter. 3
20   Calf.  
21   Calf.  
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  

2016 Season

1 Adel Three first-half goals were critical in keeping the team in the game. 6
2 Bris Huge presence up forward and proved unstoppable with five goals. 9
3 Melb Struggled in first half, but came to the fore when required after main break. 7
4 Frem Continued fine start to the season with another four goals. Came to life after a slow start. 7
5 GCS Set up plenty of goals for his team mates and booted two late goals. 8
6 WB Got away to a flying start. Clear-cut best forward on ground with four goals. 8
7 StK Kept under tight rein by Saints defence. 4
8 Ess Two goals but one was a gift from Mason Wood injury. Well held by Hartley. 4
9 Carl Didn’t touch ball in opening term but lifted in second and ended with two goals. 5
10 Syd Worked up the field early to get a kick then just couldn’t get into the game. Struggled. 4
11 Rich Rance made sure he didn’t get an easy kick, but he kept presenting in attack. 5
12 Geel Didn’t kick a goal with Taylor on his wheel. Had to come up the ground to get a kick. 4
13   Hip.  
14   Hip.  
15   Hip.  
16   Hip.  
17 Port Stewart matched up on him. Was OK in first term, but ran out of steam. 3
18   Hip.  
19 StK Started OK then hip problem suddenly flared up. A big concern. 3
20   Hip.  
21   Hip.  
22   Hip.  
23   Hip.  
EF   Hip.  

2015 Season

1 Adel Poor debut from the ex-Blue. 2
2 Bris Provided a target in first half with four goals. Finished with seven goals. 8
3 Port Well held all night by Homsbch. Just one shot for goal – out on the full. 3
4 Geel Ended with three goals but held for large parts by Taylor. 6
5   Hamstring.  
6 Rich Butchered chances in front of goal. Only goal came at 20min mark of third term. 4
7 Ess Two posters in first term but hit scoreboard when it was needed late. 6
8 Frem No impact. Kicked two behinds but never looked threatening. 4
9 Coll Kicked three goals but should have had five or six. Missed proved costly. 6
10 WCE Made a meal of chances then injured knee late in third term and was done. 2
11 Syd Well beaten by Laidler. Took a few grabs but form is so inconsistent. 2
12 GWS Lively in attack with three goals and contested hard in air. 6
14 GCS Consolation last-quarter goal failed to mask a terrible game. 2
15 Geel Two goals but a few wayward misses. Continues to frustrate Roo fans. 5
16 Ess Good dual with Hurley. Took a great mark in defence drifting down. 5
17 Bris Struggled. Subbed-out in third term. 4
18 Carl Worked up the ground and looked up for contest against old mob. 6
19 Melb Work-rate first class and underpinned a three-goal performance. 7
20 StK With three touches to half time likely to be subbed. Strong third term crucial. 5
21 Frem No impact in first half, but came into it in third quarter. 6
22 WB Picked up by Wood and he dragged the Dog out of the play early. Kicked three. 6
23   Rested.  
EF Rich Repaid faith of club with four big goals on finals stage. Energetic and influential. 8
SF Syd With Petrie controlled he was main tall forward. Continued strong finals. 8
PF WCE Dangerous early but dropped a few marks and couldn’t impact scoreboard. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Port Huge mark at start then quietened by Homsch til half time. Two goals. 5
2 Rich A leader in the revival but missed seriously gettable chances. 5
3 Ess Couldn’t get near the ball and never dangerous close to goal. 2
4 VFL Booted two goals but didn’t do enough for a quick recall.
5 WB Got on top of Young early and helped set up. 7
6 WCE Booted two goals and had 20 touches. Worked hard all night. 7
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10 Adel Three early marks and late goal was key but fairly well held by Talia. 5
11 Bris Very ordinary against Clarke and gave away critical 50-metre penalty at end. 2
12 Geel Started down back before getting pushed forward. Five marks but no goals. 3
13 Haw The fact he was rarely able to beat the smaller Cheney hurt team. One goal. 4
14 GWS In his fifth straight game is slowly building some form. 5
15 VFL Conditions didn’t help, but was barely involved at all.
16 VFL Dangerous in front half with 3.2. Gave Magpies’ headaches.
17   Calf.  
18 NM Late inclusion had a good start with early goal. Looked goods in second term 7
19 Frem Led McPharlin to the footy enough to be dangerous. Seven marks, three goals. 7
20 GCS Torched May with four early goals. Finished with five and was irresistible. 8
21 Geel Two goals but generally well held by Lonergan in the one-on-ones. 5
22 Port Kicked the Blues’ first goal and then unsighted. 3
23 Ess Never stopped trying in enthralling battle with Hurley. Presented well; 11 marks. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1   Calf.  
2   Calf.  
3   Calf.  
4   Calf.  
5 VFL Got through unscathed after a long lay off. Pleasing.
6 Melb Great return highlighted by 10 marks (three contested) and two goals. 7
7   Suspended.  
8 Port Subbed off for final term after providing a lead-up target. His hands were sticky. 6
9 Bris Brilliant. Had 12 marks (seven contested) and kicked three goals. 8
10 GWS Moved well for three goals. A great battle with Mohr. 6
11 Ess With seven goals this was the sort of game Blues have dreamed of. 9
12 Haw Kicked two goals but team went to him too often. Beaten by Gibson in the end. 4
14 Syd Conditions made life tough for key forwards. Worked hard for no reward. 3
15 Coll Off midway through opening term with knee injury and did not return. 0
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20 WB Still a bit rusty and wasn’t able to impact the game consistently up forward. 4
21 Rich Shifted to defence and was a steadying influence. Looked right at home. 6
22 Ess Beaten by Hurley and got himself into strife at times in defence. 5
23 Port Only one goal but it was important at the end of the game. 6
EF Rich Did all he could early from limited chances. Only all day forward, four goals. 7
SF Syd Richards cut off his limited chances. Three goals and was only target. 4

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Picked up by Rance early. Modest stats but important to forward set-up. 4
2 Bris The game Carlton has longed for: 12 marks, five goals and dominant. 9
3 Coll Strong target in first half and helped by fact that Reid left field. 8
4 Ess Looked a match-winner with 13 marks but wasted chances. Kicked 0.3. 6
5 Frem Just one goal and five marks as McPharlin proved difficult to beat. 4
7 StK Blake his shadow all night and was well beaten – zero marks inside 50. 2
18 VFL First game back and looked rusty. Got through OK.
19 Syd Started at full forward on Grundy. Marked strongly but lacked support. 6
20 Bris Hardly sighted early but moved better after half time. 4
21 Ess Returned to form with three first-half goals en route to five. Fans salivating. 8
22 GCS Undid his good work with poor goalkicking. 6
23 StK Good target in attack and bagged five goals. 7