#2   Hawthorn

Age: 32yr 10mth Games: 254 Born: Jan 23, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 98kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Announced as new captain and after a year battling cancer has looked as sharp as ever. Great signs for big year.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Kicked two goals in first game back for over 12 months and worked hard when the ball hit the deck.okay without starring. 5
2 Adel Struggled to get into the contest in first half and similar second. Still trying to find his feet after long absence. 4
3 GCS Tried valiantly all evening and booted three goals. Needed more support. 7
4 Geel Skipper struggled. One inside-50, one clearance and one tackle to go with 13 effective disposals. 4
5 WCE Booted three goals in first win as skipper and grew in confidence as the game wore on. 6
6 StK Laboured around the ground for much of the day. Missed two shots in final term. Forgettable day. 4
7 Melb Skipper worked hard and was rewarded with four critical goals in a tight game. Best game of the season. 8
8 Bris Was well beaten by Andrews on the day. Did provide good leadership up forward and was used in the middle at times. 4
9 Coll Reasonable game between ruck and full forward, but no goals. 4
10 Syd Quiet until final term where he stepped it up. Kicked match-winner from 50, then dropped into defence for key contest. 5
11 Port Had to trundle well up the Adelaide Oval to get a kick. Slotted set shot goal in final term after errant Wines kick and ended with two. 6
12 GCS Skipper couldn’t get into the contest at all either forward or in the ruck. Hard to believe he had 21 disposals. 4
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Led from the front, wasn’t afraid to throw his weight around. 7
15 Coll Pushed up the ground when he could to get involved. Sealed game with a goal from the ruck with three minutes remaining. 7
16 GWS Roamed around and got going late. Had a score levelling shot smothered. Thought he might pinch another one for the Hawks 5
17 Geel Skipper battled hard for 21 disposals. Five inside-50s and six score involvements. Missed a couple of chances at goal. 6
18 Frem Showed his leadership when the team needed it. Kicked two goals. 6
19 Syd 2 important goals turned the match, instrumental in the win. 8
20 Rich Didn’t get to celebrate 250th game. Got involved at times when up the ground and kicked one nice set shot goal. 5
21 NM The captain delivered in spades. Vital first goal of the final term to halt the Roos momentum. Finished with eight marks and three goals. 7
22 Carl Not a great night by the skipper. Just the 1 goal and 2 marks. Beaten by Jones. 4
23 WB Jagged three goals in the first term and ended the night with five in what was a solid contribution from the skipper. 8

2016 Season

1   Knee.  
2   Knee.  
3   Knee.  
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Ill.  
10   Ill.  
11   Ill.  
13   Ill.  
14   Ill.  
15   Ill.  
16   Ill.  
17   Ill.  
18   Ill.  
19   Ill.  
20   Ill.  
21   Ill.  
22   Ill.  
23   Ill.  
QF   Ill.  
SF   Ill.  

2015 Season

1 Geel Two first quarter goals and three for the match. Good battle with Taylor. 6
2 Ess Couldn’t get near it until second half when thrown into ruck and defence. 4
3 WB Talia couldn’t stop him at any stage. Too strong and bagged seven goals. 8
4 Port Uncharacteristic display from the strong forward, well beaten by Carlile. 4
5 NM Ended with three goals thanks to ample supply but Tarrant did a decent job. 6
6 GWS Good but not great. Failed to lift in the last term when the game was there to be won. 5
7 Melb McDonald had his measure early but had a big second half – 14 score assists. 7
8 Syd Richards kept him from winning footy in dangerous spots. Lot of footy down back. 6
9 GCS Has hit a flat patch in form and may held him. 2
10 StK Mixed bag on Delaney. Late goals inflated his contribution. 5
12 Adel No goals but six tackles and five clearances when resting in the midfield. 5
13 Ess Work-rate huge. One goal but 16 CPs and seven clearances 8
14   Ill.  
15   Ill.  
16 Syd Return match produced five goals. Looked dangerous all night. 8
17 Carl Sent scare through camp when went down in third but returned. Two goals. 7
18 Rich Worked hard but struggled to get into game in ruck or forward. One mark. 4
19 WCE Off target. Should have kicked more than one goal. 5
20 Geel Huge game highlighted by two goals and 11 CPs. 8
21 Port Tweaked knee in first term but returned and was OK in attack without starring. 6
22 Bris Kicked three goals and had a big afternoon roaming up from attack. 7
23 Carl Got the better of Jamison in attack and ran through midfield with purpose. Four goals. 7
QF WCE Had a howler by his standards but never gave up. 5
SF Adel One kick/no marks in a quiet first half. Lifted slightly but form a slight concern. 5
PF Frem Two goals, 12 CPs, five marks and slowly found some form. Needs big game. 6
GF WCE Only one goal – “stolen” from Rioli – but strength and size were vital in attack. 7

2014 Season

1 Bris Slow start but a beast after half time to finish with five goals. 7
2 Ess Looked on fire early but wilted to end with one goal and two inside-50s. 4
3 Frem Kicked a couple of goals. Usual work ethic. 5
4 GCS A powerful force in attack and also when he played up field. Four goals. 6
5 Geel Taylor wore him tight. No goals and three marks. Quietest day he’s had for a while. 3
6 Rich Quiet day in attack. Given run on ball late in day. 4
7 StK Basically did as he liked on Delaney – four goals as well as creating others. 7
8 Syd Held by Richards/Reid/Grundy then kicked two goals in two minutes late. 5
10   Suspended.  
11 GWS Two goals but generally well held by Mohr. Only three marks. 4
12 WCE Dominant. Kicked eight goals and tore West Coast apart. 9
13 Carl Three goals but only four marks in an absorbing battle with Rowe. 6
14 Coll Engrossing duel with Frost. Kicked three goals and a strong presence. 7
15 GCS Too strong for Suns and with accuracy would have kicked a bag. 6
16 NM Started well on Thompson but didn’t take a grip on the game. 5
17 Adel Laid a game high ten tackles and had three inside-50s. 4
18 Syd Goaled in opening 35 seconds then had a lull before adding three second-half goals. 7
19 WB Clearly best forward afield and looks in cracking form with six goals. 8
20 Melb Kicked five to take lead in the Coleman Medal. Reported for tripping though. 7
21   Suspended.  
22 Geel Two first-quarter goals and three for the match in great battle with Taylor. 6
23 Coll Four goals and should easily have kicked six. Tuned up nicely for September. 7
QF Geel Got the Hawks’ first goal but wasn’t a major factor until last-quarter goal sealed win. 5
PF Port Dominant forward on ground with six goals and stood up when it counted. 8
GF Syd Slow start but a five-goal effort on Richards capped off excellent finals series. 7

2013 Season

1 Geel Had Taylor for company and found it tough. 4
2 WCE Had the better pf Schofield in attack. 6
3 Coll One goal from three effective disposals in first half. Ended with three. 5
4 Frem Bounced back after a few quiet weeks with four goals. 7
5 NM Chipped in and did his bit but wasn’t dominant. Took a saving mark late. 5
6 Adel Only one goal but a thorn in the side of the Crows all game. 7
7 Syd Two goals in a minute to start second term a highlight of his four-goal game. 8
8 GWS Overpowered Bruce with five goals. 8
9 GCS Slow start, but came into his own and had big last quarter. 6
10 Melb Kicked three but generally well beaten by Garland. 5
12 Carl Great effort whether forward (four goals) or as a midfielder with his presence. 7
13 WCE Had four goals to half time, which proved critical. Ended with five. In career best. 8
14 Bris Strong presence in attack and even bad corkie didn’t stop him. 7
15 Geel Great battle with Taylor/Mackie and ended with two goals. Has played better. 6
16 Port Only 12 disposals but kicked five goals and outplayed Trengove. 8
17 WB First goal, tough battle with cousin Jordan, got the better of him late. 3 goals. 7
18 Ess Superb a goal in second term and ended with four in another big game 8
19 Rich Beaten by Chaplin all day. One of few games he went goalless. 3
20 StK With five goals too big and strong for anything St Kilda offered up. 8
21 Coll Quiet night after last week’s best on ground. Held by Brown but toiled away. 3
22 NM Splendid in first half when Hawks were struggling. Four goals. On way to b&f? 7
23 Syd Strong presence in front of goal and booted four goals. 7
QF Syd Richards on top of him early, but fought back to an extent in second half. 4
PF Geel Held for much of first half and second half was even more barren. 3
GF Frem Poor first half looked like trend, but kicked two goals in third and finished well. 5

2012 Season

2 Geel On Taylor. Started with a team lifting goal and made an impact. 6
3 Adel Working hard on the road back. Played a kick behind the ball. 6
4 WCE Tried hard but he had a tough task against two quality ruckmen. 4
5 Syd Booted five goals in first half but then Hawks couldn’t get it to him. 6
6 StK Superb back-up for Hale in first ruck. Slotted two goals as well. 8
7 Melb Bullocked hard in packs. Solid input. 6
8 Frem Kicked four goals and set the standard in forward half. 7
9 Rich Kept working forward and midfield but not a huge concern to Tiger coaches. 5
10 NM Quiet by his standards but did some good blocking work for Franklin. 4
11 Port Acting captain kicked two great left foot snaps and aided David Hale in ruck. 7
12 Bris Bullocking work in attack and on the ball. 6
14 Carl Started in fine fettle and did his bit with three goals and helped in ruck. 5
15 GWS Six second half goals, including four in last term, was highlight of day. 8
16 WB Both goals came in final term and great battle against Lake. OK in ruck too. 7
17 Coll Great battle with Reid. Kicked three and played a cameo role behind others. 6
18 Ess On Fletcher. Good all-round game as key forward with occasional ruckwork. 6
19 Geel Huge whether in the ruck or up forward to be among the Hawks’ best. 8
21 GCS Solid game and worked hard from go to whoa. 6
22 Syd Didn’t get into the game at all in a quiet display forward or ruck. 3
23 WCE Did it at both ends and in the ruck. Won 11 contested possessions. 7
QF Coll Didn’t have a kick in the first half and only two (one goal) for the match. 4
PF Adel His game mirrored the sides as he struggled to get going. Dropped marks. 5
GF Syd Matched on Grundy initially. Helped in ruck at times- not as effective forward. 4