Jarryn GEARY

#14   St Kilda

Age: 30yr 9mth Games: 164 Born: Jun 23, 2021
Height: 182cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   His appointment as captain is being lauded within the four walls where he has long been seen as an important voice.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Melb Won't remember his first game as skipper favourably. Part of a backline that was machine-gunned. 4
2 WCE Put his body on the line with a Kennedy collision. Did a really good job on LeCras too. 7
3 Bris Had a close run-with job on Zorko and did it very well for long periods. Brave in the air and on the ground. 7
4 Coll Picked up Fasolo and matched him overhead, giving him a torrid afternoon. Imagine he’ll be among the coach’s votes. 7
5 Geel Great job on Menzel who did kick two goals but for most part Saint skipper was his master. 7
6 Haw Never gave an inch in the back half. Attacked the ball when needed and defended strongly. Taken well to captaincy. 7
7 GWS Skipper’s highlight was one ripping tackle on Patton. Stats modest but played a role in the victory. 4
8 Carl Locked down on the dangerous Wright and was hard at the contest. 6
9 Syd Usual wholehearted effort down back but didn’t seem to have a suitable match-up. 4
10 WB Against the odds he had his work cut out in the back half. 3
11   Bye.  
12 Adel Conceded two goals to Eddie Betts but won the overall battle. 6
13 NM Excellent in defence from start to finish and showed the way. 7
14 GCS Resolute game in defence and continued good recent form. 6
15 Frem Led well in defence and had 21 possessions. 6
16 Rich Excellent skipper's game and showed the way. Hauled in a speccy to top it off. 7
17 Ess Tried hard to staunch the flow but was overwhelmed . Plenty of rebounds. 5
18 Syd Strong defensive game against the weight of numbers and never conceded. 6
19 Port Had to handle R.Gray and Wines when they were forward. Steady. 5
20 WCE Skipper gave a tough unrelenting display in a grueling game which suited him down to the ground. 7
21 Melb Had Garlett’s measure for much of the day until the little Dee bobbed up late. 7
22 NM Effective stopping role down back and worked industriously for four quarters. 6
23 Rich Copped heavy knock in early stages and took no further part in the game. 0

2016 Season

1 Port Seven rebounds from defensive 50, consistently thwarting Power attacks. 5
2 WB Tough night at the office opposed mostly to McLean. 3
3 Coll Superb job on Fasolo (two goals) who only looked dangerous for a brief period in the final term. 8
4 Haw Made a few errors but held Rioli in check all day. Copped a heavy knock in final term. 6
5 GWS Never gave up but had some less than satisfying moments down back. 3
6 Melb Fine job and kept Garlett in check for four quarters 7
7 NM Defender was solid on a variety of Roos small forwards 6
8 WCE Couldn’t cope with Le Cras and co. in Eagles’ front half. 3
9 Ess Disposal was scrappy, particularly early but remained hard at it. 5
10 Frem Had important job on Walters and strong in contests. Kicking was a worry. 5
11 Adel Good job on Betts for three quarters. 6
12 Carl Fierce and committed tackler in defence, but kicking often sub par. 5
14 Geel Tough and gritty game down back opposed to Menzel. 7
15 GCS Tried hard but was part of a defence under bombardment. 3
16 Ess Hard nut all game and was able to pressure Dons small forwards. 5
17 Melb Had task on Garlett and did a mighty job, plus kicking two goals in five minutes. 8
18 WB Tough and uncompromising down back and was unrelenting all night. 6
19 NM Did a strong job on Thomas and didn’t let him cut loose. 6
20 Carl Strong game by hard bitten defender. 6
21   Back.  
22 Rich Journeyman’s job in defence. 5
23 Bris Playing well until an arm injury forced him from the field. 5

2015 Season

1 GWS Solid game but not quite back to his best yet. 5
2 GCS Successful in close checking role on Ablett and others. 7
3 Coll Fine goal early and OK if not spectacular. 4
4 Carl Won a share of the ball himself but Bell got away from him. 5
5 Ess Reasonable job in Colyer. 4
6 WB Messy by hand and foot in opening exchanges but better when Saints were flying. 5
7   Thigh.  
8   Thigh.  
9 Bris Had big job on Green and was uncompromising and hard. 5
10 Haw Very good down back on Breust both defensively and in running ball out. 7
11 Melb Strong and resolute in defence all day. 6
13 WB Very good job on Dahlhaus. 7
14 Ess Matched on Cooney and Zaharakis and did hard-nosed job. 6
15 GWS Did well on Smith especially in first half. 6
16 Rich Honest toiler in back half. 6
17 Melb Strong defender in first half and always contested hard. 6
18 Port Acting skipper was rock hard in defence as usual. 6
19 Frem Made to work hard to contain small Freo forwards, but turned in an honest game. 6
20 NM Had job on Harvey and held him in first half. 5
21 Geel On Gregson and was reasonable but had a few clangers. 5
22 Syd Picked up Cunningham and others. Disposal was not consistent. 5
23 WCE On LeCras and did OK at times, but couldn’t contain him. 3

2014 Season

1 Melb Hard-nosed worker in defence and on the ball. 5
2 GWS Handed a challenging role and ward but stuck to his guns. 5
3 WCE On Le Cras til Eagle injured early. Hard and tough game. 6
4 Adel Good job to lock down Betts. 6
5 Ess Picked up Melksham and contained him. 6
6 Bris Consistently hard and resolute down back. 6
7 Haw Hurt ligaments in elbow and subbed off in 100th game. 2
8   Elbow.  
9   Elbow.  
10   Elbow.  
11   Elbow.  
12   Elbow.  
13   Elbow.  
14   Elbow.  
15   Elbow.  
16   Elbow.  
17   Elbow.  
18   Elbow.  
19   Elbow.  
20   Elbow.  
21 VFL Going well in first game back until injuring calf.
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  

2013 Season

1 GCS Next best Saint to Armitage. Worked tirelessly and won a heap of the footy. 7
2 Rich Good jobs on King and Martin, but not as much of the ball as the previous week. 5
3 GWS Great endurance and run. 6
4 Ess Did some good work in defence and put his body on the line. 5
5 Syd Excellent first half with one-touch handling. One of comp’s biggest improvers. 7
6 Coll Very accountable game on Sidebottom and kept him out of the game. 7
7 Carl Began on Scotland then did a top job on Murphy. Developed into a nice player. 7
8 Adel Hard job on Thompson but didn’t let him dominate. 5
9 WB On debutant Hrovat and Dahlhaus and had trouble with both. 3
10 NM Had run-with job on Harvey and copped attention from other North players. 3
11 WCE Solid game in a variety of roles – both back and forward. 6
13 Melb Honest game on Davey although stats probably inflated his actual effect. 5
14 Rich Battled on as spare in defence at times. 5
15 Frem Troubled early but then improved. 4
16 Carl Combative game and was well on top of Garlett for most of the night. 6
17   Knee.  
18 Geel All sorts of troubles early on Motlop and moved. Tried hard but struggled. 4
19 Bris Did a fair job on the dangerous Zorko. 5
20 Haw Made sure Rioli didn’t get anything easy. 6
21 Syd Had a huge second quarter with 12 disposals and a great trier right to end. 7
22 GCS Hard working game on the dangerous Hall. 6
23 Frem Committed defender who put in a big one. 7

2012 Season

1 Port Had 23 disposals but kicking lacked power. 5
2 GCS Stuck to his task in the backline. 5
3 WB Stuck doggedly to his task in defensive role. 6
4 Frem In the best form of his career in defence and had a good game. 6
5 Melb On Davey. Purely negating and did well apart from a couple of hiccups. 5
6 Haw Had his hands full as Rioli ran riot. 3
7 Carl Picked up Garlett and worked hard. 5
8 WCE Not a memorable game. 4
9 Syd Courageous attack on the ball led to head clash and was subbed off. 3
12 Adel Sub came on third term and did some good work in defence. 4
14 NM Strong little goer who was prominent in first half. Gritty worker bee. 6
15 Ess Solid and reliable, kept Davey to two kicks. 7
16 Bris Steady rather than spectacular in defence. 5
17 Syd Evenly balanced contest with McGlynn. 5
18 WB Had the better of Dahlhaus. 6
19 Coll Improved footballer but disposal sometimes let him down. 6
20 Melb Read the play very well across half back. 7
21 Geel A much improved footballer whose hardness at the contest was excellent. 7
22 GWS Strong game with plenty of run from half back. 7
23 Carl Strong across four quarters. 6