#18   GWS Giants

Age: 26yr 7mth Games: 113 Born: Apr 01, 2021
Height: 196cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Star forward left out of win over West Coast has hit the ground running. Due to play this week against the Roos.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Some cheap goals at the back but didn't work hard enough. 6
2 GCS Ended with six goals and really feasted after half time when the Giants got well on top. 8
3 NM His ground game, aided by a sharp turning circle, reaped three goals as he gave North’s talls no end of trouble. 7
4 Port Just the one goal and Jonas did a fine job, but still found a way to contribute at times without hitting scoreboard. 4
5 Syd Kicked three behinds before his first goal, but then marked strongly and got his tail up. 7
6 WB Jagged three goals in second term and another in the fourth proved a crucial contribution in a tight game. Only had 10 kicks. 8
7 StK Brilliant soccer goal to open the game and ended night with 2.3. Couple of questionable snaps missed. 5
8 Coll Dragged Giants back into game with three second-term goals (six for game). Too much quality for Pie defenders. 8
9 Rich Booted three goals, including one with a minute to go that put the Giants in front and broke Tiger hearts. 7
10 WCE Worked into the game. At his best in the second half. Kicked two goals. 6
11 Ess Well held for long periods, but came into the game in the final term. 6
12 Carl Apart from one set-shot goal in second term he was well beaten by Marchbank. One goal from eight kicks. 3
13   Bye.  
14 Bris Tag-teamed nicely in attack with Patton to land some killer goals. Too strong for McStay. 8
15 Geel Won 19 disposals but only one goal and for long periods wasn’t a factor. Quiet one by his standards. 5
16 Haw Took a back seat to the Jon Patton show. Six marks and played more centre half forward to make room for The General 5
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19 Frem Didn’t impose himself in the forward line against numerous direct opponents. Seen better days. 4
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 WCE First game since Round 19. Struggled to make any real impact up forward. 3
23 Geel One goal in second quarter and three for the game made him the side’s best forward; 12 disposals. 6
QF Adel Started well at half forward, then injured hamstring and sat out the second half. 3
SF   Hamstring.  
PF   Hamstring.  

2016 Season

1   Suspended.  
2   Suspended.  
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5 StK Returned with four first-half goals and ended with five despite being eased in with limited minutes. 7
6 Haw Three goals, but not doing much aside from getting on the end of things. Only five possessions. 4
7 Frem Always struggles in Perth. Needs to push up the field more. 4
8 GCS Lively in front of goal across all four quarters to finish with 7.2. 8
9 WB Led the way early with three of his five goals coming in the opening term. 6
10 Adel Couldn’t break the shackles of Talia and hampered by leg issue. 4
11 Geel Beaten point blank by Taylor. Only third time gone goalless from last 64 games. 1
12 Syd Well held by Rampe – just couldn’t stamp his dominance on the game. 2
13 Ess Well held by Ambrose for the most part. Ended with two goals from seven kicks. 4
14 Carl Managed to kick three goals despite being beaten by Rowe. 4
16 Coll Started well with early goals. Even though chances limited finished with five. 7
17 Bris Dominated until the rain came in third term. Kicked three and gave a few away. 7
18 Port Two goals from three attempts, not a night for tall forwards. 5
19 Rich Made to work hard by Rance for his two second-half goals. 4
20 GCS Booted four goals though hampered with leg injury in second half. 6
21 WCE Lean run continues by inaccuracy was costly in the end – including late snap that didn’t score. 3
22 Frem Played second fiddle to Patton, but still provided a dangerous forward presence. 6
23 NM Barely sighted for much of the night but took Tarrant away from Patton. 3
QF Syd Gave Rampe headaches from the outset. Third-term burst set up win. Booted 4.4. 8
PF WB First kick came at one-minute mark of final term. Had a dead-set howler. 1

2015 Season

1 StK Made most of every opportunity. Four goals from six kicks. 6
2 Melb Just the one goal despite avalanche of inside 50 entries. McDonald had his measure. 3
3 Syd Richards had his measure and mustered just two goals. Good learning experience. 4
4 GCS Could have kicked 10, but ended with 4.6. Suns defenders had no answers. 8
5 WCE Got smashed early and refused to lead up at the ball for most of the night. 3
6 Haw Instrumental effort from the key forward. Seven straight goals and eight marks. 9
7 Carl Too good form Rowe but supply was pinpoint. Another bag of five. 8
8 Adel Reported early and was kept fairly quiet by Talia. 4
9 WB Few chances early but well held by Roberts. Three goals. 5
10 Bris Slow start but got into the game after half time to end with three goals. 6
11 Coll Brown wore him tightly and gave no room. Two goals but workrate was down. 3
12 NM Lacked supply and was unable to shake Thompson. 4
14 Rich Two goals, including a goal of the day in a great battle with Rance. 5
15 StK By far the most dangerous forward on the field with five goals. 8
16 GCS Wasteful day in front of the sticks, managed to boot two goals. 5
17 Geel Held goalless by Taylor and managed only four marks. Well beaten. 3
18 Frem Overcame an elbow to the face and uncomfortable strapping for 2.3. 6
19 Ess Got away from Carlisle more as GWS got on top. OK without starring. 6
20 Port Three goals from four attempts but little else. 5
21 Syd Kicked three goals but was starved for opportunities. 5
22 Carl Seven second-half goals to make up for a quiet first hour. Unstoppable in end. 9
23 Melb Ended with two goals but McDonald had his measure for much of afternoon. 4

2014 Season

1 Syd Had to earn every touch on Richards but still booted four important goals. 6
2 StK Saints closed him down effectively. 4
3 Melb Weather didn’t suit his game but young star battled on. 5
4 WB Kicked 3.2 from just eight touches. Needs to get his hands on the ball more. 5
5 Adel Two goals but well held by Talia. 5
6 GCS Engrossing battle with May and took his opportunities for four goals. 6
7 Port Quiet forward, went back after half time and matched it with Westhoff. 5
8   Ear.  
9   Ear.  
10 Rich Started in defence on Vickery before shifting to attack. Can’t sniff it at the moment. 3
11 Haw Well beaten by Schoenmakers and could offer only one goal. Arm injury? 3
12   Suspended.  
13 Bris Looked sore and sorry all game but still bagged four goals on Clarke. 5
14   Ankle.  
15 Syd Struggled for fitness on his return from an ankle injury. 4
16 Adel Well beaten by Talia and again looked hampered. 3
17 Frem Ended with 2.4 but at least won some footy in dangerous positions. 5
18 Geel Battled Lonergan and managed just one goal. Forced up ground for 10 marks. 6
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2013 Season

1 Syd Zero disposals in first term and ended with one goal for the day. Well held. 2
2 Port Started well but then was reined in. Talent is there to see. 5
3 StK Hardly seen in disappointing first half and Fisher never let him into it. 2
4 Melb Well contained by Frawley and was mostly a bystander. 3
5 GCS No doubts about his talent. Needs to work on defensive side and in-the-back frees. 5
6 Ess A mammoth first half. Marked beautifully and kicked six goals in a fine display. 8
7 Adel On Talia and kicked three goals from limited chances. 5
8 Haw Kicked four goals and once again showed in a heavy defeat what a talent he is. 7
9 WCE Three goals from limited opportunities in another excellent performance. 8
10 Carl Two goals but was well beaten by Jamison in the one-on-ones. 4
11 Geel Superb with 4.4, including two rippers in the second term. A star. 8
12 Port Held goalless until well into the final term. Ended with two goals. Spent time back. 3
14   Ill.  
15 WB Missed some opportunities early but finished with three goals. 6
16 Syd One-man show up forward with another three goals. Sent back in the final term. 6
17 Ess Kicked another four goals as he races towards 50 for the year. 7
18 Coll A genuine superstar. Five first-half goals and ended with seven in a marvellous display. 9
19 Melb McDonald did a good job, but he still kicked four goals and took six marks. 6
20 Frem Exploded in second term with three goals and ended with four. Ball hardly got to him. 7
21 Bris Did well from limited opportunities. Kicked two and gave away another. 6
22 Rich Blanketed by Rance and looked desperately out of form. Amazing turnaround. 1
23 GCS Could muster only two goals and looks like he will appreciate season’s end. 5

2012 Season

1 Syd Few chances in attack but did better when shifted to defence in third. 3
2 NM Kicked three goals in third term and ended with four. Genuine talent. 6
3 WCE Struggled to get into the game and subbed out. 1
5 WB Star in making kicking five goals. Imagine when he touches it 20 times. 8
7 GCS Seemed to want to wrestle instead of jumping at the footy, managed a goal. 3
8 Bris Well held by Maguire. 4
9 Ess Got better as match went on; 10 marks and three of the seven goals. 7
10 Geel Dangerous early with two goals but touched the ball once in second half. 4
12 Rich Kicked three goals, took five marks and had nine inside-50s in a strong display. 7
13 Melb Underlined his class to kick three goals despite limited opportunities. 5
14 Syd The promising young key forward was taught a lesson by the Sydney defence. 3
15 Haw Kept presenting all game but fumbled a few opportunities. Reported as well. 3
16 Adel One of the Rising Star fancy’s quieter days, finishing goalless. 3
18 Coll Had to move further up the ground to secure possession, but still kicked 2.3. 5
19 Port Took a while to ease into the game, but kicked 3.3 and was key late in game. 5
20 GCS Kicked two goals and copped a couple of heavy knocks. 5