Age: 30yr 0mth Games: 88 Born: Aug 05, 2020
Height: 190cm Weight: 91kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Underwent left elbow surgery in January and faces a delayed start. Not great timing with competition for spots high.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Port One-paced player whose reputation as a fringe player still holds after a very quiet afternoon. No impact on flow of game. 5
2 WB Opposed to Picken for lots of the contest and that proved a tough task. Jagged one goal but generally pretty quiet. 4
3 NEAFL Good effort down back and constantly drove the ball out of defensive 50. 22 possessions.
4 NEAFL Bye.
5 NEAFL Controlled the back half superbly. Took 11 marks and didn't give Giants forwards an inch.
6 Carl Struggled to impact the flow of the game despite 14 touches. Doesn’t hurt opponents when he gest it. 4
7   Achilles.  
8 NEAFL Did his bit down back against an overmatched Canberra outfit.
9 NEAFL Very good down back. Didn’t give an inch and rebounded strongly.
10 NEAFL Did what was needed down back and was a rebounding machine.
11   Bye.  
12 NEAFL Dominated the back half and drifted higher up the ground to be a force through middle.
13 NEAFL Took 10 marks and had six inside 50s roaming far and wide in big win.
14 NEAFL Did his job down back with 16 touches and five rebounds.
15 NEAFL Steady game in defence. 19 possessions and six tackles.
16 NEAFL Impassable in defence. 32 possessions, 11 marks and constantly thwarted the Suns attacks.
17   Senior emergency.  
18 NEAFL His 25 disposals were almost all perfect, going at 88 percent efficiency.
19   Bye.  
20 NEAFL Had a bit to do down back with the speed that the ball was entering the Lions attack.
21 NEAFL Did what was needed, but with Swans dominating, wasn’t extended a great deal.
22 NEAFL Influential down back with his rebounding, but also driving the ball into attack.
23 NEAFL Bye.
EF NEAFL Not as influential as he can be in the back half.

2016 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Coll Kept Gault scoreless and got quite a bit of the ball himself. Underrated player in defence. 7
2 Carl Loves playing against the club that shafted him. Rarely put a foot wrong down back. 7
3 GWS Matched up on former teammate Steve Johnson in a heated contest. 4
4 Adel Did the job on Wayne Milera, nullified his output. 6
5 WCE Heavy knock and landing first quarter and benched form quarter time. 1
6 Bris Never got a stat in first quarter yet finished with 16, collected mainly in defence. 5
7 Ess Another workmanlike performance in the backline. 5
8 Rich Zoned off in back half but didn’t impact as many contests as he’d like. 4
9 Haw Solid down back early and did his bit. 5
10 NM Roamed across defence to lend assistance to fellow backmen. Steady night. 6
11 GCS Good defensive game and took a couple of strong marks. 5
12 GWS Executed his role in back half on Patton. 5
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15 WB Solid cog in the wheel down back. 4
16 NEAFL Pushed forward to drive the ball into attack often and defended well.
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20 NEAFL Easy day in back half. Too classy for raw opponents.
21 NEAFL OK down back without starring. 18 touches, four rebounds.
22 NEAFL Drive out of defence was brilliant with seven rebounds.
23 NEAFL Bye.
QF   Rested.  
SF Adel Back into team and played a handy role in the back half. Important cog with Mills out. 6
PF Geel Good honest game down back. Should hold his spot. 5
GF WB Had Stringer for a lot of the day and pretty stout in that role. 5

2015 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Ess Went on to Cooney in second term and did well. 7
2 Port Role player continues to do a job for the team. 5
3 GWS Four rebound 50s and did what he had to but can’t afford to get comfortable. 5
4 Frem The defence was under massive pressure early but fought back as a group. 5
5 WB Took Dickson for large parts and kept him off the scoreboard. Steady. 6
6 Melb Not much to do in the back half. Only five disposals in second half. 5
7 Geel Modest stats but played his role at half back for the most part. 6
8 Haw Played his role, particularly in final term when game was on the line. 5
9 Carl Showed courage in one marking contest and did his job as a defender. 4
10 GCS Kept opponent in check and rebound was useful. 4
11 NM Beat former teammate Waite in a key win for the team. 7
13 Rich Provided penetration at times at half back. 6
14 Port Quiet night offensively and forced to play tall when Richards went off. 4
15 Bris Did his job without fuss down back. Fitting in well alongside veterans. 5
16   Ankle.  
17 WCE Under siege down back and did what he could without starring. 5
18 Adel On Lynch and had his share of the ball although the Crow was their best. 5
19 Geel Swamped in the back half and unable to influence flow of the game. 4
20 Coll Extra in defence until hamstring strain caused him to be subbed at half time. 4
21 GWS Had Hoskin-Elliot’s measure all afternoon in defence. 7
22 StK Won a lot of the ball in defence and distributed mainly by hand. 5
23 GCS Gave away some free kicks but much better second half. Steady player. 6
QF Frem Gave his all at half back. One long goal a highlight. 7
SF NM Gave his all across half back and clearly among the best. 7

2014 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Worked hard at half back but like others disappeared late. 5
2 NEAFL Needs to do more to return to senior action.
3 Adel Playing only his second game for the Swans, wandered forward for a goal. 4
4 NM Surprisingly, the defender was the Swans' only multiple goalkicker. 7
5 Frem Decent job on Mayne as part of the team's strong defensive effort. 5
6 Melb Did brilliantly quelling Howe and came off his man to win the footy. 7
7 Bris Got five of 13 touches in last term. Nothing out of the ordinary. 5
8 Haw Thrown task on Breust at times and let him get away on occasions. 4
9 Ess Played a number of roles down back and did them all with equal effect. 6
11 Geel Steady down back against old team. Didn’t make mistake when ball near him. 6
12 GCS Didn’t have a big day in terms of numbers but kept Matera quiet. 6
13 Port Freed up behind the ball but wasn’t able to get hands on it enough. 3
14 Rich Reliable in defensive role. 5
15 GWS Against Whitfield and Bugg, very accomplished once more. 6
16 WCE Solid effort down back and helped chop off plenty of Eagle attacks. 6
17 Carl Didn’t see much of the ball but continues playing his role in defence. 5
18 Haw Quiet game down back. Wasn’t a big factor. 4
19   Senior emergency.  
20 Port Late call up for the injured Nick Smith and played well on Trengove. 6
21 StK Assured and reliable down back. 7
22 WB Sub. On at three quarter time for Tippett, didn’t have much to do. 1
23   Senior emergency.  
QF NEAFL Solid showing, finishing with 20 possessions.
PF   Senior emergency.  

2013 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 PM Struggled on Edwards down back. Not his best game.
2 Coll Not his best outing and was on and off the ground. 4
3 VFL Played forward and kicked three goals. New role perhaps?
4 VFL Pushed forward to kick a goal but still not at top form.
5 VFL Played forward again and presented well. Drifted out late.
6   Senior emergency.  
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Slow start but worked into the game to play a role.
9 VFL Bye.
10 VFL Kicked three goals and was dangerous up forward especially early.
11 VFL Used in the front half again. Tried, but was beaten.
12 VFL Kicked a goal and worked hard to present up forward.
13 VFL Played forward and struggled to make an impact. Delivery wasn’t the best though.
14 VFL Moved back after starting forward. OK, but not enough for a call up.
15 VFL Presented well up forward, but was let down by poor delivery.
16 VFL Bye.
17 VFL Used in defence this week and found some good form.
18 VFL Toiled hard down back to keep Tiger talls under control.
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Ankle.  
22 VFL Used at both ends with good effect. Kicked a nice goal.

2012 Season

Played for : Carlton

1 Rich Matched on taller Vickery at start, but did a very good job all night. 7
2 Bris Good early but not a big night. Ball didn’t come his way. Subbed off 5
3 Coll Had wide range of opponents ranging from Dawes to Wellingham. Solid. 6
4 Ess Battled on bravely to play a solid game after early knee injury. 5
13 VFL Re-injured his knee before half time and didn’t return.