#20   West Coast

Age: 27yr 7mth Games: 80 Born: Apr 15, 2021
Height: 196cm Weight: 99kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The now-lynchpin of the back half has gotten stronger over summer and is now an imposing figure. Another big season ahead.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 NM Chopped the ball off well in back half (12 marks) but copped a knock to the midriff just on quarter time. Did his job. 7
2 StK Marked well. Had some issues with his kicking early. Not a typical night for him though. 5
3 Rich One of his worst games. No influence in the first half and played catch up. 4
4 Syd Started in attack and rewarded with a first-half major then thrown behind the ball at stages. Ended with two goals. 6
5 Haw Started forward again then went into ruck. Took some nice marks, but wasn’t really a factor. Slight knee tweak in final term? 5
6 Frem Dominated the marking contests early when Freo couldn’t get past him. Finished with 13 grabs 9
7 Port Like Barrass, started well, but was overrun by the amount of inside-50’s coming in (68 – 39). Some big grabs late. 5
8 WB Looked really dangerous early. The Dogs put some time into him in defence and that stopped him. 6
9 Ess Had a day to forget down back. Torched by Daniher then thrown forward to limit Hurley. 3
10 GWS Strong game. Defended hard early and then started taking marks. Had three contested marks. 7
11 GCS Swung between attack and defence and never really settled into his rhythm. 5
12   Bye.  
13 Geel Used forward for much of the might. Missed two chances for goal but kept providing a target and worked hard. 5
14 Melb A marking machine. Took five contested grabs and kicked three goals. 8
15 WB Superb clean marking at full forward created opportunities, although conversion not his strongest point. Went back late. 6
16 Port Played forward and back. Never settled and it impacted on his form. 4
17 Frem Fremantle targeted him. Still took four contested marks and kicked one goal when he pushed forward. 5
18 Coll Just reads the play like a kid's book. One of the game’s best interceptors. 7
19 Bris Played forward and then relieved Petrie in the ruck. Kicked one goal. 5
20 StK Loomed a s a danger but overall was kept within reasonable bounds. 5
21 Carl Marked strongly all night. Stopped plenty of attacks from the Blues. 8
22 GWS Uncharacteristically fumbled and dropped some marks. Balanced that with his good moments. 5
23 Adel His marking in the second half was vital. Looked injured early. 7
EF Port Tried to sag off Marshall to help out Mackenzie on Dixon. Intercept work in final term immense. 8
SF GWS Started in great touch intercepting in defence, but then Giants got smarter and were able to bypass. Still Eagles best. 7

2016 Season

1 Bris Hurt his shoulder early. Got through the game but wasn’t a facto. 3
2 Haw Alternated between attack and defence. Took a few marks but lacked overall impact. 4
3 Frem Not a great deal to do. It was a tough night for big men. 4
4 Rich Dominant in the air. Took five contested marks. 7
5 Syd Gave 100 per cent and stood in Sydney’s way on many occasions. 7
6 Coll Powerful in marking contests. Looked sore. Still took nine marks though. 5
7 Geel Won some ball early but rolled the dice a lot as a defender and his numbers didn’t come up. 5
8 StK Big unit who was an effective performer. 6
9 Port Struggled for any impact on the game, his intercept marking was not on show. 4
10 GCS Only four marks but didn’t get many chances to shine in defence. 5
11   Ill.  
12 Adel Took four contested marks and was under huge pressure in defence. 6
13 Bris Smothered first-gamer Hipwood and marshalled troops in defence. 6
15 Ess Essendon couldn’t get the ball past him. He kept taking marks. 7
16 NM Took six marks and five of them were contested. 7
17 Carl Took Jaksch to the cleaners and marked ball brilliantly in defence. In best. 7
18 Melb His ability to read the ball in the air saved West Coast many times. 7
19 Coll Marked well in back half at times but unable to influence the contest as he can. 5
20 Frem His intercept marking was a highlight of the day. 7
21 GWS Had troubles with Lobb’s mobility and length. Just the four marks down back. 5
22 Haw Hawthorn struggled to get the ball past him. He plucked marks all night. 7
23 Adel No brother love lost after a crunching tackle on Mitch in the second term. 7
EF WB Dogs were able to nullify his intercept marking ability. Went forward late but struggled. 4

2015 Season

1 WB Had to go to Boyd and did a superb job. Skill still need work but big effort. 7
2 Carl Henderson threatened to get off chain early but he worked into the contest. 5
3 Frem Good on Pavlich until injury curse struck again. Subbed off with knee injury. 6
4 Bris Another who gained a pass mark without being brilliant. 5
5 GWS Part of a dominant backline. Took eight marks. 6
6 Port Makeshift defender continues to shine on the last line of defence. 5
7   Calf.  
8 StK Useful in defence. 5
9 Geel Couple of nice defensive marks and had Clark beaten when on him. 6
10 NM Took Waite for the most part and battled hard. Just two marks. 5
11 Ess Hurt early then got corked again. Struggled to run so eventually subbed out. 3
12 Rich Plenty of intercepting marks in first term down back and maintained standard.. 7
14 Melb On Dawes and did well after the Dee got two early goals. 6
15 Adel The ball wasn’t in defence much. Had his hands full early. 5
16 Coll Lined up on Cloke but that lasted briefly. Hurt hamstring in third term, subbed off. 5
17   Hamstring.  
18   Hamstring.  
19 Haw Hurt his hamstring after defending well. 5
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 Adel Copped a heavy knock to the shoulder and struggled after the hit. 5
23 StK Performed well in defence and took three contested marks. 7
QF Haw Injured early but returned. Possession numbers low but played a role. 3
PF NM Went with Waite for periods and one of many to get better after half time. 5
GF Haw Had Roughead at times and worked hard under difficult circumstances. 6

2014 Season

1 WAFL Forward-turned-defender solid with 20 possessions, five marks.
2 WAFL 12 possessions and four inside 50s against Swans.
3 WAFL 18 disposals and 10 marks in strong showing in defence.
4   Senior emergency.  
5 WAFL Strong in defence again with 20 possessions, 10 marks.
6 Carl Kicked a goal on debut and then got subbed. 3
7 WAFL Solid down back on return with 16 touches, seven marks.
8 WAFL Solid in defence and then two goals when shifted forward.
9 WAFL Bye.
10 WAFL Bye.
11   Senior emergency.  
12 Haw A real find. Took 10 marks, had presence and kicked two goals. Fantastic game. 8
13 GCS Again showed real promise with contested marking. Mostly against day. 6
14 StK Only took four marks but had too much height for Gwilt and bagged three goals. 5
15 Frem Continues to catch the eye in attack with two goals but missed a few. A real find. 6
16 Syd Subbed out after having a nightmare afternoon opposed to Grundy. 1
17 Bris Always looked a danger in attack. 6
18 Rich Started well but not sighted after that. Three disposals after quarter time. 3
19 Adel Played as the plus one in defence repelling many Crows attacks. 7
20 Coll Defensive task on White and easily had his number. Took 12 marks. 7
21 Ess Cool marking under pressure and again showed lots of potential. 5
22 Melb Continued development in defence opposed to Fitzpatrick (two goals). 5
23 GCS Played down back but day ended in third term with a severely rolled ankle. 4

2013 Season

1 WAFL 10 possessions and two goals for Claremont.
2 WAFL Went down with a serious ankle injury.
3   Ankle.  
4   Ankle.  
5   Ankle.  
6   Ankle.  
7   Ankle.  
8   Ankle.  
9   Ankle.  
10   Ankle.  
11 WAFL 12 disposals and two goals in first game back from broken ankle.
12   Didn’t play for Claremont.  
13   Ankle.  
14 WAFL Nine disposals and a goal in Claremont reserves.
15   Hip.  
16 WAFL Bye.
17 WAFL Bye.
18   Ankle.  
19   Ankle.  
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2012 Season

1 WAFL Presented well for Claremont. 14 touches, one goal.
3 WAFL Only five disposals for Claremont.
4 WAFL 10 touches, six marks and a goal for Claremont.
6 WAFL Eight touches, 11 hit outs and a goal with Claremont.
8 WAFL Good in ruck/forward with 18 touches, 24 hit outs.
10 WAFL Nine possessions and seven hit outs for Claremont.
11 WAFL Struggled in the wet for eight possessions for Claremont.
13 WAFL 15 touches, eight marks, 24 hit outs and a goal.
14 WAFL Seven disposals, 13 hit outs and two goals for Claremont.
15 WAFL OK with 11 touches and 11 hit outs for Claremont.
17 VFL 17 touches, 11 marks, 15 hit outs and three goals.
18 WAFL 15 touches, seven marks, 11 hit outs and two goals.
20 WAFL 12 touches, six marks and 15 hit outs for Claremont.
21 WAFL 14 touches and two goals for Claremont.
22 WAFL 17 touches, seven marks, eight hit-outs for Claremont.
23 WAFL Quiet for Claremont with 11 touches and six hit outs.
EF WAFL Quiet for Claremont with nine touches, five marks.
PF WAFL 10 touches, four marks and 12 hit outs in Claremont premiership.