#1   Melbourne

Age: 24yr 9mth Games: 52 Born: Feb 12, 2021
Height: 195cm Weight: 100kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Didn’t finish the 2016 season as he’d wish, but has dropped weight and has been imposing in JLT Series. Ready to explode.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 StK Saints could not contain him as a marking forward who showed willingness to work up field. 8
2 Carl Didn’t kick a goal and lost his cool a few times, but some of his work at ground level in the final term was very important. 5
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5 Rich Ended with three goals – two from frees, but workrate up and down the ground was very good. Supply wasn’t great at times. 6
6   Personal leave.  
7 Haw Couldn’t get near it up forward then came to life late in third term to help side arrest the momentum. Three goals. 6
8   Ill.  
9   Ill.  
10   Ill.  
11   Ill.  
12   Ill.  
13   Ill.  
14   Ill.  
15   Ill.  
16 Carl First game back produced one goal from six kicks. Will get better with more game time. 3
17 Adel Hands were a bit off and missed a sitter, but worked hard and was a bit stiff at times with a few decisions. 5
18 Port Best game since return. Booted three goals in the first half, then continued to hit up at half forward. 7
19 NM Not easy opposed to Tarrant in such windy conditions. Injured arm/shoulder in third term and was done. 2
20   Collarbone.  
21   Shoulder.  
22 Bris Back from a broken collarbone and was enormous with six goals. The matchwinner in the end. 8
23 Coll Injured hamstring in the second term and didn’t return. Wretched year. 1

2016 Season

1 GWS Towelled up by Davis early then went into middle to get going. Huge final term with three goals. 6
2 Ess Woeful. Didn’t have a shot for goal until final term. Needs to snap out of form funk. 2
3 NM Three first-half goals and imposed himself after starting in the centre square. Needed to kick late shot. 7
4 Coll Had Brown for company but escaped enough to jag two goals. Worked into defence at times to help steady team. 6
5 Rich Held goalless by Rance and had to work up the ground to get a kick. Side still kicked 20 goals. 4
6 StK Marking was too strong for Fisher and others. Five goals by half time and seven all-up. 9
7 GCS Considering the volume of footy was surprisingly well held to just the one goal. 4
8 WB Beaten in first half (apart from one hanger) and only goal came late. Set shots a disaster. 4
9 Bris Led to the ball early by Merrett by got the better of the match-up with five goals. 8
10 Port Could have kicked a bagful opposed to Hombsch but left kicking boots in Melbourne. Tried hard. 7
11 Haw Dropped two early marks and led to the ball too often early but created contests. 5
12 Coll Three goals, two in second term, helped side put a gap on the Pies. Nine marks. 7
13 Syd Grundy wore him tight and only able to hit scoreboard deep in final term. 4
15 Adel Kicked three goals and made his presence felt in marking contests and on the deck. Solid. 7
16 Frem Worked hard up ground to exhaust Dawson. Should have kicked six but missed a few easy ones. 8
17 StK Kicked one and missed a few. Frustrated by constantly being held and reported for stray elbow. 4
18 WCE Pushed up the field to win his possessions. Only one shot for goal. 5
19 GCS Spent a lot of time up at half back and held goalless for second straight week. Hurt knee and hobbled. 4
20   Knee.  
21 Port Missed two set shots in two minutes in the third term, needs to tidy up his run in. 2
22 Carl Took 14 marks – mostly up the ground, but inaccuracy in final term cruelled any momentum. 5
23 Geel Woeful effort highlighted by embarrassing body language. Three marks, one goal. 1

2015 Season

1 GCS On debut had the presence of a 100 gamer. Huge mark late iced the cake. 6
2 GWS Two first half goals and had a real presence in attack. Supply then evaporated. 5
3 Adel Strong hands despite the wet conditions, looks a player. 6
4 Rich Made Rance look second rate at times. Two goals—already a star. 7
5 Frem Just one goal in good battle with McPharlin but worked hard. Will have learned a bit. 5
6 Syd Despite poor supply continued to work hard to find the footy. 6
7   Soreness.  
8 WB Took nine marks, kicked three goals and provided a huge presence. 8
9 Port Kept up his two goal average and showed a strong workrate all afternoon. 6
10 Coll Couldn’t get away from Frost. Only goal came in first term then a non-factor. 3
11 StK Stood out like a beacon in a team that lacked skill. Five quality goals. 8
12   Hamstring.  
13   Hamstring.  
14 WCE Just the one goal but worked well up the ground to find the footy. 6
15 Ess Tough day at the office. Tried hard for six marks. 5
16 Bris In the end was the difference between the teams. Workrate immense. 8
17 StK On Fisher. Always looked a threat but delivery to him was sub-standard. 4
18 Coll The best key forward on the ground and had a good battle with Brown. 7
19 NM Hammered Thompson to end with four goals. Star is on the rise. 8
20 WB Starved for opportunities in opening half but fought on to end with three goals. 6
21 Carl Goalless and either played front behind or given horror delivery. 3
22 Frem Got frustrated by Dawson. Still kicked two goals. 5
23 GWS Put in one last reminder for Rising Star judges with three goals despite being wayward. 7

2014 Season

1   Back.  
2   Back.  
3   Back.  
4   Back.  
5   Back.  
6   Back.  
7   Back.  
8   Back.  
9   Back.  
10   Back.  
11   Back.  
12   Back.  
13   Back.  
14   Back.  
15   Back.  
16   Back.  
17   Back.  
18   Back.  
19   Back.  
20   Back.  
21 VFL Got through return game OK but understandably rusty.
22   Back.  
23   Back.  

2013 Season

1   Rested.  
2 VFL Super impressive up forward. A future star.
3 VFL Four goals and was a behemoth up front.
4 VFL A hulk up forward with four goals. Too good.
5 VFL Copped a corkie early and took no further part.
6   Thigh.  
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Battled to get into the game up forward. Quietest game so far.
9 VFL Dominant display with five goals and a truckload of contested marks.
10 VFL Had a good tussle with Blake and continued to compete hard.
11 VFL Super impressive again. 15 possessions, nine marks and 2.5.
12 VFL Bye.
13 VFL Starred again with 23 disposals, 12 marks and 4.3. Imposing presence.
14 VFL A goliath up forward with six goals, 10 marks and 21 possessions.
15 VFL Bye.
16 VFL Left one-out due to injuries elsewhere. Ended with three goals.
17 VFL Wasn’t aided by horrible delivery but Steinberg had his measure.
18 VFL Dominated again up forward. 25 disp, 12 marks, three goals.
19 VFL Two early goals but then Brown and Rivers got on top.
20   Rested.  
21 VFL Injured his knee early and took no further part.
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  
QF   Knee.