Age: 31yr 10mth Games: 128 Born: Jan 09, 2021
Height: 196cm Weight: 103kg Position:

2017 Digest:   He’s quick and has a knack for turning opponents inside out. Still on the improve and looks a lock as the starting full forward.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 WB Ran hard, marked well when in the van and generally earned his pay cheque. 6
2 Rich Again the Pies’ best forward. Suddenly showing footy smarts (apart from a late bump) to go with his athleticism. 7
3 Syd Cracking long goal in second term against old mob and continued to work hard. 6
4 StK One kick in first half from limited chances as Carlisle had his number. Three for the game. 2
5 VFL Used mostly in attack with spurts in the ruck. Had 10 hitouts but failed to hit the scoreboard at all.
6 VFL Used in a number of roles with 12 hit outs, five marks, 14 disposals and two goals. Senior recall unlikely this week.
7 VFL Spent time in the ruck, as well as attack. 26 hitouts but influence waned the longer the game went.
8 VFL Did some good things then tweaked a hamstring.
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11   Hamstring.  
12   Hamstring.  
13   Bye.  
14 VFL Wasn’t a massive factor overall in the win.
15 VFL Rotated through ruck with Howe. 17 hitouts and four inside 50s. Fair.
16 VFL Booted two goals and gave Lynch a chopout in the ruck. Okay.
17 VFL Presented well in the forward line at times but didn't find much of the pill. Two goals.
18 VFL Stinker in the forward line but when he was moved into the ruck, he was a lot better. Had a positive impact late.
19 VFL Poor showing with just 11 disposals and one mark.
20 VFL Played through the ruck and a few other roles. Did his bit.
21 VFL Rumbled around for 15 possessions and a couple of goals. A few weeks left in his career.
22 VFL One of the Pies best. Did really well when sent into the ruck after half time.
23 VFL Used in ruck at times as well as a key forward. Booted one goal.

2016 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1   Played in VFL trial against Coburg.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Geelong.  
3 VFL Handy outing without starring. Might get a chance due to underperforming forwards.
4 Melb Down back on Pedersen among others and just hopelessly out of sorts. 2
5 VFL Pies’ biggest ball winner with 24 in new role in defence.
6 VFL Five rebounds to go with six inside 50s and 23 touches. Big game.
7 Carl Played forward and kick two goals then went back to fill gaps after Reid injury. Not the worst. 6
8 Bris Had the better of Harwood and worked with Grundy and Cox to expose the Lions’ defence. 7
9 Geel Two goals handy in context of game and made no any glaring mistakes. 5
10 WB Hardly had an impact in first half, but more effective in closing hour. 6
11 Port Missed three sodas – one from the goalsquare. Disappointing outing. 3
12 Melb Tried hard to present in what was a solid effort in a beaten side. Six marks, six inside-50s. 7
14 Frem Hardly got into it in first half. Improved a bit later on, but not a big factor. 3
15 VFL Serviceable up forward and then did some fine work down back in second half.
16 GWS Impressive aerial strength in attack resulted in 10 marks and three goals. 7
17 Adel Didn’t hit the scoreboard, and more in the play when he went into the ruck. 5
18 NM Couldn’t get into it early but lifted in second term and ended with a couple of goals. 4
19 WCE Kicked a goal and worked hard with McGovern as his minder. Not his best but fair. 4
20 Rich Astbury had his measure for most part. Five marks, one goal. 4
21 WB Began on Hamling. Not a big game. 4
22 GCS Ended with three goals but should have kicked six. One of his best games in black and white. 7
23 Haw Threatened at times up forward for two goals. Injured knee in third but returned. 6

2015 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1 Bris Great tussle with Merrett. Eight marks made him an effective go-to man. 7
2 Adel Missed some marks but not the worst of the Magpie forwards. 5
3 StK Apart from a couple of noteworthy efforts well contained by Fisher. 4
4 Ess Grabbed two marks but failed to hit scoreboard. Thrashed by Hurley. 3
5 Carl On Jaksch and bobbed up on occasions. 4
6 Geel One-grab marking contrasted his flakey finishing, much like Cloke. 4
7 Rich Two goals and a horrible miss from directly in front. Winning the footy at least. 5
8 GCS Hot streak in the second quarter and bagged four goals. 6
9 NM Kicked a goal from the boundary but wasn’t a factor other than that. 3
10 Melb Horrible first half (5 disp) and kept theme going in second half. 2
11 GWS 100th game and celebrated with three goals. Made most of touches. 6
13 Frem Even with inexperienced opponent couldn’t get into game. Missed sitter late. 1
14 Haw Gibson matched up on him. Couple of goals, but didn’t make other chances. 4
15 Port The enigma was serviceable. 5
16 WCE Needed a big performance on weakened forward line. Outmarked by smalls. 1
17 WB Ended with two goals but wasn’t the strong marking target required. 5
18 VFL Goalless in conditions that didn’t suit at Point Gellibrand.
19 VFL Kicked four goals and was a headache for the Blues' defence.
20 VFL Kicked 3.4 and was very good early. Slowed down late.
21 VFL Booted two majors and gave a strong leading target.
22 Geel Late inclusion kicked one goal but was anything but convincing. 4
23 Ess Two goals but again just teased rather than satisfied. Ended up in the ruck. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Collingwood

1   Calf.  
2 Syd Very quiet in first game against his old side. 3
3 Geel Two goals in second term a highlight of an even game. 5
4 Rich Three goals and the key target in attack. Impressive night’s work. 7
5 NM Two early goals when side was doing most damage. Unsighted second half. 5
6 Ess Goals in second and third terms were main contribution – three nice marks. 6
7 Carl Rowe picked him up at first and he had a very subdued night. 2
9 Adel Gift goal early, bobbed up occasionally, but not overly influential. 3
10 WCE Early goal but then struggled. OK in ruck late but only one mark for the night. 4
11 StK Started OK and finished well. Seemed to relish ruck freedom. 5
12   Finger.  
13 WB Quiet. Had no influence as a forward. 2
14 Haw Finished goalless and lacked any presence in attack. 2
15 Carl Struggled to get involved with Rowe on his hammer. No goals. 3
16 VFL Used in defence on Waite and was fair. Moved forward too.
17 Ess Against Hurley got hands on it early but kicking wayward. Faded away. 3
18 Adel Two first-quarter goals then went right of the game. Must offer more. 4
19 Port Just three marks and no goals but put himself in play when in the ruck. 5
20 WCE Can’t possibly stay in the side. One goal, two marks simply not enough. 3
21 VFL Kicked four important goals and was strong in the ruck.
22 GWS Two important goals but must build on that in final game of the season. 4
23 Haw Got into dangerous positions but didn’t make most of them. Two goals. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 NEAFL Rucked for most of the game. Extremely influential.
2 NEAFL Competed well in the ruck against Gorringe and Nicholls.
3 NEAFL Dominant performance in ruck, tap work was outstanding.
4 NEAFL Rucked well again. Provided Bird with a host of clearances.
5 NEAFL Bye.
6 NEAFL Worked hard when the ball hit the deck. OK in ruck.
7 Haw Not sure he’s the answer either up forward or in the ruck. Struggled. 3
8 NEAFL A goliath up forward with 10 goals. Unstoppable.
9 NEAFL Chipped in with four goals to support Walsh.
10 NEAFL Kicked five goals and took over the game late.
11 Adel Desperate to make every post a winner and kicked three goals. 6
13 Port His play up forward was non-existent but did manage seven hit-outs. 3
14 Carl Found the conditions tough up forward and spent patches in the ruck. 3
15 NEAFL Did well in the ruck and pushed forward to kick a goal.
16 GWS Sub. Came on for McGlynn and took his chance with three second-half goals. 4
17 WCE A handful for defenders taking some important contested marks. 6
18 Rich Seized the chance as he has over past month and bagged four goals. 7
19 WB Wing was starting position and generally quiet. 3
20 Coll Had enjoyed a good month, but this was a return to the bad old days. 3
21 StK Nine marks showed that he is putting his hand up for a finals spot. 7
22 Geel Absolutely zero impact up forward. Had to come up ground to get a kick. 3
23 Haw Kicked three goals and gave Lake plenty to think about. 6
QF Haw Mixed bag. At times athletic but sometimes looked ungainly. 4
SF Carl Showed athleticism at times from centre half forward – 4 inside-50s but no goals. 5
PF Frem Had to work right up the ground to get a kick and that suited Dockers. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

3 Port First game of the year and he chimed in with two great goals. 6
4 NM Back-up in ruck for Seaby and did enough to suggest he can hold place. 4
6 NEAFL Kicked three goals playing both forward and in the ruck.
7 Rich Couldn’t get into the game. Lowered his colours to Grimes and Rance. 2
8 NEAFL Kicked four goals, including three in a purple patch.
10 NEAFL Played up forward, even through midfield. Pretty good.
11 NEAFL Added two goals. Rotated between ruck/forward.
13 NEAFL Chipped in with three goals but was outbodied a few times.
14 NEAFL Controlled the ruck for the Swans in absence of Seaby.
15 NEAFL Started forward but forced to ruck with Seaby injury. Fair.
17 NEAFL Kicked six goals up forward.
18 NEAFL Played a fair bit of ruck, was beaten. Kicked a late goal.
19 NEAFL Key contributor as the Swans main ruckman.
20 NEAFL Did well as the main ruckman. Got the Swans going early.
21 NEAFL Good again as the number one ruck against Longer.
22 NEAFL Another good effort as the number one ruck.
23 NEAFL Continues his good recent form in the ruck.
SF NEAFL Best ruckman on the ground. Last month has been great.