Age: 35yr 8mth Games: 305 Born: Dec 04, 2020
Height: 187cm Weight: 89kg Position: DEF/MID

2016 Digest:   Veteran signed a one-year deal extending his glittering career into a 15th season. Knee injury kept him out for three months last year and is playing with a point to prove after some had written him off. Trained strongly and no surprise to see him turn a few heads in the twilight of his career.

2016 NAB Cup:   Rested from first match then stepped in for a solid two hit-outs to tune up. Veteran ready to prove a few people wrong this year.

2016 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Steady and then stepped up in final term to be a critical factor. 6
2 GWS Ten contested possessions and four clearances but not a huge factor. 5
3 Bris Did his bit around the ball without starring. Icing on the cake these days. 5
4 Ess Kicked Cats’ only goal of third term but unsighted for much of the day. 4
5 Port Quiet first half (six disposals) but did set up a goal. Lifted to end with a nice tally. 5
6 GCS Best game for the season. Got it and used it in dangerous positions. Six clearances. 8
7 WCE Getting to best. Five clearances and some sound work with ball in hand. 7
8 Adel Intercepted superbly at times and used the ball with care. Steady at half back. 6
9 Coll Second quarter lifted and ended as Cats’ best floating across half back. 8
10 Carl Tried hard playing predominantly at half back. Led team with seven tackles. 6
11 GWS First half critical in keeping Cats in the game. Got to some great spots – five inside-50s. 7
12 NM Solid again playing more forward of centre. Two goals and great ball use. 7
13 WB Provided drive between the arcs in another solid display. Seven tackles. 8
14 StK Not the same influence as previous weeks. Just seven effective disposals. 3
16 Syd Battled hard but impact not pronounced – eight effective disposals. 5
17   Managed.  
18 Adel Huge game highlighted by nine clearances, eight inside-50s, 17 CPs. 8
19 WB Celebrated game 300 in style. Iced it with a goal in the final minute. 7
20 Ess Not as productive as recent weeks but battled away. Six inside-50s. 5
21 Rich Just 10 effective disposals and one inside-50. 4
22   Rested.  
23 Melb Kicked three goals and played his part. Appeared to farewell crowd post game. 7
QF Haw Played defensive role on Gibson and did that job pretty well. Handy touches. 6
PF Syd Last game? Tried super hard to lift and one of few to make a difference. 7

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Battled hard but some of what he did didn’t come off. Did what he could. 5
2   Concussion.  
3 GCS Injured medial ligament in first term and subbed off. 1
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6   Knee.  
7   Knee.  
8   Knee.  
9   Knee.  
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12   Knee.  
13   Knee.  
14 VFL Best for Cats’ in first VFL game in 10 years. 30 possessions.
15 NM First game back for 12 weeks and grabs 41 touches. Wow. 9
16 WB Quiet first half but warmed up when game went on the line. Eleven tackles. 6
17 GWS Helped keep the pressure with his presence around the ball. Five tackles. 6
18 Bris Spent time in back half and made every possession count. Eight marks. 7
19 Syd Fine performance playing predominantly at half back. Play reading brilliant. 8
20 Haw Not as good as previous week and had a few problems down back early. 5
21 StK Decision making not at its usual impeccable standard. OK but not his best. 5
22 Coll Off night. Won the ball but didn’t use it as well as he can. 4
23 Adel Got better the longer the game wore on. Six clearances, four tackles. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Adel Celebrated game 250 with four goals, including three in blistering second term. 8
2 Bris Patfull wore him but he made most of chances for two great goals. 5
3 Coll Didn’t hit scoreboard but was all over the field to be a factor in victory. 6
4 WCE Team high 15 contested possessions, two goals, 11 inside-50s, nine marks. 9
5 Haw Defensive pressure was first class and found plenty of footy to boot. 8
6 Port Gave his all in attempt to lift team – six inside-50s and eight marks. 7
7 Rich Dangerous forward all match and workrate was enormous. 7
9 Frem Tried hard up forward with odd stint in midfield. Not his best night. 5
10 NM Brilliant first half in middle then two final-term goals to ice game. 9
11 Syd Did all he could playing forward and at times loose in defence. 6
12 Carl Swung all over the field and had some deft touches. Influential. 7
13 StK Did as pleased all day with six inside-50s, 13 marks and five tackles. 8
14 GCS Not his best night but kept toiling as best he could. No goals no inside-50s. 5
15 Ess When game was there to be won stepped up with 10 disposals in final term. 8
16 WB 15 tackles, five inside-50s and a goal in conditions he relished. 8
17 Melb Garland wore him pretty well when matched to him. Quieter game. 5
18 GWS Quiet effort by his standards but contributed a goal and five tackles. 5
19 NM Couple of ripping one-handed marks to ice another steady performance. 7
20 Frem Two first-quarter goals and ended with three. Could easily have kicked five. 7
21   Thigh.  
22 Haw Played predominantly forward and provided a steady effort. One goal. 6
23 Bris All over the place and used the ball brilliantly. Five inside-50s and 11 cont poss. 8
QF Haw Looked dangerous with couple of brilliant marks, two goals, six tackles. 7
SF NM Made some uncharacteristic mistakes; not a great night for the veteran. 5

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw His second half was a key to the victory. 7
2 NM Kicked winning goal and used footy well with each of his disposals. 7
3 Carl Huge again. Hit targets, worked both ends and was decisive with the footy. 8
4 Syd Showed his versatility by helping to shore up the defence after quarter time. 7
5 WB Starred at half back. Ball use brilliant and always in the right spot. 9
6 Rich Could be All-Australian half back. Huge in role after half time after two early goals. 8
7 Ess All over the ground and did the right thing at the right time, as always. 7
8 Coll After shaky start worked into it match. Key role on O’Brien in third term. 6
9 Port All over the field to be clearly among best players in another impressive effort. 7
10 GCS Positioned himself brilliantly all over the field and had eight inside-50s. 9
11 GWS Laid some crunching tackles and won 10 contested possessions. Steady. 6
13 Bris One of side’s most consistent – found space and used footy pretty well. 7
14 Frem Quiet first half but lifted immeasurably after half time. Huge third term a key. 7
15 Haw Huge first term then Sewell nullified him then he went to half back. Solid. 7
16 Melb Played well predominantly across half back – 15 disposals were kicks. 6
17 Adel Made key plays backward of centre and probably in Cats’ top four. 7
18   Suspended.  
19 NM Used back in first half then pushed forward later. Even without starring. 7
20 Port Quietest game of year numbers wise but chimed in for a goal. 5
21 WCE Dominated playing all over the place – five inside-50s, five rebound 50s. 8
22 Syd Towelled up O’Keefe. 8
23 Bris The general of the defence. Doubtful side would have won without him. 8
QF Frem Did all he could from half back – one of few Cats to use the ball well all match. 7
SF Port Went to full forward in second half and grabbed 13 disposals to be a key. 7
PF Haw Played variety of roles including defender. Couldn’t question his effort. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Frem Used across half forward and onball for 21 touches and three goals. 8
2 Haw Quiet first half but stepped it up after half time to play a key role. 7
3 NM Stationed himself across half back in attempt to stem tide. Battled hard. 7
4 Rich Crucial again at critical times. One last quarter effort was brilliant. 7
6 Melb Kicked two first-half goals when others could not then subbed out for a rest. 6
8 Coll Efficiency down but stayed involved with six tackles, four score assists. 6
9 WB Used forward and showed class with nine touches and a goal in final term. 6
10 GWS Key role when game tight in first half. 13 contested possessions. 8
11 Carl Solid again. One piece of play to set up goal in third term was brilliant. 7
13 Syd Helped settle the side when he went to half back. Good second half. 7
14 Port Efficiency down a little on his normal output but played a role – 13 cont poss. 6
15 GCS Seven inside-50s and four rebounds indication of his workrate. 7
18 Adel Influence on contest far outweighed numbers. Competitiveness first class. 7
19 Haw Laid nine tackles, had five inside-50s and a two goal assists. Handy. 6
20 WCE Not a huge influence first half but lifted noticeably late when team tired. 6
21 StK Won 11 contested possessions and worked hard in close for six tackles. 6
22 WB Steady effort without setting game alight. Grabbed team-high four clearances. 6
23 Syd Huge second term a highlight of another polished display – 12 cont poss. 7
EF Frem Tried super hard but you know when’s he’s fumbling that things are crook. 6