Age: 34yr 6mth Games: 221 Born: Feb 08, 2021
Height: 190cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Looks rejuvenated after his year out of the game and form in pre-season has been outstanding.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 Haw Laid a game-high eight tackles to go with his 26 possessions. Provided the grunt in the middle which allowed others to flourish. 7
2 Bris Game high 34 touches, beating is direct opponent Beams by one. Instrumental in last quarter when game in balance. 9
3 Carl Nine tackles and 14 contested possessions highlighted another solid performance from the former skipper. 7
4 Adel Struggled to keep up with the speed and intensity of the game. 4
5 Coll Typical centreman’s game accumulating touches and doing a lot of grunt work. 5
6 Melb Had seven clearances but that was all he did. Unable to run and looked extremely slow on the spread. Needed a break. 4
7   Rested.  
8 Geel Veteran ball winner mixed good and bad. Helped keep the wheels turning but played second fiddle to others in the middle. 6
9 WCE Best game this year and was super clean with his hands in tight. A big positive. 8
10 Rich Battle-hardened ball winner. Five clearances but tellingly he didn’t have an inside-50 for the night. 6
11 GWS Good in tight in midfield slog. Six clearances and 28 possessions. 7
12 Port Rewarded for his work with a goal and was very good around the stoppages. 8
13   Bye.  
14 Syd 10 possessions in first half and missed a few chances to hit the scoreboard. Steady after main break, but not at his best. 6
15 Bris Kept working inside and his nine tackles were the most by any Bomber. 6
16 Coll Back to something closer to his best with 23 possessions, four clearances and five inside-50s. 7
17   Soreness.  
18 NM At one stage had one kick and 13 handballs. Finished with 7 kicks from 27 disposals. Big body was useful. 7
19 WB Off the pace with his speed and decision-making. A worrying outing in terms of his future. 4
20 Carl Struggled. Not sure where to from here. Ended the match with 11 possessions and two kicks. Interesting week ahead. 2
21 Adel Couldn’t make an impact in the first half, but lifted side with a goal. Workmanlike. 5
22   Rested.  
23 Frem Back to his best around the stoppages. Had eight clearances and was clean when others weren't. 8
EF Syd Career ending contest saw the veteran gather 20 possessions. Hats off to a great competitor and great person. 4

2016 Season

Played for : Essendon

1   Suspended.  
2   Suspended.  
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5   Suspended.  
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8   Suspended.  
9   Suspended.  
10   Suspended.  
11   Suspended.  
12   Suspended.  
13   Suspended.  
14   Suspended.  
16   Suspended.  
17   Suspended.  
18   Suspended.  
19   Suspended.  
20   Suspended.  
21   Suspended.  
22   Suspended.  
23   Suspended.  

2015 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 Syd Usual strength on packs and quality leadership. 7
2 Haw Started in head to head duel with Hodge then continued to win ball when it mattered. 7
3 Carl Nine inside-50s, five clearances, a goal and some gut running. 9
4 Coll Only three kicks in first half then lifted after main break. Below his best. 6
5 StK Weller stuck close to him but he couldn’t be quelled. 7
6 Frem Never stopped working. Kicked 1.2 and had 28 disposals. 7
7 NM Eleven touches and two goals in first half sparked team. Tried valiantly. 7
8 Bris Quiet day by his standards and was closely tagged. 5
9 Rich Lifted in third but had his colours lowered by Miles. 5
10   Groin.  
11 WCE Fought hard. Good in tight. Needed more support. 7
13 Haw Quiet one by his standards. Only 14 effective disposals well down on the norm. 5
14 StK No kicks in first half and is clearly playing under injury difficulty. 2
15   Shoulder.  
16   Shoulder.  
17   Shoulder.  
18   Shoulder.  
19   Shoulder.  
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.  

2014 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 NM North refused to pick him up and he dominated first half and kept going hard. 9
2 Haw Had Langford on his tail but work-rate ensures he always finds plenty of ball. 7
3 Carl Wasn’t his dominant self but didn’t need to be. 6
4 Frem Had Crowley for company and struggled to break free to provide normal influence. 4
5 StK Worked hard as ever and won ball relentlessly when others didn’t. 7
6 Coll Used forward in patches to break Macaffer tag but impact well down. 5
7 WB Went forward in the second half to kick two goals and become influential. 6
8 Bris Clearly best man afield and powered Essendon across the line. 8
9 Syd Worked into the game after a slow start to win plenty of the ball. OK without starring. 7
11 Rich Went head to head with Cotchin and took the honors. 36 touches in an accumulative role. 7
12 GWS Shook off initial clamp by Townsend but hurt quad late and limped off. 6
13   Hip.  
14   Quad.  
15   Hip.  
16   Hip.  
17   Hip.  
18   Quad.  
19   Hip.  
20   Hip.  
21 WCE Welcome back with goal in first 14 seconds Contributed steadily in return game. 5
22 GCS Still finding feet but worked hard around the ball to set up teammates. 7
23 Carl Working into some decent form. 19 touches, seven clearances and two goals. 7
EF NM Usual strong game in engine room and never relented. 7

2013 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 Adel Best afield in game that clearly meant a lot to skipper. 8
2 Melb Massive second half from the Brownlow Medallist. Pushed forward for three goals. 9
3 Frem Well held in first half but lifted and fired up his side in third term. Good leader. 7
4 StK Irrepressible with close to 40 touches. Engrossing on-ball tussle with Jones. 8
5 Coll Got better as the game wore on. Hugely influential after half time. 8
6 GWS Found Townsend a tough nut to crack. Went forward at times with no impact. 5
7 Geel Did all he could to lift team with 15 cont poss, seven clearances and eight inside-50s. 8
8 Bris Huge game. Worked all over field and looked sides most dangerous forward. 8
9 Rich Three important goals and led from the front with 18 contested possessions. 8
10 Syd O’Keefe kept him within reasonable bounds but worked hard. 5
11 Carl Not allowed to take control in first half. Usage not as efficient as usual. 5
12 GCS Not as influential as usual despite good numbers but worked hard in close. 6
14 WCE Couldn’t dictate terms early but a potent force in second half to win game. 8
15 Port Broke collarbone in a heavy clash with Westhoff and subbed off. 1
16   Collarbone.  
17   Collarbone.  
18   Collarbone.  
19 Coll Huge effort in first game back from injury. Showed up his teammates all day. 8
20 WCE Battled bravely in midfield and when resting forward. In the end, not his best, but OK. 6
21 NM Strong in clearances gave Essendon advantage first half. 6
22 Carl Booed all night but his impact on the contest was critical. 7
23 Rich Somewhat subdued opposed to Cotchin and wasn’t given room to orchestrate attacks. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 NM Constant ball-getter in middle. Tired towards end. 7
2 Port Won his share of ball (25) but failed to hit targets a number of times. 5
3 GCS Lifted when his team needed in the last quarter. Kicked two goals. 7
4 Carl Super effort in the clinches, with 31 touches. 8
5 Coll Didn’t look the same player as the week before. Never really damaging. 6
6 Bris Typically high standard game, with 36 touches, including 14 contested. 8
7 WCE Pumped the ball out of middle in 11-touch first term. Good throughout. 8
8 Rich In everything first half with 20 touches, went forward and disrupted match-ups. 8
9 GWS Blossomed after half time in another accomplished game from the skipper. 6
10 Melb Carried the banner on his own for most of night. 7
11 Syd Best ball-winner again, but had to carry the load in his own. 7
13 Frem Willed his team to victory. Was brilliant when it mattered. 8
14 WB Was everywhere in the first term. Then Picken silenced him to some degree. 8
15 StK Couldn’t be completely quelled but contained from match-winning role. 6
16 Port Moore did a great job for three quarters until Watson cut loose. 7
17 Geel Won a lot of the ball early but overall disposal efficiency well down. 6
18 Haw Had 22 touches to half time without normal incisiveness. Unceasing effort. 6
19 Adel Arguably the best captain in the AFL, could not have done more. 9
20 NM Looked like a great head to head with Wells early. Took over but held late. 8
21 Carl No Brownlow votes on that but his workrate a great example to others. 6
22 Rich Gave Martin headaches early, but even he was subdued from second quarter. 5
23 Coll Again the leading possession winner in strong end to superb season. 8