Age: 34yr 8mth Games: 221 Born: Dec 07, 2020
Height: 189cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Retired at the end of 2016, but re-rookied due to TPP purposes. Won’t play in 2017 though.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Retired.  
2   Retired.  
3   Retired.  
4   Retired.  
5   Retired.  
6   Retired.  
7   Retired.  
8   Retired.  
9   Retired.  
10   Retired.  
11   Retired.  
12   Retired.  
13   Retired.  
14   Retired.  
15   Retired.  
16   Retired.  
17   Retired.  
18   Retired.  
19   Retired.  
20   Retired.  
21   Retired.  
22   Retired.  
23   Retired.  
QF   Retired.  
SF   Retired.  
PF   Retired.  

2016 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Played in NEAFL trial against Sydney.  
2 NEAFL 11 touches down back and did a steady defensive job.
3 Syd Worked hard on a variety of opponents in defence. 4
4 Port Usual hard-working performance in the back half in 200th game. 4
5 StK Had hands full with Riewoldt when the Saints pushed into attack. 4
6 Haw Went to the resting ruckman and had a few troubles. Swapped opponents after main break. 6
7 Frem Defended well, especially under pressure late. 5
8 GCS Played his role in the back half and got the better of the inexperienced Brooksby. 5
9 WB Executed his role once again and easily took the honours on Stringer. 6
10 Adel Struggled to curb the power of Walker. 3
11 Geel Given job on Menzel (three goals) and unable to provide any drive. 3
12 Syd Held his own on Sinclair when he went forward. 5
13 Ess Defender had a day in which he was rarely sighted in any phase. 3
14 Carl Took the honours on the resting Kreuzer. 5
16 Coll Struggled all day down back and too often outmarked by Cloke and White. 4
17 Bris Bagged side’s first goal but not much action afterwards. Only Giant not to get 10 or more disposals. 4
18 Port Stopped Impey from scoring goals but not setting them up for his teammates. 5
19 Rich Solid as ever in defence on Richmond’s resting rucks. 5
20 GCS Efficient with the footy and played a higher defensive role than usual. 5
21 WCE Tracked LeCras mostly and was OK but the Eagle kicked two important goals. 5
22 Frem Torched by Yarran early. Found it easier when Fremantle’s supply dried. 4
23 NM Kept close eye on Higgins and stuck to task well. 6
QF Syd Veteran was handy if unspectacular in back half. 5
PF WB Battled Stringer and ok defensively. Gave nothing going other way. 4

2015 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 StK Steady effort. Really came into his own late with two intercept marks. 6
2 Melb Watts worked him over early but the former Lion worked his way back. 5
3 Syd Found Franklin tough to stay with over the course of four quarters. 3
4 GCS Solid down back but wasn’t asked to do that much due to poor supply into Suns forward-line. 5
5 WCE Defended well. The backline was under the pump but he stood up. 6
6 Haw Admirable effort in defence on Breust, keeping him to just one goal. 6
7 Carl Solid down back and pressed forward for a long goal. 7
8 Adel Entertaining battle with Walker who just shaded the contest with four goals. 5
9 WB Started on Jong and chased a number of other forwards during day. 3
10 Bris Steady effort against former club in defence. 6
11 Coll White in first half then Cloke. Cleaned up by Buntine and was sick and sorry. 4
12   Ribs.  
13   Ribs.  
14   Ribs.  
15   Ribs.  
16   Ribs.  
17 Geel First game back from injury a modest one. Will be better for the run. 4
18 Frem Good in his second game back from injury. 5
19 Ess Followed Edwards who was slippery at times. Steady at best. 5
20 Port Did a tremendous job on Wingard until the final term. 6
21 Syd Wasn’t able to impact the contest as he’d like as floating defender. 4
22   Soreness.  
23   Soreness.  

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Haw Another defender to hardly see the prune. Had Gunston. 3
2 Geel Thrown task on Bartel and actually did well to keep him to 11 possessions. 6
3 GCS Battled manfully in defence with the torrent of ball coming in. 6
4 Port Great duel with Westhoff who won out in the end. 5
5 Rich Had his hands full with Riewoldt but stuck to his guns. 4
6 StK Had the big job on Riewoldt and did well with help from others. 6
7 Syd OK under heavy fire in defence. 5
8 Ess Capably operated in defence. 5
9   Ill.  
10   Ill.  
11 Carl Strong negating job on Menzel and did some crucial things down back late. 6
12 WB Took countless marks in the back half to keep repelling the Dogs. 7
13 GWS Battled on gamely despite being hampered by hip injury from second term clash. 4
14 Frem Kept plugging away against the odds. 5
15 NM Shut down Thomas. Enough said. 7
16 Rich Patrolled back half well and did what he could to provide some run. 7
17 WCE Big effort across half back and even kicked an unlikely goal. 7
18 GCS Kept opponent at bay and marshalled defence well. 7
19 Melb Patrolled the back half as Dees pressed numbers up the ground. Did well. 6
20 Adel Had the job of minding Betts. Good early but fell away badly. 5
21 Coll Patrolled back half with aplomb. Didn’t have a match-up so did as he pleased. 7
22 Frem Had the job minding Ballantyne. Struggled early but not embarrassed. 5
23 Geel Used his guile and poise down back to do what he could to thwart Cats. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WB Helpless to stop the flow of Bulldog. 5
2 Adel Continues to go quietly about his job and carry out his role diligently. 5
3 GCS Had the better of Day on the night. 7
4 NM Had hands full all game. 4
5 Melb Had a few different opponents but kept them under check. 6
6 Syd Minded Goodes and kept to his task despite the Lions being overwhelmed. 5
7 WCE Good job on Darling. Kept him honest. 6
8 Ess Solid across half back all day and had Crameri under control. 7
9 Carl Outgunned by Waite in defence. Fought on after ugly start. 5
10 Coll Matched up in defence on Reid but the Magpie did his bit. 4
12 Frem Good job on Ballantyne and shut off his space. 7
13 Geel Battled Podsiadly and did a fine job keeping him off the scoresheet. 7
14 Haw Had testing day in defence. 3
15 GCS Did the job on Brown. 7
16 NM Had his work cut out on Black (three goals). 5
17 Melb Started on Watts but had a few different opponents. Did what was required. 6
18 Port Pivotal in the final term as the plus one repelling many Power attacks. 7
19 StK Good job on Riewoldt and stuck to the task all the way 7
20 Rich Had hands full trying to contain the roaming forwards for Richmond. 5
21 GWS Overused the ball at times which proved costly. OK minding Cameron. 6
22 WB Unusual match for Giansiracusa. Solid. 5
23 Geel Took Podsiadly and had the better of that match-up. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 Melb Moved from Green to curb Howe in second term and kept him goalless.. 7
2 Carl Pretty good on Waite but that was short-lived. Just battled. 4
3 Frem Can hold his head high after negating Pavlich. Great effort. 7
4 GCS Serviceable and kept Sam Day quiet. 5
5 Geel Can take solace in Podsiadly failed to kick a goal. 6
6 Ess Looked a bit lost up forward and managed only eight touches. 2
7 Coll Started on Cloke with bad results. Made amends later in the game. 6
8 GWS The best defender. Stood up in third term when Lions lost their way. 7
9 NM On Edwards and hardly touched it in first half. 3
10 WCE Responsible for Darling early. Pass mark. 5
12 Haw Had hard assignment on Rioli. 3
13 WB Solid all day down back on a variety of opponents. 6
14 Melb Took Garland and did a good job. 6
15 Syd Spent time on Goodes and unable to generate much run for his teammates 3
16 StK Excellent job on Riewoldt although conceded a few free kicks. 7
17 GCS Kept his opponents under wraps. 5
18 WCE Battled hard as the ball kept coming down. 4
19 Rich Busy third term but relatively quiet for rest of game. 4
20 Carl Pretty good defensively all night on a variety of opponents. 6
21 Adel Teamed with Merrett to form a solid defence after quarter time. 7
22 Port Heavy collision with Schulz in the third term was a great football contest. 4
23 WB Along with Merrett responsible for keeping Dogs goalless in first term. 6