Age: 28yr 1mth Games: 30 Born: Jul 03, 2021
Height: 197cm Weight: 94kg Position: FWD

2016 Digest:   In many ways 2016 is a make-or-break year for the sticky-fingered key forward who has been unable to cement his place in the best 22. Has added a couple of kilos to his frame and is really imposing himself and making a statement about wanting to play more football.

2016 NAB Cup:   Kicked four goals in Magpies trial in week three and has had a big pre-season on track. Given himself a chance.

2016 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 SANFL Finally kicked a goal in the last term but it definitely wasn't his night.
2 SANFL One of his best games. Nailed 4.2 and took some superb marks.
3 SANFL Slotted three first-half goals and always presented.
4 SANFL Bye.
5 SANFL Looked dangerous once again and his kicking was reasonable.
6 SANFL Presented well and kicked a goal but looked frustrated at times.
7 SANFL Had a genuine crack but goalkicking (2.4) was errant.
8 SANFL Kicked an early goal but barely got a sniff for the rest of the day.
9 SANFL Kicking was all over the shop again but still finished with 3.2.
10 SANFL Bye.
11 SANFL Nailed two majors and never stopped trying.
12 SANFL Kicked a goal and laid four tackles but lowered his colours to Evans.
13 SANFL Boosted Port with three first-half goals. Tackled and harassed too.
14 SANFL Bye.
15 SANFL Had a day out. Marked majestically and slammed 6.2.
16 SANFL Kicked two majors and was always in the contest.
17 SANFL Five kicks, six marks, three goals. Makes things happen.
18 GWS First game of the year, did provide a contest. 3
19 Bris Exposed Brisbane’s inexperienced defence with four goals including three in a row in third term. 7
20 Syd Kicked a goal, but Rampe had his measure most of day and even pressed into attack. 3
21 SANFL Never quite got going.
22 SANFL Slammed four goals and his pack marking was a treat.
23 SANFL Bye.

2015 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Frem Kicked an early goal. Had seven disposals. 3
2 SANFL Responded to AFL axe with four goals straight and a fine pack mark.
3 SANFL His back-to-back goals either side of three-quarter-time broke North.
4 SANFL Missed two shots but his efforts couldn't be faulted.
5 SANFL Kicked a goal and workrate was solid but was relatively subdued.
6 SANFL Clunked some nice grabs but kicking still a mixed bag.
7 SANFL Virtually unsighted after a set-shot miss in the first 30 seconds.
8 SANFL Bye.
9   Knee.  
10 SANFL Attacked the footy hard but was beaten at centre half-back.
11 SANFL Easily his best game of 2015. Took 11 marks, mainly in defence.
12 SANFL Bye.
13 SANFL Snapped goal on half-time siren was a beauty but did little else.
14 SANFL Match postponed.
15 SANFL Almost proved the last-ditch hero with two fourth-quarter goals.
16 SANFL Collected 13 possessions and had some nice moments.
17 SANFL Starting to look the part in defence. Solid outing.
18 SANFL Composed and gave his all in defence.
19 SANFL Handy in defence in first half before struggling when shifted forward.
20 GWS Very late call-up for Schulz, justified his inclusion with a goal and appetite. 5
21 Haw Goalkicking will prove his downfall. Subbed out in final term. 3
22 GCS Typical mixed bag, nice grabs and shocking kicks for goal. 3
23 Frem His teammates love him, the crowd loves him, but his kicking is ordinary. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 Carl Generally struggled with most things he did. Kicking action is farcical. 3
2 Adel Kicked one goal and set up two others; improving with each game. 4
3 SANFL Found the going tough against seasoned Redlegs.
4 SANFL Well beaten early before slamming five second-half goals.
5 SANFL Just three possessions in avalanche win. Injured?
6 SANFL After a quiet first half, burst to life with five majors.
7 SANFL Managed two goals but unsighted otherwise.
8 SANFL Kicked three majors but limping late after copping a knock.
9 SANFL Radar was off but finished with three late goals and five tackles.
10 SANFL Sprayed them wildly at times but still managed five goals.
11 SANFL Bye.
12 SANFL 1.3 return from gettable spots simply not good enough.
13 SANFL Hot early, played support role for Shaw with three goals.
14 SANFL Continues to butcher set shots. Wayward with 1.3.
15 SANFL Workrate was impressive but kicking remains diabolical.
16 SANFL Bye.
17 SANFL Two goals, two shanks and cameoed in ruck and defence.
18 SANFL Absolutely towelled up by Rutten. Looked lost.
19   Ill.  
20   Ill.  
21 SANFL Thrown around to play a variety of roles but had little impact.
22 SANFL Finding some strong form. Grabbed 11 marks and booted 2.3.
23 SANFL Bye.
QF   Back.  
EF   Back.  
SF   Back.  
PF SANFL Snared some nice clunks but clearly thrashed by McGuinness.

2013 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 SANFL Starved of opportunity up forward. Quiet night.
2 SANFL Stuck to his task down back in defensive role.
3 SANFL Wayward in front of goal with 0.3 for Port.
4 SANFL One goal in West Adelaide reserves as Port had a bye.
5 SANFL Held to one goal in Magpies' loss.
6 SANFL Kicked Port's first goal, virtually unsighted thereafter.
7 SANFL Bye.
8 SANFL Very quiet again, seven touches, one goal.
9 Geel Horror set shot goal-kicking was embarrassing. Miles away. 1
10 WB Subbed out after just the seven possessions and a goal. 3
12 GWS Had a favourable matchup on Hampton. OK with two goals, but didn’t star. 5
13   Ill.  
14 SANFL Kicked three first-half goals and grabbed the mark of the day.
15 SANFL Bye.
16 Haw Marked strongly in front of Josh Gibson and kicked a goal. 5
17 StK Looked like tearing the game apart early after first goal but didn’t go on with it. 5
18 Bris His marking is elite unfortunately his kicking is not. Still a handful for defenders. 5
19 Adel Kicked one crucial goal in the second term when he kept his feet. 3
20 Geel Horrible day. No marks and no kicks says it all. 0
21   Didn’t play for Port Magpies.  
22   Hip.  
23 SANFL Slotted a goal before quarter-time but radar was awry thereafter.
QF SANFL Patchy but finished strongly and kicked a late goal in Magpies win.
EF SANFL Patchy but finished strongly and kicked a late goal in Magpies win.

2012 Season

Played for : Port Adelaide

1 StK Only eight disposals but kicked two goals. 4
4 Coll One superb running goal first term but then unable to impact. 3
5 Adel Great game by the tall forward kicking four goals. 8
6 Rich Only the one goal from the key position forward. 4
7 Frem Booted two goals from limited chances. 4
8 NM Subbed off in the third term with no influence on the game. 1
11 SANFL Kicked two goals but was a fair way from his best.
12 SANFL Took nine marks but kicked 0.1. OK outing at best.
14 Geel Couldn’t catch a cold (no marks) and found the going tough all day. 2
15 Adel Did kick a great goal from 50m but was unsighted the rest of the match. 2