Jonathan FREEMAN


Age: 25yr 5mth Games: 14 Born: Apr 27, 2021
Height: 199cm Weight: 96kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Added considerable size to his frame and trained strongly. He has the tools to grab a spot up forward this season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1   Cheekbone.  
2 NEAFL Combined well with Schache in attack. Ended with three goals, but missed a few too.
3 NEAFL Kicked two goals to play his part in win over NT Thunder in Darwin.
4 NEAFL Radar was off with 1.4, but worked fairly hard to present to the ball carrier.
5 NEAFL Snagged a couple of goals, but also missed a few other shots. Could have had a big outing.
6 NEAFL Bye.
7 NEAFL Quiet day in the front half. Just nine touches and goalless.
8 NEAFL Kicked two goals and helped drag the Lions back into the contest.
9 NEAFL The best of the Lions talls in attack with four goals. Gave UWS defenders headaches.
10 NEAFL Booted two goals, but missed a few shots to end with 2.4.
11   Bye.  
12 NEAFL Proved to be the difference in the end. Booted four goals in a tight contest.
13 NEAFL Booted two goals from 12 possessions and did a little bit of ruck work.
14 NEAFL Combined well with Dawson to be a constant threat inside 50. Booted five goals.
15 NEAFL Unable to hit the scoreboard, and did a bit of ruckwork. Not his best.
16 NEAFL Kicked two goals, but wasn’t his best outing.
17 NEAFL Bye.
18 NEAFL Had chances to kick more than the two goals he finished with. Just went with nine touches.
19 NEAFL Was ok but clearly not the Lions' key target. Has an awkward running style and needs to use his height to mark more often.
20 NEAFL Kicked two goals but wasn’t the main focal point.
21 NEAFL Held goalless despite the Lions tallying 16 majors.
22 NEAFL Kicked one goal, but wasn’t a big factor when out there.
23 NEAFL Bye.

2016 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 WCE Struggled to get involved. Still finding his way in the game. 2
2 NEAFL Starved for opportunities in attack. Just five touches.
3 NEAFL Just the one goal but worked up the ground to involve himself.
4 NEAFL No impact in attack. Terribly disappointing effort.
5 NEAFL Rotten day in attack. Had no impact whatsoever.
6 NEAFL Again no impact but wet weather didn’t help his cause.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Dangerous all afternoon in attack finishing with four goals.
9 Melb Took four strong contested marks gave fans something to hang their hats on. 5
10 Haw Couldn’t assert dominance on game and well beaten by Frawley. 2
11 Carl Lost his composure after being wayward in front of goals in the first term. 3
12 NEAFL Competed strongly in rotation with Walker. Steady outing.
13   Toe.  
14   Toe.  
15   Toe.  
16 NEAFL Only the two kicks, but at least both were scores. Had a rough afternoon.
17 NEAFL Marked strongly in the air with four of his five marks being contested.
18 NEAFL Provided a target, but struggled to make an impact due to limited supply.
19 NEAFL Kicked a few smart goals to keep the Lions in the hunt.
20   Eye.  
21   Eye.  
22   Eye.  
23   Eye.  

2015 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1   Glute.  
2   Glute.  
3   Glute.  
4   Glute.  
5   Glute.  
6   Glute.  
7   Glute.  
8   Glute.  
9   Glute.  
10   Glute.  
11   Glute.  
12   Glute.  
13   Glute.  
14   Glute.  
15   Glute.  
16 NEAFL Got through limited minutes in return game. One goal.
17 NEAFL Underdone and couldn’t get into the game.
18 Geel Only the one goal but looked likely in attack when ball came in. 5
19 GCS Only four touches. No impact. 2
20 Carl Three contested marks and three goals. Confidence building performance. 6
21 Adel Two goals on Talia constitutes a good day out. 6
22 Haw Lake had his measure and failed to hit the scoreboard. 3
23 WB Struggled at full forward despite Lions having 61 forward entries. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Brisbane

1 PM Rotated through a few different roles. Went OK.
2 NEAFL Didn’t get a chance up forward and struggled when he moved to the ruck.
3 NEAFL Good in patches in big win.
4 NEAFL Played forward/ruck and didn’t get a lot of supply.
5 NEAFL Took a couple of good grabs and made some strong tackles in attack.
6 NEAFL Took a couple of nice grabs but didn’t have a big influence.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Tried him down back and it was another learning experience.
9 NEAFL Led to the ball by Liam Patrick and was a bit flat-footed at times.
10 NEAFL Bye.
11 NEAFL Kicked the first two goals of the game and was a strong target.
12   Rested.  
13 NEAFL Quiet day but he was able to salvage a few goals.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Wasn’t able to have much influence on the game.
16 NEAFL Had opportunities early, which he didn’t capitalise on.
17 NEAFL Quieter than the other key forwards but still had four shots.
18 NEAFL Not overly effective in attack but still had three shots.
19 NEAFL Best forward on the day with three goals.
20 Adel Tough initiation and in the end a fairly quiet debut with just five disposals. 4
21 Coll Ended with four goals from five kicks so made most of opportunities. 7
22 Frem Two goals from three kicks disguised an ordinary match for the three-gamer. 4
23 Geel Struggled all night. Found out the fitness required to play at the elite level. 1