Jordan LEWIS

#6   Melbourne

Age: 33yr 7mth Games: 283 Born: Apr 24, 2021
Height: 186cm Weight: 87kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Taken to life at his new club like a duck to water. Looks in superb nick and already providing direction and leadership.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 StK Experience and ability to lift the side when needed was a huge factor in the win. Everything Demons wanted. 8
2 Carl Closely monitored all day by Curnow and wasn’t his best, but provided a calming influence late when it was needed. 5
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5   Suspended.  
6 Ess Back from suspension and provided an instant calming influence. 30 touches and threaded the needle with late set shot goal. 7
7 Haw Against former club gathered 30 disposals (21 effective), two goals and four clearances. Okay but didn’t star. 7
8 Adel Just keeps the footy moving forward with either a smart handball or a kick to advantage. 7
9 NM Grabbed a team-high eight clearances and kicked a nice set-shot goal. Didn’t star but was handy enough. 7
10 GCS Ball use was uncharacteristically poor early on and looked off the pace. Better second half. 6
11   Bye.  
12 Coll Made the same mistakes as those he’s meant to teach early on. Better second half when he got more combative. 4
13 WB Provided the composure in possession required when the game was in danger of losing its head. 31 quality touches. 8
14 WCE Calm and composed when the team needed leadership. Had 29 disposals. 7
15 Syd Just seven first half possessions and lacked impact overall. Needed to step up with teammates out and didn’t. 4
16 Carl Copped wrath of Blue fans all day but had the last laugh when he had ball in hands on the final siren…and kicked a goal. 7
17 Adel Got his hands on it in an undermanned midfield to help try to stem the tide. 7
18 Port Just the 18 possessions, but was calm when Port charged in the second half. Fair. 5
19 NM Played loose into the wind and positioned himself very well. Team-orientated game. 7
20 GWS Numbers will look very good, but was really able to assert influence on the game in midfield or at half back. 6
21 StK Did what Melbourne brought him to the club to do – have a cool head under pressure. Had a big say in the result. 8
22 Bris Good again in midfield. Allowed to roam around by himself for long periods. Used the ball well. 7
23 Coll One of the Demons best. Rarely wasted the footy and some of his touches were class. 7

2016 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Plenty of the ball and came third-up at stoppages, but coughed it up a few times late. 5
2 WCE Head to head with Priddis and comfortably held the upper hand. Better than opening effort. 7
3 WB Five clearances a team high but found the ball only 19 times. Serviceable. 6
4 StK The beneficiary of a dubious umpiring call, but was a strong contributor in middle of the ground. 7
5 Adel Did his bit without being a major factor. 5
6 GWS One of many Hawks veterans overrun by youthful legs of Giants’ midfield. 4
7 Rich Acting skipper started in middle. Not a huge start but very strong second half. 7
8 Frem Positive force in the middle with clearance work and tackling. 7
9 Syd Quiet first half and couldn’t impose himself on game. Looked flat. 5
10 Bris Easily took the best-afield honours in game No.250 with 42 disposals and nine clearances. 9
11 Melb Got on the outside at a few important stoppages in second half. Came to the fore when needed. 7
13 NM Not surprisingly he was a leader in standing up to NM onslaught. Finished strongly. 8
14 GCS Ball winner plugged away all day. Three clearances, six tackles and one goal. 7
16 Port Six clearances, four inside-50s and two score assists, typical day at the office. 8
17 Syd Quietly went about winning four clearances and six inside-50s. Steady all night. 7
18 Rich Stepped up to grab a mountain of ball. Only two clearances and four inside-50s. 6
19 Carl Found Cripps a difficult man to stop around stoppages but still had a big impact. 7
20 Melb Four clearances, four inside-50s and five tackles kept him in the thick of action. 7
21 NM Helped keep pressure on Roos with a heady midfield effort. Five tackles. 7
22 WCE Won plenty of the footy. Had a crack. 7
23 Coll One nice snap goal and customary tally of possessions. Handy. 7
QF Geel With Duncan early. Prolific first half and Guthrie went to him and put clamps on to a degree. 7
SF WB Injured? Three kicks and two clearances for the night. 2

2015 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Huge. Six clearances, six inside-50s and 12 contested possessions. 8
2 Ess Kept grinding the gears in midfield to help revival. Did all he could. 7
3 WB Set up plays all day and was everywhere in last quarter. 8
4 Port Hawks’ best with seven clearances, 11 CPs and six inside-50s. 8
5 NM Will get a holiday for clipping Goldstein but was a strong performer rest of night. 7
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8 Syd Returned from suspension to play a typical workmanlike role in middle. 8
9   Shoulder.  
10 StK Efficient and productive. 6
12 Adel 12 contested possessions including five clearances and four inside-50s. 7
13 Ess Battled hard in middle to grab five clearances and 11 contested possessions. 7
14 Coll Prolific ball winner all through and Collingwood couldn’t stop him. 8
15 Frem Did his bit in midfield with others playing the leading roles. 6
16 Syd Quiet first half then got going after main break. Five clearances a highlight. 7
17 Carl Huge effort highlighted by five inside-50s, five clearances and 10 cont poss. 9
18 Rich Won usual huge amount of ball. Seven inside-50s and two clearances. 8
19 WCE Finished game strongly with seven contested possessions in the final term. 7
20 Geel Plugged away in the middle but only two clearances and no inside-50s. 5
21 Port Soldiered on in midfield and was pivotal in third-term fight back. 6
22 Bris Steady game before making most of blowout in final term. 6
23 Carl Stock-standard game in midfield. Kept chugging away all game. 7
QF WCE Looked shaky and missed targets by hand and foot for much of night. 4
SF Adel Goal after quarter-time siren was a beauty. Handy without starring. 6
PF Frem Ploughed in to win three clearances and three inside-50s. Played a part. 6
GF WCE Masten picked him up initially. Gritty game on the wing and did the job. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Bris Got the better of Redden and was a constant driving force in midfield. 7
2 Ess Tagged by Hocking and only three inside-50s. A key late though with poise. 4
3 Frem Active early and maintained the output. 8
4 GCS Had Ablett at centre stoppages then created play. 6
5 Geel Influential around the all pronounced with 11 contested possessions. 7
6 Rich Lined up on Petterd initially. Handy performer. 6
7 StK Capped off a solid 200th game with a late goal and had satisfying day. 7
8 Syd Huge through midfield with 18 contested possessions and nine clearances. 8
10 Port Ten clearances, six inside-50s and two goals for the Hawks’ best. 8
11   Rested.  
12 WCE Just like Hodge, he was in great touch when it mattered. Had 29 disposals. 8
13 Carl Quiet first half then really upped the work to be huge in second half. 7
14 Coll Hard-edged approach in at the stoppages a key to the result. 7
15 GCS Kept putting his nose over the ball in fine midfield game. 7
16 NM On Gibson initially and toiled honestly. 6
17 Adel Five clearances, four inside-50 and plenty of grunt. 7
18 Syd Huge. Five clearances, seven inside-50s and 15 contested possessions. 8
19 WB Strong game. Went to dangerous Griffin in third quarter. 7
20 Melb Best afield and must be a smoky Brownlow chance at $51. Expect three votes here. 8
21 Frem Worked tirelessly with a staggering 44 possessions. 9
22 Geel Battled Guthrie. Got going after half time to be a factor for his team. 7
23 Coll Six inside-50s, four clearances, three score assists and nine contested possessions. 8
QF Geel Had Guthrie for company and was restrained then Blicavs had him late. 5
PF Port Good first half but badly corked thigh. Came back for a while but forced off. 6
GF Syd Got better as day went on. Hard to believe early in week there was doubt on thigh. 9

2013 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Geel Dangerous around stoppages and workrate first class all day. 7
2 WCE Matched with Butler and others. Had a solid game. 6
3 Coll Even effort from tough ball winner. One goal and four tackles his contribution. 6
4 Frem Worked into the game at half forward. Kicked a goal. 5
5 NM Spent majority of game in attack Powerful first half. 7
6 Adel Hard-nosed running midfielder loves to get in and under. 7
7 Syd Handy enough around the ball but has put in better performances. 5
8 GWS Heaps of possessions in a strong effort. 7
9 GCS Went about his business in the thick of the contest. 6
10 Melb Dangerous up forward and around ground despite McKenzie attention. 8
12 Carl Shadowed Walker for a lot of game and kept him from being dangerous. 6
13 WCE Played role well all game – 12 cont poss, four inside-50s, three goal assists. 7
14 Bris Low-key but solid game. 5
15 Geel Solid without starring – five clearances, six inside-50s and neat ball use. 7
16 Port As the third man up won eight hit-outs and laid seven tackles. 7
17 WB In and under all day, capped off his 25 possessions with two classy goals. 7
18 Ess Plugged away in typical fashion for 21 disposals and two goals. Steady. 7
19 Rich Defensive forward on Deledio and did it brilliantly when game on the line. 6
20 StK In good touch and kept pushing Hawks forward. 6
21 Coll Revelled in the big-game atmosphere and was a key player. 7
22   Rested.  
23 Syd Tackling a feature and he was among best. 7
QF Syd Prominent with early clearances, but had diminishing impact later. 6
PF Geel Solid knock early. Twice kicked badly for goal when had chances. 4
GF Frem With other key midfielders contained he was a driving force. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Coll Kicked two key goals and dangerous forward of centre. Handy effort. 7
2 Geel Tagged Selwood at start. Super first half netted two goals. 6
3 Adel Damaging off the wing and kicked a couple of goals as well. 8
4 WCE Good ball winner and had an impact with the footy. 7
5 Syd Good in first half after initially matching up on Kennedy. 6
6 StK Expertly shut down usual ball magnet Dal Santo. Team first mentality. 7
7 Melb One kick and 15 handballs by half time. Toiled hard. 6
8 Frem Ran hard for four quarters. 6
9 Rich Never got into game and when he did it wasn’t in space. Five clearances. 5
10 NM Quiet game but chipped in with two goals. 5
14 Carl Right in the thick of it in first half then tapered a little. 6
15 GWS Rarely wastes a touch and was involved in seven score assists. 8
16 WB Solid game with six clearances and two goals roaming all over the field. 7
17 Coll Two first half goals and ended with five while containing Shaw. 8
18 Ess Went forward to cause mismatch with Fletcher but picked up by Hardingham. 5
19 Geel Missed a couple of chances and disposal effectiveness down a little. 5
20 Port Played across half forward and in midfield. Solid performance. 7
21 GCS Everywhere in first quarter and after brief lull fired up again in second half. 7
22 Syd Huge in context of tight game. Did it all around the stoppages. 8
23 WCE Despite A. Selwood tag he played a role, albeit limited. 6
PF Adel Acting skipper was solid rather than dominant. 6
GF Syd On McVeigh and went in as third man up. Good first half then less influence. 6