Age: 29yr 2mth Games: 80 Born: Jun 21, 2021
Height: 186cm Weight: 89kg Position: MID
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Fell out of favour for long periods in 2014 and faces an uphill battle to continue his career at the top level. Always gives 100 per cent but needs to find more ball and use it better. Had a big pre-season.

2015 NAB Cup:   Toiled away in first two weeks before being an unused sub against Bombers. Cards appear marked for opener.

2015 Season

Played for : Melbourne

3 VFL Hard worker in midfield as always. 26 touches.
4 VFL Battled hard but unable to stop Bulldogs flow.
5 Frem Sub. Ineffective after coming on at half time for Salem. 1
6 VFL 20 hard-fought touches in loss to Sandringham.
7 VFL Close to Casey’s best with 34 disposals, eight tackles, goal.
8 VFL 23 possessions and 10 tackles in win over Tigers.
9 VFL Bye.
10 VFL Solid outing with 22 possessions, four tackles.
11 VFL Kicked a key goal late and was industrious as always.
12   Senior emergency.  
13 VFL Bye.
14 VFL Consistent effort all afternoon with 28 touches, nine tackles.
15 VFL Laid 14 tackles to always be in the contest.
16 VFL Another strong effort at this level. 29 touches, six tackles.
17 VFL Hard worker as always in midfield. 30 disposals.
18 VFL Toiled away in midfield. 20 possessions.
19 VFL Held in check with just 17 possessions and four tackles.
20 VFL 25 touches in midfield to go with seven tackles.
21 VFL Played a tight-checking defensive role and did well.
22   Didn’t play for Casey.  
23   Ended season with 32 possessions in Elimination Final loss.  

2014 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1   Casey Scorpions didn’t play.  
2   Foot.  
3 VFL Found plenty of ball and did all the hard things as always.
4 Carl Tagged Simpson early and did OK in that role. Laid seven tackles. 5
5 GCS Went to Ablett in second term and battled hard. Stiff to be pinged for ‘block’ late. 5
6 VFL Had 27 touches whilst keeping Weller to 18. Good.
7 VFL Tagged by McGenniss, wasn’t able to have normal impact.
8 VFL Solid worker in the Scorpions midfield.
9 VFL Tenacious effort to end with 35 touches in midfield.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Knocked up winning the ball in midfield. Tireless.
13 Ess Tagged Stanton out of the game and had key involvement in last forward surge. 7
14 NM Tried hard around the footy but wasn’t able to quell Roo runners. 4
15   Suspended.  
16 Frem Tagged D.Pearce and wasn’t able to restrict him from hurting Dees on scoreboard. 3
17 Geel Did a good job quelling Selwood after half time after similar job on Duncan. 6
18 Port Stuck close to Boak both in midfield and forward. Reined him in a touch. 5
19 Bris Ran off legs early by Hanley but tightened up in third term. Foot skills not up to it. 2
20   Senior emergency.  
21 VFL Combative effort in midfield against the tide.
22 VFL Kicked a good goal to go with 27 possessions.
23 NM A trier in midfield but couldn’t put clamps on Roos’ runners. 4

2013 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Port Needs to be given a task and didn’t really have one. Battled on. 5
2   Calf.  
3   Calf.  
4 VFL Toiled hard throughout. Will come under senior consideration.
5 Bris Worked hard and always competed well, but a bit fumbly at times. 5
6 Carl Tagged Murphy and OK at times but Blue got way to kick three goals. 4
7 GCS Tagged Harbrow successfully in first half and kept Ablett to 16 in second. 5
8 Rich Tagged Deledio and OK although he got away enough to be a factor. 4
9 Frem Tagged Fyfe, then Mundy and was slaughtered. Seriously lacks a bit of polish. 3
10 Haw Had Lewis, Sewell and Burgoyne at times but was ineffective. Battling. 3
11 Coll Ran with Sidebottom early and OK but he lacks class to hurt opposition. 4
13   Elbow.  
14   Elbow.  
15   Elbow.  
16   Elbow.  
17 VFL Quiet early but was better after half time in the heavy going.
18 VFL Didn’t have much of an impact but a knock ended his day.
19 VFL Won plenty of ball and had a great attacking edge.
20 GCS Solid job on Ablett in tandem with Garland’s blocking in first half. 6
21 Frem Did a decent job early on Fyfe then Dees dropped tag. Competitive effort. 6
22 Adel Stuck to Dangerfield like glue curbing his influence on the game. 7
23 WB Outstanding in shadowing of Brownlow Medal top five fancy Griffen. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Melbourne

1 Bris Ran with Black in parts but was no match. Lack of leg speed hurts him. 3
2 WCE Tagged Kerr. Restricted his effectiveness. 5
3 Rich Shadowed Cotchin and did OK until dam finally burst after half time. 4
4 WB Did well on Griffin after the Bulldog began in dangerous fashion. 5
5 StK Had vital job on Goddard and drove him to distraction. 7
6 Geel Ran through the midfield but didn’t general anything offensively. 3
7 Haw Gritty type who blanketed Mitchell for first half and stuck at it quite well. 6
8 Syd Picked up Kennedy at start and did well despite also being overwhelmed. 3
9 Carl Tagged Judd and did a good job nullifying his influence – laid 10 tackles. 7
10 Ess Dogged job on Stanton and kept him within reasonable limits. 6
11 Coll Tagged Thomas for major portions of game and was solid enough in that role. 6
13 GWS Plugged away in the middle playing a negating role on a variety of opponents. 6
14 Bris Tried hard throughout and never gave in. 6
15 Rich His lack of awareness and speed hurts him. Kept battling but not much impact. 5
16 Frem Shadowed Hill and kept his efficiency down. Lacks polish himself. 5
18 NM Started in a defensive role on Wells but still found plenty of his own footy. 5
20 StK Majority of disposals were handballs. 5
21 GWS Seven clearances, seven tackles, 10 contested possessions – had a good day. 6
22 Adel Slowly worked his way into the game, better in second half. 5
23 Frem Couldn’t stop the Freo midfield. 5