Age: 30yr 7mth Games: 174 Born: Jan 19, 2021
Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Has been a solid pick-up after leaving the Bulldogs, but nature of position means he can ill afford any form lulls.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 NM In and out of the game, but bobbed up a few times in the right spot. 5
2 StK With three goals, he had an impact. Gave the team some life inside 50. 5
3 Rich Goalless as a small forward, and didn’t hurt with any of his 12 touches. 4
4 Syd Other than one bit of fancy footwork, unsighted in first hour. Smart third-term goal but missed quite a few chances. 4
5 Haw Two goals, but little to no impact otherwise. Has to find a way to get more of the ball on the road. 3
6 Frem Seems to like derbies. Kicked two first term goals and finished with three 7
7 Port Two goals and two scoring assists from limited disposals. 4
8 WB Quiet. Didn’t look dangerous. 3
9   Senior emergency.  
10 GWS Quiet. Didn’t have enough contests. 4
11 GCS Bobbed up with two last quarter goals, though prior to that was ineffective. 4
12   Bye.  
13 WAFL Kicked two goals and did some good things. May have earned a recall.
14 Melb Booted two goals but needs to have more than eight disposals. 5
15   Ill.  
16 WAFL Bye.
17 WAFL Not his best and not sure how he gets back into the AFL. 14 disposals – but at 35.7 per cent, one goal.
18 WAFL Solid with 13 possessions, six marks and four inside 50s, but not enough to earn AFL recall.
19 WAFL Was a thorn in Claremont's side all day with 19 disposals, five marks and five tackles.
20 WAFL Kicked two goals and missed a few other chances. Lively.
21   Senior emergency.  
22 GWS Some good chase down tackles early, but overall, he was poor. Just doesn’t look interested. 3
23 WAFL Goalless and lacked impact in the Royals loss.

2016 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Bris Always in the game, whether it was setting up goals or kicking them himself. 6
2 Haw Poor defensively at half forward to let Gibson roam unattended. No goals. 2
3 Frem His goal gave the Eagles a break. Lively at times. 4
4 Rich An early goal was his main contribution to the contest. 3
5 Syd Apart from long goal didn’t have much of a say. 3
6 Coll Had five score assists. That was the game-high. 5
7 Geel One goal in third term but for the most part he was an onlooker. 3
8 StK Didn’t bob up much after a lively start. 3
9 Port Capitalised on Gaff’s misfortune by kicking goal from the ensuing 50m penalty. 5
10 GCS Booted a late goal. Not a big contributor. 4
11 WB Started well but faded out pretty quickly. Goals came in first and third quarters. 5
12 Adel Played in defence. Did well in the new role. 6
13 Bris Played in patches and possibly beaten by Mayes. 4
15   Ill.  
16 NM Quiet. Couldn’t get into the match. 3
17 Carl One goal from seven kicks but certainly not a big factor across half forward. 4
18 Melb Had little impact until he booted a late goal. 4
19 Coll Drifted higher up the ground than normal but still hit the scoreboard with two majors. 6
20 Frem Booted three goals from limited disposals. Did his job. 6
21 GWS Unsighted for long periods in the front half. Not his best. 3
22 Haw Barely touched the ball. 1
23 Adel One goal in the second term but little else. 4
EF WB Failed to flatter against his former side. One goal but generally well held. 3

2015 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WAFL Two goals in team that won by 64 points.
2 WAFL Bye.
3 Frem Two goals but came when game was well and truly over. 4
4 Bris Low on disposals but made up for it with three goals. 6
5 GWS Booted four goals as a potent small forward. 7
6 Port Two goals and instrumental in the second half comeback. 6
7 GCS Booted another three goals to continue his good form inside 50. 6
8 StK Made most of his chances with four goals. 6
9 Geel Got on the end of some good work to contribute two goals. 5
10 NM Firrito kept him from getting dangerous. Didn’t hit the scoreboard. 3
11 Ess Eight inside 50s, a goal and 18 touches. Quality effort. 7
12 Rich Pitted against the bigger Chaplin early. No impact. 2
14 Melb Not his best night but still found a way to get involved. 4
15 Adel Barely seen until the final term. 2
16 Coll Oxley kept him in reasonable check. Soccered terrific goal. Troubled by shoulder. 5
17 Syd Two disposals in first half and six (one goal) in the second. Quiet day. 3
18 GCS Subbed out after an extremely quiet night. 2
19   Senior emergency.  
20 Frem Best on ground with four goals and 20 touches. Saved the game in the last term. 8
21 WB Booted four goals and set up some more. Dangerous all game. 7
22 Adel Another key forward who went missing in action. 3
23 StK Lively in attack with three goals and some others handed off. 6
QF Haw Great run of form continued with three goals, including a ripping soccer goal. 7
PF NM Three touches first half not enough. Only goal was a ripper in final term. 3
GF Haw One freak goal in second term but for the most part well held. 2

2014 Season

Played for : West Coast

1   Senior emergency.  
2   Senior emergency.  
3 WAFL Three goals from 10 kicks in massive win.
4 Geel Magic goal early but then Hunt shut him down. Four disposals after quarter time. 3
5 Port Blanketed by Jonas and wasn’t able to hit the scoreboard. 3
6 WAFL Little impact with just 13 touches and the one goal.
7 WAFL Lively up forward with three goals.
8 WAFL Quiet with 12 possessions and a goal in dominant team.
9 WAFL Bye.
10 Coll Nice running goal but when whips were cracking he was nowhere to be seen. 4
11 NM Sub had no impact. 0
12 WAFL Quiet with 11 possessions and a goal.
13 WAFL 19 possessions and two goals as part of potent forward-line.
14 WAFL Better showing up forward with two goals from 12 possessions.
15 WAFL Bye.
16 WAFL Worked a bit harder for 21 touches, eight marks and a goal.
17 WAFL 14 possessions, five tackles and two goals.
18 WAFL Couldn’t have an impact with 12 possessions and no goals.
19 Adel Returned to the side but failed to trouble the scoreboard. 3
20 Coll One goal, four inside-50s from half forward. Probably could have done more. 5
21 Ess In and out of the game. 3
22 Melb Had Jetta for company and was too elusive in front half. Good contributor. 5
23 GCS Pushed up ground to get involved but not a big day. One inside-50, one goal. 5
QF WAFL Well held up forward to just 10 disposals and one goal.
PF WAFL Terribly disappointing with just nine touches and was held goalless

2013 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 Frem Finished with two goals and did some nice things, but not enough. 5
2 Haw Kicked three goals and got away from Stratton. 6
3 Melb Floated in and out and provided another dangerous option up forward. 6
4 Carl One effective disposal in opening 60 minutes. Struggled all night to get into the game. 2
5 Port Another who could have iced the game but too casual in approach on goal. 5
6 WB Minor input until he kicked goal after final siren. 3
7 Bris Bobbed up late with two goals in the final term. Made things happen. 6
8 NM Massive final term paved the way for the win. Ended with three goals. 7
9 GWS Bobbed up at different times during the game to contribute to the win. 5
10 Rich Couldn’t get a foothold in first half. Lifted in third term 4
11 StK Very quiet day. 3
13   Hamstring.  
14   Hamstring.  
15 Adel Wonderful soccer goal before the quarter time siren in his 100th game. 3
16 Frem Couldn’t get a foothold on the game. 2
17 Syd Showed a few bright moments but had little space among the Swans defence. 4
18 WB Two first-quarter goals then another in final term. Very little in between. 5
19 GCS Made the most of his chances with three goals, 6
20 Ess Wasn’t a major player but got on the end of a few passages to end with two important goals. 5
21 Geel Only kick was a goal so he made it count. Thrashed by Mackie/Enright. 1
22 Coll Horrid again. Had five effective disposals and kicked 0.3. WAFL for last round? 2
23 Adel With future under the spotlight he hardly gave a whimper. 2

2012 Season

Played for : West Coast

1 WB Three goals from seven possessions against old side pleased him no end. 6
2 Melb Booted 3.2 and set up some other shots. Was busy. 6
3 GWS Just the one goal playing as a half forward. 3
4 Haw Only seven disposals but kicked a goal and set one up. 5
5 Rich Goals in opening two terms and another one late. 7
6 NM Influential inside 50 with four goals and three contested marks. 7
7 Ess OK early but then disappeared until a late goal. 4
8 StK Only seven possessions. Had three shots and set up another though. 5
9 Frem Gave Freo plenty of problems in a forward pocket with 3.4. 7
10 Bris A goal is not enough to save his skin after just eight touches 4
12 Carl Looked dangerous in first half then disappeared. 4
13 Coll Didn’t rise to occasion early. Kicked one pressure goal and missed another. 4
14 GCS Had five score assists and kicked two majors. Hurt the Suns. 7
15 NM No input in first half but then helped out. Key goal in last quarter. 4
18 Bris Kicked 4.1 from eight possessions. Made the most of his chances. 6
19 Frem Battled. Only seven possessions and no goals. 3
20 Geel Looked all at sea with Enright as his master. Not impact at all. 2
21 Port Kicked the goal of the game with his blistering pace in the second term. 5
22 Coll Battled. Only five disposals and a goal. Has to find form soon. 2
23 Haw Early goal then hardly sighted with Stratton his shadow. 3
EF NM Early goal and gave a few off. Gave something across half forward. 6
SF Coll Nice early goal and bobbed up a couple of times. 5