#12   Sydney Swans

Age: 31yr 5mth Games: 205 Born: Jun 20, 2021
Height: 188cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Takes over the captaincy and is one of the game’s midfield stars. Looks as fit as ever and ready to again lead the way.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Skipper racked up 11 clearances, 19 contested possessions and 28 disposals. Did you expect any less given his talent and intensity. 8
2 WB Typical effort but impact not at levels we have become accustomed. Two inside-50s and six clearances. 6
3 Coll Midfield bull grabbed a lot of ball (33 disposals) but just 18 effective. Seven clearances and a goal to be a factor. 7
4 WCE Huge first term and led from the front all night. Just doesn’t have the usual support around him that he is accustomed to. 8
5 GWS Very quiet first half and then had clash of heads with teammate in last term. 6
6 Carl Swans’ best. Burrowed in all day and was busy around the ball; 27 disposals, five clearances and five inside-50s. 8
7 Bris Shadowed by Robinson. Caught a few times which is unusual and didn’t have typical impact, or touches. 5
8 NM Had 15 touches in mighty first term which set his team on course for victory. North couldn’t stop them. 9
9 StK Head to head with Ross and both won lots of the ball. With 35 touches is in cracking form. 8
10 Haw Got his way into the contest after a sluggish start. In the end, was a driving force in the midfield. 7
11   Bye.  
12 WB Bulldozer through the middle who worked himself into the ground; 37 disposals, a goal, six clearances and seven inside-50s. 9
13 Rich Really quiet until last term when he had 11 disposals, three clearances, two inside-50s and three tackles to lift team home. 7
14 Ess Unstoppable early on and a beast late when the game had to be won. 36 possessions and seven clearances. Superb. 9
15 Melb A beast around the stoppages with 10 clearances to set the tone for his team. 8
16   Quad.  
17 GWS Slow start early, but when the going got tough the skipper led the way. Bumper last term, 11 disposals (nine contested) and six clearances. 7
18 StK Stevens picked him up early but he was unstoppable. Not dominant but still an effective game. 7
19 Haw Game 200 was a dog of a night for the former Hawk. 4
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22 Adel Set the tone early with a massive 11 touches in the first quarter. 8
23 Carl Broke the Graham tag and collected 30 disposals in a typical robust display. Also laid six tackles. 7
EF Ess Skipper bullocked his way to 29 possessions, eight clearances and four inside-50s to help set up the win. 8
SF Geel The only flies on him pay rent but very few wanted to pay the fee this time around; three clearances. 6

2016 Season

1 Coll Quiet first half despite Swans’ dominance but worked into game when it was all but over. 5
2 Carl Consistently in thick of the action. Smashed the Blues in contested ball. 8
3 GWS Consistent four-quarter performance – finished with 13 tackles and eight clearances. 7
4 Adel Clearance machine with nine, unstoppable at the stoppages. 7
5 WCE Head to head with Priddis from start and beaten early, but finished up on top. 7
6 Bris Got plenty of the ball but more than half of his 31 disposals were ineffective. 6
7 Ess Best afield with 40 disposals, 11 clearances and seven inside-50s. 8
8   Hamstring.  
9 Haw Little say early but kept going. Looked to be playing on one leg. 6
10 NM Started in duel with Ziebell and became a huge contributor as night wore on. Tackling superb. 8
11 GCS Racked up the footy and gave his usual honest effort, including 10 tackles. 8
12 GWS Sydney’s best in second half. Ended night with a team-high seven clearances. 7
13 Melb Mark him in for Brownlow votes every time it rains. A titan again with a host of contested ball. 8
15 WB Tireless and strong in contested situations all over field. 7
16 Geel Got off the leash in third term to be a huge factor. Nine tackles to boot. 7
17 Haw Dangerous around stoppages and kept winning the ball. Seven clearances. 8
18 Carl Swans’ best. Dominated the clearances at stoppages and 23 of his 35 touches were contested. 9
19 Frem Best on ground. Kicked three goals from 45 disposals. 9
20 Port 11 clearances and 15 contested possessions highlighted another big outing. 8
21 StK Drove Swans forward constantly with seven clearances. 7
22 NM Rarely produces a bad game. Won a lot of his own ball and had seven clearances. 7
23 Rich All class. Led the way in close with a game-high 19 contested possessions. 8
QF GWS Passed concussion test after early clash with Johnson and returned to be a strong force. 6
SF Adel Massive in midfield battle, especially at stoppages where he was a beast. Clearly best afield. 9
PF Geel S.Selwood had the job on him but he was still solid especially in first half. 7
GF WB Amazing. Six clearances, 17 contested possessions, six inside-50s and three goals. 9

2015 Season

1 Ess Kept grinding away in the middle. 7
2 Port Best on ground, unstoppable around the stoppages. 9
3 GWS Nine clearances and five inside-50s in another productive midfield night. 7
4 Frem Won seven clearance and laid six tackles. Tough. 6
5 WB Grabbed 10 clearances, laid seven tackles and had four inside-50s. Solid. 7
6 Melb Presence around the ball was a force. Eight tackles, seven clearances, two goals. 8
7 Geel Huge performance highlighted by 13 contested possessions and weight of ball. 8
8 Haw Cracked in over four quarters to provide a big presence around the ground. 7
9 Carl Head-to-head with Cripps and lowered his colours. Still contributed. 6
10 GCS Not a prolific night but still a contributor. 5
11 NM Five clearances and some tough stuff inside the contest a highlight. 6
13 Rich Won lots of ball as always and laid six tackles but was inefficient at times. 6
14 Port Two first-term goals then 11 clearances and eight tackles. Monster night. 9
15 Bris Bullocked his way around midfield and huge throughout. Eight clearances 9
16 Haw Shiels ran with him and despite lots of touches influence not massive. 6
17 WCE Team-high nine clearances and 13 contested possessions. Gave his all. 7
18 Adel Continually winning ball inside packs and firing out handballs. 7
19 Geel Mountain of footy but 14 ineffective disposals dulled influence. Nine clearances. 6
20 Coll Constantly won ball in tight situations and fed it out. 8
21 GWS Colossal in midfield. 35 touches, two goals and a truckload of clearances. 9
22 StK Constantly won the ball in packs and also got out on his own. 9
23 GCS Snagged two early goals and kept pressure on through the midfield. 7
QF Frem Enormous effort netted eight inside-50s, 16 CPs and four clearances. 9
SF NM Battled manfully to grab seven inside-50s, four clearances and 15 CPs. 7

2014 Season

1 GWS The period when he was controlling centre clearances was Sydney’s best. 5
2 Coll Picked up 15 contested possessions and six clearances in a trademark effort. 7
3 Adel The “clearance king” had eight including four centre clearances. 8
4 NM Clearly the Swans' best, dominating the stoppages in the wet. 8
5 Frem Produced 21 contested possessions alone in an excellent display. 9
6 Melb Six tackles, a goal, three clearances and 11 handball receives. 7
7 Bris In the thick of it. Disposal count included 20 handballs and two goals. 9
8 Haw Despite Langford tag early he was superb. Won contest after contest. 9
9 Ess Continued to rack up contested possessions on his way to a best afield performance. 9
11 Geel Kept midfield wheels turning with nine clearances, 18 contested possessions. 8
12 GCS Got the better of Stanley and was able to push forward to hurt Suns on the scoreboard. 7
13 Port Lowered his colors in a big way to Ebert (40 possessions). 5
14 Rich Stats looked good early but not as damaging as usual. Tackled hard. 6
15 GWS Ten tackles and two goals, Kennedy maintains an incredible level of play. 7
16 WCE Started on Priddis but was moved and worked into the game to play strong role. 7
17 Carl The contested possession genius could be right in the Brownlow hunt. 9
18 Haw Battled hard in close at the contests and kicked a late goal to give them hope. 6
19 Ess Dominant early in midfield over Goddard then restricted by Hocking. 7
20 Port Outstanding display in midfield with a game high nine inside-50s. 8
21 StK Off with hamstring at start of second term. 2
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  
QF Frem Not as damaging as usual but still found plenty of the ball. 6
PF NM Got side rolling with monster first term and kept it going. Eight clearances. 8
GF Haw Did what he could in the middle with five clearances, 15 contested possessions. 6

2013 Season

1 GWS Took over where he left off last year – 24 cont. poss, six clearances and a goal. 5
2 GCS Well held by Hunt in the first half, lifted after the main break. 6
3 NM Productive first quarter and steadily productive throughout. 7
4 Geel Worked hard but beaten on the night by Corey. Only one inside-50. 5
5 StK Head to head with Hayes in good battle. Built for those wet conditions. 6
6 Bris Enjoyed a good battle with Redden who never gave an inch. 6
7 Haw Swans’ best –17 cont poss, 13 clearances, seven tackles, two goals. Huge. 9
8 Frem Another workhorse display from the reigning best and fairest. 8
9 Coll Macaffer did a good job to curb his influence. 4
10 Ess Knocked up winning touches and outdid Goddard. 7
11 Adel Made light of Vince’s tagging. 7
13 Port Another masterful performance by the stoppage king. Seven clearances. 8
14 Carl With so many stoppages, he was always going to have an impact. Nine clearances. 7
15 Melb Won 20 cont poss and had 12 clearances to be a huge weapon around ball. 8
16 GWS A monster around the stoppages and his big body too much for GWS to contain. 7
17 WCE Dominant display of contested football, just needed to kick straight. 8
18 Rich Tuck kept close early. Not one of his big games. 5
19 WB Held by Wallis and wasn’t able to get into with usual influence. 4
20 Coll Another one of Sydney's blue chip midfielders who was well contained. 5
21 StK Right back to his productive best as inside midfielder. 8
22 Geel Intensity enormous but often under pressure – 19 cont poss. 8
23 Haw Worked tirelessly in the packs against his old club. 7
QF Haw Lots of grunt work in midfield and continued strong recent form. 7
SF Carl Ball use around the stoppages a highlight of his 6 clearance, 14 cont poss, 5 tackles. 7
PF Frem Under extreme pressure every time he got it. Better second half than first. 5

2012 Season

1 GWS Able to use his size to dominate stoppages. 27 disp., 7 clearances, 2 goals. 8
2 Frem Tremendous game around packs and was easily best on ground. 8
3 Port Best on the ground with 18 contested possessions and eight clearances. 9
4 NM North tried to shackle him, but his strength saw him win plenty of the ball. 7
5 Haw Slow start and gathered more momentum as game went on. 8
6 Adel Slightly down on previous weeks, but still hugely effective around packs. 7
7 Rich Shaded by Tuck in the first half but bounced back to lead their revival. 6
8 Melb Quieter than usual but effective and kicked three goals, one after strong mark. 6
9 StK Plenty of hard grunt work in the middle. 6
10 WB Shaded by Jack and Hannebery, but still outstanding in a dominant midfield. 6
11 Ess Solid and kept pumping away all night. 6
13 Geel Grabbed seven clearances and kicked a key goal in third term. 7
14 GWS Too tough and strong for the GWS midfield, tallying eight clearances. 6
15 Bris Eight clearances, six inside 50s – Kennedy is a bona fide star. 8
16 WCE With seven clearances and 19 contested possessions he had a big impact. 7
17 StK Unusual breakdown of seven kicks, 28 handballs and was constant force. 8
18 GCS Huge third quarter and had a good mix of hard and loose ball possessions. 8
19 Carl Effective in tight contests. Tapered in second half. 6
20 Coll 40 possessions, 11 inside 50s, nine clearances: one of his best games this year. 9
21 WB Huge again – 8 clearances, 5 inside-50s and 20 contested possessions. 8
22 Haw Huge again around the stoppages with nine clearances and 21 cont possessions. 8
23 Geel Did what he could with seven clearances, a goal and 15 contested poss. 7
QF Adel Powerful display and put the Crow midfielders to the sword. 8
PF Coll Monster effort around the footy – 10 clearances, x cont poss and 2.2 9
GF Haw Former Hawk proved a key in downfall of his former side. Did it all. 7