#17   West Coast

Age: 32yr 3mth Games: 208 Born: Aug 25, 2020
Height: 196cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Back-to-back Coleman medallist is the club’s most important player. Ticking over well and looking forward to Mitchell’s service.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 NM On fire in attack and ended with seven straight majors opposed to Tarrant. Laid down a marker for the rest of the year. 9
2 StK Barely touched the ball for three quarters and then kicked three goals in the final term to finish with four. 5
3 Rich Held to 2 goals by Astbury. Was not himself today, and the weather in the second half didn’t help his cause. 5
4 Syd Tracked closely by Grundy but then had Aliir. Only the two goals but worked hard both ways. 6
5 Haw Radar was off again at the MCG. Looked dangerous, but in the end, only got the one goal, and team was pantsed. 4
6 Frem Booted six goals and won the Glendinning Medal in a dominant display. 9
7 Port Two clutch goals when his team needed him most. Well held by Jonas. 5
8 WB Off target. Kicked 3.6 and his final term misses almost cost the team victory. 6
9 Ess Ended up with four goals and can at least hold his head high. 7
10 GWS Injured his calf late in the game. Kicked three goals. 6
11   Calf.  
12   Calf.  
13   Calf.  
14   Calf.  
15   Calf.  
16   Calf.  
17 Frem Should be happy with his return from injury. Kicked three goals. Did his job. 6
18 Coll Monster day. Back to his best with six goals and threatened to be the difference until Pies surge. 9
19 Bris A dominant game with six goals. Had 10 shots. 8
20 StK The most commanding forward on the field and was the man who almost won the game with five goals. 8
21 Carl Booted six goals and was the difference between the teams. 9
22 GWS Battled with some poor supply and Giants played two-to-three players on him. Still managed to kick four. 7
23 Adel Kicked 1.4. Would have liked to have been more accurate. 4
EF Port Held to one goal in regular time, before two extra time goals gave Eagles a hope. 5
SF GWS Played higher than usual but found Corr tough to shake. Lack of supply didn’t help his cause. 4

2016 Season

1 Bris Kicked eight goals, gave four away and took 16 marks. Unbelievable game. 10
2 Haw Tried to lose Frawley but bringing him right up ground, which negated his scoring threat. 3
3 Frem Four contested marks a huge effort in the conditions. Kicked 1.4. 7
4 Rich Finished with 2.3 but Rance did a superb job against the odds. 6
5 Syd Wet conditions suited opposing defenders but he still took 10 marks. Kicked two. 6
6 Coll Threatening throughout but off target. Finished with 3.6. 6
7 Geel Lonergan had his measure for much of the day but still found a way to kick three goals. 5
8 StK Tore the game apart with five goals in first term and seemed on track for a dozen. 8
9 Port Seven goals straight on one of the game’s best defenders in Hombsch. 9
10 GCS Another bag of goals with five this time. Led hard at the ball carrier. 7
11 WB Well beaten by Adams. Only came very late in final term. Three kicks a season low. 1
12 Adel Booted three goals from limited opportunities. 6
13 Bris Outstanding. Five goals from six kicks. Job done! 8
15 Ess Booted three goals despite only nine disposals. 6
16 NM Could have kicked a bag. Finished with 4.4. 6
17 Carl Pretty well held by Rowe. Two goals from five marks despite goof work-rate. 5
18 Melb His three goals, from five kicks, were crucial to the win. 6
19 Coll Loomed large at times but never able to break free. Goalkicking unusually wayward. 5
20 Frem Best on ground. Kicked seven goals. Was superb. 9
21 GWS Great duel with Davis and ended up with 3.3 to get the points in a tight tussle. 6
22 Haw Booted five goals and Hawthorn couldn’t stop him. 8
23 Adel Another bag of five goals on quality opposition in Talia. 8
EF WB Kicked first goal of game and two for match. Forced up the ground to get a kick. 5

2015 Season

1 WB Ended night with two goals from five marks. Couldn’t break Talia shackles. 4
2 Carl Kicked 10 goals to drive the dagger further into his former club’s heart. 10
3 Frem Just the one goal but starved for opportunities. McPharlin his master. 3
4 Bris Showed difference between the sides. A big forward target the Lions lack. 7
5 GWS Had a night out with six goals and seven marks. 8
6 Port Came in with an elbow injury, and dislocated a finger during the game. 6
7 GCS Subbed off after kicking 4.2 in three quarters. 7
8 StK Against Fisher he put his stamp on the game early and booted four goals. 7
9 Geel Lapped up the service to boot six goals and 11 marks. Big night. 8
10 NM Managed three goals in a tremendous battle with Thompson. 6
11 Ess Three goals and gave a simple one away. 6
12 Rich Rance matched on him. Early goal then good contest. Finished with three. 5
14 Melb Got the better of Dunn in an engrossing duel. Two goals and a few assists. 6
15 Adel Well held by Talia. Kicked two goals from nine disposals. 4
16 Coll Brown went with him. Not a huge game but three goals and worked hard. 6
17 Syd Rampe did well to restrict him to three goals given way ball was coming down. 6
18 GCS Well held by May and only managed two goals. 3
19 Haw Kicked 4.2 from seven touches. Kept West Coast ticking. 7
20 Frem Was off target with 2.3 but looked dangerous. 6
21 WB Best on ground. Kicked seven goals and took 14 marks. 9
22 Adel Great tussle with Talia, but came off second best. 4
23 StK Kicked 3.4 in the third term. That was his score for the match. 6
QF Haw Three second-term goals pivotal in putting a match-winning gap on Hawks. 7
PF NM Kicked 2.3 and clearly the side’s best forward. Grabbed nine marks. 7
GF Haw Comprehensively covered by Frawley. No goals from five kicks. 1

2014 Season

1 WB Well held by Morris given weight of inside-50s in Eagles favour – 2 marks, 2 goals. 4
2 Melb Booted four goals and always a presence in attack. 7
3 StK Held by Delaney early but couldn’t be contained later on. 6
4 Geel Beaten by Taylor. Mark and goal in first term his only highlight. 2
5 Port Wayward in front of goal, which in the end cost them the match. 4
6 Carl 2.2 but would have torn his hair out at the way the ball was kicked forward. 6
7 Frem Couldn’t find the ball close to goal and set shot still looks shaky. 5
8 GWS Career-high 11 goals in a masterful performance in attack. Unstoppable all afternoon. 10
10 Coll Four marks and one goal as he was held by Frost and later Goldsack. 3
11 NM Stifled by Thompson and kicked just one behind. Crunched late. 2
12   Cheekbone.  
13 GCS Acting skipper had five on the board by mid-second term. Seven straight. 8
14 StK Delaney played him very close, but kept him tied down. Kicked badly with 1.4. 5
15 Frem Forced to roam far and wide to get involved but did kick two goals. 4
16 Syd Cleaned up Jones early and ended with two goals, but may have earned a holiday. 5
17   Suspended.  
18 Rich Rance proved tough to shake and could only manage three marks and a goal. 3
19 Adel Five goals in a great display as a power forward. 8
20 Coll Three goals opposed to Frost helped keep the scoreboard pressure on Pies. 6
21 Ess On Hooker and blitzed in third term, but otherwise kept on the leash. 5
22 Melb Got the better of Frawley to end with three goals. 7
23 GCS Four goals in third term en route to eight in a match-winning performance. 9

2013 Season

1 Frem Massive impact early with his marking and goals. Supply dried up after main break. 6
2 Haw Couldn’t get his hands on it for first 42 minutes then kicked two in a minute. Ended with five 6
3 Melb Kicked 5.3 and with Darling caused all sorts of headaches for the Demons defence. 8
4 Carl Service not great early but his intensity was great. Kept battling hard. 6
5 Port Four attempts on goal for four majors, the only Eagle who looked like kicking straight. 8
6 WB Roughead matched him and he didn’t win much of the ball. Four goals came whenit didn’t matter. 5
7 Bris Superb on a wet day. Kicked four goals as a big threat inside 50. 8
8 NM Kicked two goals and made to earn them by Thompson. 6
9 GWS Won plenty of contested ball and matched Darling's five goals. 7
10 Rich Led Rance to the ball early with two quick goals, but then was hauled in. 4
11   Calf.  
12   Calf.  
13 Haw Two first-term goals and ended with five to keep his side in the match. 8
14 Ess Marking posed problems for Bomber defence. 6
15 Adel The best forward on the night with four goals straight including the winner. 8
16 Frem Marked strongly and kicked a couple, of goals but wasn’t a huge influence. 5
17 Syd A stellar performance and kept his side in the game with quality goal kicking. 8
18 WB Kicked three goals including two in third term. Other than that well held by Morris. 6
19 GCS Had four goals by half time on Thompson but Hall kept closer. 7
20 Ess Just the one goal, but helped open up space around him for others to run into. 4
21 Geel Beaten by Taylor but never gave up. Took six marks but didn’t kick a goal. 4
22 Coll Only two effective disposals in first half and didn’t kick a goal for second week in a row. 2
23 Adel Struggled for the third successive week and Talia had the upper hand. 2

2012 Season

1 WB Seven goals, including four in first quarter stamped him as best afield. 8
2 Melb One of the few players who didn’t hurt the Dees. Kicked 1.4. 4
3 GWS Two early goals but quiet after that. 3
4 Haw Kicked 1.3 but dragged in four contested marks. 5
5 Rich Injured ankle in second term and that slowed him up – three kicks. 1
21 WAFL Solid return with 10 touches, six marks, two goals.
22 Coll Played the whole game. Only eight touches. But he didn’t get hurt. 3
23 Haw Gibson his master all night then injured late and limped from field. 3
EF NM One of Eagles to have a quiet first half but sprung to life after main break. 6
SF Coll Reid trounced him and he had dirty night apart from one big mark and goal. 3