#6   Carlton

Age: 34yr 10mth Games: 287 Born: May 05, 2021
Height: 181cm Weight: 76kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Fearless, resilient half back who shows no signs of slowing down and averaged 27 disposals in 2016. A driving force.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Rebounding defender played his usual strong game. Never stopped trying. 7
2 Melb Not his best game at half back but provided a cool head when needed. 13 touches but only went at 54% effectiveness. 5
3 Ess Veteran has played better games but his effort and experience was certainly a factor in the upset victory. 6
4 GCS Okay without being at his best across half back. Had 19 touches and nine marks. 6
5 Port Quiet game by his lofty standards, wasn’t precise enough with his disposal. 5
6 Syd Racked up stats (31) to provide the run and rebound the side needed. Five inside-50s tells story of his hard running. 8
7 Coll Blitzing first quarter pressing forward from the wing with his long kicking to advantage. Another fine game. 7
8 StK A typical Kade Simpson game. Put his body on the line and provided great rebound from defence. 7
9 Frem Not as much of the ball as in the past. Had 19 touches. 5
10 NM Displayed customary courage from defence. Linked up well through the corridor and used the ball well. 7
11   Bye.  
12 GWS Steady without producing his very best from defence. Helped get in the way at times to thwart the Giants. 6
13 GCS Completely controlled the back half and helped himself to 33 disposals. 9
14 Rich Not his best game this year, but wasn’t the worst. Drifted forward in final term when the Blues needed majors. 6
15 Adel You know what you are going to get with Simpson, excellent decision maker and kicking efficiency is a highlight. 6
16 Melb Veteran patrolled across half back and did some great things or the team. Ended with another 35 possessions. 8
17 WB Veteran wasn’t allowed off the chain like he sometimes is and while worked hard didn’t cause havoc from half back. 6
18 Bris Plugged away and one of three Blues to have 10 or more disposals by half time. 6
19 Geel Veteran rebounder wasn’t at his best; Just 14 possessions his quietest game of the season. 5
20 Ess Ball magnet rebounded stoutly all day and did all he could to try and lift the team over the line; 20 disposals. 6
21 WCE Compiled 22 disposals and was the main avenue from defence. 6
22 Haw Cool under pressure in the all-important last term. His disposal by foot was a feature. 7
23 Syd The wily old veteran busted his backside. Along with Kreuzer was one that could hold his head high. 8

2016 Season

1 Rich Positioned himself well to intercept and provide support to fellow defenders. Good night. 7
2 Syd Made some horrible mistakes by foot but like always never gave up trying. 6
3 GCS Fairly well held but rebounded out of defence OK. 4
4 WB Tried desperately to rebound from the back half but often forced to go backwards and sideways. 6
5 Frem Showed good leadership and his ability to spot up a target was important. 6
6 Ess Swept half back with aplomb. Lifted in final 10 minutes to be a critical cog when it got tense. 7
7 Coll Drifted across half back. Had Sidebottom at start but then freed up and was one of Carlton’s best. 8
8 Port Good outing in milestone game across half back. A few errors but made up for them. 6
9 NM Kicked a rare goal in second term and was OK across half back. 6
10 Geel Massive with his presence and guile at half back. Just gets to the right spots at the right times. 7
11 Bris Career-best form at the age of 32. Set up countless attacks from half back. 8
12 StK Collected possessions at will as spare in defence and St Kilda let him do it. 8
14 GWS Workmanlike in defence. Laid seven tackles and rarely wasted a disposal. 6
15 Coll Carlton’s best by the length of the Flemington straight. Sublime display. 8
16 Adel Did what he could to create play coming out of defence. Tried hard. 6
17 WCE Racked up stats from across half back and played typical steady game. 7
18 Syd Ran hard out of back half with a team-high nine rebounds. 8
19 Haw Led from the front in defence. Made some punishing runs and showed courage 7
20 StK Helped keep the margin from ballooning over 100 points. Just had next to no support. 7
21 Bris Mopped up across half back and collected 10 disposals in last term fight back. 7
22 Melb Gave great drive once again off half back. Seems to be getting better with age. 8
23 Ess Arguably his team’s best again. Huge under the Essendon barrage. 8

2015 Season

1 Rich Sound game without being a huge factor. 6
2 WCE Weight of ball against makes it tough but always gave his all. 7
3 Ess Had 16 disposals after half time and tried to lift side from half back. 7
4 StK On Schneider he was OK, and both had plenty of touches. 5
5 Coll Quiet by his standards. 4
6   Calf.  
7   Calf.  
8 Geel Gave his all and at least looked interested. Three tackles. 8
9 Syd Did what he could to stem the flow but tough night to be a defender. 7
10 Adel Loose early and dominated. Van Berlo went to him but stayed involved. 7
12 Port Loose early and racked up stats. Steady sweeping across half back. 7
13 GCS Mopped up at half back but uncharacteristically wasted some ball. 6
14 WB Rebounded well from the back half to repel Bulldogs attacks. 7
15 Rich OK but lots of his possessions failed to hurt the Tigers. Well short of his best. 5
16 Frem Had 20 possessions but they weren’t damaging. 5
17 Haw Tried his guts out but made mistakes and gave away plenty of free kicks. 5
18 NM Consistent performer off a wing and across half back. Tried hard all night. 6
19 Coll Plenty of ball on wing and across half back. Steady outing. 7
20 Bris Even effort. 6
21 Melb Allowed to win the footy out of defence in first half. Quiet after that. 6
22 GWS Typical game where he tried his hardest. Just needed more support. 6
23 Haw Reported in second term but did some good things and kicked a goal. 6

2014 Season

1 Port OK without dominating. Kept chugging away but even he tailed off. 5
2 Rich Good without dominating. 6
3 Ess Battled hard but under pressure a lot and coughed it up at times. 5
4 Melb Despite work of McKenzie he continued to battle hard to be few winners for team. 7
5 WB Busy and productive running through the lines. 7
6 WCE Another Blue who did some key things to turn the result their way. 6
7 Coll Subdued in first half. Much better when freed of tagging role. 6
8 StK Monster game again with run and creativity – six inside-50s, 10 marks. 8
10 Adel Best on ground with 11 contested possessions and relentless run all day. 8
11 Bris Good start to the game and kept pumping away all night. 6
12 Geel One of many to lift intensity after main break. Has played better but handy. 6
13 Haw Took time to work into game and did so but also let his man run wild at times. 6
14 GWS An uncharacteristically off day for the tagged vice captain. 4
15 Coll OK but not his best. Not one inside-50 so not damaging forward of ball. 6
16 StK Generally played deep in defence and played his part. 5
17 Syd Used as the spare man off half back, the move was one of few Blue positives. 7
18 NM Again deep in defence on Adams. Very good game 7
19 Frem Suban defensive on him at times but worked into game. Superb goal late in game. 7
20 GCS Excellent as sweeper in the back half. Found plenty of it and used it beautifully. 8
21 Geel Smedts defensive on him early and he never got right off the chain. 5
22 Port Unusual poor performance from the skilled playmaker. 3
23 Ess Battled his backside off in the back-half. Provided usual dash and rebound. 6

2013 Season

1 Rich One of few to look dangerous forward of centre but failed to capitalise. 6
2 Coll Typical contribution on a wing. Penetrating boot was important at times. 6
3 Geel Horrible effort. Cats made him accountable by dragging him into defence. 3
4 WCE Handy effort and was particularly good late in the game across half back. 7
5 Adel Punished Adelaide with his spread and carry. 19 uncontested possessions. 7
6 Melb Heaps of the footy off a wing and relished the space provided. 7
7 StK Four disposals (one goal) to half time not enough. Failed to lift to at all. 3
8 Port Kept Monfries quiet for three quarters until he tired late. 6
9 Bris Used the ball well and a vital linkman. 7
10 GWS One of his better games for the season. A general across half-back. 7
11 Ess Ran to spaces and had a solid game. 6
12 Haw Huge opening three quarters (21 disp) although faded late. Great effort. 8
14 Syd Gave run from defence and put his body on the line when required. 6
15 Coll Battled hard in defence on variety of opponents but overwhelmed. 6
16 StK Had defensive role at times and was a good possession winner. 7
17 NM Highest Blues ball-winner mostly deep in defence and was consistent all through. 7
18 GCS Must have had bad body odour as no Suns player went near him. Damaging. 8
19 Frem Brave in the air and on the deck. Gave good rebound from defence. 7
20 WB Landed heavily in a marking contest early, and then didn’t break Cross’ forward tag. 4
21 Rich Another courageous and prolific game from the small defender. 7
22 Ess A marvellous game. Busted his backside and clearly best on the ground. 8
23 Port Kicked the Blues’ first goal of the game running in on 50. 6
EF Rich Efficient off half back in second half after little significance early. 6
SF Syd Stood tall against the tide in his 200th game. 7

2012 Season

1 Rich Damaging use of the ball and kept it going for four quarters. 7
2 Bris Normal damaging and creative game off the wing. 7
3 Coll Against Sidebottom initially. First half quieter than usual then chimed in. 6
4 Ess Shining light. Never stopped running but kicked three behinds. 8
5 Frem Early skill errors but worked into game to be key link man; 35 touches. 8
6 GWS Found space and was always dangerous pushing forward of centre. 7
7 StK Leg speed caused some problems early then Ray shut him out. 5
8 Adel Started with two goals but impact dissipated as no one could get it to him. 5
9 Melb Linked well through the middle and a force for his team when attacking. 7
10 Port A shocker as couldn’t break the tags of Danyle Pearce and Kane Cornes. 4
11 Geel Found a lot of his ball forward and centre in dangerous spots in a fine display. 8
12 WCE Second half much better than first when he had no impact at all. 6
14 Haw Not as prominent as usual, but had regular medical attention to his back. 4
15 Coll Just going but night ended after crude shirt-front by Wellingham in third term. 4
19 Syd Wearing helmet in return game. On Johnson on HFF. Better in second half. 5
20 Bris Found space and used it to pump the ball forward – seven inside-50s. 7
21 Ess Continually found space forward of centre – three goals, four inside-50s. 8
22 GCS Solid game without starring. 5
23 StK Steady game. 5