Kieren JACK

#15   Sydney Swans

Age: 31yr 9mth Games: 230 Born: Jun 28, 2021
Height: 177cm Weight: 77kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Played as a small forward in some internal trials, which would be an interesting move if they persist. Nearing veteran status. but going

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Port Plugged away in usual underground miner style and was one of the few Swans who looked threatening late in game. 7
2 WB One effective disposal in first half and while effort was there he didn’t look right. Came in with hip problem – 9 effective touches. 3
3 Coll Slow start but then jagged two second-time goals to get side back into game. Still well short of his hard-running best. 4
4 WCE Spent long periods in the front half and had minimal impact overall. The end is nigh? 4
5 GWS Couldn’t generate anything in midfield and struggled. 3
6   Hip.  
7   Hip.  
8   Hip.  
9   Hip.  
10   Hip.  
11   Hip.  
12 WB Tough as a two-dollar steak but was a little medium rare after returning from injury. Disposal was a little off at times. 5
13 Rich Still rusty but kicked the goal that put the side in front with couple of minutes remaining; Four clearances. 4
14 Ess Big question marks on his future again. Just 13 touches and never a factor. 4
15 Melb Tackled his heart out and got a bit of the ball. Not his best, but made a good contribution. 6
16 GCS Did his bit when the game was on the line, 22 disposals yet his best is still ahead. 7
17 GWS Continued his upturn in form and was a great four quarter performer. 22 disposals, 11 tackles and finished with a goal. 8
18 StK Solid if unspectacular in midfield. 5
19 Haw 17 disposals yet was never a threat. 5
20 Geel Hard-nut midfielder did some good things. Five inside-50s, one tackle and six score involvements. 6
21 Frem Back to his best. Floated around the half forward line and midfield with aplomb. 8
22 Adel Made the Crows pay with a goal in the first term after a fortunate 50 metre penalty. 4
23 Carl Played a defensive role and performed it admirably. Provided some offensive rebound with 16 touches. 5
EF Ess Early goal helped set the tone and laid three tackles to go with 19 disposals. 6
SF Geel Tougher than a $2 steak but lacked the red wine jus to add that finishing touch. Early goal had him aroused; 23 disposals. 6

2016 Season

1 Coll One of a host of Swans’ midfielders who had it on a string in midfield. 8
2 Carl Started the year in super form: 26 touches, five tackles a good day at the office. 7
3 GWS Superb work-rate all day – six tackles and five inside-50s. 6
4 Adel In the wars, battled on bravely after copping some heavy knocks. 6
5 WCE In his element in tough and demanding conditions . 6
6 Bris Lined-up on Rich and had the better the Lions midfielder for most of the match. 7
7 Ess Found plenty of space in the midfield and kicked two second-half goals. 6
8 Rich Battled hard in midfield and an important mover at stages. Laid seven tackles. 6
9 Haw Tradesman-like in the middle and helped give Swans the edge. 5
10 NM Part of a strong midfield group that got the better of North. Not a star but played role. 6
11 GCS Gathered a good amount of the footy though failed to use it well. 6
12 GWS Underwhelming display with only 13 possessions. Did lay eight tackles though. 4
13 Melb Split time between midfield and as a small forward. Hard worker as always in trenches. 5
15 WB Usual honest and committed game with hard edge in the middle. 6
16 Geel Celebrated 200th game with three goals, five clearances and 10 tackles. 8
17 Haw Worked hard but copped knock in third that slowed him a tad. Five tackles. 6
18 Carl Worked hard to ensure he stayed involved in the game. Four clearances and kicked 1.2. 6
19 Frem Had 20 touches but everyone had lots of the ball. 5
20 Port A bit down on normal standards but toiled away as teammates flourished. 5
21 StK Steady and reliable game in midfield and did all he needed to do. 6
22   Ankle.  
23 Rich Impressive four-quarter performance in midfield. Always looked dangerous when he got it. 7
QF GWS Kicked two goals and got a bit of the ball, but overshadowed by opposition mids. 5
SF Adel Hard worker in midfield with 11 contested possessions. Had a hand in nine scores. 7
PF Geel In everything at start and applied consistent pressure for four quarters. 7
GF WB Four clearances, four inside-50s and 12 contested possessions. Didn’t star. 6

2015 Season

1 Ess Fitting that he kicked goal that levelled scores. Led the way. 8
2 Port Ten clearances, five inside-50s and goal: typical Jack performance. 8
3 GWS Even effort throughout highlighted by 11 contested possessions. Tough effort. 7
4 Frem One of the players who lifted during the third term. 5
5 WB Laid eight tackles and had five inside-50s. Tried his guts out all day. 6
6 Melb Kept working to gather 10 contested possessions and seven inside-50s. 7
7 Geel Kept digging in to end as a secondary but handy midfielder. 7
8 Haw Work-rate first class but didn’t have quite the impact he is renowned for. 6
9 Carl Even effort throughout highlighted by five clearances. 7
10 GCS Good four-quarter effort. 6
11 NM Effectiveness down a tad but worked hard to offer something. Five clearances. 6
13 Rich Tore in around the contests but not as influential heading forward. 6
14 Port Even effort then lifted with some hard running in the last 10 minutes. 7
15 Bris Influence nullified somewhat but kept working. Only 11 effective disposals. 5
16 Haw Battled hard throughout despite lop-sided scoreline. At least cracked in. 7
17 WCE Touched the ball only six times after half time. Form got to be a worry. 4
18 Adel Persistent in middle and worked hard in attack when stationed on Smith. 7
19 Geel Tried hard but not a lot of punch in his performance. No inside-50s, seven kicks. 5
20 Coll Led from front with a typically committed attacking display. 8
21 GWS Had Shaw early but shifted into midfield and was a powerful performer. 7
22 StK Always in the thick of the action. 7
23 GCS Subbed out after limping from field with a knee injury before quarter time. 1
QF   Knee.  
SF   Knee.  

2014 Season

1   Back.  
2 Coll Beaten by Macaffer on his return from a back injury. 4
3 Adel Laid nine tackles and had five clearances and four inside-50s. 7
4 NM Lively early, he faded and was guilty of some poor ball use. 5
5 Frem Another midfielder under pressure, shook off Crowley's tag. 8
6 Melb Burrowed in, did the tough stuff and found plenty of the pill. 7
7 Bris 26 touches and two goals in a fine performance. 7
8 Haw Busy all night and kept wheel turning – 10 inside-50s. 7
9 Ess Tagged by Hocking and burnt him off. Ability to spread a huge asset for an inside mid. 7
11 Geel Eight inside-50s, 13 contested possessions and fierce around footy. 8
12 GCS Kept his motor running all day in midfield. A driving force again. 7
13 Port Strong worker in midfield to continually drive Sydney forward. 7
14 Rich Looked to injure wrist in second term, but came back and played a role in win. 6
15 GWS Took a knock late but still won the Brett Kirk Medal for best on ground. 8
16 WCE OK but wasn’t his best outing in duel with Matt Rosa. 5
17 Carl Seven marks and seven tackles, he was at his hard-running best. 8
18 Haw Worked hard in midfield to wrestle the ascendency. 6
19 Ess Strong game and kept grinding away in the middle. 7
20 Port Did more of the grunt work with nine tackles at stoppages. 7
21 StK Huge first quarter put his stamp on the game. 7
22 WB Good at centre bounce clearances and played his role in midfield. 6
23 Rich Worked his way into game and finished with 10 tackles and eight inside 50s. 7
QF Frem Kicked a goal, set up another and laid nine tackles too. 6
PF NM Helped keep foot on Roos’ throat with his work-rate and ball winning. 7
GF Haw Lifted in second half but wasn’t involved enough early and butchered two chances. 4

2013 Season

1 GWS Busy opening helped set tone, as did two goals in second term. Key player. 7
2 GCS Won his battle with Ablett, laying nine tackles and finishing with five clearances. 7
3 NM Tracked Wells and got upper hand from third term. 6
4 Geel Among the best again – 13 contested poss, 10 inside-50s and eight clearances. 8
5 StK Slapped on 13 tackles to set tone the coach demanded. 7
6 Bris Set the tone from the start with his attack on the ball. Beat Rockliff. 8
7 Haw Worked super hard around the footy – nine contested poss and 10 tackles. 7
8 Frem Added 11 tackles to a game-high 33 touches in another excellent performance. 8
9 Coll Busy in first half around ground. Indomitable workrate. Matched on Ball. 7
10 Ess Matched on Stanton and had an excellent game. 7
11 Adel One of numerous Swans to create havoc in second term. Applied huge pressure. 8
13 Port Kept his team in the game when the tide was turning against them. 6
14 Carl Didn’t have his best night but still tackled and harassed in the wet. 5
15 Melb Huge first half then halted slightly by Rodan – 15 cont poss and 10 inside-50s. 8
16 GWS A bit down on other performances this year, but others picked up the slack. 5
17 WCE Another tireless worker who again showed his elite kicking skills. 8
18 Rich Again showed he is a potent and elite midfielder. 8
19 WB Right in his element in a tough contest. 8
20 Coll Considering the incredibly high standards he sets, this was a below-par game. 4
21 StK Jones kept him right under wraps in first half but he hit back 5
22 Geel Started on Selwood then set free. Won 14 cont poss, six clearances. 7
23 Haw Never relented and did everything he could. 6
QF Haw Gave it his all and was Swans’ best. 8
SF Carl Shadowed by Curnow (until he got injured) and ended with 7 clearances, 8 inside-50s. 8
PF Frem Crowley ensured he was never allowed to impact ­­– only 1 clearance, 2 inside-50s. 3

2012 Season

1 GWS Kicked first goal and didn’t let up for the four quarters – 30 disposals. 8
2 Frem Gave the Swans tremendous drive, especially early before fading. 5
3 Port Only 17 disposals but won four clearances and four inside 50s. 6
4 NM Blistering first half and his pace and energy were vital for the Swans. 7
5 Haw Played negating forward role and did OK. 5
6 Adel Quieter than usual, but still contributed with two goals. 5
7 Rich Worked hard for his 20 touches but lacked precision with disposal. 4
8 Melb Wearing his dancing shoes and waltzed past Demon rivals with ease. 8
9 StK Kept working in tight all game. 6
10 WB Jack has been in rare form in recent weeks, dominating with 10 clearances. 8
11 Ess Started well and was instrumental in Swans building lead. 7
13 Geel Damaging with six inside-50s, 13 cont poss, two goals and five clearances. 8
14 GWS Carried on his outstanding form with a best-on-ground performance. 9
15 Bris Another marginally below scintillating recent form, but had seven clearances. 6
16 WCE Hard as nails with 22 contested possessions and 11 tackles. 8
17 StK Had a good battle with Montagna. 6
18 GCS Absorbing battle with Ablett early, then relieved and revelled. Huge. 8
19 Carl Picked up by Curnow after centre bounces. 6
20 Coll Improved as the match went on and nearly dragged his side over the line. 6
21 WB Playing with unbridled confidence. Can now be considered a classy midfielder. 8
22 Haw Relished the tough contest and among the Swans’ best again in midfield. 7
23 Geel Among the better Swans. Burrowed in all day and worked against tide. 7
QF Adel Vital role on Dangerfield was crucial to result and he did it well. 6
PF Coll Ran himself ragged and burrowed in all night but lacked polish at times. 6
GF Haw Not his biggest day in terms of stats but contested hard. Two key goals. 7