#7   Western Bulldogs

Age: 24yr 3mth Games: 84 Born: Dec 13, 2020
Height: 183cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Another one of the Dogs’ Grand Final heroes. Like many teammates, had had his loads managed across the JLT series, but is fit and ready.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Coll Ball followed him for first quarter –- kicked game's opening two goals – but hard to maintain that as a forward. 6
2 Syd Just continued to win the footy in space and brought others into the game whenever he could. 7
3 Frem Brilliant in the first half with three goals. His marking was a highlight. Finished with 26 possessions 8
4 NM Won a lot of ball from backward of the centre. Certainly not his best game but gave something to the effort. 5
5 Bris Two effective disposals and seven for the match not his usual output. Did have six inside-50s. 4
6 GWS By his usual benchmarks it was a quiet one. Only 14 effective disposals, one clearance and four inside-50s. 5
7 Rich Important goal in final term. Had a huge last half hour and was one of those who got the team over the line. 7
8 WCE His 26 possessions weren’t as damaging as he’d have liked. But he had plenty of the ball. 6
9 Geel Really quiet all night in an uncharacteristic effort; eight effective disposals, one clearance and no inside-50s from half back. 3
10 StK Played vital part in the win by shutting down Jack Steven completely after quarter time. 8
11   Bye.  
12 Syd Quiet first half and made some uncharacteristic mistakes. Wasn’t afforded much room. 5
13 Melb Played behind the ball across half back. Won a lot of it (26) but failed to hurt the Demons to any great degree. 5
14 NM Used more up the ground than previous weeks. Involved in important last play that netted winning Stringer point. 7
15 WCE Worked into game in second term and wound up probably the Dogs’ best with 26 touches, two goals and five tackles. 7
16 Adel Always looks good with the footy in hand, had a game high nine inside-50’s, 7
17 Carl Quiet one again playing up forward a lot. One goal from nine kicks but is well short of his very best. 4
18 GCS Excellent link man on the outside who made good decisions. 31 possessions and 10 marks. 7
19 Ess Roamed all over the place to gain 25 possessions, nine marks and nearly 400 metres gained. 7
20 Bris White hot in first term when Dogs in control. Eased off mid-game before sizzling again in final term when game in balance. 7
21 GWS Gave the side rebound from half-back and among the better performers in the loss. Couldn’t question is performance. 7
22 Port Hard to remember many of his touches hurting Port. 5
23 Haw Played up forward for something different and battled hard. Two goals from 15 disposals. 6

2016 Season

1 Frem Continually found space due to working harder than Dockers’ opponents. Smart effort. 7
2 StK Huge night with 35 touches and a goal. Consistently bobbed up in space. 8
3 Haw Continued with his solid easy season form. Busy with 23 touches. 6
4 Carl Everywhere throughout to grab game-high disposals, four inside-50s, six clearances and goal. 8
5 Bris Another outstanding night in midfield and pushing into attack. Become a very good player. 8
6 NM Main run-with player Jacobs was against him. Prolific ball winner at half back. 8
7 Adel Had 20 touches in the first half then faded in second. Impact not huge – two inside-50s. 5
8 Melb Won a mountain of ball and ran himself into the ground. Work-rate is enormous. 8
9 GWS Ran hard through the midfield and had a team-high eight inside-50s. 6
10 Coll Not his biggest game but very effective and produced under pressure. 6
11 WCE Racked up stats all day and always in space. Six tackles and four inside-50s to boot. 8
12 Port His disposal efficiency was off kilter early but he redeemed himself after first term. 7
13 Geel Played wide of Motlop on a wing and the Cat was the more impactful of the two. 5
15 Syd Kept ticking over with metronomic consistency off the wing in four-quarter effort. 7
16 Rich Not as prolific as some weeks but contributed three clearances, four inside-50s. 7
17 GCS Found a lot of space to take an equal team-high nine marks. 6
18 StK Lined up against bigger Riewoldt on wing for a while. Strong first half. 7
19 Geel Played loose behind the ball and had a huge first half. Quelled thereafter. 7
20 NM Consistent ball winner and hasn’t dropped below peak performance all year. 7
21 Coll A little quiet early, but kept at it. 6
22 Ess Big start to game then maintained pace throughout the evening. 6
23 Frem It’s hard to recall his 23 possessions. 5
EF WCE Good contributor with 26 touches and five inside-50s in midfield rotation. 7
SF Haw Not much between him and Smith in first half, but finished on strongly. 6
PF GWS Not as influential as he has been in other games on his wing. 4
GF Syd Winger lined up on Heeney who was a handful. Effective and stuck to his task. 6

2015 Season

1   Suspended.  
3 VFL Back from club suspension and collected 25 possessions.
4 VFL Best ball-winner on the ground. 35 possessions and a goal.
5 VFL Had the ball on a string in midfield. Bulldogs’ best.
6 StK Sub. On for Smith at half time and got involved a bit. 3
7 Frem Sub. On at half time and was OK at times. 3
8 Melb Flitted in and out of game. Tried to be a bit cute at times with disposal. 4
9 VFL One of 13 Bulldog goalkickers but needs to work harder.
10 VFL Pressed claims for senior recall with a strong outing in midfield.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Big ball winner again with 28 disposals but inaccurate with 0.3.
13 VFL Up and down afternoon. One goal and 22 touches but fumbly.
14 VFL Dangerous forward of centre with three goals from 27 touches.
15 GCS Sub. Rushed a few kicks when on, but then settled. 4
16 Geel Sub. Quickly racked up eight effective disposals but no inside-50s and no score. 2
17 Coll Creative, lively, incisive. His best game at senior level and clearly best afield. 8
18 Ess Career-high disposal numbers. Most of them at half back and wing. 8
19 Port Ran hard all day, 22 handball receives and 27 uncontested possessions. 7
20 Melb Wasn’t the cleanest but continually got to the right spots. 6
21 WCE Impressive game. Had 24 disposals. Showed his skills. 7
22 NM Prolific ball winner in early stages and had real good game. 8
23 Bris Should be pleased with his effort on the eve of the finals. 6
EF Adel Got the ball out in the open and kept going hard. 7

2014 Season

1 WCE Two first-half goals and worked hard to provide something – four inside-50s 6
2 NM Grabbed mark after nice take-off. Struggled to make impact on scoreboard. 4
3 Rich Another fast midfielder in Bulldogs’ battery. 5
4 GWS Didn’t have his biggest outing but played a role. 5
5   Senior emergency.  
6 Adel Sub. On for Campbell in the third term and went deep forward. 1
7 Ess Had his moments including the final term goal that made it a six-point game. 5
8 Melb Quiet night but did give a lift in final term when game on line. 3
10   Shoulder.  
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL The Dogs’ leading possession winner (28). Good outing.
13 VFL Two goals and 23 touches – a good afternoon’s work.
14 VFL Superb outing with three classy goals and 25 touches.
15 Melb Kicked a classy goal and took a big grab. Has some tricks! 5
16 Geel Bews had him covered early and apart from one goal didn’t get into game. 4
17 GCS Didn’t put up big numbers but took his chances when they came. 5
18 Ess Looked dangerous around the ball but was a little wasteful with it. 5
19 Haw Seemed to be matched with Birchall and did a few nice things. 4
20 StK Sub came on in final term and had a couple of touches. 1
21 NM Not seen early but came into it. 5
22 VFL Not as his best but kicked a key last-quarter goal.
23 VFL Early goal but then injured a quad and was put on ice.

2013 Season

1   Williamstown reserves didn’t play.  
2 VFL Did some nice things in the Williamstown reserves.
3 VFL Strong outing in Williamstown reserves win.
4 VFL Kicked two goals in Williamstown’s reserves.
5 VFL Did a few nice things. Still developing his game.
6 VFL Good contributor in midfield for the Seagulls.
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Great outing with 23 possessions and three crucial goals.
9 VFL Used the ball cleanly and got involved constantly.
10 VFL Again showed he is a talent. Had some nice moments.
11 VFL Bye.
12 VFL Starred again with three goals off a wing. Going well.
13 Rich First gamer who kicked an early goal and was creative in possession. Good start. 6
14 Melb Sub replaced Jones late in third quarter. Nice mover. 1
15 VFL Bye.
16 Ess Sub. On third term and gave some great drive from half forward. 3
17 Haw Sub on for Hrovat, couldn’t provide the much needed spark. 2
18 WCE Great first half netted 13 disposals in a fine display. Tired late but handy. 6
19 Syd Not a big factor. 3
20   Rested.  
21 Adel Great impact as the sub coming on in third term. Dragged down a screamer. 4
22 Bris One of few Dogs to have more touches in first half than second. Good experience. 5
23 Melb Impressive display with two goals from ninth gamer. Son of former star Mark. 6