#20   Carlton

Age: 25yr 2mth Games: 60 Born: Sep 11, 2020
Height: 191cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Versatile backman who slotted in well last year and performed well against smalls and talls. More of the same needed.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Rich Hands were full all night with variety of opponents, including Martin. Looks to have improved from last year. 6
2 Melb Did well in defence to pick the right time to fold off his opponent to provide support to teammates. Going well. 7
3 Ess Beat Fantasia hands down and provided some key run for his team in what was an outstanding effort. 8
4 GCS Battled manfully again in the back half but was outsized by Wright in second half. 5
5 Port Was diligent in defence but struggled with the weight of numbers. 5
6 Syd Quiet one from former Giant. Only the 10 disposals, three tackles and two rebound 50s. 4
7 Coll Safe with the ball and was okay in defence. 5
8 StK Had his hands full with the quicker Jack Billings. Battled on well after being moved after half time. 5
9 Frem Did a good job with ball in hand in the wet. 5
10 NM Won 16 touches but form has tapered after a terrific start to the season. Beaten in some one on ones and panicked on occasions. 4
11   Bye.  
12 GWS Had the task on Greene and was able to keep him goalless in what was a fine defensive effort. Greene’s inaccuracy helped. 7
13 GCS Did what he needed to do, and kept Matera's influence to a minimum. 4
14 Rich Followed Rioli as well as other Tiger smalls. Did a good job – rarely lost a contest. 6
15 Adel Did well to contain the high flying Mitch McGovern, keeping him to one goal. 5
16 Melb Had a variety of opponents and battled hard all day in another steady performance. 7
17 WB Defensively rotated through a number of opponents. Certainly not his best game but did what he could down back. 5
18 Bris Had a failed stint on Zorko. Overall a disappointing day in the office. 4
19 Geel Defender was under siege Italian Army style. Couple of times late he defender Dangerfield really well. 5
20 Ess Staunch defender plugged away when ball came into his area. Quiet offensively. 4
21 WCE Solid across half-back. Got a job done. 5
22 Haw Found a heap of ball, used it well and rarely put foot a wrong in a key defensive role. 7
23   Hip.  

2016 Season

1   Hip.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Port Melbourne.  
3 VFL Game time managed after coming back from injury but grabbed 19 touches.
4 WB Brilliant job curtailing Stringer in a fine debut for his new team. 6
5 Frem Bobbed up at times but had a quiet day. 3
6 Ess Went with Brown for the most part in a good battle. Not much offensively. 4
7 Coll Spent some time on the dangerous Fasolo and was useful in Blues’ defensive press. 5
8 Port Crunched by Dixon when showing courage in the hole and stood up when required. 6
9 NM Matched up on ex-Blue Waite and stuck to task although he did get away a few times. 5
10 Geel Took Kersten to the cleaners in his main role and got away enough to grab a few touches. 6
11 Bris Another solid and assured display from the emerging key defender. 6
12 StK Not the worst down back and created some rebounds from the back 50. 5
14 GWS Solid in back half on a range of opponents before coming under fire in last term. 4
15 Coll Sound in defence without setting the world on fire. Had the better of Cloke. 5
16 Adel Went to Lynch and struggled at times in the contest. Is he good enough? 3
17 WCE Took Darling (0.5). Inaccuracy helped his overall effectiveness. 5
18 Syd Serviceable effort down back on several opponents. 4
19 Haw Developing well in a key defensive post. Steady by hand and foot. 6
20 StK Had a dirty day down back as the Saints looked to use his opponent at all times. 3
21 Bris Spent time minding Walker in defence. OK. 4
22 Melb Didn’t have a big day but did little wrong in defence. 6
23 Ess Had his colours lowered down back. Looked sluggish all game. 3

2015 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1   Elbow.  
2   Elbow.  
3   Elbow.  
4   Elbow.  
5   Elbow.  
6   Elbow.  
7   Elbow.  
8   Elbow.  
9   Elbow.  
10   Elbow.  
11   Elbow.  
12 NEAFL First game back and got through OK down back.
13 NEAFL Bye.
14 NEAFL Regaining full match fitness. 24 possessions in back half.
15 NEAFL Did what was required without much fuss.
16 NEAFL Rebounded well when required in defence.
17 NEAFL Rebounded well off half-back and got a lot of the ball.
18 NEAFL One of his better games down back. Rebounded strongly.
19 NEAFL Did his job down back without much fuss.
20 NEAFL Bye.
21 NEAFL Did well down back to halt Sydney’s forward forays.
22 Carl Played his role down back despite giving away height to resting rucks. 6
23 Melb OK in back half and showed dash on occasions. 6

2014 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 PM Matched up on Membrey and got the points easily. Strong showing.
2 StK Spent time on both Riewoldt and Maister. 4
3 Melb Picked up Dunn at times in attack and couldn’t totally quieten him. 4
4 WB Had his hands full with Crameri. Good lesson for the youngster. 3
5 Adel Needs to contribute more to warrant his place in the side. 2
6 GCS Forced to play on Suns’ talls and tried hard. 4
7 NEAFL Among the Giants best in win over Ainslie.
8 NEAFL Fair down back as Swans bombarded Giants defence.
9 NEAFL Bye.
10 NEAFL Did some good things with four clearances and two goals.
11 NEAFL Won a few one-one-ones down back, did what was required.
12 NEAFL Quiet night with just nine touches.
13 NEAFL Didn’t have much impact.
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Played half-back and was very good.
16 NEAFL Among Giants’ best off half-back.
17 Frem Used down back. Not able to impact the game defensively or offensively. 2
18 Geel Ball use was horrible. Struggling to find his feet in AFL. 2
19 Rich Defended fairly well against bigger opponents but didn’t give a lot of run. 4
20 NM Another Giant defender who gave away inches. Tried but outsized. 4
21 Melb Defensively got involved and while not a major factor would have been happy. 5
22 Coll Continues to develop as a player down back. Showed some good signs. 5
23 WB Kept Crameri quiet in first half but the Dog kicked four second half goals. 5

2013 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Syd Horror skill error cost a goal just before half time. Great learning experience. 4
2 Port Second gamer was relatively quiet. 3
3 StK Did a couple of worthwhile things but not a major factor. 3
4   Senior emergency.  
5 GCS Nice kick and gave some spark to attack. 5
6 NEAFL Bye.
7 NEAFL Gave some dash and competed strongly.
8 NEAFL Gave some run off half back but was under pressure throughout.
9 NEAFL Getting better with each week. Among the Giants best.
10 NEAFL Strong game in defence for the Giants in tight win.
11 Geel Contributed a goal but pretty quiet, particularly late in game. 4
12 Port Just the six touches before being subbed out. Not his best outing. 2
14 NEAFL Good effort across half back and pushing into midfield.
15   Neck.  
16 NEAFL Kept Morton goalless and provided good drive from defence.
17 NEAFL Bye.
18   Injured.  
19 NEAFL Solid game in defence shutting out Sydney Uni’s best key forward.
20 NEAFL Showed his class at times, but wasn’t overly prominent.
21 NEAFL Pushed forward to kick a goal and was a solid perfomer.
22 NEAFL Played as a midfielder/forward and gave good run and spread.
23 NEAFL Used in midfield and ran the game out strongly.