#34   Fremantle

Age: 31yr 8mth Games: 120 Born: Jul 27, 2020
Height: 182cm Weight: 82kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The solid defender constantly provides rebound from the back half and is ticking over nicely going into the new season.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Geel Among the Dockers' best with a solid and gritty display in defence. Did concede some goals but not all his fault. 7
2 Port Started the game poorly turning over the footy directly to Chad Wingard for a goal. 4
3 WB Wasn’t used as the rebounding player from defence this week and focused more on his man. 4
4 Melb Got caught out for leg speed at times but stuck to task on Garlett at times. Okay if has the right match-up. 4
5 NM Chimed in for some key intercepts. Led the team under pressure. 6
6 WCE The Eagles had too many damaging small forwards for him to handle. 5
7 Ess Kept Fantasia in check after he started well. 6
8 Rich Defended grimly all afternoon and found enough ball (18 disposals) to be a factor going the other way. 6
9 Carl Not a big influence. 4
10 Adel Tried in vain to curb the brilliance of Eddie Betts but the floodgates opened in the third term when Betts goaled twice in minutes. 5
11 Coll Lost control of Elliott in the third term. 5
12 Bris Under siege in defence where he got plenty of the ball. Stood up when others didn’t. 6
13   Bye.  
14 Geel Patrolled across half back and did well. Didn’t make mistakes and gave team something each time he went near the ball. 6
15 StK Intercepted well in defence and took some strong marks. 6
16   Calf.  
17 WCE Wasn’t the marking or rebounding player that he is when at his best. 5
18 Haw Made some errors. He’s been up and down. 5
19   Calf.  
20   Calf.  
21   Calf.  
22   Calf.  
23   Calf.  

2016 Season

1 WB Took a few good marks but also made some skills errors that proved costly. 4
2 GCS Took some crucial marks in defence. 5
3 WCE Persisted. Worked hard under pressure all night. 6
4 NM One of the Dockers’ best in defence. Had Thomas at times and kept him quiet. 7
5 Carl Tackled strongly and put his body on the line. 6
6 Adel If he wasn’t annoying Betts, he was playing as the plus-one in defence. 6
7 GWS Didn’t get the chance to be the intercept marking player this week. 4
8 Haw Useful game in defence without setting the world on fire. 5
9 Rich Conceding a deliberate rushed behind meant his game was memorable. 4
10 StK Not seen in first term but then came into game with effect from quarter time. 5
11 Ess Did his job in defence without having much to worry about. 5
12 Bris Solid as a rock in defence, mopped up everything in his vicinity. 7
13 Port Gave the team an outlet from defence. Had 26 touches. 6
14 Coll In defence didn’t have much of a say in the game at all. 3
16 Melb Had job on Garlett and fairly successful in keeping him from hitting scoreboard. 7
17 Geel Went to a number of Cats’ forwards and rebounded when he could. 6
18 GCS Mopped up well in defence and took six marks. 6
19 Syd Had one good quarter. 4
20 WCE Good when on LeCras. Won the ball himself too. 6
21 Adel Couldn’t stop Betts from dominating. 3
22 GWS Had a decent battle with Johnson. Provided leadership and hardness in defence. 6
23 WB Quietly went about his job in defence and had 21 disposals. 6

2015 Season

2 Geel Had youngster Gregson for large parts and did the job well. Steady. 5
3 WCE Did his bit when needed down back. Gave a bit too much space late. 5
4 Syd Solid in defence. Held firm when the Swans were charging home. 7
5 Melb Does his job with the minimum of fuss. Solid early in setting up the lead. 6
6 Ess Mopped up well and had 29 disposals. Defended well. 6
7 WB A few mistakes and bad decisions but otherwise fairly steady. 5
8 NM Thrashed Lindsay Thomas. Didn’t give him any space. 7
9 Adel Had to deal with the inform Betts and was OK. 4
10   Calf.  
11 GCS Cut off plenty of Suns attacks and rebound was good. 6
13 Coll Had task on Elliott and kept him to two goals in a solid defensive display. 6
14 Bris Good two-way game. Five inside 50s and three rebounds. 6
15 Haw Gave Breust too much room to move in attack and paid the price. 4
16 Carl One of the main outlets from defence. Did well. 6
17 Rich Duked it out with Martin in a number of stoushes and held his own. 6
18 GWS Fremantle used him well when under pressure in the backline. 6
19 StK Lonie gave him initial headaches but then he handled other Saints small forwards. 5
20 WCE Had a lot of the ball but it wasn’t damaging. 5
21 NM Tracking Harvey from the start. Big gash over eye in second term . 4
22 Melb Gave up two goals to Garlett. 4
23   Rested.  
QF Syd Rotated through a variety of opponents and handy enough. 5
PF Haw Good job on Rioli and not on him when damage caused. 7

2014 Season

1 Coll Solid, an industrious defender who has a good handle on his role. 5
2 GCS Good job on potentially dangerous Hall and offered five rebound 50s. 6
3 Haw Swamped like the rest of Freo’s defence 3
4 Ess Solid contributor in the win. 6
5 Syd Used the ball really well and chipped in with six marks and three tackles. 6
6 NM Kept Nahas to one goal and gave a bit going forward. Not the worst. 6
7 WCE Played his role but did not influence the game. 5
8 Port Destroyed by Wingard. Couldn’t stop him from dominating. 3
9 Geel Did his job brilliantly defensively on Cat small forwards Motlop and Varcoe. 6
11 WB Up and down. The ball was in the backline a lot. 4
12 Adel Would rate as one of his best games in subduing Betts and winning ball himself. 7
13 Rich Great battle with Martin whom he roped in after the Tiger got away early. 6
14 Bris Lined up on Zorko and neither had a big say. Subbed off in third term. 4
15 WCE Stood Darling and despite height difference did a good job. 6
16 Melb Even battle with Kent and didn’t make too many mistakes with ball in hand. 6
17 GWS Ran hard to provide some run when he could and won plenty of bal. 7
18 StK Matched on Murdoch and neither had a big say. 4
19 Carl Bookmakers rejoiced when he kicked first goal. Handy but made one bad error. 6
20 Geel Used on Bartel at times and that didn’t go so well. Kept providing some rebound. 6
21 Haw Typical hard-as-nails effort. 21 touches and 6 grabs from defence. 7
22 Bris Subbed out in third term, otherwise a fair effort. 5
23 Port Important job on Wingard and for the most part did it well. 6
QF Syd Had a lot of the ball in defence. The backline stood up for the Dockers. 6
SF Port Part of a makeshift defence and held up well for long periods. 5

2013 Season

1 WCE Stood Hill and was fair for most of the night. 6
2 WB Disciplined effort on Murphy who rarely got away from his clutches. 6
3 Ess Got job on Davey and shut him out brilliantly. 8
4 Haw Tough task on Rioli and was given a lesson. Good experience. 3
5 Rich Mopped up very well in defence and showed courage and judgment. 6
6 GCS Gave away a 50m penalty, but worked hard at both ends. 5
7 Coll Had his hands full at times with Krakouer but stuck to his task. 5
8 Syd Put in a typically combative shift as his reputation continues to grow. 6
9 Melb Matched up on Tapscott and convincingly won the duel. 7
10 Adel Continues to provide an outlet in defence for his teammates. 5
12 Bris Never put a foot wrong. Clearly enjoying the Lyon defensive set-up. 7
13 NM Kept Thomas under raps until the Roo went off with hamstring. 6
14   Ill.  
15 StK Solid and efficient display in backline. 6
16 WCE Did a strong job in Le Cras. 5
17 Rich Big task on Martin and found him tough to follow. Made a few errors in the back half. 5
18 Adel Kept Porplyzia goalless but careless at times with a few free kicks against. 5
19 Carl Garlett’s pace troubled him at times but he stuck to his task admirably. 4
20 GWS Rock solid in everything he did. Played an even game from start to finish. 7
21 Melb Kicked first career goal and had Tapscott’s measure most of the day. 6
22 Port Matched on Neade and was unobtrusive. 4
23   Rested.  
QF Geel Huge. Kept Motlop from hitting the scoreboard and was superb offensively. 8
PF Syd Good battle with McGlynn in Swans forward half. Did enough to keep him in check. 5
GF Haw Looked like he had concrete in his boots most of the match. OK defensively on Rioli. 4

2012 Season

3 WAFL Strong showing in back line with 17 touches, six marks.
4 WAFL Solid for Peel with 17 disposals.
5 WAFL Solid outing down back for Peel.
6 GCS Came on as the sub but struggled to get into it on debut. 2
7 Port Composed with the ball. He is looking like a good player. 6
8 Haw Youngster who didn’t look out of place. 4
10 WAFL Good performance in defence. 23 disposals, 13 marks.
11 WAFL 18 disposals in tough day for Peel.
12 WAFL Not a day to shine against on-fire Swan Districts.
13 WAFL Good in defence for Peel with 13 disposals.
15 WAFL 21 possessions, 10 marks and a goal for Peel.
16 Melb Late inclusion very effective at half back. 7
17 GWS Started really well with seven first term touches. 5
18 Port Mature age recruit looking more and more comfortable with every game. 5
19 WCE Great first half which helped to set up the win. 6
20 Adel Great duel with former Central District teammate Callinan. 5
21 Rich Looks like he’s got a clear place in the team now. Does a job. 5
22 NM Workmanlike job in defence. 5
23 Melb Quiet game. The ball wasn’t in defence much for him to work. 4
EF Geel Little known youngster who did his bit. 5
SF Adel Picked up Callinan. Sacrificed his own game. 6