Age: 35yr 9mth Games: 287 Born: Nov 02, 2020
Height: 178cm Weight: 76kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Minor calf problem kept him sidelined from match play for three weeks and looks to have had a setback. Racing the clock for Round 1.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Calf.  
2 WCE Worked well off half-back. Had 21 disposals and linked up well. 7
3 Bris Good at half back then injected into the middle in the final term to play a pivotal role. One of the Saints’ best. 8
4 Coll Found it hard to shake the attentions of Greenwood, although 23 possessions and a nice snapped goal a reasonable return. 5
5 Geel Veteran defender worked hard across the four quarters. Productive player who never stopped giving his all. 8
6 Haw Set up play off half back. 30 of his 33 touches were uncontested. Given too much room to operate. 7
7 GWS Veteran ball hunter won his share of it (18 disposals) and was a handy presence. Faded as game dragged on. 6
8 Carl A sure head in defence after Webster went down. Won a mountain of ball but disposal wasn’t the best. 6
9 Syd Worked hard but wasn’t a significant factor. 5
10 WB Read the play well and constantly mopped up down back. 7
11   Bye.  
12 Adel Aging warrior still providing guidance for his younger teammates. 5
13 NM Won 28 touches and did his bit in defence. Better than recent weeks. 6
14 GCS Hard-working in defence and gave an honest display. 6
15 Frem Had 22 disposals and 377m gained from defence. Played his role well. 6
16 Rich Mopped up in defence and created plenty of moves. Two long goals a highlight. 8
17 Ess Wasn't as prominent as he can be, but kept plugging away. 4
18 Syd Veteran was working hard and was one of better Saints until he tore hamstring in third quarter. 5
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  

2016 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Port Impressive performance in his 250th AFL game, never let the team down. 8
2 WB Got better as the game wore on after an iffy start. OK but not his best. 5
3 Coll Monster effort. Ran backside off for seven inside-50s and two score assists. Link play a key. 9
4 Haw Did most of his work on the outside and was a good link player from defence into attack. 7
5 GWS Continued to do well in half back role until hamstring tightness forced him off late. 6
6 Melb Usual productive and persistent game at half back. 7
7 NM Prolific ball winner off half back continued big season. Ball use and rebound enormous. 9
8 WCE Like others was back on his heels at the start but unlike others he fought on. 6
9 Ess Creative running out of defence and won ball strongly. Until late, kicking below par. 7
10 Frem Read the game well from defence and also had a spell up forward. Good season. 7
11 Adel Quietest game so far in an otherwise excellent year. 3
12 Carl Constantly gained metres and read play beautifully. Set up heaps of attacks. 8
14 Geel Perfectly carried out sweeping creative role from half back. 7
15 GCS Made a horrible stuff-up early but kept trying hard. Not as potent as normal. 5
16 Ess Stats showed how much of the ball he won, but was well below his damaging best. 6
17 Melb Gathered plenty of touches in back half role and efficiency was better. 6
18 WB Good game with kicking returned to best level off half back. 7
19 NM Went with Boomer for much of the night and also tried to generate moves. 5
20 Carl Knocked up winning kicks in defence and provided constant run. Always hit targets. 9
21 Syd Super first half running through lines but not as influential later on. 7
22 Rich Most consistent Saint across four quarters. Used experience and knowledge. 7
23 Bris Crucial with his use of the ball and his vision. 7

2015 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 GWS Stood up to be counted as support for Riewoldt. Knee wasn’t 100 per cent. 7
2   Knee.  
3   Knee.  
4   Knee.  
5   Knee.  
6 WB A lot of ball but wasn’t his best night. Leadership was important in final term though. 6
7   Knee.  
8 WCE Instrumental in second term resurgence. Held in third but good overall. 7
9 Bris Never stopped trying, running and working. A leader of the fightback. 8
10 Haw Never stopped running and kicked one sensational goal from boundary. 7
11 Melb Capped off a tireless display by running hard to collect winning goal. 8
13 WB Prolific kick winner and constantly in the thick of it. 8
14 Ess In cracking form again and ran rings around Bombers. 8
15 GWS Lifted Saints with huge third quarter. A dynamo. 7
16 Rich Another good game in an excellent season. 7
17 Melb Copped injury early sliding onto Astroturf apron but soldiered on. 6
18 Port Never stopped running and sharper than most of his teammates. 7
19 Frem Best for the Saints and never gave up. 8
20 NM Continuously on the move in the middle and rolling back. 7
21 Geel Another strong running game in consistent season. 7
22 Syd Solid game and kept on ticking. 5
23 WCE Clear-cut best for Saints and never stopped running to space and creating. 8

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Suspended.  
2 GWS Hard running return to side and added polish to midfield. 7
3 WCE Gaff couldn’t stop him in first half as he gathered touches everywhere. 8
4 Adel Not a big game and closely marked. 5
5 Ess In tandem with Hayes was a destructive force in second half. 8
6 Bris Kept St Kilda afloat early then led the revival. 9
7 Haw Started at half forward where ball didn’t come his way but toiled manfully. 7
8 Carl Lined up on Everitt. Fairly subdued in first half. Kicking efficiency well down. 5
9 GCS Started well but then was very quiet by his standards. 4
11 Coll Ran hard as ever but use of ball not up to his best. 5
12 Port Tagged tightly by Cornes and couldn’t get into game. Kept tackling hard. 4
13 Geel Kept working hard but couldn’t make inroads. 4
14   Ill.  
15 Rich Busy and always created run. Use of ball better than most. 7
16 Carl Very quiet early and one of his flattest games. 4
17 NM Tagged Harvey who got away, but still picked up a fair amount of ball. 5
18 Frem Picked up by Crowley and had to fight for every touch but absorbed attention. 6
19 GCS Went with Swallow and had mixed results. Sometimes unusually errant disposal 4
20 WB Had to earn every kick against hard tag of Picken, but kept at it. 5
21 Syd In the wars as he dislocated finger twice. Still won a lot of the footy. 5
22 Rich Battles hard but lacking usual zip. Has struggled in second half of year. Injury? 5
23 Adel Kept running all day and had a solid game. 6

2013 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Suspended.  
2 Rich Made up for lost time in return from suspension. Damaging in midfield. 8
3 GWS Kept pumping away incessantly. 8
4 Ess Never stopped running and constantly in the thick of it. 7
5 Syd Two nice goals and constantly ran and created. Consistently high level. 7
6 Coll Again the pick of midfield with great running power. 8
7 Carl Solid first half and worked hard but handling not as sure as usual. 6
8 Adel Four-quarter performance and never stopped running against various mids. 7
9 WB Never stopped trying and fought it out all the way. 6
10 NM Worked hard in his 200th game to try to wrest initiative from North. 6
11 WCE Ran tirelessly in big hearted performance. Looked like he would kick sealer. 7
13 Melb Had a huge first half and never relented in hard-running game. 8
14 Rich Tried hard, but by his high standards it wasn’t a big one. 5
15 Frem Constant running won him kicks all over ground. Crowley couldn’t slow him. 8
16 Carl Big start but then reined in. Continued bitter rivalry with Curnow. 6
17 Port One of the few Saints to perform in first half and was best overall. 8
18 Geel Team-high 14 cont poss, six clearances and four inside-50s. Close to best. 7
19 Bris Tireless runner whose output never ebbed. Superb boundary goal. 8
20 Haw Saints best for umpteenth time this year although disposal efficiency down a bit. 7
21 Syd As usual ran himself to a standstill. 7
22 GCS Another terrific non-stop running game and was Saints’ best. 8
23 Frem Everywhere in a signature performance to finish an excellent year. 10

2012 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Port Generally used ball well and looked dangerous, but missed some targets. 6
2 GCS Strong consistent runner. 7
3 WB Hard running and creativity was important to the win. 7
4 Frem Steady all night and finished the second half strongly. 6
5 Melb Bartram picked him up initially. Second half more productive than first. 5
6 Haw Miserable game. Four inside 50s, but not much else. 4
7 Carl Often played wide of opponent on wing and got better as game went on. 7
8 WCE Won a lot of the ball but handling and efficiency is below his normal level. 6
9 Syd Good in all facets of midfield play – tackling creating and running. 7
10 Rich OK but not at his absolute best. 6
11 GCS Kept running and working. Solid rather than incisive game. 6
12 Adel Best game for the year and was at his creative best. 7
14 NM Ran hard and showed pace in breakaways. In better touch now. 7
15 Ess Strong game with high workrate and continual running. 7
16 Bris Slowish start but then was crucial in win. Hurt shoulder right at the end. 7
17 Syd Best ball winner for Saints and at his best in last quarter. 6
18 WB Ticked over nicely in a coolly professional display. 7
19 Coll Tireless runner and was a force all night. 7
20 Melb Won ball but didn’t get dividends early, then found targets in second half. 7
21 Geel Solid game in which he had to negate Selwood. 5
22 GWS Non-stop running and used experience to full advantage. 7
23 Carl Sacrificed own game to run with Murphy. 6