Age: 39yr 7mth Games: 297 Born: Jan 14, 2021
Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg Position: MID
Dream Team Profile

2014 Digest:   Coming off a restricted pre-season the iconic Saint was extremely frustrated with calf problems that cost him seven games in the middle of the year. He shook off the “old man’s injury” and played well enough at the end of the year to convince him to line up for what is almost certainly his final year.

2014 NAB Cup:   His first run in NAB 2 was blighted by a suspension that means he misses Round 1. In good touch.

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Suspended.  
2 GWS Back in harness and gave a hard edge to midfield. 6
3 WCE Tireless in pack situations spearing out handballs. 6
4 Adel Always in and under and had solid game. 6
5 Ess Slowish start but then a prime mover especially in second half. 7
6 Bris Worked ferociously inside the packs and lifted his side. 7
7 Haw Never stopped trying in his long-standing manner. Indomitable spirit. 6
8 Carl Slow start in opening 15 minutes, but fought his way into the game. 7
9 GCS Evergreen champ tried to move heaven and earth to get Saints back into it. 7
11 Coll Saints’ best with fierce attack on ball. Also added something in attack. 7
12 Port Redoubtable midfielder full-on in attack at the contest. 7
13 Geel Usual whole-hearted effort with eight tackles, but outnumbered. 5
14 WCE Unquenchable spirit at the contest again made him one of team’s best. 7
15 Rich Strong in packs but not one of his best games. 4
16   Groin.  
17 NM Matched with Swallow mostly and gave an honest account. 6
18 Frem Retirement announcement out of the way, he got straight back to business. 6
19 GCS Certainly not ending final month with a whimper. Best Saint on field. 7
20 WB Steady game in home ground farewell. His goal lifted the roof off. 5
21 Syd Only one touch in first quarter and was closely checked by young Biggs. 4
22 Rich His big heart will get him through next week, but this was a quiet one. 3
23 Adel Club great bowed out with 13 tackles and typically powerful game. Lots to love. 7

2013 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 GCS Gave it 100 per cent but efforts to no avail. 5
2 Rich Solid hard-working game. Copped heavy hit late. 6
3 GWS Steady and constantly productive game. 6
4 Ess In typical fashion took the fight up to Essendon. 6
5 Syd Best form of year in first half and never relented. 7
6   Calf.  
7   Calf.  
8   Calf.  
9 WB Looked to be matched with Liberatore. OK but re-injured calf and subbed off. 5
10   Calf.  
11   Calf.  
12   Calf.  
13   Calf.  
14 VFL Only had the five possessions in a half then rested.
15 Frem Solid as ever in return game and got through without any problems. 6
16 Carl All heart as usual in midfield. 6
17 Port Strong second half and won a number of clearances 6
18 Geel Won 12 cont poss and did all he could against the tide. Team-high six tackles. 7
19 Bris Wholehearted and usual hard-working game. 6
20 Haw As always worked hard from go to whoa. 6
21   Calf.  
22 GCS Contributed his bit and often matched on O’Meara. 5
23 Frem Usual hard-working effort. 6

2012 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 Port In his return the veteran had a head clash early. Kept ticking, faded late. 5
2 GCS Another important game for the champ and was typically hard in contest. 7
3 WB Welcome back to the spiritual leader. Now fully up and running full bore. 8
4 Frem Constantly bored into packs in vintage style. 7
5 Melb Another quality game topped off with sealing goal. 7
6 Haw Gathered game-high eight clearances. Seven tackles also. 6
7 Carl Solid grinding work in middle. Unrelenting and ruthless. 7
8 WCE Good ball winner all day and played a big role in Saints revival. 8
9 Syd His 250th was same as he always produces. Whole-hearted and lifting for side. 7
10 Rich Lifted after a quiet first half. 5
11 GCS Slow start then lifted from second quarter. 6
12 Adel Went with Thompson and did OK around field but the Crow held sway. 6
14 NM Relentless worker who tried desperately to get side up in final term 7
15 Ess Irrepressible and calmly survived cheap shot off the ball. 7
16 Bris Inspiring final quarter was the main factor in getting the team home. 8
17 Syd Blanketed by O’Keefe for greater part of game. Lifted midfield in last term. 5
18 WB Unstoppable in midfield and had a rare 3 goal bag for second time in his life. 7
19 Coll Went head to head with Swan and gave typically relentless display. 7
20 Melb Always worked hard in close. One of few Saints to play to his usual standard. 7
21 Geel Strong and unrelenting at the contest all through. 6
22 GWS Played like a man among boys. Minor corkie but was subbed off at half time 5
23 Carl Asserted his presence in later stages when the game was up for grabs 6