#22   Hawthorn

Age: 28yr 12mth Games: 161 Born: Nov 11, 2020
Height: 184cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Classy mid-sized forward played against North and will likely play this weekend to round out preparations.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Burst in and out a few times and kicked a goal, but Gleeson watched him closely and did a good job. 5
2 Adel Three goals in opening 12 minutes of the game then added a fourth in final two minutes. Not much in between. 6
3 GCS Barely sighted and was bitterley disappointing. Is better than that. 1
4 Geel Failed to kick a goal and was beaten by Mackie in a disappointing display from a senior player. 3
5 WCE Two first-term goals and spent time in centre square. Ended with three majors and was back to some better form. 7
6 StK Never really threatened in attack or drifting up the ground. Looked to be lacking interest at times. 3
7 Melb One early goal and that was about it as struggles continue. Six kicks for the day and only two possessions after half time. 3
8 Bris Provided good forward pressure all day long but not a huge influence. 5
9 Coll Two typical opportunistic first-half goals and a third put the Hawks back in front in final term. 5
10 Syd Booted three first-half goals to set Hawthorn on its way. Quiet late, but did his job. 7
11 Port Victim of lack of delivery or out of form. Probably a combination of both but result was 13 disposals, two goals. 5
12   Ill.  
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Didn’t fire a shot. The Hawks' quietest player on the night. 2
15 Coll One kick in first term and ended with 11 from which he mustered two goals. Second half was a handy contribution. 6
16 GWS Quiet until the last quarter when he looked like he could steal the win for the Hawks. Finished with two goals. 5
17 Geel Off target (1.4) and only able to muster one inside-50 and two tackles. More input would have been handy. 3
18 Frem Kicked two classy goals from the boundary. Found plenty of the ball too. 7
19 Syd Put his body on the line several times but only 13 touches to show for it. 6
20 Rich Quiet day until final term when kicked two goals to take his season tally to 28. Service not great. 4
21 NM Became just the 11th player at Hawthorn to kick 300 goals. Finished with four after a slow start. 7
22 Carl Kicked 1, but other than that was rarely sighted. Disappointing night. 3
23 WB Dangerous half forward struggled to get into the game at all; 15 effective disposals and no goals. 2

2016 Season

1 Geel Got Hawks’ first goal and ended with two. Had a few late fumbles in vital contests. 5
2 WCE Did his bit inside 50 with one goal and took some attention away from Sicily and Rioli. 5
3 WB Chimed in with two handy goals at crucial stages. 6
4 StK Dangerous all day in the front half to end with 2.3. Became the go-to man at times. 6
5 Adel Snagged a goal but did his better work further up field. 6
6 GWS Three goals and made the most of limited chances in attack. 7
7 Rich Couple of nice goals early and finished with six in a strong game. 7
8 Frem Snagged three goals from limited opportunities. 5
9 Syd Only one goal but had plenty of work on the ball. 6
10 Bris More than half of his possessions were contested up forward and rotating through midfield. 6
11 Melb Set shot kicking unusually wayward but ended with two vital goals in scheme of things. 5
13 NM Got embroiled in a number of tangles particularly early but kept his head. 5
14 GCS One goal from 12 kicks. Got involved at times but Sexton did a reasonable job. 5
16 Port Laid six tackles and kicked two goals. Did give away five free kicks though. 6
17 Syd Rare quite one. First time this year he failed to kick a goal. 3
18 Rich Kicked 2.2 but not at his dazzling best for much of the afternoon. 6
19 Carl Provided the forward spark with the absence of Rioli and Puopolo. 6
20 Melb Rare quiet one. Went goalless for one of few times in recent years. 2
21 NM Found going tough but in the end found a way to scrounge two goals. 5
22 WCE Pushed up the field. Kicked one goal from 16 disposals. 5
23 Coll Three goals a handy return. Made the most of limited chances. 6
QF Geel Lined up on Mackie. Quiet at first but lifted thereafter. Ended with three goals. 7
SF WB Couldn’t get into the game. One goal from seven kicks, four marks. 3

2015 Season

1 Geel Quiet first quarter then ended with five goals in a clinical display. 8
2 Ess Held in check by Baguley for much of afternoon. One second away from stealing game. 5
3 WB Picken ensured his chances were minimised. 4
4 Port Played more through the midfield than as a permanent forward. 5
5 NM Opportunistic effort with four goals and made every possession count. 7
6 GWS Only managed the one goal but tried hard with six tackles. 4
7 Melb Kicked three goals and made Dees pay for every skill error. 6
8 Syd Pressure good but missed simple shot to put side in front at the death. 4
9 GCS Picked up by Saad. Snagged three goals in handy contribution. 5
10 StK Closely attended by Geary. 4
12 Adel The Hawks’ best forward with three clutch goals. 7
13 Ess Struggled to get into the game at times. One goal and six inside-50s. 4
14 Coll Effective return with three goals from limited chances. 5
15 Frem Kept finding space inside 50 and was aided by great delivery. Four goals. 8
16 Syd No inside-50s or goals first half but kicked two after main break to join party. 5
17 Carl Three goals and some handy work inside forward 50. Enjoyed the service. 7
18 Rich Failed to hit the scoreboard for one of few times in recent. One kick. 1
19 WCE Booted three goals and gave the Eagles constant problems. 6
20 Geel Three goals, three marks and some dangerous work inside 50. 7
21 Port Goalless and wasn’t really a factor after first quarter. 4
22 Bris Another quiet week in front of the big sticks but set a few goals up. 4
23   Rested.  
QF WCE Could not get near it. Didn’t kick a goal for only fourth time this year. 2
SF Adel Torched Smith to kick four first-half goals. Ended with six in big night. 9
PF Frem Well held by Sutcliffe but chimed in with a goal from five kicks. 3
GF WCE Didn’t score but got his hands on ball a lot even though efficiency down. 5

2014 Season

1 Bris Booted five goals and gave Hanley the run around for much of the afternoon. 8
2 Ess Broke Baguley shadow to kick a critical goal late in final term. Two for the night. 5
3 Frem Kicked three goals and was a constant threat all night. 6
4 GCS High ratio of handballs but bagged a couple of goals along the way. 6
5 Geel Rarely sighted first half but bobbed up in second half for three goals. 7
6 Rich Picked up by Newman and kicked a couple of goals but otherwise quiet. 3
7 StK Covered lots of ground and snared four goals. 7
8 Syd Made most of chances for three goals, including two in third term. 5
10 Port Three goals from limited opportunities. 6
11 GWS Kennedy kept him under wraps but still able to contribute two goals. 5
12 WCE With the big guys dominating there weren’t many crumbs. Only nine touches. 3
13 Carl Only one goal and was well marked by the Blues for most of the night. 5
14 Coll Dangerous up forward as a marking target and when the ball went to ground. 8
15 GCS Extended goal accuracy to 26 straight before crunched by Harbrow. 5
16 NM Wright did a good job on him. Did manage to kick his 27th straight. 3
17 Adel Equalled Lockett’s record of 29 goals without a miss, then promptly missed. 6
18 Syd One goal first half then came to life with two third-quarter goals. Handy. 7
19 WB Not given much latitude by Picken but sparked Hawks in third term. 5
20 Melb Kicked three goals and made a few Dees look silly at times. Solid afternoon. 6
21 Frem Constant threat a ground level and in the air. Two goals and six marks. 7
22 Geel Well held by Mackie. One goal from limited disposals. 3
23 Coll Six inside-50s but relatively quiet with just one goal. Needs to lift. 5
QF Geel Quiet first half and even spent time in defence. Gun-shy in front of goal at times. 5
PF Port Minimal impact early and didn’t register a score. 3
GF Syd Back on song with three goals as shook off Shaw in Hawks’ romp. 6

2013 Season

1 Geel Chimed in for two goals but not a huge factor. 5
2 WCE Constant threat in attack with four goals. 7
3 Coll Only four disposals first half but two goals in third term critical. Three for game. 6
4 Frem Good again with two goals and continues to bob up. 7
5 NM Threatened in first half, but not a big day overall. 4
6 Adel Kicked two goals in a minute in the last term to blow the game open. 6
7 Syd Kicked 1.2 and had five tackles and five inside-50s. Handy enough. 6
8 GWS Had 13 touches and was tracked by Greene. Kept under tight rein. 3
9 GCS Swallow had the job in him. Handy in first half then tailed off. 3
10 Melb Kicked 5.3 and probably should have nailed seven. Continually found space. 8
12 Carl Struggled all night. Just three effective disposals and no goals. 2
13 WCE Two first half goals and ended with three to play another fine role. 6
14 Bris Always active and alert in forward half. 6
15 Geel Lucky goal second term from Cat mistake his only scoreboard contribution. 5
16 Port Unusually didn’t trouble the scorers but did contribute six inside 50s. 5
17 WB Unobtrusive performance, slotted a nice goal during final term. 5
18 Ess Missed early chance for goal but ended with 2.1 in good battle with Baguley. 5
19 Rich Only four kicks and didn’t hit the scoreboard with Houli on his hammer. 3
20 StK Only one goal but worked hard and did defensive side well with strong tackles. 5
21 Coll Only one goal but got his hands on it. 5
22 NM Made most of opportunities with 3.0. Has surprisingly missed a few shots this year. 6
23 Syd Slow start on Everitt but then snagged two goals. 5
QF Syd Not a huge game but played his part in attack. 5
PF Geel Had his chances but only one goal wasn’t appropriate return. 5
GF Frem Generally found it hard to break clear but did scout perfectly for late goal. 4

2012 Season

1 Coll Had nine of his 14 touches in first half when game was hot. 4
2 Geel Not a big day. 3
3 Adel Clever with use of the ball and bagged three goals. Terrible KO at end. 7
5 Syd Not a big factor. 3
6 StK Threaded goal from tight angle just before half-time. Flashed in and out of play. 5
7 Melb Put his body on the line but wasn’t a major factor. 5
8 Frem Damaging up forward and posed a constant threat. 7
9 Rich Kicked three goals to lead that stat for team. Can’t blame him for the loss. 6
10 NM Added three goals and made the most of his chances. 6
11 Port Bobbed up with three goals and was a great foil for Buddy. 7
12 Bris Always ready to swoop in for scoring chances. 5
14 Carl Steady player who always knows where the goals are. 6
15 GWS Always looked dangerous around goal and kicked 3.3 for the day. 6
16 WB Got going after a slow start to kick two goals to give something to the effort. 5
17 Coll Dangerous across half forward and kicked five goals. 8
18 Ess Tracked by Melksham. Worked solidly in attack and chimed in with two goals. 5
19 Geel Two goals but just one inside-50. Did lay 11 tackles. 6
20 Port Quiet early but came to life to end with three goals. 6
21 GCS Looked sharp in attack early. 5
22 Syd Didn’t hit the scoreboard and not of huge concern to Swans all day. 4
23 WCE Quiet early then lifted after half time. Kicked timely goal in final term. 5
QF Coll Found space and was damaging all night forward of centre – two goals. 7
PF Adel Always looked dangerous in front of goals even when others were struggling. 7
GF Syd Looked dangerous with couple of goals but would have hoped for more. 5